What Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Made Of? (Healing Stones Explained)

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What Is Kendra Scott Made Of?

Obviously, the metals used in Kendra Scott jewelry differ in each product so I will itemize the main products below such as rings, earrings, stones, chains, etc, and provide you with a list of the material each one is made from.

The most popular designs are those that include large colored gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds. The company is best known for its colorful gemstone designs. Brass, gold, and silver also feature prominently in their designs.

The jewelry is designed with a wide variety of colors and styles. Customers can choose from the signature Kendra Scott jewelry line or from several licensed collections produced by individuals or companies. Designs are available in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, and watches.

The company’s website describes the unique “sparkle” of each piece of jewelry as being created by the use of colored stones and high-quality metals such as gold-plated brass and silver alloys. It also says that the gems have been treated to enhance their appearance and durability.

What Are Kendra Scott Rings Made Of

Kendra Scott rings are all about the style, the new style. One of the most popular Kendra Scott rings is the Kendra Scott Elyse ring is made of brass, non-precious metal. It is a new trend in jewelry that has gained popularity because it is fashionable and elegant.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; it can be yellow, red, brown, or black in color, depending on the proportion of zinc. Brass jewelry can be kept shinning by polishing with a clean cloth.


Kendra Scott Elyse Ring for Women, Fashion Jewelry, 14k Gold-Plated, Iridescent Drusy, Size 7


This is a pretty simple, but lovely Kendra Scott Elyse Ring. It features a large round center stone, which is a gorgeous shade of amethyst. The stone measures 7mm in diameter and has intricate detailing on the sides. The band is made from brass metal and is polished to a high shine.

  • This design has a beautiful ring pattern which you can wear to work or on a formal occasion.
  • It also looks great with other accessories such as earrings and necklaces from the same collection which will add to your personality and make you look more elegant and confident in any situation without being too flashy.
  • The brass used to make the Kendra Scott ring is non-precious metal; that means that it can be colored into different tones for different styles.
  • This kind of brass is very easy to keep shinning because there’s no need to polish it regularly.

What Are Kendra Scott Earrings Made Of

Kendra Scott Earrings are popular and beautiful; however, what many people do not know is that they are made of a variety of different materials. One of the most popular is the Kendra Scott Lee Drop Earrings for Women and it is made of brass and non-precious metal. But it is the type of stone that really sets it off.


Kendra Scott Lee Drop Earrings for Women, Fashion Jewelry, Rhodium Plated, Platinum Drusy

Many earrings come in 14k gold, sterling silver, and even semi-precious stone gemstones. They can be purchased in both dangle and stud earring styles. The main setting for the earring is usually sterling silver, with other gemstones such as turquoise, onyx, and citrine.

  • You can wear these earrings for special occasions because they look so beautiful.
  • They are also practical because they are made to be durable and long-lasting.
  • You can wear them daily without worrying about them getting damaged or losing their shine.
  • They will retain their luster even after prolonged use.
  • The styles are classic, but the designs are always unique and elegant.
  • You can find something that matches well with your personality and style in the Kendra Scott jewelry collections, whether you want simple studs for daily wear or something more elaborate for special events.
  • They come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles to suit every taste, whether you want gold studs or silver hoops. Each pair is unique, with its own character and beauty.

What Are Kendra Scott Necklaces Made Of

Kendra Scott’s jewelry is made of gold-plated brass, not real solid gold.  One of the most popular necklaces sold by this brand is the Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace and is made of gold-plated brass and non-precious metal.


Kendra Scott Elisa Adjustable Length Pendant Necklace for Women, Fashion Jewelry, 14k Gold-Plated, Iridescent Drusy


Kendra Scott jewelry is made of gold-plated brass. The gold plating is tarnish resistant and will not fade over time. Kendra Scott earrings and necklaces are lead and nickel free.

