What Pants to Wear with Denim Shirt? (7 Options To Consider)

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What Pants To Wear with Denim Shirt?

Whether you’re wearing a denim shirt to work or out on the town, one of the best ways to make a statement is by pairing it with pants that are a different color. It’s not always necessary to match your pants to your shirt, and in fact, doing so can be somewhat limiting. By contrasting colors, you can create unique outfits that really stand out.

With a denim shirt, you can wear almost any pants. Trouser pants have to be dark in color because they don’t go with light colored denim shirts. If you want to wear lighter colored trouser then you should go for a lighter colored denim shirt or a white shirt or off-white shirt.

If you want to get more creative, try pairing some jeans with your denim shirt. Jeans tend to be darker and heavier than khakis or slacks, so for those who are afraid of looking too casual, this is a great alternative choice. If you choose dark jeans such as dark wash or black jeans, your entire outfit will have an edgier feel, which can be fun!

A denim shirt is a versatile piece of clothing but to get the most out of it, you need to know what pants to wear with it. The list below will help you pair your denim shirts with the right pants to look good and make a lasting impression

Dark Jeans

The best pants to wear with a denim shirt are dark wash jeans. They are a classic look that will never go out of style, and they look good no matter what your body type or height. You can also dress the lookup in brown shoes, a belt, and a watch.

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  1. If you want to dress casually in your denim shirt, then jeans are the best pair of pants to wear with them. In this case, you should wear them lower on your waist.
  2. Wearing jeans higher up will make your outfit seem less casual and give it a dressier feel.
  3. If you have long legs, then wearing jeans higher up is also a good idea if you want to show off your legs or wear heels with your outfit. You can also let out the hemline of your jeans so that they cover your ankles when you wear heels.
  4. If you do not like showing off your legs or do not want to wear heels, then wearing jeans at or below your hips is fine as well.

Black Jeans

For a more formal look, wear slim black jeans with your denim shirt. This will definitely give you an uptown vibe, perfect for when you want to be taken seriously at work or when you need a formal look that’s still very much in style. Wear them with a pair of brown leather shoes and a black belt or better yet, wear them with a pair of brown leather shoes and a matching belt.

The combination of black jeans with denim shirts is a classic look that never ages. The combination has been around for a long time, and it will continue to be a classic because of its simplicity. 

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If you wear them in the right way, you can raise your style level several notches above what you wear every day. Here are some tips for wearing this outfit:

  1. Denim shirt – A denim shirt does not have to be solid blue or white. You can also get it in a pattern or design. For example, you can get one with checks or stripes.
  2. Black jeans – Black jeans are versatile, and they look good when worn with any color of the shirt. When wearing them as part of an outfit with a denim shirt, keep the shoes simple, perhaps an Oxford shoe.
  3. Accessories – Accessories such as belts can help to give a nice finish to your outfit. Choose different types of belts depending on your preferences and tastes.

Black jeans look good with denim shirts because they’re more formal than blue jeans. Black is also slimming, and it’s easier to wear black than blue jeans during the day. To top it off, black jeans are more appropriate for evening wear.


Khakis are a great option for those who want to look casual but not completely relaxed. You can wear khakis with a denim shirt without looking too much like you’re trying to be fashionable. 

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  • Khakis look great with a denim shirt because they’re more casual than dress pants (they’re not made from wool), but you can still dress them up enough to wear with a cotton button-down.
  • If you want to make khakis more formal, get some with pleats instead of flat-front ones. They’ll give you a better shape around the waist and hips than flat front pants do.
  • However, you should still pay attention to what color of khakis you select. Match the color of the jeans to the color of the khakis so they coordinate well together.
  • Choose darker colors if you’re wearing a black denim shirt, and lighter colors if you’re wearing a blue or white one.

White Jeans

Wearing a white pair of jeans with a denim shirt can be a great idea if you want to look more formal. The reason for this is that white jeans are more formal than blue ones – and the same goes for denim shirts as well.

If you want to wear a denim jacket over your denim shirt, you should definitely wear white jeans as well – it’s a great combination!

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Adding a white pair of jeans gives you a smart-casual look that is suitable for almost any setting, from the office to the weekend.

Dress them up with brown boots and a vintage handbag or keep it casual with sneakers and a street clutch. Pair your jeans with flats for brunch out on the town or wear them with ankle booties for work. You can even match them with some classic gladiator sandals if you want.


One of the most versatile and easy-to-match pieces for spring are denim shirts. They’re great for guys out there who have to wear a suit every day, as they can be used as an alternative to a traditional dress shirt on casual Fridays (or if you’re just not feeling like wearing a suit that day).

Wearing Chinos with a denim shirt is a perfect combination. But of course, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to look distinguished. You need to know what color Chinos will work best with your denim shirt and how to combine the two pieces together.

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Because we’re talking about denim shirts here, it goes without saying that these articles of clothing should have different shades of blue in them. The most important thing is to NOT match your shirt and chinos with the exact same color. You should go at least 2 shades different.

However, if you’re wearing a navy blue denim shirt, for example, try and pick out blue chinos that are slightly lighter or darker than the shade of blue on your shirt. For example, if you’re wearing a navy denim shirt, then try and find some light-blue or dark-blue chinos instead of just picking up any old pair of blue chinos from the store.


Though denim shirts are not a new trend, it has become a popular style statement with celebrities and fashionistas. Denim shirts are the perfect combination of casual and dressy attire. If you want to look chic and trendy this season, wear a denim shirt with leggings and make heads turn!

Denim shirts are a staple of casual wear, and leggings are one of the most popular pants for women. Combine them together to create a look that is both comfortable and stylish.

As with most fashion decisions, the key is to balance comfort with fashion. Your Leggings should have plenty of stretch to them, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a sausage casing. And if you’re going for a more casual look, a denim shirt will go better with your Leggings than a dressy top or blouse.

Wearing a denim shirt with leggings makes for a great casual look. It’s a simple outfit that doesn’t take too much effort to pull off, but the look is surprisingly sophisticated when set against a pair of black skinny jeans. That’s because the denim shirt pairs nicely with any neutral pants — dark or light — making it an easy outfit for anyone to wear.

The two main questions to ask when pairing a denim shirt with leggings are: How to wear it and how to style it.

How to wear a denim shirt with leggings:

Wear the denim shirt unbuttoned, with a patterned tee tucked in over the top of the buttoned shirt, cuffs rolled up, and belt buckled through the belt loops on your pants. This will give you just enough volume to make your waist look slimmer and your thighs appear more defined.


Jeans and khakis make great casual outfits, but if you really need to dress up your denim shirt, wear it with a pair of gray wool pants.

If you want to look a little more dressed up, pair your denim shirt with a dark pair of dress pants. Wear them with a pair of shoes made from leather or suede and the outfit will be complete. The addition of dress pants also makes this outfit more business-appropriate.

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To dress up a denim shirt, then wearing trousers is the way to go. Dark gray or black pants look great with a dark denim shirt (reds and dark blues go well too). You might want to avoid wearing black pants with a white denim shirt though.

Trousers/slacks tend to be more formal. They can make an outfit look more uniform and give off the impression that you are well-dressed.

In summary, the most popular choice today is wearing jeans with your denim shirt. This is because this kind of combination has been around for years and people have gotten used to seeing it in movies and on television.

Just make sure that the jeans you wear are clean, crisp, and are not too tight for your body frame so as not to expose any unflattering parts of your legs.

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