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What Is Brain Training Your Dog? (Fun Ways To Train Your Dog)

The brain training dog training course is a new method of dog training that uses your dog’s natural instincts to solve the problems that cause bad behavior.

Followers of this method believe that it is more effective than the traditional methods of dog training.

The Brain Training For Dog’s course is fun and has a variety of mental activities to keep your dog entertained. It is a perfect training routine for any dog owner who has a busy schedule.

The course provides step-by-step instructions and a wide variety of training aids to make it easier for you to train your dog.

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Does Brain Training For Dog’s Work?

The brain training your dog course by Adrienne Farricelli works because it’s based on science and has been proven to work by thousands of people like you.

What Science?

Brain Training uses new research coming out of the fields of canine cognitive science, cognitive psychology, brain anatomy, and neurology to help you understand the mental mechanisms behind behavior problems, as well as the path to a happier, healthier dog.


The good news is that this program helps you by addressing your dog’s problem behavior at its root cause, and helps you to build a positive and loving relationship for both of you.

The course isn’t just a bunch of videos that anyone can do. The course is a step-by-step guide to train your dog in minutes a day.

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Better Than The Old Fashioned Way

No one could train dogs like my mother. It is hard to put into words but when my mother spoke to our dogs she had that authoritative, stern, almost cranky voice.

It was a tone that clearly portrayed you better listen to me or else. And let me tell you if they didn’t listen there was an or else.

She would have dogs house trained within one day in most cases. If the dog did a wee on the floor she would grab the dog, rub its nose in it while being cranky with it, gave it a spank or two at the same time, and then took it to the front door, grabbed its paw to show it how to scratch the door, and then threw it outside (in a gentle fashion)

I guarantee you that within hours every single dog we ever had was whimpering and running in circles and standing on their back legs at the front door pleading to go out for a wee.

We had a lot of dogs over the years and they all received the same treatment.

We had a kitchen and living area that was only divided by an archway. The dog was only allowed to lay on the mat in the kitchen and was forbidden to enter the living area.

All of our dogs over the years experienced this and they would lay there and gradually creep their paws over onto the carpet of the living area only to be greeted by a stare or the voice of my mother and they would quickly move back into the kitchen area.

The only time they were allowed to cross that line was when they had to go to the toilet by running and scratching on the front door.

All of these dogs were quickly trained and well-controlled by my mother.

However, if mum was out and only us kids and my dad was at home the dogs would not stay in the kitchen area and would run all around the living area, jump on sofas, etc.

As soon as they heard my mother they would zoom back and sit on the mat in the kitchen. We didn’t have the same control my mum had.

While my mother’s way worked and was quick and effective it certainly is frowned upon these days and it only worked for her.

This is where the brain training your dog course program comes in and why it is so good. It gives the rest of us mere mortals that don’t have the sternness of my mother, or who feel her ways were a little cruel, to train our dogs with positive reinforcement.

I must say my mother also used treats to train the dogs and taught them plenty of tricks as well so she used reinforcement also (but probably lent more to the enforcement side)

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Is Your Dog Not Listening To You?

Some dogs are incredibly clever, while others can be a challenge to train.  Dogs that are hard to train may have a stubborn streak or simply be less intelligent than other breeds of dogs, but it can be difficult to know exactly what is the cause of the behavior.

One thing you should know is that, while you may think your dog is not listening to your commands, it probably is. Most dogs understand what you’re saying, but they are often ignoring you on purpose.

Dogs need to be trained, just like a child or a human does. When they don’t get their commands right they become confused, so they give up trying.

This is why the Brain Training Your Dog program is so exciting. It is a dog training system that uses games, tricks, and treats to teach your dog simple lessons about how to communicate with you.

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The Secret Is In Engaging Your Dog Mentally

If you’ve ever had a dog, you probably know that they have a very short attention span, and can be very easily distracted. This can make it difficult to teach them new tricks or to train them to perform certain behaviors.

But did you know that you can actually train your dog to focus on a task or trick using their brain? By engaging your dog’s brain, they’ll learn much faster, and it’ll be easier for you to teach them things.

Opening your dog’s mind to an entirely new world of games, tricks and techniques is easier than you might think.

