What Trousers To Wear? (Body-Type? Jackets, Shirts, Boots? Hiking, Golf, etc?)

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What Trousers To Wear?

What trousers to wear? I know you must be having a lot of questions running through your mind. Most of us do have a lot of questions when it comes to choosing the right trousers for our own body type, or for an occasion or any other circumstance. Wearing the wrong apparel can make us look weird, or it may not match with our body type.

Trousers are a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. Usually, they are worn with a shirt, a jacket, and shoes. But there are times when you have to wear them with other garments.

Wearing the right trousers can make you look more attractive and smart. However, wearing the wrong trousers can make you appear shabby and unattractive.

  1. Let us start with the most popular garment – jeans. Jeans are available in different colors such as blue and black. They are made of cotton or denim material. If your jeans fit you well, you will look handsome in them. Do remember to wear jeans that suit your physique like skinny jeans for men or straight cut jeans for men that fit at the waist and are baggy from the knee down.
  2. If you want something more formal yet stylish, then pants are for you. Formal pants enhance your style quotient irrespective of what clothes you’re wearing them with. Wear formal pants with a shirt and a sports jacket or blazer to get that desired look.
  3. Casual pants: If you want something more formal yet stylish, then pants are for you. Formal pants enhance your style quotient irrespective of what clothes you’re wearing it with. Wear formal pants with a shirt and a sports jacket or blazer to get that desired look.
  4. Chinos are considered as a kind of informal trouser because they can be worn both at work and outside work. You can wear chinos with a shirt or with a tee-shirt as well. The color of chinos varies from khaki to dark brown. It is also considered smart casual wear.

So let’s see what trousers are best suited for each item listed below…

What Trousers To Wear With Tweed Jacket?

Trousers and tweed jackets are a classic combination that works well together. Tweed jackets tend to be worn by classic men that want to look smart and stylish. They are quite common during the autumn and winter seasons. The tweed fabric is durable and can keep you warm when it gets cold outside.

This kind of fabric also looks good with most types of trousers.

  • When wearing a tweed jacket with trousers, you can either go for casual or formal trousers.
  • Trousers for less formal occasions should be worn with lace-up shoes, while those for the office should be worn with leather shoes.
  • A tweed jacket can also be paired with chinos during the weekend or on informal occasions — this look is perfect for sports and everyday wear.
  • Tweed jackets are made of textured fabric, so it makes sense to pair them with trousers that have some texture themselves — corduroy or denim.
  • Tweed jackets can be worn with jeans, particularly if they’re not too tight-fitting or new — an older pair of jeans that are faded and well-worn can actually look great with a tweed jacket. Just stick with dark wash blue jeans and keep them relatively dark in color; otherwise, they’ll clash with the browns and greys of the tweed jacket.

Joules Women's Coat, Green Blue Tweed, 4

The tweed jacket is equally at home on the golf course or at a formal dinner party, as long as you choose trousers and shoes that are suitable for the occasion.

For example, if you’re wearing your tweed jacket to play golf, don’t wear formal shoes and trousers; instead, opt for trainers and chinos or jeans.

What Trousers To Wear With Denim Jacket?

What trousers to wear with a denim jacket? The right trousers can make your suit look amazingly appealing and you can flaunt it on any occasion. Trousers add elegance, grace, and style to the overall attire and they are an important part of the suit. So it is necessary that you choose the right trouser for your denim jacket.

How To Choose The Right Trousers For Denim Jacket?

The very first thing to consider is the color of the trousers. It should match the color of the denim jacket. The next thing is the material used for making the trouser; it should be lightweight, flexible, breathable, and soft. There are various types of materials available in the market which can be used for making a trouser like cotton, polyester, wool, etc.

It also depends on your personal choice whether you want to wear colored or white trousers with denim jackets.

Finally, go for a style that flatters you and completes your personality. Denim jackets are mostly paired up with jeans but it does not mean that you should always wear jeans when you have denim jackets in your wardrobe; experiment with it by wearing them with different types of trousers.

