The Best Chair For Sciatica – Office, Camping & Massage Chairs

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If you are trying to find the best chair for sciatica then we have researched Amazon for customer reviews that specifically mention how the following chairs helped with their sciatica.

Below you will find the best camping chair for sciatica, the best office chairs for sciatica, and the best zero gravity massage chair for sciatic nerve pain.

Best chairs for sciatica

The Best High Back Office Chair For Sciatica

The Basics High-Back Executive Office Chair looks great in any home, office, or studio. The chair comes with sturdy construction and quality materials, making it a long-lasting investment.

The padded seat and back offer all-day comfort and support, while the pneumatic seat-height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, and smooth casters make it easy to move the chair right where you need it…


Amazon Basics High-Back Executive, Swivel, Adjustable Office Desk Chair with Casters



AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair - Brown with Pewter Finish, BIFMA Certified
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How Effective Is This Office Chair For Back & Sciatica Pain?


This chair has made such a difference – I am able to sit comfortably for several hours and can focus on my work. I highly recommend this chair to anyone who suffers from sciatic pain and has to sit for long periods of time.


Here are what reviewers had to say:

  • Great for people with sciatic nerve pain like me. Well worth the money.
  • Think of it as an investment in any future back or sciatic nerve pain you can avoid.
  • After years of struggling with lower back pain, I finally found this chair.
  • This is seriously super comfortable and supports my lower back very well.
  • It has provided continuous comfort for my back and my productivity has increased since switching to this chair.
  • I’ve been sitting in it for two weeks and noticed the sciatic pain has lessened considerably. 
  • Best chair I’ve ever used. I’ve been dealing with back pain at my desk job. For the price, it’s an incredible chair.
  • So far, it has provided continuous comfort for my back and my productivity has increased since switching to this chair.
  • This is a very beautiful and comfortable chair for the price point. I suffer from sciatica and have noticed a big improvement.
  • Other chairs often give me lower back pain but the design of this chair really provides additional support for your back.
  • Extremely comfortable. Really supports your lower back for those with back pain, this is your chair!!

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The Best Office Low Back Chair For Sciatica

The Porthos Home Dove Office Chair is the highest rated office chair that has reviewers specifically stating how it really helps with sciatica pain.

Many others who have other back problems expressed their appreciation for how this office chair helped with their situation as well.



Porthos Home Dove Office Chairs in Mid-Century Modern Design with Leather Upholstery, Wooden Accents, Stainless Steel Legs, Roller Wheels & Adjustable Height, White
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How Effective Is This Office Chair For Back & Sciatica Pain?


It is great for my back as well. The support hits right at my lower back and really helps with my sciatica pain.


Here are what reviewers had to say:

  • I would definitely recommend this chair if you have back problems.
  • This chair supports your back and curves up enough on the sides that you feel secure in it.
  • This chair is perfect in the middle of my back to get a good stretch.
  • The quality is great and the support is even better. Initially, I had some doubts about the back support but it’s really comfortable and firm.
  • I was nervous about the low back, but it gives great lower back support.
  • Also, the wide seat with the upwardly curved sides feels very comfortable and supportive.
  • Super comfortable, good back support and posture support. 
  • I have disc problems in my lower back and I have to sit straight or I risk back pain. This chair allows me to sit in the perfect position with padded support on my lower back that feels wonderful. Seriously, I cannot believe how comfortable this chair is for my body.

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The Best Camping Chair For Sciatica

If you like camping or need a chair for watching your kid’s sports from the sideline then VictoryStore Outdoor Camping Chair was clearly the best camping chair for sciatica.



VictoryStore Outdoor Camping Chair - Custom Last Name Folding Chair- Black Camping Chair with Carry Bag (1)
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How Effective Is This Camping Chair For Back & Sciatica Pain?


The Camping Chair with custom design is the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure. Whether you’re spending your time in the great outdoors, camping or tailgating, you will love the convenience this product provides.


Here are what reviewers had to say:

  • This chair is a game-changer as I suffer from sciatica and arthritis in my lower back and hips, so it is very difficult for me to sit at my grandsons’ baseball games.
  • This chair is a blessing. It is easy to carry, easy to set up and take down.
  • Very well made, comfortable and sturdy.
  • I wish I had gotten it a long time ago.

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The Best Reclining Chair For Sciatica

This is a much more expensive option however if you suffer from back, neck, shoulder, and sciatic pain then the pain relief customers a reporting is well worth the price.

This is the best recliner for sciatica and it is a zero-gravity recliner with full body massage capabilities.



Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat Therapy Warm Massaging Rollers Air Pressure Massage L-Track Stretch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker USB Charger PS4 (Pink)
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How Effective Is This Reclining Chair For Back & Sciatica Pain?


Lose yourself in a relaxing massage experience with this zero gravity recliner. The upper and lower lumbar rollers target the lower back, relieving discomfort from extended sitting or travel.


Here are what reviewers had to say:

  • I have 4 herniated lumbar discs and suffer from sciatica.., well drum roll.., my pain is gone!!!
  • I do 2 sessions on the program setting, except I recline to the maximum level, which is zero gravity!!!
  • The first couple of days I was sore from the massage but after that… BLISS! No more pain… just healing!!! Great product!
  • It looks beautiful in my house and most importantly my back feels so much better.
  • Both Hubby and I have had numerous chiropractic visits for lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. After only 2 days of using this chair, both of us have had incredible improvement in flexibility and pain relief.

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In summary. the first two office chairs for sciatica is really just a matter of preference. Do you prefer high back or low back office chairs?

The high back office chair and first on our list is actually an Amazon choice product with a lot of sales. However, the low back office chair has a higher 5-star rating percentage and positive reviews.

The camping chair for sciatica has 100% of current reviewers rating it 5 out of 5-stars and is a no-brainer as our best choice for an affordable chair for sciatica.

You may also be interested in an Executive Office Chair With Footrest or our best chairs for around the fire pit –  the chair featured in this article is reported to be very comfortable.

Finally, the recliner is clearly a great choice as the best chair for sciatica however it also comes with a hefty price tag.

If you can afford it and if you have space for it then the recliner chair would be one of the best luxury items you can buy for your sciatica problems.

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