What Is a Poodle Skirt? (How Do You Wear a Poodle Skirt?)

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Poodle Skirts & Circle Skirts

Poodle skirts were a type of skirt popular in the 1950s. They were very popular in the United States and especially among teenage girls who wanted to look like movie stars and pop singers.

The poodle skirt had a distinctive shape. It was full, but it gathered at the bottom into a small circle. These skirts were designed to be worn with a crinoline (a stiff underskirt). The combination of the crinoline and the poodle skirt gave women an hourglass figure.

By the late 1950s, poodle skirts were out of style and they disappeared from fashion. However, they have enjoyed periodic revivals since then, particularly during times when big skirts are in fashion.

What Is a Poodle Skirt?

Poodle skirts are a type of short, full, gathered skirt that is typically worn by girls or young women. They were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, but they have been around since the 1920s.

The poodle skirts got their name from the resemblance to the puffs of fur on a poodle’s backside. In fact, this type of skirt is sometimes still referred to as a “poodle skirt.”

The poodle skirt typically features a full circle skirt or circular pleats in the back. The hemline is typically about knee-length for younger girls and women and mid-calf for older women.

Poodle skirts were often paired with tall boots, headbands or ponytails, and sometimes even bobby socks!


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Wearing poodle skirts with shirtwaists was a style that characterized 1950s women. These two pieces of clothing were very popular at this time, and many women wore them together to create classic styles.

Because the skirt is around the knee, it forms a similar shape to the hem on a shirtwaist dress. Both clothes also came in solid colors with simple designs, so when worn together, they made a striking impression.

Shirts worn with poodle skirts weren’t completely plain, though — they often featured ruffles on top of them. This is because shirts worn without jackets during this time had to stand alone and look nice on their own. Ruffles added extra flair to these tops, which completed the basic look that most women wanted during this decade.

Why Are They Called Poodle Skirts?

In the 1950s, poodle skirts were the height of fashion. As an alternative to the long, full skirts that had been fashionable for decades, women began pinning stiffened netting over their knees and hips to create a rounded silhouette that resembled a poodle’s hair. Soon after, poodle skirts became a major trend.

These skirts were named after poodles because they were very similar to the hairstyles that poodles had at the time. The skirts were often worn with saddle shoes and often made out of pleated fabric or even silk.

They were usually knee-length or shorter, and they had a lot of volumes when they were gathered up by elastic bands.

Are Poodle Skirts Circle Skirts?

Poodle skirts were usually made from cotton or nylon materials that had some stretch so they would fit snugly on the body. Some women who wanted them to be more form-fitting used elastic bands or sewed in elastic into the seams of their skirts.

Poodle Skirts is a type of circle or full skirt that is puffy and poofy. They’re also very full and flowy. Poodle skirts have a lot of fabric gathered and pleated at the base of the skirt. The name “poodle skirt” comes from the way the fabric around the waist flows outward like a poodle’s long coat.

These skirts were usually made with two panels of fabric in the front that came together at a zipper in the back or side seam in order to provide room for movement while wearing them. This made them easier to walk, dance, bend down, and play sports in than some other styles of full circle skirts.

Why Were Poodle Skirts Popular?

Poodle skirts were popular from the 1950s through the 1970s. They were sometimes referred to as circle skirts because of their shape. At that time, circle skirts were fashionable in all parts of Europe and North America.

  1. Women dressed in these fashions were often seen wearing hats and gloves as well. The poodle skirt was the perfect outfit for summertime because it was light and airy. It was easier to walk in than a full-length skirt, too.
  2. Poodle skirts were seen on celebrities such as Josephine Baker and Marilyn Monroe, who wore them while performing or simply hanging out with friends on the beach. When they wore their skirts in public, other women wanted to copy their style.
  3. Music played a big role in the popularity of the poodle skirt because many movies and television shows featured actresses portraying teenagers who wore poodle skirts while listening to rock ‘n’ roll music on transistor radios or going steady with hula hoops (remember those?).

Who Were Poodle Skirts Worn By?

Girls as young as five years old could wear them, while older women also wore them. Like many other types of clothing during this time period, poodle skirts were worn by teenage girls when they started dating boys, but also by older women who had more traditional feminine tastes.


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Appearance-wise, these short skirts were perfect for showing off cute shoes and socks as well as rounded calves.

These days poodle skirts are mainly worn by young girls who dress up in costumes for Halloween or school play costumes, or by dance teams and cheerleaders at sporting events.

How Do You Wear a Poodle Skirt?

Poodle skirts are quite a staple for women who truly want to be in fashion. It has an elastic waist that sits just on top of the hips.

The bell-bottom design made them comfortable while also being fun and flirty. And women’s poodle skirts continued the evolution from pompadours to ponytails and bobby sox, but it was the perfect complement for a sleeveless blouse or sweater. Combine these elements with a few contemporary choices such as a denim shirt or leather jacket and you have an outfit that’s feminine, fun, fashionable, and comfortable all at the same time!

This skirt can be worn with a blouse or a top. It can also be worn with a petticoat underneath it. If you are planning to wear it without the petticoat, you need to wear something that is not see-through underneath it.

Turtlenecks and sweaters are ideal for this kind of skirt. Women can wear leggings and tights with it as well. The top should always be plain and simple so that the focus is not taken away from the skirt.

The poodle skirt was introduced in the 1950s. They were designed to make women look like young girls playing ballerinas. A full circle skirt that would flare out at the bottom, giving them a ballerina look. The name “poodle” comes from its resemblance to the full circle skirts that poodles wore around their waist.

This kind of skirt is perfect for young girls who have fun personalities and do not mind standing out from other people in the crowd.

In summary, thanks to their distinctive shape and flashy, bright colors, poodle skirts have come to epitomize 1950s fashion. Designed with a short hemline that flares out and creates a fanned effect, poodle skirts are known for their below-the-knee hemline.

However, poodle skirts can also be found in knee-length variations as well. Poodle skirts are made from cotton, lace, taffeta, wool, and other fabrics that can endure a challenging fit and flare shape.

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