To wear it with trousers, here are some tips on what trousers to wear with a denim jacket:

  1. Straight-leg jeans or slim jeans: If you want to wear straight-leg jeans or slim jeans, do not put on any other type of footwear as this will make your look very sloppy.
  2. Boot cut jeans: If you want to wear boot cut jeans, then you should wear a pair of brown leather lace-up shoes.
  3. Slim-fit chinos: If you want to wear slim-fit chinos, then you should wear a pair of brown leather lace-up shoes too.
  4. Loose fit chinos: If you decide to go for loose fit chinos, then you can choose between either black leather shoes or brown leather loafers.
  5. Cargo pants: Cargo pants have become very popular over the years because they’re comfortable, stylish, and versatile. They’re perfect for the weekend or even work if paired with a denim jacket.

Wrangler Men's Unlined Denim Jacket, Vintage Indigo, X-Large

Trouser and Denim Jacket Combinations:

  • Dressy Denim Jacket: If you have a dressy denim jacket that is made of good quality material, it is best combined with dark-colored pants, such as gray or black ones, for example. A nice pair of black trousers will give an elegant look if worn with a dressy denim jacket.
  • Casual Denim Jacket: If the denim jacket is casual and made of normal material, it can be worn with light-colored chinos or lightweight wool trousers for example. These types of pants are more comfortable and casual than darker pants, so they give off a more casual look when worn together with a jeans jacket.
  • Color of Pants – The color of the pants also matters when choosing what type of pants to wear with a denim jacket. For example, if your jacket has some form of detailing on it, such as stitching along the seams, then wearing dark-colored pants will help to accentuate that detail instead of hiding it.

What Trousers To Wear Hiking?

Your thighs are about to get very close friends. If you’ve never worn a pair of hiking pants, you might be surprised by how much freedom of movement they have.

Tight-fitting trousers tend to restrict your ability to move and even make it difficult for you to ascend or descend steep slopes. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would ever want to wear them on a hike.

Columbia Women's Saturday Trail Pant, Water and Stain Resistant, 10 R , Black

What Trousers To Wear Hiking?

There are two main types of hiking pants: trail running and mountaineering pants.

  1. Trail running pants tend to be made from lightweight fabrics like nylon or polyester with a bit of spandex added in for stretch. They’re designed to dry quickly and minimize bulk while still being tough enough to hold up on the trail.
  2. Mountaineering pants are usually made from thicker fabrics, such as Cordura or Schoeller, which are more insulating and durable but also heavier and less breathable than trail running gear.

Each type of pant has its advantages and disadvantages, but they’re both functional options that will serve you well when hiking.

Are Walking Trousers Waterproof?

Trousers designed specifically for walking on mountains and hills are available in two styles, either walking trousers which are of lightweight waterproof material, or more robust outdoor trousers which do not have the waterproof material.

Trousers with a waterproof membrane are known as walking trousers. These are ideal for walkers who will be out in all types of weather and conditions. The garments are also extremely useful for walkers who take to the hills in all seasons.

Columbia Women's Standard Storm Surge Waterproof Rain Pant, Black, X-Large

The main benefit of these particular types of clothing is that they offer protection against wind, rain, and snow while allowing air to circulate between the layers of fabric. This is important because it prevents condensation from forming on the inside of the garment. The outer layer of the fabric may become damp due to weather conditions, but it will not get wet.

The term “waterproof” can be misleading since they are not completely watertight and will let some moisture in if you submerge them in a river or stream. However, walking trousers should withstand showers, drizzle, and even light rain without becoming saturated. They will easily protect you from dew on the grass as well as the morning mist and fog you encounter.

What Trousers To Wear with Boots?

Whether you go for skinny jeans or a more classic chino, it’s all about pairing your trousers with boots. Chinos work well with ankle boots and give a smarter, more dressed-up feel than jeans can achieve.

The most interesting look is to wear chinos with Chelsea boots, which are likely to be seen more on the catwalk this season than in the street. Lighter-colored chinos will look best against black leather boots with brogue detailing.

Trousers that are not too tight. You want your trousers to be comfortable in all seasons, so do not wear them in the winter if they are too tight.

Dark-colored jeans. Dark-colored jeans will go good with any style of boot, whether cowboy or combat boots. Jeans are also very versatile and easy to match with any type of shirt or blouse.

If you want to wear jeans with boots, you need to wear them in a casual style. Jeans look good when they fit loosely and this is why they are so popular on fashion runways. This is because loose-fitting jeans will move with your body when you walk, so they will not restrict the movement of your legs.

Loose-fitting jeans also make it easier for you to mount horses or motorbikes and so they were originally designed for this purpose.

What Trousers To Wear with a Velvet Dinner Jacket?

