What to Wear with a Skirt? (Various Ways To Pair Tops, Underwear, Shoes)

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What Can You Wear With Skirts?

You can wear a skirt every day…. It is so versatile, you can pair it with almost anything…. Whether you are going for business or casual, skirts will always be the perfect choice for you…. However, many people have problems when it comes to matching the right shirt or top with a skirt.

The key to mastering what to wear with a skirt is understanding how to balance out the skirt…. Skirts are considered more formal than a pair of pants, so you’ll want to balance out their formality with something more casual or trendy.

The length of the skirt is one thing that you need to consider before selecting it as this will determine what you wear with it…. You can choose to wear a short skirt during the day or even at night depending on your comfort level.

  1. You can either choose to wear it with a pair of tights or without any tights…. This depends on the weather and your personal preference…. If the weather is warm, then you can just wear it without any tights or stockings…. However, when the weather is cold, you may opt to wear stockings in order to keep your legs warm and cozy.
  2. You can always match your skirt with your favorite top and shoes…. A cardigan or blazer over a plain shirt looks great for work meetings and corporate affairs.
  3. If you are attending an elegant dinner party or a formal business meeting, then skirts with long stockings may be suitable for such events…. However, if you are attending a casual affair then skirts with jeans can be worn to look as if you were born in them!
  4. If you have thick legs, try wearing dark tights and high boots to balance out your look…. Don’t go too dark because that will make you look too heavy.
  5. Shorts can be worn as well, but make sure they are not too short or that they show too much skin…. Keep them above the knee for optimal results.
  6. You can even try wearing capri pants if your legs aren’t too thick…. This will add style to your outfit and show off your slim legs.
  7. You can also mix and match tops and bottoms if you want such as wearing a skirt with long sleeve top or shirt…. Experiment until you find the right combination for you!

Let’s go into more detail…

What Tops to Wear with Skirts?

There are many tops that are perfect to wear with skirts from V-neck tops and collared tops, to scoop-neck shirts and button-down shirts.

Just choose the one that would look best on you…. The one that would complement your face structure and your body type…. Also, make sure that the top color goes well with your skirt color.

Let’s talk about what tops to wear with different types of skirts, starting with pencil skirts.

  1. Pencil skirts are named such because they resemble a pencil, in that they are straight and narrow at the top and then wider at the bottom…. A great top to wear with a pencil skirt is any type of shirt that is long-sleeved and long enough to cover your entire butt…. You can also add some extra detail by wearing a cardigan or blazer over the top of your shirt.
  2. A wrap skirt is one that wraps around your body like a belt…. Because this skirt does not sit on your hips like other types of skirts do, you can wear almost anything with it…. You can pair it with tees in solid colors or go bold and wear it with stripes or floral patterns…. If you want to be more daring, then try pairing it with a tank top or spaghetti strap top for maximum exposure!
  3. A pleated skirt works well when paired with tops that have similar patterns or designs…. For example, if you’re wearing a pleated skirt, you can pair it up top with a striped shirt or sweater…. If you’re feeling really bold during the day, then try out bright colors like pink, orange or yellow…. During the evening hours, stick to darker hues such as black or navy blue.
  4. A flared skirt looks great when paired with tops that show off your personality…. For example, if you want to look dainty and cute, then try to match the skirt with a collared blouse or t-shirt…. On the other hand, if you are feeling more adventurous and want to show off your colorful style, then just grab a striped shirt and pair it with your flared skirt for the perfect look!

Anything that you would normally wear with pants will match up perfectly with skirts…. You will want to stay away from tight tops and dressy shirts because they will draw attention to your stomach area which means you’ll be bringing attention to the fact that you’re not wearing pants.

If you want to create a little bit of volume or extra shape in your top half, then try pairing it with a shirt that is two sizes bigger than normal…. The shirt will cover up the stomach area and give you more of an hourglass figure.

This look is great for those who have a hard time fitting into clothes…. If you have any extra fabric leftover from the shirt, then just tuck it inside of your skirt so it doesn’t bunch up when you walk around in it.

How Do You Wear a Skirt Casually?

If you’re on a casual Friday at the office or just have a laid-back personality, skirts can be great to show your fun side…. If you’re going for a casual look, stick to lighter fabrics and softer colors…. Skirts with a-line cuts are very forgiving and can be dressed up or down easily…. They’re also more flattering than shorter mini skirts.