  • There’s a lot to unpack here. “Gold plating” means that there is a thin layer of gold on the brass, something that is actually more common than you’d think.
  • Brass is a metal alloy that is easy to work with and doesn’t tarnish easily.
  • Every piece in our gold-plated brass collection is gold plated over brass, which gives it a shimmering, warm glow.
  • The brass and gold-plated brass and silver jewelry brightens up any outfit and is 100% hypoallergenic so it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

What Are Kendra Scott Stones Made Of

Kendra Scott uses colored semi-precious stones in many of its jewelry products including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The most popular of these stones include amethyst, malachite, and peridot. However, the most popular are Kendra Scott healing stones that you can customize your earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces with.

Kendra Scott has modernized the ancient healing art of crystal healing by infusing crystals with fashion-forward designs that complement every outfit. The healing stones include Rose Quartz, Brown Tiger’s Eye, Labradorite, Green Quartz, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, Amethyst, and Lapis.

Kendra Scott earrings are made of semi-precious stones. Semi-precious stones are gems used for jewelry. The most common semi-precious stones are quartz, amethyst, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, jade, citrine, aquamarine, peridot, malachite, garnet, and onyx.

The company typically uses different colored quartz in its jewelry products. Its most popular quartz products include a teal blue necklace with a silver chain and a silver bracelet with a small pearl charm. Many of the company’s gemstones have been treated to enhance their color or to improve their durability.

Let’s look at each healing stone in more detail…

Kendra Scott Rose Quartz Stones

Rose Quartz is from the mineral family of quartz. The color of Rose Quartz ranges from pale pink to deep red, including all the shades in between. In its pure form, it’s a beautiful color that can add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Like other gems, rose quartz has long been used for adornment and spiritual purposes. Ancient Egyptians used it to honor their belief system while Native Americans considered it to be sacred due to the number of pink hues found within its crystal formation.

Rose Quartz is also known as “the stone of love,” so if you’re looking for a gift for your loved one, this may be a great option. It also brings healing to a range of emotional issues, from grief to self-esteem issues to relationship problems.

  • Quartz is the most common mineral in the earth’s crust, found almost everywhere.
  • It has been called the “Universal Crystal” because of its wide range of healing applications.
  • Quartz is the most “programmable” of all crystals and can be programmed to suit your needs/requirements.
  • It is also referred to as the “Master Healer” and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.
  • As such it is a very spiritual stone, providing a connection between the physical and spiritual planes.
  • It has a higher vibration than most stones and can activate all of your chakras. It dissolves emotional negativity from all your chakras and organs, including repressed anger from past lives.
  • It is one of the best stones for protection from geopathic stress, electro-smog, and electromagnetic pollution from computers, cell phones, and other devices, getting rid of negative energy in your vicinity.

Rose Quartz is a soothing and calming crystal. It helps to open the heart chakra, enabling you to feel more love in your life, both from yourself and from others.  It has been used for centuries as a symbol of love and represents romance and friendship, as well as the transitioning from singlehood to marriage.

Kendra Scott Brown Tiger’s Eye Stones

Brown Tiger’s Eye is a true blue stone—it can help you to get in touch with your inner truth and to see the world as it is. It helps you to be honest and responsible for your actions, and to take responsibility for your own happiness. Brown Tiger’s Eye will bring you success in business and helps you to be more tolerant of others.

Brown Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone that helps you to take advantage of opportunities and move forward in life. It promotes initiative and perseverance. This stone represents success through strength and willpower, not luck.

Brown Tiger’s Eye helps you to be more self-assured and feel less dependent on others. It can also help you to solve problems rationally and unemotionally. Use Brown Tiger’s Eye if you need a little extra motivation or push to embrace a new opportunity or direction in life.

  • It is a great stone for those who have been stuck in a rut to help them move forward with their lives.
  • Brown Tiger’s Eye will help you to take risks, as well as to take the first step towards making your dreams a reality.
  • It also inspires creativity and imagination.
  • Brown Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for those who want to be successful in life to help them take the right action at the right time.
  • It gives you the discipline and motivation to reach your full potential.
  • Brown Tiger’s Eye can also help you identify any destructive behavior that may be holding you back from success by making you aware of it before it gets out of control.
  • Brown Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection.
  • It can give you the extra courage you need to take the right action and to make the necessary changes in your life.
  • Brown Tiger’s Eye can free you from a feeling of being trapped or confined.
  • Brown Tiger’s Eye is also a stone of balance and harmony.
  • It promotes harmony within yourself and helps you maintain balance in your relationships.

