Why Do Guys Wear Briefs? (What’s The Purpose and When To Wear Them?)

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Why Are Men’s Briefs So Popular?

Briefs are a relatively modern invention, having appeared on the market sometime in the 20th century. The earliest briefs were made of silk, but this was a luxury item reserved for wealthy men who wanted something more elegant than wool underwear. Over time, briefs became more affordable so that by World War II they were also common among soldiers serving in hot climates, who valued its light weight.

Towards the end of the war, when soldiers returned home from colder regions where they had been wearing boxers, they preferred briefs due to their comfort.

It was during this time when the first printed advertising campaigns for briefs appeared on billboards and magazines. Many guys find they get a better fit and support from briefs than boxers, boxer briefs or trunks.

You can actually find many different styles of briefs to choose from today; low cut, high cut, and more. They also have a more streamlined fit, which makes them easier to pack for travel.

Why Do Guys Wear Briefs?

Briefs dominated the underwear market for decades and even though now there are many other types available in the category, majority of men still wear briefs because of their redeeming qualities. Briefs are very cost-effective which makes them a great choice for men who are on a tight budget.

Why do guys wear briefs? Because they can be a very comfortable and versatile style of underwear for males. Briefs have many advantages over other types of men’s underwear like boxers, boxer briefs and trunks. Briefs are made from soft cotton fabric that feels silky smooth next to your skin.

Furthermore, they also offer good support with less material. During summertime, a lot of men prefer to wear briefs as they allow the legs to breathe while still offering decent support. Overall, briefs are still a popular choice among men because they accomplish what underwear should.

In general, briefs fit more snugly than boxers.

  1. They come up higher on the hips, which is a good thing for guys who are on the heavy side. The higher waistband keeps these men from feeling self-conscious about their weight by eliminating any excess fabric that may still cling to their midsection when wearing boxers.
  2. The higher waistband also has a practical advantage: it allows you to easily tuck your shirt into your pants. This is an important point because it means you’re less likely to flash anyone while bending over or reaching up high — say at work, at school or even in a social setting.
  3. Briefs help keep everything in place better than boxers do because they hold everything closer to the body. When you wear boxers and bend over, any excess fabric can be exposed due to the loose fit.
  4. Briefs are cooler than boxers. If you need to wear dress pants during the day, you can enjoy the airflow from wearing briefs instead of boxers.
  5. Boxer shorts can shrink over time if you dry them in the dryer. Briefs are more likely to be made from cotton and other natural materials that don’t shrink when dried in the dryer.

If you do choose boxers instead of briefs but still want to tuck in your shirt, try a style such as boxer briefs that come with an attached elastic waistband.

What is the Purpose of Briefs?

Briefs are the most traditional style of underwear. They are very comfortable to wear and are made to provide decent support and coverage without any extra material or fabric around the thighs. They are also made to provide more freedom of motion.

The freedom of motion varies depending on how good briefs are made. They are particularly very suitable for athletes thanks to their unique characteristics. They are generally designed for men with fit, thin, and muscular body types.

Briefs are one of the most popular types of underwear for men, often worn by athletes and bodybuilders. They have a wide range of functions and benefits. Many men choose to wear briefs due to the freedom they provide in their movements during physical activity.

Briefs are designed specifically to give a man freedom of motion while still providing support and coverage for his private parts. This underwear provides an ideal combination of comfort and support, making it well-suited for physically active men.

Briefs can be worn as activewear or everyday underwear. They are often chosen by men who prefer not to wear boxers or jocks because of their extra fabric and bulkiness.

The main purpose of briefs is to provide a man with comfort, protection and concealment during their workout sessions, while at the same time making them look desirable. In case you are going for an athletic look, this is the best underwear to wear.

When to Wear Briefs

Briefs are a perfect option for everyday underwear. Thanks to their comfortable, supportive fit, you can pair briefs with clothes that are more form-fitting. They generally stretch more than other types of underwear which allows them to provide more freedom of movement.

  1. Apart from this, they are also a great option for a hot summer day because they feature a supportive design and are generally made from moisture-wicking material.
  2. They are also very suitable for men who are on the short side and find the styles of other types of underwear overwhelming.
  3. If you are muscular and find boxers or trunks a little restrictive around your thighs, then it is recommended that you wear briefs.
  4. They are also a good option for those who want decent support without any extra coverage.
  5. Last but not least, you can wear briefs if you want a classic look.

Why Are Briefs So Comfortable

Briefs are very comfortable because the material of this type of underwear covers only what’s necessary, leaving the legs free to move.

  1. They are also far lighter in weight as compared to other types of underwear because the fabric used is minimal.
  2. Apart from this, the comfort factor of briefs further increases with the fact that they start below the waist line and when you wear them, they don’t tighten up your lower abs.
  3. Briefs are designed to ease movement.
  4. Because of their comfortable design, your body part between your legs as well as your hips remain more relaxed.


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An important thing to note is that the comfort level of briefs depends on the material and size of the underwear. Generally, microfiber or cotton briefs are recommended due to their moisture-wicking properties.

Why Do Guys Wear Boxer Briefs?

Boxer briefs are different than boxers and because of the difference as well as the unique properties of boxer briefs, many guys prefer to wear them.


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  1. Unlike boxers, boxer briefs conform with the body well and provide a decent support for your private parts.
  2. Another reason they are preferred over boxers is that boxer briefs allow more freedom of movement as they conform much more closely to your skin.
  3. They also provide good support during activities.
  4. They offer excellent support and compression for the muscles of your thighs and glutes from your waistband down.
  5. Furthermore, boxer briefs come in a wide range of leg lengths. The different lengths can have a major impact on performance and how they flatter various body types.
  6. Boxer briefs with shorter cut legs offer a slimming look while those with longer legs provide extra support to thighs, making them a great choice for sports and workouts.

Can You Wear Briefs Under Boxers?

Yes, if you prefer, you can wear briefs under boxers. However, keep in mind that this is generally not recommended. This is because boxers are typically designed to be worn as a base layer and if you wear briefs underneath them, you may lose some of the benefits of boxers.

Furthermore, if you wear briefs under boxers, you will sweat a lot whenever your workouts get intense. This is because briefs will absorb all the moisture and sweat from your skin, making boxers damp and interfering with their breathability.

This will result in more sweating which will ultimately make you get burnt out faster. Overall, whether or not you should wear briefs under boxers is up to your personal preference. If you are comfortable, then you can surely wear briefs under boxers.

Is Wearing Briefs Good or Bad for Men?

There are many advantages of wearing briefs. They are very comfortable, allow more freedom of movement, and provide good support for men when they are working out.

However, there are some concerns related to wearing briefs. Some studies have found that briefs can raise the temperature of the scrotum, which leads to lowered sperm count. However, an important thing to note is that not all studies have found an impact.

If briefs do negatively affect sperm health, it may be more noticeable in men who are already experiencing such issues. If you don’t have such problems, then you don’t have to worry about which type of underwear you choose. However, if you really are concerned about this, then it may be a good idea to switch to boxers.

In summary, men wear briefs because they fit better than boxers, they’re more comfortable, and they last longer. Briefs have never been as popular as boxers, but there are plenty of guys who prefer them, and for good reason.

The bottom line is this: briefs are popular because they work, and they work because they provide the necessary support you need during the day. Regardless of how you feel about briefs, whether you think they’re outdated or not, there are plenty of people that do indeed wear them.

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