What Jeans Do Cowboys Wear? (What Cut of Jeans Do Cowboys Wear?)

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What Jeans Do Cowboys Wear?

In the past cowboys have worn Wranglers and Levi’s, but today most cowboys wear Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans. Why do they call them “Cowboy Cut?” It is because the jeans are made in a way that makes them good to use while riding a horse.

There are other types of jeans that cowboys wear too. Some like to wear Carhartt jeans which are well known for being tough and durable. Others like to wear True Religion Jeans, which are expensive designer jeans that have become more popular with cowboys as time has gone by.

The cowboy image is not just a Western image but an American image. The cowboy and cowgirl are symbols of freedom, independence, hard work, and self-reliance. They represent a life that’s simple yet rewarding: loyalty, honor, and integrity. Cowboys love their families, pets, and homes — and their jobs! Their lives revolve around the stock market, cattle drives, rodeos, and other opportunities for adventure in the great outdoors.

  1. A Wrangler is still a favorite among cowboys today! With its classic fit, deep pockets, and extra room in the seat and legs for riding a horse or roping cattle; it’s easy to see why this brand has been around since 1889!
  2. Today’s fashionable cowgirl prefers straight-leg jeans. This classic style emphasizes her natural beauty and gives her more room to move around during barrel racing competitions or rope tying practices on Saturday mornings.
  3. A classic pair of Levi’s comes in handy on an everyday basis because they’re durable enough to wear while working cattle or horses but stylish enough to wear into town for supper with your friends.

What Cut of Jeans Do Cowboys Wear?

If you’ve ever watched a cowboy movie, you’ll be familiar with the classic style of the jeans they wear. Wide-legged and voluminous around the ankle, without breaking into huge ballooning flares. This is known as “cowboy cut” and it is the most flattering cut for men who want to hide their thighs or calves.

The fit of these jeans also makes them a great choice for cowboy boots, which can be a little bulkier than other footwear. They don’t bunch up or look weird when you’re wearing them with boots either. The fit of these jeans is so popular among cowboys that they have become synonymous with the term ‘cowboy cut’.

What Are Cowboy Jeans?

A cowboy-cut jean is not just any old pair of jeans. You can’t simply throw on any old pair of jeans and expect to pass for a cowboy. Cowboy cut is the style of jeans that cowboys wear.

  1. These jeans are designed with a roomy seat, loose thighs, and generous hems, which are all features needed for riding a horse for long hours each day.
  2. A good pair of cowboy cut jeans will be made from heavy-duty denim and will be very durable, able to withstand the wear and tear of the saddle as well as the elements.
  3. The most important feature of these jeans is that they are comfortable for horseback riders to wear for long periods of time. Cowboys often sit on their horses for hours at a time, so finding a comfortable pair of pants is important.


Do Real Cowboys Wear Levis?

Many of the cowboy cut jeans that were once produced are no longer on the market. Levi’s 544 and 505 were two of the original styles that helped create the look of the American West. Though Levi’s no longer makes 501 jeans (they’ve switched to a different fit), they still make 547 and 559 jeans, which are also considered cowboy cut. The 547 has a wider leg opening than a 501, while the 559 is straight-leg jeans.


Levi's Men's Western Fit Jeans, On That mountain-Stretch, 36W X 30L


Do Real Cowboys Wear Wranglers?

Wrangler Men’s Cowboy Cut Jeans are a classic example of cowboy cut jeans. They feature a roomy seat, loose thigh, and generous hem. These jeans were designed specifically with horseback riding in mind, and provide plenty of room for sitting comfortably on a horse all day long.


Wrangler Men's 0936 Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean, Prewashed Indigo, 32W x 32L


The material is heavy-duty denim which is both rugged and comfortable. They come in black denim as well as several lighter shades such as light blue and light honey brown. These jeans are very popular with cowboys who enjoy trail riding or camping trips.

Why Do Cowboys Wear Stiff Jeans?

The work of a cowboy is tough and dirty. Mustering cattle or horses in dusty conditions, sometimes rain & mud, wind, and all sorts of harsh conditions. The point is their jeans are going to get very, very dirty and they could be on the trail for weeks on end and it’s not like they can carry a suitcase with plenty of change of clothes. So they’re in the same dirty clothes until the job is done.

That’s where stiff jeans come in. You see, cowboys deliberately starch their jeans to make them stiff and that makes it harder for dirt and mud to stick to them. In fact, the mud when it dries out will just break up and slide right off.

In addition to making their pants more comfortable to wear by keeping them stiffer and preventing ‘sagging’, this method of starching also allows the wearer to put their pants on wet without fear that their legs will freeze during cold weather because there’s no fabric close enough to your skin to draw heat away from your body. As we all know, water conducts heat so if you’re wearing stiff jeans, water won’t be able to penetrate deep enough.


In summary, whether you’re dressing for a rodeo or for a day in the saddle, Jeans are an obvious choice for their comfort and durability. But are jeans appropriate for every occasion? The answer is yes, but if you want to look at home on the ranch, there are some things to think about when selecting your jeans wardrobe.

  1. Tuck in your shirt: If you wear your jeans with a tucked-in shirt, avoid wearing a belt. The belt buckle will stick out from under your shirt and look awkward. Instead of a belt, add a little flair with a colorful leather thong or woven bolo tie.
  2. Add boots: There is no substitute for cowboy boots when it comes to looking like a real cowboy! Boots help protect your feet from the rough terrain of the range and prevent injury to your ankles by adding support to your footwork.
  3. Pull off the hat: Wearing jeans without a hat or other head covering may invite unwanted attention from horseflies early in the morning or late in the afternoon when they’re especially hungry. Wearing a hat also helps shield your face from the wind while you’re riding so that you don’t have to squint into the sun! Just make sure that it’s not too big—a Stetson.

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