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Here are some tips on wearing skirts casually:

  1. Avoid mini-skirts unless you want to look like a girly girl…. Try A-line cuts instead, which fit your body type better.
  2. Wear shirts that are tucked into the skirt if you want to dress it up a bit.
  3. Add tights or leggings if the weather is cold so you don’t freeze.
  4. Wear knee-high boots as they tend to look more polished than flats or sneakers.
  5. Pair with a cardigan if you want something warm over your shoulders without wearing an entire blazer.
  6. Overall, stick to lighter colors and softer fabrics for the most casual look.

You can show off your fun personality by mixing and matching different types of colors…. For example, you could wear a black skirt with a white top or vice-versa…. Mixing different shades of the same color can also create an interesting effect that is both casual and classy at the same time.

You could even pair two different types of skirts together if you like, like pairing jeans with the bottom half of a formal skirt and wearing it as an outer layer instead of an inner one.

A basic solid color shirt and matching cardigan or blazer are great combinations for skirts when you want to look nice but not flashy…. Keep the jewelry simple and avoid anything too distracting.

What to Wear with Pleated Skirt?

Pleated skirts are among the most popular skirt designs…. There are many styles and patterns available…. Pleated skirts can be from casual to formal depending on how it is styled.

Pleated skirts are flattering on almost every body shape…. They have an A-line silhouette and this type of skirt is great for hiding any problem areas you might have, such as thighs or tummy…. Since pleats add volume, they can also make you look taller than you really are.

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Most often these skirts come in knee-length with different waistline variations such as a high waist, an empire waist, or a low waist.

  1. You can wear a pleated skirt with a top in your favorite color and to complement your shoes and accessories.
  2. Pleated skirts are always an excellent choice for work or school…. They are comfortable and long-lasting so you can use them for years.
  3. Pleated skirts will go well with a T-shirt or blouse for the office or school…. If you choose a pleated skirt in black color, then it will go well with almost everything like a white shirt, polo shirt, work shirts and so on.
  4. You can wear a pleated skirt with casual tops or sweatshirts at home or on campus as well…. If you want to wear them with casual tops make sure that the top is not too tight since this will make you uncomfortable…. A loose-fitting t-shirt looks great when worn with a pleated skirt.

You can wear pleated skirts when going out with friends as well as to parties.

What to Wear with a Wrap Skirt?

This daring and flirty skirt shape can be styled in endless ways and it’s perfect for the woman who wants to look chic and feminine…. It’s important to note that there are two different types of wrap skirts.

  • There are long wrap skirts and short wrap skirts…. The long wrap skirt is like a maxi skirt but with an interesting design on the bottom half…. It can be worn as a dress or a long shirt depending on how you style it.
  • A short wrap skirt is kind of like a skater skirt but with an interesting design on the bottom half…. It can be worn at any length from knee-length to full-length (it all depends on your preference).

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When you wear a wrap skirt, you are always in style…. It looks great with a blouse and jacket, but there are other options as well…. Here is a list of things that you can wear to look good in a wrap skirt:

  1. Wear with a top that complements the color of your skirt…. Wrap skirts come in a variety of colors and patterns…. When it comes to tops, you want to complement the color of your skirt not match it exactly…. For example, if you have an orange wrap skirt then wear an orange top or an off-white top…. Both would be great choices.
  2. Wraps are versatile enough to go from day tonight…. Dress them up with heels and add a statement necklace or dress them down with flats and a white t-shirt and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for brunch.
  3. Wear with wedges if you’re short…. If you’re short like me (5’4) then avoid wearing high heels with your wrap skirts because it will make you appear shorter than you really are…. However, I love wearing wedges because they elongate my legs and make me appear taller!

The key to styling a wrap skirt is to wear it with a long top that covers the waistband…. DO NOT pair your wrap skirt with short tops or short jackets because they will show the waistband and look awkward.

What Should Wear Under Mini Skirt?

As always, there is no single right answer to this question…. Sometimes you can wear your usual lingerie set, sometimes you want to wear something more fun and fresh…. If you’re going to choose a mini skirt as an outerwear piece this spring, think about the weather conditions where you live.

