What to Wear With Black Pants? (Shoes, Shirts, Blazers, Belts)

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What to Wear With Black Pants?

Black pants are as simple as they come. They’re basic, classy pants that you can wear with anything, but there are still some rules to follow when pairing them with other pieces.

Black is a versatile color and it can be worn in a number of different colors. Black pants are also a great addition to any wardrobe because they can be worn in many different colors. The key is to play up the colors that you’re wearing so that the outfit isn’t just black on black.

Whether you’re wearing black pants to a formal event or with a suit to the office, there are a few things to consider. You don’t want your outfit to look too boring, and you definitely don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. Black is a versatile color and can be paired with different types of clothing, but it’s not as easy to wear as you might think.

Let’s look at what items go with black pants…

What Shoes To Wear With Black Pants?

Black pants aren’t necessarily dressy, but you’ll want to make sure your shoes look nice so you don’t detract from the pant themselves. For casual black pants, sneakers or boots are a good choice.

In general, you want something that won’t distract from the top half of your outfit. For formal black pants, go for dress shoes. A brown leather shoe or oxford are both great options so long as they don’t have too much color or pattern.

If you’re wearing a black suit to a formal event, then your shoes will probably match your black suit. However, many guys like to wear black pants with other colored suits and that’s where things can get confusing. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together this list of what shoes to wear with black pants.


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  1. The classic and elegant choice is black dress shoes. These shoes will always look great with any suit color, but they really shine when paired with a black suit. Black dress shoes have been a staple of formal attire for decades, so if you want something that will never go out of style, then consider this classic choice.
  2. Black dress boots are another good option for your formalwear wardrobe. Dress boots come in all styles: wingtips, loafers, lace-ups, and mocassins. They’re also available in every color from plain black to browns and tans.
  3. Black heels are always appropriate and look great when paired with black pants and any type of top. If you have a dressier occasion and need to pair your black pants with a dressy shoe, then don’t hesitate to wear black heels.
  4. But, if you just want something casual but nice while out at a bar or restaurant, then go ahead and wear some cute flats or sandals. These shoes will look great paired with your favorite pair of jeans or slacks. If you’d like for them to match your shirt, then choose a shoe that has the same shade of color as your top.
  5. Terracotta Flats – If you are going for a smart casual outfit, then these shoes are a perfect choice. These shoes will look really good with trousers or chinos. The color of these shoes will elevate the dullness of the black pants and will provide some contrast to the outfit which makes it more interesting.
  6. Lace-Ups – Black lace-ups are ideal for both formal and smart casual outfits. These shoes go well with jeans as well as woolen trousers. You can pair it with almost any color of your choice from blue to red, but make sure that you avoid bright colors like yellow and orange as they might not look great with black pants.

Men who have larger feet should avoid wearing black shoes without socks because they can make your feet look even bigger than they are.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Black Pants?

You can wear virtually any shoe color with black pants, but keep the pattern to a minimum if you want the focus to be on your pants and not on your shoes.

Solid-colored shoes or ones with small patterns will complement your outfit nicely and keep it looking clean and sharp. If you’re wearing a blazer, try and match its color as well so it all looks cohesive.

The color of your shoes depends on several factors: the type of shoes, the style of pants, and the occasion.


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  • Black pumps are a good choice for more formal occasions such as a wedding or a job interview. They can be worn with any type of suit, but not with slacks and a sportcoat. Pumps are also too dressy for most social gatherings.
  • Black oxfords are appropriate for business and for informal gatherings such as dinner parties and evenings out. Oxfords are most appropriate for business when they have no laces or metal eyelets, but instead are slip-ones that look like an athletic shoe, but dressier. If you wear them to the office, you may want to make sure your boss isn\u2019t a stickler for conformity.
  • Black sneakers are acceptable only in certain settings. Wear them at home or running errands, but don\u2019t wear them to work or to an evening out.
  • TAN, BROWN, AND WHITE – These colors tend to work well because they are neutral colors. For example, tan shoes can be worn with black, white, or brown pants. They look great and can be dressed up or down depending on the environment you are in. Tan is my favorite color for shoes because it goes with just about everything, especially a nice pair of jeans. Dark brown and dark white also look good with many outfits when you want that “polished” or “dressy” look.
  • BLUE – These shoes are acceptable with dark blue but not as much with medium or light blue.
  • MUSTARD YELLOW – The only thing that works with these is black pants! (I don’t think yellow shoes have ever gone out of style.)
  • BRIGHT COLORS – These work if they are muted and not so bright that they are glaring at someone across the room.
  • NEUTRALS WITH NEUTRALS – This combination looks best because it doesn’t take away from anything else.

What Shirt to Wear with Black Pants?

Tops should always be a lighter color than the bottom. It is important that your top not compete with your bottoms for attention. Your top needs to provide contrast and compliment your bottoms. If your shirt is the same color as your pants, you will appear monochromatic and dull.

When choosing different colors of tops and bottoms, it is better to err on the side of more contrasting colors than less contrasting colors. This way, you will never look mismatched, just well coordinated!


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A solid color top is better than a patterned top with a solid color bottom. Solid colored tops provide a simple background for patterns of any kind and add visual interest to patterned bottoms. Patterned tops take away from patterned bottoms by competing with them for attention.

What Color Blazer to Wear With Black Pants?

Blazer colors differ depending on what season they are worn in. In the winter, people tend to wear darker colors like black, navy blue and gray while lighter colors such as brown, tan, white, and khaki are more popular in the summer months. However, you can wear any color blazer with black pants if you do it correctly!

When choosing a color for your blazer, it’s always best to take into consideration what color shirt you plan to wear underneath it. If you plan on wearing a white or light-colored shirt then you should go for something darker like gray so that it blends well together.

For those who are more daring and want to experiment with different color combinations then try wearing a navy blue blazer with tan pants or even brown pants for an edgier look.

TIP: Take care that the fit of your blazer is not too big or small. It should be fitted enough that it is not billowing around your body and not so tight that you cannot move comfortably. A well-fitted blazer is a great investment that can be worn over and over again with different outfits to create a new look each time!

You just have to make sure the colors compliment each other instead of clashing which is not only uncomfortable but also unprofessional. Another example would be wearing a light brown or khaki blazer with black pants. The reason this works so well is that these two colors work well together but not as well on their own.

There are many examples of color combinations but as long as you remember that some combinations will be better than others then you can have fun styling your outfits!

What Color Belt To Wear With Black Pants?

What color belt should you wear with black pants? It really depends on what other colors are in the rest of your outfit and how they contrast with the black in your pants.

If your work dress code is more formal, you can wear a black belt with your black pants. A simple black belt will do, although you can also wear a leather belt that has a metal buckle or silver buckle.

If you are wearing a white dress shirt or blouse, then a black belt would be very effective. The same rule applies to white pants and a simple black belt is worn with a matching color top.

In summary, as you can see, there are lots of options for wearing black pants, even though the color is rather dark and serious. Brighten yourself up with some color and take advantage of all your options. You can wear any of these combinations to the office easily, with a shirt or sweater that’s patterned or solid.

To add a bit of pop to your look, consider pairing your outfit with a patterned belt or tie. Your black dress pants will be your staple in your wardrobe, and dressing them up every day is easy once you put all of this together in one go.

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