Brown Tiger’s Eye is believed to be able to transform negative energy into positive energy, while still allowing you to see the lessons in life for which you need to learn. Brown Tiger’s Eye can open new paths before you, and help you see things in a completely different light.

Kendra Scott Labradorite Stones

Kendra Scott Labradorite is a mesmerizing stone that has the power to expand your mind and unleash your creativity. The stone’s insight can be used by you for unimaginable things. The stone is perfect for any piece of jewelry, especially when you want to add glamour to your outfit. If you are looking for a gift for someone special, Kendra Scott Labradorite necklaces are perfect. They will surely make her feel special, and she will love it!

Kendra Scott Labradorite is a stunning gemstone that offers insight into the future, and aid in our daily life. Labradorrite is associated with artists, increasing our creative abilities. This gorgeous gemstone comes in a variety of colors are prized for it’s power to clear the mind, raise consciousness, and bring wisdom.

Labradorite jewelry is affordable and beautiful, but what makes it even more special is the fact that it comes with a story. This stone is said to be the only gemstone that was named after its place of origin. It is also said that this stone is formed due to the cooling of volcanic lava in Canada which makes it truly unique.

  • It has been used all over the world for thousands of years as a mystical talisman worn against evil spirits and bad luck.
  • Labradorite is also called Spectrolite because of the iridescent light effect seen when polished.
  • It displays a rainbow of colors, making it irresistible to wear as jewelry!
  • The stone helps us remember our dreams and relieves insomnia.
  • It aids those who have trouble expressing themselves through art, music, or dance by encouraging them to express themselves through any means possible.

Kendra Scott Labradorite is the perfect stone for the modern woman. It’s rich, earthy, and brightens any outfit. I love this particular piece because it pairs well with all other Kendra Scott jewelry because of the rich earth tones.

Kendra Scott Green Quartz Stones

Green Quartz is an excellent stone for getting in touch with the healing energy of the Earth. This crystal helps you release negativity from your body, mind, heart, and spirit, which allows the healing power of the Universe to flow through you more freely.

Green Quartz is a stone of the heart, opening the mind to new possibilities. It has been used in meditation for centuries to open the heart chakra for love and healing. Green Quartz is the stone of universal love, bringing harmony into all aspects of your life. It is said to send out healing energy to the entire aura.

Green Quartz allows you to tap into your own inner wisdom and gain clarity about what you know to be true in your heart. It reveals the truth behind illusions, allowing you to see things as they really are, which helps you make better decisions.

  • Green Quartz is called the stone of universal love because it opens the heart chakra to all forms of love, not only romantic or unconditional love, but also our love for animals, plants, and humanity in general.
  • Green Quartz helps us to understand that “others” are not separate from ourselves.
  • Green Quartz opens our hearts to help us see that no one is a stranger in this life. Everyone is here to teach us in some way.
  • Green Quartz helps us in times of crisis by enhancing our ability to see clearly what needs to be done.
  • It is a natural stress reliever and promotes calmness during stressful situations.
  • Green Quartz represents balance, growth, and harmony.
  • It soothes hatred and anger.
  • It is believed to be able to help you see the world through other people’s eyes, thereby promoting cooperation and helpfulness.
  • It is also believed to help you understand why you are here on earth at this particular time, helping you fulfill your destiny.

It has been called “the philosopher’s stone” due to its ability to enhance mental clarity and perception. Green Quartz also enhances creativity by helping one express a concept in a clearer manner. It assists in all types of decision-making processes, including those concerning business matters, investments, or purchases.

Kendra Scott Hematite Stones

Kendra Scott Hematite is an effortless way to set your fashion mood, giving your outfits a bold, yet subtle, radiance. Hematite is one of the most grounding stones, making it great for balancing your mood and energy levels. As an earthy crystal, Hematite helps you reconnect to nature and find inner peace no matter what life throws your way.

Like bright rays of sunshine cutting through a fog, the hypnotic brilliance of Hematite optimizes your inner strength and resolve. Setting your intentions for this new year is enhanced with the grounding energy of Hematite. This luminous stone allows you to channel an energy that is full of beauty and shine.

