What is a Steam Mop & Factors to Consider When Buying a Steam Mop

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Cleaning floors is never fun and it can also be bad for your health if you have to resort to harsh chemicals. This is where a steam mop comes in.

What is a steam mop? A steam mop is a home appliance that helps clean floors and carpets without strong chemicals.

What is a steam mop

Unlike their counterpart, a mop that requires detergents and soap, steam mops use heat from the steam to clean, disinfect, and sanitize floors.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Steam Mop

Following are some factors that you should take into consideration when buying a steam mop:

Size and Weight

It is recommended that you look at the weight and dimensions of the steam mop before buying.

Once you have learned about the overall weight and size, think about whether you prefer something portable and lightweight or if you are willing to push around a heavy, large item.

Steam Mop Cost

The price of steam mops varies depending on several factors. Steam mops are generally available at reasonable prices. For an average homeowner, an affordable unit is a recommended choice.

However, it all comes down to your usage frequency. If you plan on using it often, then it is recommended that you invest in a slightly better unit, rather than just going with the most affordable option available.

Water Tank Size

Steam mops continue to operate for as long as there is water in the tank.

For smaller mops, this usually means you will need to refill the water tank more frequently, probably during the cleaning task.

Larger tanks on the other hand, last longer but they also usually take relatively longer to heat up.

So, make a decision according to your preferences and also compare the water tank sizes in different models that you are interested in.

Pressure and Temperature

The pressure level and temperature the steam mop can reach is very important as steam mops with higher temperature and pressure level are more efficient and provide deeper cleaning.

Apart from these factors, consistency is also equally important. If a unit cannot consistently maintain the pressure level and temperature, then it means it isn’t as efficient as you would like.

Steam mops that have higher pressure and temperature usually cost more but if you want deeper cleaning, then the cost will be worth it in the long run.

Noise Level

Steam mops are generally very quiet but certain models can get pretty loud.

If you are concerned about the noise level of your steam mop, then it is recommended that you look for models that advertise being relatively quieter than most others.

You should also read reviews about the unit you want to buy in order to learn what other buyers say about its noise levels.

Recommended Steam Mops

The first on the list is an all in one stream mop which covers most of the steam mop functions such as a handheld steam mop, grout steam mop, laminate steam mop, tile steam mop, and more…

LIGHT 'N' EASY All-In-One Steam Mop with User-friendly Detachable Handheld Unit, All-purpose Laminate/Hardwood/Tile/Grout/Carpet Pet & Child Friendly Floor Steamer, S3601

All in One Steam Mop

What is an all in one steam mop?  This is a combination of a steam mop and a steam cleaner.

The detachable handheld steam cleaner provides the ability for multi-purpose cleaning…

It can be used to clean garments, as a clothes wrinkle remover, upholstery refresher, and for bathroom and kitchen deep cleaning.

The steam mop can clean multiple floor surfaces such as marble, tile, grout, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, and sealed wood flooring.

You can find our recommendation here… Best All In One Steam Mop

BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 vacuum and steam mop for Hardwood and Tile Floors, 4 mop pads included, 1132A

Steam Mop Vacuum Cleaner

What are a steam mop and vacuum cleanerThis combo allows you to save time by vacuuming dirt and steaming floors at the same time.

It comes with easy touch control so you can switch between vacuuming and streaming on the run.

This combo is designed for hard floors such as tile, hardwood, granite, ceramic, marble, etc.

You can find our recommendation here… Best Steam Mop Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Hard Mop, Wood Floor Cleaner and Buffer, Silver Spinwave Cordless

Battery-Powered Steam Mop

What is a battery-powered steam mop?  This unit is cordless and operates on battery power.

The advantage of this mop is the portability and no hassles with cords.

However, another huge advantage is the hard floor spin mop that scrubs the floors for you.

You can find our recommendation here… Best Battery Powered Cordless Steam Mop


Final Word About Steam Mops

Many homeowners manage to make do with a more traditional mop. However, those that do opt for a steam mop are usually quite happy and satisfied.

Steam mop makes cleaning floors much easier and quicker and also allows you to avoid the chemicals that are common to many cleaning supplies.

Furthermore, the level of cleaning is beyond what you will get with many other types of cleaning, particularly just a wet cloth.


Floorcare is Important

We use and misuse the floor in our house in a number of different ways. Some of which are, not cleaning them regularly, rough usage, and improper usage of acids and detergents.

Floors need specific care, and not many people are aware of how to do it. But there are a number of floor care techniques that can be followed for a healthy, long-lasting and durable floor under your feet.

You should be very careful while making a choice of how to clean your floor by being material specific. For instance – if you have marble flooring, the care measures will be completely different, than those of a mosaic floor.

Also if you are not too much into housekeeping, it is recommended that you choose a material that requires minimal care and maintenance.

Floorcare Tips

Following are some floor care tips according to flooring materials that are used for flooring –

  1. Hardwood floors – All you have to do is protect your hardwood from direct sunlight, dents, and hard cleaning detergents. Also, regular dusting is very essential.
  2. Marble – Marble is the most beautiful and rich looking flooring material. Marble can be blackened very quickly, if not taken care of properly. So it is important that the floor is mopped and swept daily with a lightly acidic detergent.
  3. Ceramic tile – Ceramic tile care and maintenance are best done with an electric polisher or scrubber. You can also use washing soda and any low suds detergent with lots of water too.
  4. Mosaic floor – Mosaic flooring is very hard and durable and hence very low maintenance too.
  5. Vinyl – If you have vinyl flooring, you must make sure that you wipe up the spills as quickly as possible. Do not use detergents and highly abrasive scrubs, use polish once in a while.

Take all these care precautions and you will be assured of a long-lasting, durable floor under your feet.

If you have painted floor, make sure you give a fresh coat once in a while, as paint tends to lose color and become dull fast. Also don’t paint your floor in a light color, as stains remain stuck.

There are many floor care products in the market, for specific floor types, go by the words of your reliable friends who have had a good experience with a specific brand.

Microfiber Steam Mops Are Best

When it comes to housekeeping and the constant effort to keep the floor clean it can actually cause damage to the floor. This can be easily avoided using microfiber mops and they also make cleaning easier. Let’s see how…

Microfiber mops hold more water

Microfiber has a natural tendency to soak water and also release it easily. So microfiber mops can carry more water from the bucket to the floor thus preventing the trouble of again and again putting the mob in the bucket.

With more water on the floor, the stains lose up easily thus can be cleaned up easily. On the other hand they also easily soak water from the floor thus wiping the floor dry.

Microfiber mops clean gently

Microfiber mops are gentle on the floor. They don’t leave behind starches on the floor thus adding to the life of the floor.

Microfiber mops can be used for all floors

Microfiber is flexible and therefore can move easily and even reach the corners of any floor surface including cement floors. The microfiber mop provides easy and safe cleaning for any surface.

For best results from microfiber, mops use good but mild detergents for cleaning. Similarly, the use of phenyls for cleaning can also keep the floor of the house more hygienic.

The floor is the most important attribute of the house. All floors need maximum cleaning in the house; in fact, one needs to clean the floor every day. For easy a better cleaning Microfiber mops help greatly.