Velvet Dinner Jackets are great for adding a bit of glamour to your wardrobe. The perfect finishing touch to any smart-casual look or formal occasion, the velvet dinner jacket is a classic style that will never date.

The question that often arises when shopping for a velvet dinner jacket is, ‘what trousers should I wear with it?’

It’s true that velvet looks best when teamed with contrasting fabrics such as cotton or wool, but what color? Black or navy trousers look good with a black or navy jacket.

However, if you want to add some variety to your outfit, there are many other options available too.

Grey flannel trousers – Flannel is not just for winter – grey flannel trousers can be worn all year round. They are a classic choice that literally goes with anything and works perfectly with a velvet dinner jacket. The texture of the flannel works brilliantly against the texture of the velvet, providing texture and contrast to your outfit.

Your flannel trousers can be patterned or plain – patterned ones will make your outfit more fun; plain ones will provide balance by keeping it more formal. Either way, they’re going to look amazing!

Azar Slim Fit 1 Button Velvet Shawl Dinner Jacket (34R, Gray)

Trousers in a darker shade than your jacket – Wearing a darker shade than the color of your jacket may not always be an elegant choice but it will work if you wish to highlight the design of your jacket. This is especially true for a black velvet dinner jacket.

If you have lighter colored trousers then you will be able to notice more clearly the detailing on your black velvet dinner jackets. Darker tones draw attention because the light is naturally drawn towards darkness. Therefore, wearing a darker shade of trousers will help to bring out the detailing on your new black velvet dinner jacket.

What Trousers To Wear with Black Shirt?

There are very many colors that you can wear with a black shirt. Some of the popular colors for a black shirt combination pants include grey pants, white pants, white jeans, and blue jeans. The choice of a pair of trousers depends on many factors:

  • The occasion – formal or informal
  • The type of work – business or leisure
  • The weather – hot summers or cool winters
  • Our personal preferences – comfort, style, and color

Blackshirts Grey Trousers: Grey and black are two colors that go well together especially if your pants are made from fine wool fabric. It is suitable for office wear as it can be matched with some other accessories like ties, belts, and shoes.

Black Shirt Blue Jeans: If you have blue jeans then it is good to combine them with a black shirt as these two colors form a classic combination and won’t give you any complicated look. These trousers will give you a smart casual look and will make you stand out in any crowd.

Black shirt with black pants: It is one of the basic combinations that you can wear for any occasion. A black shirt goes well with almost any color and style of pants. The black shirt looks good with black pants, but it will also go well with grey, white, blue, or beige pants.

What Trousers Should a Pear Shape Wear?

It’s important to find trousers that are cut for your shape and therefore fit you better. Trousers that are too tight or too loose will make you look bigger than you are, and the wrong length will not flatter the shape of your legs.

It’s a good idea to choose a trouser style that is right for your body shape. For example, straight-leg jeans and trousers are likely to suit a pear-shaped figure more than skinny jeans, which can make your legs look even more out of proportion.

As well as opting for the right trouser style, it’s also important to choose the right waist size. People with wide hips may need a larger size in order to accommodate their hips and still have enough room for their waist. Wearing trousers that are too small in this area will make you look bigger than you really are.

Trousers for pear shapes should be cut closely around the hips, but should then flare away from the thighs and calves towards the ankles. This will help to create an hourglass figure by drawing attention upwards towards the chest and away from your lower half.

Can Pear Shape Wear Straight-Leg Pants?

Trying on straight-leg pants can be a challenge for pear shapes since these pants are made to flatter taller figures. The best way to wear straight-leg pants is to find ones that have some shape to them by being nipped in slightly at the waist. This will help you create an illusion of a smaller waistline.

Wear tops that are cut closer to your body so they don’t add bulk around your midsection. Choose straight-leg jeans in solid dark colors, such as black or navy blue, so they are slimming. Pair your straight-leg jeans with shoes that have a small heel and ankle strap shoes to elongate your legs and draw attention away from your middle section.

Do High Waisted Trousers Suit Pear Shapes?

For some women, pear-shaped figures have the same problems as apple shapes. Their weight is concentrated in their tops and middle, with skinny legs and a small rear. Pear-shaped women are more likely to get fat on their hips, thighs, and buttocks than to put on weight anywhere else.

But high-waisted trousers suit pear-shaped figures very well. High-waisted trousers can be worn by most women because of the way they are cut, but for pear shapes, it’s beneficial because it accentuates their narrow waistline and draws attention away from their broader hips and thighs.

