The Benefits Of A Mulching Mower (The No-Hassle Way To Mow Lawns)

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I love a mulching mower because I hate with a passion the annoyance of using a grass catcher or bagging, and believe it or not, I’m not a big fan of raking either!

Now, if you actually enjoy the extra time and back-breaking work of mowing and constantly emptying a bag good on you, but if you are anything like me a mulching mower is the only mower a sensible person (okay – maybe lazy person) should ever consider buying.

What does a mulching mower do

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What is a Mulching Mower?

A mulching mower allows you the freedom of mowing your lawns without using a grass catcher that you have to empty out every 5 minutes!

Surely no one actually likes mowing lawns, do they?

I hate mowing lawns and when I have to attach an awkward grass catcher to the back of the mower I hate it even more. And then to add insult to injury you have to empty the stinking thing every 5 minutes.

Put the mower back in idle or turn it off, detach the grass catcher, clumps of grass inevitably fall on the ground, and then you have to carry the heavy thing to wherever you can dump the grass somewhere in your yard that will eventually end up stinky from the grass catchings.

Then go back reattach the grass catcher only to rinse and repeat. Argh… It takes forever mowing your lawn that way. I don’t know about you but I have better things to do so with a mulching lawnmower I just start it up and start mowing.

No grass catcher, no messing about, quick and easy. Still a pain but not as big a pain!

So What Does a Mulching Mower Do?

The mulching lawnmower cuts the grass super fine and plows it back into the turf – Ha… I think that’s called mulching folks.

So there are no grass clumps left on your lawn, no raking needed, no messy grass dumping or compost bins, and mulching the clippings back into your lawn is even good for it. So the lazy guy wins – yeah!

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What Are The Benefits Of A Mulching Mower?

As already mentioned the major benefits are for me personally. No messing with a grass catcher, quicker mowing times, no raking clumps of grass, saving fuel because I don’t have to empty the catcher over and over and over… again!

I know you probably want to know the benefits to the lawn right?

And I’ll get to that but you just can’t ignore the benefits for yourself. Just think of the back pain you will avoid with no grass catcher to worry about!

But using a mulching mower is also good for your lawn.

In short, the grass clippings are good tucker for your lawn. You are actually providing nutrient-rich food that enhances your lawn. It’s a fabulous natural fertilizer full of fats, various elements, and nitrogen which all combine to make your grass very healthy.

Do Mulching Mowers Spread Weeds?

Potentially yes they can however no more or no less than a normal mower will. In most cases you are fine, however, it is possible for any mower to spread weeds.

So if you have been using a mower that does not mulch and you have no issues with the spread of weeds then a mulching mower will not spread weeds either.

However, if your current mower is spreading weeds a mulching mower is not a magic bullet that will improve those results. So, it is neither better or worse than any other mower when it comes to weed control.

How Does A Mulching Mower Work?

It is almost exactly the same as any other mower. The major difference is with the special blades a mulching mower has which pretty much slices and dices.

Basically, the design of the mower in combination with the blades cut the grass as a normal mower does but before the grass is dispersed it cuts it again and again and again.

The grass ends up so finely cut that it is then easily pushed out of the bottom of the mower back into your lawn. The end result is you end up with a thick and luscious lawn with no trace of the lawn clippings.

How To Use a Mulching Mower?

Are you ready for the big reveal?

It’s as easy as starting the mower and walking behind it while it does its job. Complicated I know!

If you have a mower that can both mulch or bag then you may have to insert the mulch plug however the mower manual will show you how to do that.

Honestly, there’s nothing to it!

Some people recommend mulching in rotation. Therefore, mulch 2 or 3 times and then mow using a grass catcher or bag. It depends on how fussy you are with your lawn.

If you are worried about the lawn getting too thick and hard to cut through then maybe use a catcher the next mow but honestly for most of us just keep using the mulcher – I never do any sort of rotation but I’m not exactly fussed by manicuring a lawn either.

As long as it is cut I don’t care – but that being said I have never had an issue with grass getting thicker or harder to cut as a result.

Mulching Mower vs Regular Mower

I think from what I have already presented above you can see quite a big difference between a mulching mower and a regular mower.

In simple terms, a regular mower is more work. It spews the grass cuttings out everywhere and in bigger unsightly clumps as well unless you catch the grass in a bag or grass catcher. You also have to constantly interrupt your mowing when the grass catcher is full.

A mulching mower is most definitely less work. It cuts the grass clippings and plows it back into the grass with no visible clumps. You can avoid raking, trying to dispose of grass clippings, and enjoy non-stop mowing.

In summary, obviously I prefer a mulching mower however I’m sure there are plenty of experts who might disagree however I don’t care. At the end of the day, my time is limited and over the course of a year, the amount of time a mulching mower saves me is very valuable.

No one in my area walks around handing out awards for the best looking lawns (as if I’d care anyway) and besides, my lawn looks just as good as my neighbors who mow with ordinary mowers, and most of them have a corner of their backyard you can’t go near because of the putrid smell coming from their grass clipping pile.

I win:)

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