If it’s cold outside, try on long tights or stockings with a thicker band at the top – they will give your legs extra warmth and keep your bare thighs warm too.

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  1. Underpants-for girls who do not want to reveal their bare legs, wearing underpants is the best choice.
  2. Socks-girls could choose this to keep their legs warm on cold days or keep their feet from being scratched by the mini skirt.
  3. Leggings-slender legs would be better for wearing leggings, especially for girls with bigger thighs and thicker calves to cover their thighs and make them look thinner.
  4. Long socks-longer socks could also be chosen by some girls, as long as they can cover most part of their legs, that would be fine.
  5. Shoes-when you are going out with a pair of shoes matching with your outfit will make you look more elegant and confident while walking out doorways.

Panties are the safest and most practical option unless you’re going to be sitting down a lot…. A thong or g-string is ideal because they provide coverage and leave no visible panty line, but they can show through tight skirts and dresses…. Wear an all-cotton pair so they don’t become uncomfortable or chafe against your skin.

When it comes to leggings vs tights, it’s really a matter of personal preference…. Both leggings and tights are made from similar materials (usually polyester or nylon), but leggings tend to be more fitted than tights…. They also tend to have more give, giving the wearer the ability to stretch without tugging at the top of her thighs.

What Skirt to Wear with a Corset?

Skirts and corsets can be a great pairing…. The lines of a skirt highlight the waistline and hips, which are usually accentuated by a good corset…. Some skirts will work better than others and it’s important to consider what type of effect you’re trying to achieve and how you want your outfit to fit.

Tight around the hips:

If you’re wearing the corset tight around the hips, then you should pick a skirt that’s snug in the same area…. This is especially true if you’re wearing stockings…. A big full skirt may look beautiful, but hanging down all around it will only make your legs look longer…. A pencil skirt will be more flattering and hug your hips, as well as show off your curves.

Wide around the hips:

If you have a wider waist for your build or just want to balance out the look of your chest with a fuller skirt, then go for something with more volume at the hip area…. You can still wear a pencil skirt or even a circle one if you want, just make sure it doesn’t skim the ground — that will draw attention to your feet instead of your whole body.

What Skirt to Wear with a Peplum Top?

A Skirt is the best choice to pair with Peplum tops as it has the shape of an “outfit” and its own look…. While other bottoms like Khaki Pant, Jeans, Trousers, Shorts, or even Denim Skirts are easy to wear with the top, a skirt will exaggerate your shape and overall look.

The right skirt can make you look taller and slimmer if it’s long enough and enhances the top’s shape by drawing attention to your waist which is the smallest part of your body.

There are many different types of skirts that you can wear with a peplum top, but they all have a common theme to them…. They are usually flowy and more full than a normal skirt…. This is because the skirt is supposed to cover the top portion of the peplum top so it does not stick out too much.

Tops tend to have many different styles and designs for you to choose from…. There are tank tops, tube tops, and even halter tops for you to pick from when choosing your peplum top.

In general, if you want a more casual look, go with a full circle skirt or even a pencil skirt…. If you want something a little more conservative, go with an A-line skirt…. It’s also important that you try on different skirts before choosing one that will work best with your peplum top.

What Shirts Match with Skirts?

Matching shirts with skirts is easy…. All you need to do is match their colors…. The colors of the shirt and the skirt will be the dominant colors in your outfit…. To match your shirt and skirt, choose a shirt that has similar colors as your skirt.

If you are interested in what color shirts match with skirts, there are some tips that can make it easier for you to find the perfect combination…. You should avoid wearing a shirt that has a complex pattern with your skirt because this will make your outfit look busy and overwhelming.

Keep in mind that there are many different types of shirts like polo shirts, blouses, and solid color t-shirts…. If you have blouses or long sleeve shirts, you can easily pair them up with skirts that have similar patterns.

  1. If your goal is to experiment with different styles of skirts, try some of these ideas:
  2. Wear an A-line or pencil skirt with a short top such as a crop top or tank top.
  3. You can also wear a pencil skirt with a high waist top such as a turtleneck or sweater.
  4. Try wearing an empire waist top with a wide-leg skirt for extra coverage.

