11 Pants That Are Good for Summer (What Pants Are Good for Summer?)

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What Pants Are Good for Summer?

We need to talk about pants. They’re the most versatile garment you own, and yet they’re often last on our summer shopping list.

We’d rather buy breezy summer dresses and beachy, cut-off shorts — but when we get dressed in the morning, we reach for a pair of jeans or trousers. So why is it that we skip them when we’re restocking our warm-weather wardrobes?

Pants can be as comfy as shorts or as breezy as a sundress. That’s because there are tons of lightweight options for summer, from gauzy linen to crisp cotton. Plus, fitted styles (like the paper bag waist and cropped ankle) are trending hard this season.

When choosing pants for summer consider the following factors:

1: Opt For Thin Material

The first thing you should consider when looking for summer pants is the type of material they are made of. Thicker fabrics such as wool and flannel absorb moisture and can make you feel even hotter than you already are.

This makes it important to choose summer pants that are made from a thinner, more breathable fabric. You will probably want to avoid any kind of cotton-polyester blend, as these tend to retain heat and moisture. Linen is always a good choice for lightweight, breathable material.

2: Opt For Loose Pants

The next thing you should look for in summer pants is finding something that is not too tight; this will also restrict airflow and make you hot. Instead, look for baggy or loose-fitting pant styles, like cargo or drawstring pants. These will allow air to flow freely, which will help keep you cool.

Also, be sure to check the waistband on the pants; elastic waists may be more comfortable during hot weather because they don’t require a belt, but also usually mean that there’s going to be less room in the pants. If you are looking for a pair of dress pants that you wear during warm weather, look for some that have pleats; these will allow room for movement and help keep you cool.

3: Opt For Light Colors

Keep it light. The lighter the color, the better. This is because lighter colors reflect more light and heat than darker colors, so they will keep you cooler. Light-colored clothing also shows sweat less than dark clothing, which is a bonus! Try to avoid all-black and dark blue outfits when it’s hot out.

Let’s look at a variety of different pants that you can wear this summer…

11 Pants That Are Good for Summer

Summer Pants (Available at Amazon.com) can also be a bit more elevated than shorts, and give you more styling options without looking like you’re trying too hard. A slim pair of pants is easy to wear with anything from a T-shirt to a button-up. It’s also easy to throw on some sneakers or loafers with a pair of pants.

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So, whether you’re one of those people who just doesn’t like shorts or if you need some versatile bottoms that are good for all four seasons, here are ten pairs of summer-friendly pants that we’ve got our eye on right now.

  1. Khakis – Khakis are like jeans’ lighter cousin. You can wear them in almost any casual situation while still looking stylish and professional. Khaki pants come in many different cuts and colors, ranging from baggy cargo pants that have fallen out of fashion to slim-cut pants that are more modern. And unlike jeans, khakis fade with age instead of wearing out at the pockets and knees.
  2. Light Cotton Pants – There is no reason to limit yourself to khaki if you want a lighter-weight alternative to jeans this summer. Light cotton pants come in a wide range of colors and styles, from dressy chinos to casual drawstring cargo pants. Any pair of lightweight cotton pants are likely to be cooler than your favorite pair of jeans, so try a few different styles until you find one that fits you well.
  3. Crop Pants – These can be dressed up or down. I like them paired with espadrilles or sandals in the summertime. they also look nice with boots in the fall! If you have an athletic build, crop pants can look really flattering on you.
  4. Cotton Chinos – Not only is cotton one of the most breathable materials for pants, but chinos have a storied past of being worn in the summer. They’re a classic for a reason and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. It’s hard to beat cotton when the weather’s hot. The fabric is breathable and lightweight, so it’s perfect for warm days. It also doesn’t wrinkle easily, so you’ll look polished even after sitting in a hot car or hot office all day.
  5. Linen Pants – If you’re looking for something a little softer than cotton, linen is the way to go. The linen looks great and feels light against your skin. It breathes well too, so it’s a good choice if you get sweaty in the summer. However, linen wrinkles easily and isn’t as durable as other fabrics, so be careful how much wear you put them through if they’re your favorite pair of pants.
  6. Capris – the go-to pant for spring and summer. You can find them in a variety of colors and styles and they’re perfect for any occasion!
  7. Joggers – super comfy and easy to mix match with your favorite top or blouse! These are great if you’re looking for something casual but don’t want jeans all day long (who wants those).
  8. High Waisted Pants – these come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc., which means no matter what body type you have there’s sure to be something perfect just waiting out there somewhere (just keep looking)!
  9. Lightweight denim – Jeans might be the first thing you think of when you hear pants, but they can sometimes be too heavy. Heavier jeans don’t breathe as well and are generally better suited for wintertime. For the summer, look for lightweight denim (which can mean anything from selvage to washed), or jeans made with linen or hemp.
  10. Cargo Pants – Not all cargo pants are created equal. A pair with a relaxed fit will keep you cool and comfortable while making it easy to stash a water bottle for when you’re on the move.
  11. Wide Leg Culottes – Now this is an interesting one! Although culottes might seem too wide and airy for summer, they actually keep your legs cool when it gets really warm out because they let air pass through easily.