Just as Hematite is magnetic, so is its influence on those around you. You’ll be able to draw others near with your warm energy and positive outlook. Your friends will love to spend time with you, as will anyone who needs a friend.

  • Hematite can provide protection from outside influences that might otherwise drag you down.
  • Negative comments from friends, family members, or co-workers may no longer seem as harsh or hurtful since they won’t affect you as much.
  • You may also experience a surge of physical energy that will help you power through any task set before you.
  • Not only will your mind feel more focused, but your body will feel more at ease as well.

HEMATITE has been used for over 6,000 years for jewelry and tools, and was mined in Egypt more than 2,500 years ago—it was considered sacred to Ra (or Re), the sun god at that time. The Aztecs used Hematite beads in ceremonial necklaces; they believed that Hematite would give them strength and courage in battle.

Kendra Scott Smoky Quartz Stones

Smoky Quartz, a translucent brown gem, brings you back to yourself, allowing you to concentrate on tackling the challenges in your path with purpose. It is beneficial for decision-making and leadership. It relieves indecision, confusion, and hesitation by opening your mind to new perspectives. Use Smoky Quartz when you need to make choices that will affect your life in a positive way.

Thrown into the mix of today’s craziness, it helps restore calmness while promoting clarity of thought. Its energy works to dispel worry and doubt while alleviating fearfulness or panic. Its calming, yet stimulating energy helps bring the subconscious into clearer consciousness so that connections are made more easily between intellect and intuition.

Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone for helping you deal with the rough patches encountered in daily life. It helps you get through transitions without being too daunted or overwhelmed by them.

  • Kendra Scott Smoky Quartz is made from brown quartz, which has the ability to bring you back to your center and remind you of what’s important.
  • They will help you get in touch with your inner strength and become more confident in yourself and your abilities.
  • They will boost your self-esteem and help you be more fearless.
  • The Smoky Quartz is a brown gemstone that comes in a variety of shades.
  • They come in a transparent form or translucent form, where light can easily pass through them like glass.
  • These gems can be found all over the world such as Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Africa. They are typically used for jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets because of their lovely color and unique beauty.

It also gives you the patience and endurance needed to work through current situations that require lots of remedial effort before reaching a desirable goal.

Kendra Scott Obsidian Stones

Obsidian is a stone of protection. It is excellent to use when you need to shield yourself from negativity, whether emotional or psychic. The strong grounding energy of obsidian will help to stabilize and protect you from the influences of others.

This stone provides clarity and focus, allowing for easier decision-making and problem-solving. It also gives courage and strength, allowing you to overcome and to move past any obstacles in your path.

The most popular use for this stone is in jewelry. It’s often worn to attract love or to improve self-esteem. The stone is associated with the root chakra and encourages you to be true to yourself while helping you get rid of negative energy.

Obsidian helps to release old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve while helping to reduce stress and tension that may be holding you back from your goals.

  • It can help you get past bad relationships and find the courage to find new ones.
  • This stone will also protect you from harm or negative outside forces while bringing about self-realization and inner strength.
  • It’s associated with the goddess Hecate, who was known for her protective powers and magic arts.
  • The color black represents rebirth and transformation, which makes it a great stone for those going through something difficult.
  • Kendra Scott Obsidian is a powerful crystal that has a wonderful ability to restore emotional balance and promote self-confidence.
  • This stone has a strong grounding effect that can stabilize your energy and remove negativity from your life.
  • The protective powers of this crystal make it a great choice for those who are sensitive to the world around them, as well as those who find themselves constantly drained by negative people or situations.
  • Additionally, the energy of this stone provides relief from stress and anxiety caused by conflict or miscommunication.
  • Kendra Scott Obsidian can be used to help you see things more clearly so that you may better understand yourself and the world around you.
  • This stone also has a protective effect that can shield your thoughts against outside influences or psychic manipulation.
  • Lastly, Kendra Scott Obsidian can be used to enhance your memory and improve concentration, which makes it a great addition to any study space or workspace.

Obsidian is a very powerful stone. It’s protective, grounding, and healing on many levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It can also help with self-confidence or self-esteem issues, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. When it comes time for an emotional cleanse, let black Obsidian repel negativity and protect your headspace.