The color of the skirt should be like the color of your skin tone…. If your skin is medium to dark brown, then you can wear a lighter-colored skirt because it will make you look slimmer…. If you have a light skin tone, then you can wear a darker-colored skirt because it will compliment your skin tone and make you look great.

You can wear any type of shirt with skirts; however, if you want to keep it simple then go for a white button-down shirt that has short sleeves…. This works well for business casual settings…. The white shirt will help draw attention away from other things, like your outfit or shoes, and focus it on what you are saying instead…. You can wear this with any color skirt if your workplace allows casual Fridays.

What to Wear with a Black Skirt?

It’s a bold color, but black doesn’t have to be a scary color…. Wearing black can help you look slim, chic, and sophisticated.

Trying to figure out what to wear with a black skirt is pretty simple…. You can wear almost anything with it and still look put together and stylish…. This is because black has the ability to make other colors appear more vibrant.

Black is just one of those colors that work well with almost everything…. Black pants, skirts, and jackets can be worn with many different colored tops as well as shoes and accessories.

There are some things to consider when wearing a black skirt, such as the color of your skin and your hair color…. If you have dark skin or dark hair, you may find that black can tend to wash you out and make you appear paler than you really are…. If this is the case, try wearing some brighter colors under your black skirt to give yourself some more color contrast.

If your hair is lighter in color than your face, then you don’t have to worry about contrast issues; however, if you have very light hair but darker skin then you may want to add some bright colors in order for people to see your hair.

As for the shoes, flats, heels, ankle boots or booties are great options…. You can also wear heels or wedges if your legs are long enough and you want the extra height.

You have plenty of choices when it comes to tops: from T-shirts and sweaters to blouses and button-downs…. Just remember not to wear anything too short or tight-fitting because this will make your shape look out of proportion.

There are so many accessories for a black skirt as well – scarves, belts, jewelry, and handbags of all kinds – so go ahead and mix up your look!

What to Wear with a White Skirt?

There are some rules about what to wear with a white skirt…. The skirt itself should be simple and well fitted, nothing too short or too clingy…. It’s best to go for neutral colors such as black and navy blue when choosing accessories.

White tops are also an excellent way to compliment a black skirt, though you can also accent your outfit with brighter colors such as pink and orange.

The easiest way to coordinate a top with a white skirt is to choose one in a similar hue…. White tops are available in nearly any color, so you can pick the shade that matches your skirt best…. A little pattern is okay, but avoid anything too busy or loud, especially if it contrasts sharply with the color of your skirt.

Another option is to wear an off-white shirt, blouse, or sweater with your white skirt…. The key here is subtlety: Choose something that has a slightly off-white color as opposed to true white.

What Skirt to Wear with Ankle Boots?

There are several types of skirts that can be worn with ankle boots, including pencil skirts, pencil skirts, maxi skirts, A-line skirts…. But the most versatile and flattering skirt to wear with ankle boots is a midi skirt because it flatters many body types and is easy to combine with other pieces in your wardrobe.

When it comes to the skirt and ankle boots combination, it’s all about finding the right silhouette…. For shorter skirts (think mini and above), you can rock a high-waisted pair of skinny jeans or leggings with a long tunic-style sweater for an extra layer.

But if you want to wear your boots with a midi or maxi skirt, then you want to make sure you’re wearing full-length pantyhose to avoid any unwanted flashes.

Also, when wearing booties with a skirt, make sure that they are not too slick…. Ankle boots that have a smooth finish will do nothing but add visual weight to your legs, so opt for textures and patterns instead.

The key to wearing a skirt with ankle boots is to pair that with a top that has some structure…. The reason for this is because the skirt will have some “give” in it when you walk, and if you pair it with something super baggy, it will just look awkward and like something is missing.

If you want to wear this trend with a more feminine feel, try pairing it with a blouse that has ruffles or some other feminine details…. A t-shirt or tank top would look great paired with these boots as well! Have fun mixing and matching different items together!

In summary, there’s no single style of skirt that looks great with every kind of shirt, just as there’s no perfect outfit that is universally flattering across all body shapes…. But with practice, you can easily find outfits that are flattering to your body type and tasteful to the eye.

Just throw out those old ideas about what your body type should wear and pay close attention to colors, patterns, textures, and styles that you know look good on you.

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