What Is Period Underwear? (Does Period Underwear Really Work?)

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What Is Period Underwear?

The purpose of these period panties is to allow women to continue with daily activities without having to worry about leaks or odors associated with traditional feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons. The absorbent lining prevents menstrual fluids from leaking outside of the panties at any time during the day or night.

Period underwear is a feminine hygiene product that absorbs menstrual blood to help prevent leaks. The underwear is made of soft, breathable material and is worn by women who experience light to moderate flow. It pairs well with pads or panty liners to provide extra protection.

Period underwear is designed to be worn in place of or in combination with traditional menstrual pads, tampons, and other feminine hygiene products. They have a waterproof outer layer and soft absorbent padding inside which is held in place by a discreet comfortable waistband. The padding can be removed and washed with the rest of your laundry (although some brands recommend hand-washing).

Period underwear was developed as an alternative to traditional sanitary products for anyone who is uncomfortable using traditional feminine hygiene products. They provide a lot more coverage than tampons and pads, so may be useful for women with heavy periods, who want protection while swimming or exercising, or who need protection from leaks due to bladder weakness or bowel leakage.

They may also be useful for people with skin sensitivities or allergies to the ingredients in traditional feminine hygiene products.

How long can you wear period underwear? Is it safe to wear period underwear all day? Can you swim in period underwear? What is period underwear made of? Plus, let’s talk about the most common questions people have about this new technology…

How Do Period Absorbing Underwear Work?

There are two types of period underwear – reusable and disposable. Reusable period underwear is made with fabric that contains an absorbent material that soaks up the liquid, while disposable period underwear contains an absorbent lining.


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How Do Reusable Period Underwear Work?

Reusable period underwear works by absorbing blood using an absorbent material. This can be made using different materials, including rayon, viscose, cotton, bamboo, and hemp. These materials are designed to pull moisture away from the body, drying quickly and allowing for the underwear to be worn for longer periods of time before washing.

How Do Disposable Period Underwear Work?

Disposable period underwear work in a similar way to sanitary napkins or tampons by absorbing blood flow from your girly bits. However, unlike these products, they are worn internally and then lifted out of the body when full in order to be disposed of in a bin or toilet.

All period underwear works in basically the same way; they’re designed with special technology that allows them to absorb liquid quickly and efficiently.

Does Period Underwear Really Work?

Period underwear is not a new concept. In fact, it’s existed for decades. But now that we’re living in a world where we teach our daughters to value and appreciate their periods, it’s time we revisited this option.

Tampons and pads are the go-to products for menstruators, but they are far from perfect. Pads often cause redness and irritation due to the chemicals used in production; tampons come with the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and its potentially fatal complications.

Period underwear is an alternative that allows you to feel comfortable and confident on your period without sacrificing comfort or peace of mind.

Does Period Underwear Really Work? The answer is yes! For some people, it is the only period product that works well for them. You can wear it during your heaviest flow day or lightest flow day. It doesn’t leak, stain or cause irritation even when worn overnight.

With period underwear, there are no more leaks, stains, and messes. Period underwear has an inbuilt pad that absorbs all the liquid from your private parts making you feel comfortable throughout your period days. This helps you maintain hygiene and control odor effectively.

Whether you are staying home alone or going out with your friends, this product will never let you feel uncomfortable about leaks or stains on your clothes because it does not have a chance to happen.

Period underwear is comfortable to wear as it has an elastic waistband that fits perfectly around your waist comfortably without pinching or wearing out after long hours of wear like other conventional products do.

Can You Wear Period Underwear All Day?

Yes, it can be worn all day. Period underwear is designed to replace your regular pairs and has three levels of absorbency (light, moderate, and heavy) that are designed for 8 hours of wear.

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Is Period Underwear Good for Heavy Periods?

The heavier the flow, the more absorbency you’ll need. For example, if you’re on your heaviest day you’d choose the heavy absorbency level and if you’re on your lightest day, opt for the light level. The moderate level is suitable for any day in-between.

When you’re shopping for period underwear, think about what kinds of activities you’ll be doing while wearing them – will they have enough absorbency? If you’re going to be sitting at work, think about how heavy or light your flow is that day.

If you have a light to moderate flow on your heaviest days – which most people do – then you would want to go with the heavy absorbent level when choosing period underwear. On lighter days, pick a pair from the moderate or light absorbent level ranges depending on how much protection you need – this will vary from person to person.

If in doubt pack an extra pair in your handbag as a backup.

Can You Wear Period Underwear While Swimming?

Wearing period underwear while swimming will not keep your pads or tampon protected from leaks. Tampons and pads are not waterproof so when you get into the water, they both absorb water and become completely saturated. After that, there’s no way to protect them from leaking. Also, the water in swimming pools is chlorinated, which is not ideal for feminine hygiene products.

So if you’re looking for a solution to prevent period leaks while swimming, period swimwear is the best option for you.


Period Swimwear - Black Menstrual Leakproof Bikini Bottom - High Waisted Swim Bottoms for Teens, Girls, Women - Small


These black menstrual swimwear bottoms are designed to help women during their periods. They have a leakproof lining, so you can wear them during swimming and other physical activities. These are essential for any girl who needs to feel comfortable during her periods and doesn’t want to worry about accidents. They come in S, M, L, XL sizes and several different colors.

These swim bottoms are the perfect way for women to enjoy the water without worrying about getting in trouble with friends or family.

They’re also ideal for spotting, discharge, light bladder leaks, good for postpartum, and even as elegant adult swim diapers. The material is suitable for all body types including petite frames. You can also wear them alone on light-medium days or as an extra layer of protection during heavy cycle days.

