What Is the Purpose of Bowling Shoes? (Why Bowling Shoes Are Necessary)

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What Is the Purpose of Bowling Shoes?

Bowling shoes are shoes that are specifically designed for bowling. They are often a hybrid between regular sports shoes and dedicated bowling shoes; the soles of a bowling shoe have one sole that is designed to slide easily over the lane but have a heel designed to provide traction. Some shoes have a sole that provides an equal amount of traction for both sliding and braking on the lane.

There are two different types of bowling shoes: rental and performance. Rental shoes tend to be hybrids, while performance shoes tend to be more specialized, with one type of shoe being used for sliding, and another type being used for breaking.

Additionally, some bowling alleys require bowlers to wear bowling-specific shoes when they are on the lanes, while others don’t care what type of footwear is worn

The main purpose of bowling shoes is to provide a better slide when you’re delivering the ball

Bowling shoes have a smooth sole on one shoe and a sole with ridges or “teeth” on the other shoe. The smooth-soled shoe is worn on the foot opposite your throwing hand (i.e., if you’re right-handed, the left foot).

This allows you to slide as you release the ball so that you don’t fall over and so that your body doesn’t move too far forward after releasing the ball, which would affect your aim. The other shoe has ridged soles so that you can stop yourself as you approach the foul line.

Bowling shoes are designed to have little or no traction on the sole so that a bowler can slide into the foul line with less risk of injury.

For a right-handed bowler, this means that the left shoe will have a sliding sole (usually made of leather), and the right shoe will have a “brake” sole (usually made of rubber). This allows the bowler to slide with their left foot while preventing their right foot from slipping as they push off.

You can rent shoes at any bowling alley, but serious bowlers will buy their own. Many stores sell bowling shoes specifically designed for each foot — as described above, you’ll want one shoe with a sliding sole and one with a brake sole.

6 Reasons Why Bowling Shoes Are Necessary

Most bowlers don’t know that bowling shoes are actually more than just a fashion statement. In fact, wearing the right bowling shoes is critical to your performance as well as your overall enjoyment of the game.

Bowling shoes have a lot of unique features that make them much different from everyday sneakers and athletic shoes. Here are 5 reasons why bowling shoes are necessary for you to have in order to perform at your best on the lanes:

1. Bowling shoes are designed to slide easily on any lane surface

Unlike most athletic shoes that grip the surface where you walk or run, bowling shoes are designed to easily slide across any type of lane surface. This slide is critical because it allows you to control your movement down the approach and follow through smoothly after releasing the ball.


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2. Bowling shoes help you avoid injury

The only reason that bowling shoes are required is that they provide traction while bowling, and they help prevent slips, falls, and other types of injuries that can happen on the lanes.

Bowling shoes are made with a special rubber sole that provides the right amount of traction needed to bowl without slipping but doesn’t cause you to stick so much that you can’t slide properly. Slipping causes falls and accidents, which can result in broken bones, pulled muscles, and even worse injuries if you fall into another bowler or onto the pinsetter.

3. You’ll bowl better

Most bowling alleys have a house ball, but you should use a ball that fits your hand and skill level. Similarly, most alleys have house shoes for sale or rent, but getting your own pair of shoes allows you to find a shoe that’s right for you.


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Bowling shoes don’t have the same grip as athletic shoes designed for other sports. Sliding your foot during delivery reduces friction, allowing you to hit the pocket more often. This is one reason that professional bowlers all wear bowling shoes — it allows them to slide consistently and accurately.

Bowling without the proper shoe can sometimes lead to an inconsistent slide and result in poor shots. In addition, most bowling centers won’t allow you to bowl without proper footwear because of the risk of injury.

4. You’ll protect the lanes

The soles of bowling shoes vary based on whether they’re designed for left-handers or right-handers because they’re designed to slide only in one direction. Wearing the wrong kind of shoe causes friction against the lane, which can cause damage to the wood over time.

5. You’ll protect your feet

Bowling alleys have special floors that make it easy for people to slide while they’re bowling, but they’re not soft. If you bowl without the right shoes, you could end up with blisters or abrasions from the friction between your sneakers and the floor.


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6. They’re comfortable

Bowling shoes are designed to be worn while doing one thing: bowling. They’re made with comfort in mind, and they’re specifically designed with the sliding motion in mind so they can give you that smooth slide every time.

That means they’re not only comfortable while wearing them, but they also reduce foot fatigue and help prevent blisters that might occur if you bowl in regular sneakers or even barefoot. The wrong kind of shoe could cause irritation on your toes, which can quickly turn a fun night into an uncomfortable one

In summary, bowling shoes have a slippery sole on one shoe, and a grippy sole on the other. This allows you to slide when needed and grip when needed. When you throw the ball, you need to slide because of the friction involved with throwing the ball. When you are done with your turn, you need a shoe that grips so that you don’t slip and fall down.

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