Brain Training Your Dog features proven methods and tricks that will not only change the way that you and your dog interact but make training easy, fun, and meaningful for both of you.

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Develop Your Dogs Hidden Intelligence

We all know that dogs are smart creatures and that they learn and develop at a remarkable rate.

That’s why it’s so important to use dog-friendly training methods and dog games that will not only keep your dog’s mind active, but that will also strengthen the bond between you.

The fact is, how you treat your dog is a reflection of your relationship. Brain Training Your Dog has put together the best dog training games and activities for you and your dog to enjoy.

The aim is to give you the best dog training games available so that your dog will become a fun and active member of your family.

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Playing Brain Games Is An Excellent Way To Train Your Dog

It’s a known fact that humans need to exercise the brain to keep it healthy and functioning at its best. Studies have shown that one easy way to do that is to play word games, to keep the mind active and engaged.

Now, a new study shows that dogs can benefit from some brain games, too!

When you train your dog, you activate the only part of your dog’s brain that is not hard-wired – the cognitive part.

The more you train your dog, the stronger and faster your dog’s cognitive brain will become.

Studies have also shown that dogs who are routinely exercised are less likely to get bored and engage in destructive behavior.

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Will It Help Eliminate Your Dog’s Bad Behaviour?

The most common question dog owners have is how to eliminate bad behaviors. There are many dog training programs and dog behavior books available on the market today, and all of them make a claim to teach you how to train your dog by being a pack leader.

However, the problem with most dog training methods is that they do not teach you how to communicate with your dog or what to do when your dog misbehaves.

Bad behavior is a problem for dog owners around the world; whether it’s a dog that barks, digs up the garden, jumps up at people, or even worse, bites.

Dog behavior is complicated and the way to solve the problem of bad behavior is by understanding why it is happening.  When you understand why your dog is doing the behavior, you can stop the dog from doing the behavior with the right techniques.

The Brain Training Your Dogs program will show you how to quickly eliminate any behavioral problem… no matter how badly you think it’s ingrained… no matter what kind of dog you have.

The method is based on a simple science called classical conditioning. Even if you’ve tried everything else, this is an approach that will have you saying goodbye to your (dog’s behavioral problem) in just a few days.

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Brain Training For Dog’s Is A Force-Free And Gentle Way To Train Your Dog

Some dog training methods are so harsh they border on abuse. Wire-head collars, choke collars, and physical force are used to teach dogs the basic commands we want them to follow.

But remember, your dog doesn’t speak English, and he doesn’t come from a world where humans can communicate with dogs. It can be hard to understand why a dog that seems to be listening to you isn’t following your directions.

Dog training methods should be based on science. They should take into account the way dogs learn and respond to stimuli. The methods used have to be fair and force-free. Fear, pain, and punishment are not the answer.

Brain Training Your Dogs is a dog training program that reinforces the behaviors you want and limits fearful behaviors in your dog. It teaches you how to train your dog at home with some simple techniques that are designed to reward good behavior and discourage bad behavior.

The lessons in brain training for dogs are good because they are based on actual scientific findings of how dogs learn, but they also factor in the dog’s individual personality and energy level.

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Brain Training Your Dog Is Exciting & Fun

Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training Your Dogs provides an invaluable resource for making sure that dogs of all abilities stay active and engaged.

Through clear instructions and step-by-step illustrations, readers learn how to engage even the most locked-in canine in a variety of activities, from basic training to create their own agility course.

The puzzles also prepare dogs for specific tasks, such as helping their owner with daily chores such as opening cupboards or picking up dropped items.

These activities will also bring into play some of the little-known abilities dogs have — cognitive skills like problem-solving, pattern recognition, self-control, memory, imagination, creativity, and empathy.

Adrienne also shows you how to easily solve common behavior problems, such as unwanted chewing, digging, barking, etc.

Brain Training Your Dog is a process of cueing a behavior and then rewarding it to create new neural connections that strengthen the behavior, making it easier to perform and more reliable.

With lots of ways to get started and advanced tips for challenging your dog, you’ll use exciting playtime to connect with your dog and give them the mental stimulation they need to keep healthy!

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