Thanks to the leakproof lining, you can wear them during swimming and other physical activities without worrying about leaks or accidents. The fabric is made from high-quality material that stretches well and does not shrink after washing. It is also very comfortable to wear and feels soft against your skin.

Is Period Underwear Reusable?

Period underwear can be reused for years, but it’s important to take proper care of your reusable period panties. Wash them properly and you’ll have a long-lasting pair of underwear.


Bambody Absorbent Panty: Period Panties/Maternity & Postpartum Underwear (Medium, 3 x Black)


How To Wash Reusable Period Panties

You can hand-wash reusable period panties in your sink or use a washing machine on the gentle cycle.

Toss the underwear into a delicates bag (if you’re using a washing machine) and wash them with cold water on the gentle cycle. For extra cleaning power, add a capful of detergent or a natural soap bar (like Dr. Bronner’s) to the wash. Rinse thoroughly, then hang to dry.

Again, make sure you’re washing this delicate item on your gentlest cycle and inside a delicates bag so nothing gets snagged or damaged.

Is Depends Underwear Good for Periods?

The answer is- YES, it is. It is made for women who experience heavy menstrual flow. With its absorption power, it can keep you dry and clean for 8 hours. The pad is designed in such a way that it prevents leakage.

The inner layer of the pad is made of soft material which makes it comfortable to wear. It comes in different sizes which means the user can choose whatever size fits her body perfectly.

It has an odor-lock system that neutralizes the smell and keeps the area dry. It also prevents bacteria from spreading into sensitive areas. It’s an ideal product for women who need protection during bedtime as well, like when they have a night shift or when they’re pregnant.

Is Depends Underwear Good for Periods?

  1. It prevents leaks – With this underwear, you do not have to worry about leaks. The company has made sure that the material used to make them is very comfortable and soft to prevent irritation during your periods. It will help you feel fresh and clean throughout your period days and you can go out for long hours without worrying about stains in your clothes.
  2. They are fitted with pads that can be easily removed when required – This underwear also comes with removable pads which are changeable when required. This helps you save on time since you do not need to buy new ones when it is already full, but just remove the old one and put a new one in their place.

Depends are a fantastic product for women who need to feel secure about their protection during menstruation. The product is comfortable and discreet so you can go about your daily activities without having to worry about leaks or feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your underwear.

Can You Wear Period Underwear Without a Pad?

If you’re looking for a way to make your periods more comfortable, how about switching to cloth menstrual underwear? Instead of using disposable menstrual pads, you can wear panties with a built-in pad that’s made of natural fibers.

Tampons and pads are convenient but they can be expensive. They also contain chemicals that are not good for your body. Cloth menstrual underwear is an affordable alternative, and it’s also eco-friendly.

There are different types of period underwear: underwear designed to be worn on its own or with a liner, underwear designed to replace pads and tampons, and underwear designed for overnight use. Some women prefer to wear period panties with a liner on heavy flow days and then use them by themselves on lighter days.

Can you wear period underwear without a pad? The answer is yes! Most brands include absorbent inserts in their clothing but you can remove them if you want to go panty-free during your period. 

Period underwear protects your clothes from blood and stains. If you feel self-conscious about staining your clothes or simply don’t want to deal with constantly changing out pads or tampons every few hours, period underwear might be a good option.

Comfort: Period underwear offers comfort when you’re on your period because it absorbs blood rather than collecting it in one area as pads do.

Can You Use Bladder Underwear for Periods?

Women who experience light menstrual flow may find that using bladder underwear with pads provides them with enough protection during their cycle. However, there are other ways you can use your Tena Lady pads during your period. If you want to experience less leakage and odor, simply remove the pad and place it inside your panties or panty liner!


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Bladder underwear can be an excellent option if you are looking for something that holds in your flow without having to deal with pads or tampons. These pieces of underwear have an opening that allows you to empty into a toilet or sink. You could also choose to use these underpants as a backup system with tampons or pads on heavier days.

Can You Use Incontinence Underwear for Periods?

You CAN use incontinence underwear for your periods. Absolutely! There are no problems at all with wearing them in combination with tampons or pads. In fact, many women prefer to wear incontinence underwear with pads or tampons because they feel more secure and confident when wearing them.

However, you should try a pair of comfortable and absorbent incontinence underwear that’s been specially designed for periods. These underwear have special features that make them ideal for menstruation:

Absorbency: Incontinence underwear for periods is more absorbent than typical incontinence briefs. This means you’ll need to change them less frequently. If you’re wearing them at night, some of the best models will even eliminate the need to get up during the night to change your pad.

Can You Use Period Underwear Postpartum?

Period Underwear is designed specifically for postpartum bleeding. They are designed to absorb more menstrual blood than regular underwear or tampons, and they are leak-resistant which prevents leaking through clothing. Period underwear can be used right after giving birth and can help with postpartum bleeding that may last up to 6 weeks or even longer after giving birth.

The answer is yes, you can use period underwear postpartum. However, it’s important to know that some postpartum women might not be able to use period underwear.

Tearing during childbirth is also common. Such injuries could affect the body’s ability to produce a regular menstrual cycle. It’s advisable for postpartum women to check with their doctors first before using period underwear for their periods after childbirth.

In summary, Many girls and women live in fear of their periods every month. Avoiding exercise, stress and even public washrooms are all common responses to period cramps and the unpleasant leakage that often accompanies this monthly occurrence. Period Underwear aims to conclusively end this discomfort for women and girls everywhere by designing underwear that fits into a woman’s lifestyle, instead of having her adapt to its demands.

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