Are Polyester Pants Good for Summer?

Summer is here, and it’s time to get moving. Whether you’re exercising, traveling, or just walking around town, you need apparel that will keep you cool and comfortable in the hot weather.

Polyester pants are usually not a good choice for summer because they don’t absorb sweat and can make your skin feel clammy.

Summer Heat: If you’ve ever worn polyester pants when it’s hot outside, then you know that it doesn’t take long for them to become soaked with sweat. While this is mostly a matter of personal preference, many people find wet clothes uncomfortable.

It can also be a problem if you’re wearing light-colored slacks since visible sweat marks can be embarrassing.

Polyester pants also lack breathability, which means they don’t let air reach your skin. This makes them even more uncomfortable in the heat than other fabrics like cotton or linen that allow your skin to breathe.

Another potential issue is that when in direct sunlight, polyester tends to collect static electricity and attract lint, dirt, and dust — especially if you’re active in what you’re doing (which is likely in the summer).

Are Twill Pants Good for Summer?

As a general rule, fabrics with a looser weave are better for summer. That’s because there’s more space between the threads to allow air to flow through and help keep you cool.

Twill is a type of fabric weave, not a material itself. Twill weaves are identifiable by their diagonal parallel ribs. These can be made from many different materials, so a pair of twill pants can be made of anything from cotton to wool, though cotton and synthetic blends are most common. Many jeans are made with a twill weave too.

The point of the twill weave is that it makes the fabric more durable, comfortable, and resistant to wrinkling than other weaves. Cotton twills are both breathable and water-resistant, which makes them great for summer. They’re also usually lighter than other types of twill, like wool or heavy denim.

So, Depending on the material twill pants can be great for summer. They’re not as formal as khakis but they’re well suited for business casual environments.

As you might expect, twill pants are made of a twill weave fabric, which means the fabric is woven in a diagonal pattern. The diagonal pattern isn’t just cosmetic — it makes the fabric stronger than other fabrics and more resistant to wear and tear. That’s why twill pants are great for work or travel.

The best twill pants for summer will probably be those made from lightweight cotton twill or linen twill. Cotton is cool and breathable, while linen is even cooler and more breathable.

Are Cargo Pants Good for Summer?

Cargo pants are good for summer because they’re both airy and durable. They’re short and loose, so you don’t end up with sweaty thighs. And they can withstand the summer sun and heat without fading or getting ruined.

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Cargo pants are made from lightweight cotton fabric that allows air to circulate freely around your legs and feet. That’s why they’re so comfortable even in hot weather — they keep you cool. And because they’re not too tight or constricting, they don’t cause chafing or irritation in the heat either.

Cargo pants are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, so they can be mixed and matched with any outfit. They’re also very versatile, as they can be worn casually with a T-shirt or dressed up to look smart.

Are Linen Pants Good for Hot Weather?