Kendra Scott Amethyst Stones

Amethyst is a purple stone that has been used for thousands of years to amplify your body’s positive energy and magnify your personal power. This gemstone also enhances intuition and spiritual connection, so you can easily tap into your heart and mind’s wisdom.

HISTORY OF AMETHYST Amethyst has been used since ancient times for its healing properties and mystical powers. The ancient Greeks wore it as jewelry because they believed it would keep them safe from drunkenness. During medieval times, doctors prescribed it to people who suffered from insomnia because they believed it would relieve stress and anxiety.

The purple color of this crystal has long been associated with royalty and spirituality. Amethyst stones are commonly used in meditation, as they help to reduce stress and anxiety. Amethyst is also believed to heighten psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

  • Amethyst is the best-known purple gemstone in the world.
  • It’s also known as “the stone of spirituality” because it amplifies your intentions so you can easily connect to your heart and mind.
  • Amethyst gets its name from the Greek word Amethustos, which means “not drunk.”
  • Many people believe that wearing an Amethyst keeps you sober or clear-headed, but this belief is probably just a myth.
  • If anything, Amethyst might do the opposite by increasing your sensitivity to alcohol if you’re prone to overindulge.
  • The ancient Egyptians even used Amethyst for medicinal purposes.
  • They ground up small pieces of the stone and mixed them with beer to create an elixir that was thought to cure hemorrhoids.

Kendra Scott Amethyst is the stone of sobriety and honesty. It can help you stay grounded when your emotions threaten to overwhelm you. The stone’s properties work in harmony with the body, helping to reduce stress and anxiety while encouraging a positive outlook.

Classified as an exotic stone, Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family and may be purple, brown, or clear. Regardless of color, all Amethysts have a beautiful sheen that’s caused by inclusions of tiny air bubbles within the crystal. Many people believe that these tiny air pockets imbue the gem with its wonderful healing properties.

Kendra Scott Lapis Stones

Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone of truth and friendship and is also known as the “Horoscope Stone” because it can be used to tell the future. It is said to enhance psychic abilities, intuition, and mental clarity.

Blue Lapis Lazuli is said to help gently ease you into a meditative state. It can also help with gentle communication, especially when speaking about sensitive matters.

The name “Lapis” comes from the Latin word meaning “stone.” The word “Lazuli” means blue in Persian. The stone has been prized for thousands of years for its intense color. Blue Lapis Lazuli is said to encourage fidelity in marriage or committed relationships by encouraging honesty between partners. It can also promote fidelity in business relationships.

  • Lapis Lazuli encourages self-expression and creativity by helping you understand yourself better.
  • The stone can be used during meditation to reveal insights into your own behavior patterns and to stimulate your natural intuition.
  • Lapis is said to protect against psychic attacks or negative energy directed toward you, as well as physical harm.
  • Lapis has what is called piezoelectric properties, which means that it emits tiny amounts of electricity when pressure is applied.
  • When worn as jewelry, Lapis’ subtle energy gives off a gentle vibration that can help you tap into your own inner voice.
  • This vibration helps you attract positive energy, ideas, and opportunities without fear or limits so you can live your life freely.
  • This energy can also help to clear away any past emotional blocks so that you can move forward in life with confidence, joy, and passion!
  • By releasing negative thoughts and feelings, Lapis will bring spiritual healing into your life by helping you experience more love, happiness, compassion, self-confidence, and motivation.

Kendra Scott Lapis is a beautiful stone that has the power to help you find your truth. Lapis is best known for its ability to enhance your intuition and imagination allowing you to connect more clearly with your truest self. It will help you to see the bigger picture of life’s challenges and offer solutions to any problems you may be facing. By wearing this stone, you will feel more confident in taking risks and making decisions about your future.

In summary, brass features heavily as the primary material in most of Kendra Scott’s jewelry however they provide a vast array of different products that are made from a variety of materials including, silver, 14K gold fill and rose gold fill, semi-precious gems including amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, citrine quartz, garnet, onyx opal, pearls, and black onyx. Each piece can be made from a combination of these materials.

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