The first thing to know when you’re shopping for high-waisted trousers is that the waistband should sit at your natural waist.

What Trousers Can You Wear for Golf?

The answer is simple: the more comfortable your golf trousers are, the better! So, choose the most comfortable golf trousers to wear for golf.

Trousers for men and women must be comfortable to wear. The fabric should be breathable, like cotton or linen. It should also fit you well and have a flattering design.

If it is a casual golf game, then there are many different options that you can choose from. You can wear khaki pants, linen pants, or even cargo pants. It all depends on what you want to wear.

Under Armour Men's Showdown Golf Pants , Zinc Gray (513)/ Zinc Gray , 38W x 30L

If it is a match or something more professional than that, then there are some rules so that people would take it more seriously. Make sure that your pants have belt loops because suspenders are not allowed to be worn with them.  Khakis are not allowed because they are seen as very casual and might get in the way of the game.

The best pants to wear for a professional golf game without getting fined are slacks. They should be dark in color and fit nicely on your legs without being too tight or too loose. These will help you keep your focus on the game instead of worrying about whether or not your pants look good.

What Trousers To Wear with a Big Tummy?

If you’re a man with a big tummy, you might assume that those nice tailored trousers are off-limits to you. But don’t let your belly-hold you back from wearing the clothes that look good on you. You can find great looking, fashionable trousers in all styles and cuts.

To look good in trousers, you need:

  1. Good-fitting waistband. If your trousers are too tight at the waistband, they will ride up and make your tummy look bigger. Always buy trousers that fit well at the waistband.
  2. Trousers that fit properly around the hips and upper thighs. This is especially important for women with a big tummy. Don’t buy trousers that are too tight around these areas as this will show off your tummy even more. Also, don’t buy too large a trouser size as this will make your upper body look larger and will skip over any definition you may want to show off in your legs!
  3. Trousers that flatter your figure and make it look better. Trousers should be hemmed so that they are straight from hip to ankle and should not flare out or be wide-legged. Side pockets are also good as they help to camouflage any bulges on the hip area.
  4. Trousers with interesting detail such as pleats or cuffs at the bottom can help divert attention away from any problem areas you may have.

Tucking in your shirt and using a belt can help you create the illusion of having a smaller stomach. Wear your top tucked into your trousers rather than hanging over the top. By tucking in more of your shirt, it will give the impression of a trimmer waistline. Also, be sure to use a belt to cinch your waist and create an hourglass figure.

It’s also important to choose the right type of trousers for your figure. If you have big hips or thighs, avoid pants with loose waists and flared bottoms. Likewise, stay away from tight pants that cling too closely to the body or hug all the curves on the legs, this will make you appear out-of-proportion.

What Trousers To Wear If You Are Short?

If you are short, don’t fear. There are a lot of trousers that can help you look tall and lean. Here is a list of trousers that will make you look taller if you are short or of average height.

  1. Color: A dark color like black, charcoal gray, or navy blue will make you seem taller because the vertical lines of your body (your legs) will be broken up with the horizontal lines of the color. If your legs are big in comparison to your body, a lighter color might be better. A light color can make them look thinner than they really are.
  2. Legs: Trousers with cuffs on the bottom will add an inch or two to your height since they break up the vertical line of your leg. Cuffed pants also give you more range in motion and allow for easier movement, which is important if you’re short. Also, do not wear pants that are too long because it will make you appear shorter than you really are and also drag on the ground making it difficult to walk or bend over without tripping over them.
  3. Color of top: A light-colored top such as white, pink, or baby blue will make your upper body seem bigger and therefore make you appear taller than you really are. Don’t wear dark colors.
  4. Slim-Fit Chinos: These will help give you the illusion of height since they are fitted on your body and leave little excess fabric at the bottom. Some can also be cuffed with a cufflink if you want to bring in some contrasting colors to your outfit.

Trousers should be slim through the thigh and taper to a narrow hem. This is true for all trousers, not just chinos. I’m talking about the flat front or pleated pants, not jeans. Chinos are perfect for short men because they offer more slimming patterns such as skinny and slim straight-leg pants.

In summary, the best option when it comes to wearing trousers is to have a versatile pair that can be worn with both your smart casual clothes and more formal wear. A good example of these is the classic black trousers. Whatever style you go for, just make sure they fit perfectly to ensure the most flattering look possible.

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