Linen is a great fabric for hot weather because it has a natural moisture-wicking ability. The airy weave of linen lets your legs breathe and the fabric pulls excess moisture off your skin.

Linen pants are ideal for travel and summer activities like boating, kayaking, and golfing because they dry quickly when wet and are wrinkle-resistant. Linen pants are more expensive than cotton, but they’re a great choice if you’re looking to stay cool in the summer months.

  1. Linen is known to be a breathable fabric. It also tends to absorb moisture and dries quickly.
  2. Linen absorbs moisture very well and keeps you cool because water molecules are attracted to each other and spread out when they come into contact with linen. This causes the molecules to evaporate, taking heat with them.
  3. Linen does not retain body odor because the loose weave allows air to circulate, so it doesn’t stay damp for long enough for bacteria to grow on it.
  4. Linen is also good at regulating temperature, which is why it is often used in bedding. However, there are some downsides. Linen wrinkles easily, so it needs ironing or steaming after washing.

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A Natural Choice

Natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen wear well in hot weather. They allow your skin to breathe by pulling sweat away from your body so it can evaporate. In addition to making you feel cooler, this process protects your skin from the heat and prevents excessive perspiration that can lead to chafing.

When shopping for linen pants, look for an open weave in the fabric; this is what accounts for its breathability. Because of their open weave, linen pants often have a rough texture, which makes them less likely to cling to your skin when worn on a hot day.

Linen Pants tick all the boxes:

  • Beach Pants – Linen pants are great for summer days at the beach, or even for a picnic. The loose fit will keep you cool, and allow freedom of movement. They also drape well, so they won’t be too revealing if you get wet when cooling off in the water. If you’re looking for something more casual than jeans, but still want to look nice, try a pair of linen pants with a T-shirt.
  • Casual Linen Pants – Another use for linen pants is to wear them with a button-down shirt or polo shirt. This is perfect for the office if your workplace has a relaxed dress code. You’ll still look professional without sweating through your suit pants in the heat! You can also wear them to dinner or other social occasions where jeans would be too casual but dress pants are too formal.
  • Evening Wear – If you’re going out and need to look nice, consider wearing linen pants instead of jeans or khakis.

Are Golf Pants Good for Hot Weather?

The answer is yes, golf pants are good for hot weather. However, the type of golf pants you wear in hot weather is important. The best pants for hot weather are made from lightweight cotton and have a loose fit that allows for plenty of air circulation. In addition, light-colored clothes reflect the sun’s rays, so white or beige pants will keep you cooler than dark pants.

Although golfers can wear shorts, many courses prohibit them, especially ones in cooler climates. But even if you’re playing on a course that allows shorts, wearing pants will help protect your legs from the sun.

If your course restricts players to wearing pants, you’ll want to choose them carefully for hot weather. The fabrics used to make golf pants allow your body to breathe and wick sweat away from your skin to prevent chafing and discomfort.

For hot weather, look for pants made from lightweight fabrics that feature moisture-wicking technology. This type of material keeps you cool by drawing sweat away from your body and allowing air to circulate around it.

Cotton is a popular fabric for clothing but isn’t ideal for hot weather because cotton holds moisture against your body instead of pulling it away. Cotton also doesn’t have any give to it so it doesn’t move as freely as pants made from other materials such as polyester or nylon.

In summary, Summer is a time to enjoy being outdoors and experience the hot sun on your face, but what you wear can make all the difference.

Depending on the climate where you live and whether or not you’re prone to heat exhaustion or dehydration, you have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing summer pants.

The best pants for summer are lightweight and loose-fitting to allow adequate ventilation. While some polyester and other synthetic fabrics are breathable, they tend to retain heat and moisture, making them uncomfortable in hot weather. Cotton is a much better choice because it is absorbent, cool, and comfortable.

There are many options for summer cotton pants, but twill and cargo pants are two of the most versatile. Both types can be worn casually or dressed up for more formal occasions. Linen and golf pants are also good choices for casual summer wear.

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