What Is a Midi Skirt? (What Can You Wear Them With?)

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All About Midi Skirts

Midi skirts, also known as minis or knee-length skirts, are a popular fashion item…. With dozens of colors and patterns, they are suitable for any occasion, from everyday wear to special occasions…. Although they appear similar to maxi skirts, midi skirts are shorter in length, usually ranging from the upper thigh to the knees.

Midi skirts can be worn with just about any top and are especially great with tights…. If you want to make your legs look longer, pair your midi skirt with flat shoes or boots.

Midi skirts come in a variety of lengths, fabrics, and colors making it easy for you to find one that suits your taste…. You can wear them for work or play by pairing them with a blazer or cardigan…. Some midi skirts have an elastic waistband so you don’t have to worry about pulling them up when you sit down or bend over.

What Is a Midi Skirt?

Midi skirts have a particular way of accentuating the body’s assets and are designed to complement a woman’s figure…. This style is fitted from waistline to knees with slim legs, flared from knees down to ankles with more flare at the bottom of the skirt, creating a bell shape look…. Oftentimes, midi skirts are made from fabrics such as chiffon or velvet which gives them an elegant feel.

The hemline of this skirt is between knee-length and ankle-length…. The hemline falls between 3 inches below the knee to 4 inches above the knee…. The length of midi skirts is one of its most defining features, as it provides just enough coverage while still being fashionable.


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There are several ways in which you can wear your midi skirt, depending on your own style preference and clothing choices.

  1. First, if you want to dress up your outfit for a special occasion, try wearing a midi skirt with a pair of heels or low pumps for a more formal look.
  2. If you’re going for a more casual look, try hiking up your skirt an inch or two above the knee with socks or tights underneath so that it becomes more of a mini.
  3. If you want to add some pizzazz to your outfit without sacrificing modesty, wear your midi skirt with some funky accessories like statement jewelry or fun tights.

Why Is It Called Midi Skirt?

Midi skirts are in between a skirt and a dress…. They sit at the waistline and are not as long as maxi skirts…. Midi skirts are very popular, especially for formal events and weddings…. Most midi skirts are knee-length or above the knee, but there are some that fall just below the knee.

The name “midi” comes from the French word for “middle,” and is used to describe any skirt that falls between mini and maxi….

The term is also sometimes used to describe any item of clothing that falls between these two extremes, such as midi dresses or midi sweaters.

Midi skirts are designed to hit right above the knees and a little below the bottom of the kneecap…. Midi skirts usually follow the same basic A-line shape as regular skirts, but they tend to be made in a wider variety of fabrics and prints than their shorter cousins.

What Is the Difference Between Midi and Skirt?

Midi skirts and skirts are both garments that cover the body from the waist to the ankles…. The main difference between a midi skirt and a skirt is their length, as well as their intended use and style.

Midi skirts are knee-length and usually extend to just below the knee…. They generally reach slightly below the knee of the wearer, while some may cover only the upper thighs…. A midi skirt can be worn with a variety of tops, including short-sleeved shirts with or without tights or leggings.


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Skirts come in a variety of lengths, including mini, midi, and maxi…. A mini skirt extends to just above or at the knees and is shorter than a midi skirt.

What Is the Difference Between a Midi and a Maxi Skirt?

A maxi skirt extends to well below the knees, often touching or going past the floor. A maxi skirt may be worn with leggings or tights as an alternative to pants in cold weather environments where pants would be inappropriate…. Maxi skirts can also be worn with boots during colder months for added warmth.

Are Midi Skirts Flattering?

They are the perfect day to evening skirt…. They are also great for all body shapes and sizes…. The midi skirt is a classic that never goes out of style…. This season they come in many different hues, patterns, and sizes.

Tailored, fitted, button-up midi skirts are very flattering and stylish, especially with a blouse tucked into them…. They give you curves where you want them and elongate your legs.

The latest trend in midi skirts is the high-low hemline…. This season this hemline can be found on pencil, a-line, or straight skirts that flow at the knee and then flare below the knee…. This trend makes your legs look longer than normal and is very flattering for most body types.


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Here are some tips on how to wear them:

  1. Choose a midi skirt that hits your natural waistline.
  2. Wear it with a blouse that is tucked in or a crop top to elongate your body.
  3. Choose shoes with a heel or wedges to balance out the length of the skirt.
  4. Don’t try to balance out the volume of the skirt with multiple belts…. Instead, style it with simple jewelry.
  5. If you’re short, don’t pair it with flat boots or heels because it will just make you look even shorter.

Tall, slim women look fantastic in midi skirts, but shapely women and short women can pull them off as well…. Slimmer women look good in a straight pencil skirt or a fitted A-line skirt, while curvier ladies can choose from A-lines, flares, or pencils.

There’s something about midi skirts that draws your eyes to the legs without being too revealing…. They elongate your legs and make you seem taller than you are…. If you don’t want to wear tights with your skirt, you’re also more likely to show off your legs…. In the summer months, midi skirts are perfect for showing off your tan!

Do Midi Skirts Make You Look Shorter?

The midi skirt is a classic piece for any woman’s wardrobe…. It can be worn for a casual day at the office to a night on the town!

The length of the skirt is perfect for almost any height, however, it can be tricky to wear if you are shorter in stature.

Taller ladies look great in midi skirts because they elongate the body and make you appear taller.

On the other hand, petite ladies tend to look best in mini skirts and maxi skirts because they will help elongate their legs and make them appear taller.

This is where our question comes into play: do midi skirts make you look shorter?

Well, maybe…. If your legs are on the shorter side, you might find it difficult to wear a midi skirt because it could possibly make your legs appear even shorter! However, if you have long legs this could be an amazing compliment to your body type!

Here are three things to know about midi skirts, and how they may or may not make you look shorter:

  1. They elongate the torso…. The high waistline, which can be worn at the natural waist or right below it, emphasizes your long, lean lines…. It also creates a longer line from your neck to your ankles compared to a shorter skirt.
  2. They add a layer of coverage…. While an A-line might be as short as your upper thigh — or even shorter these days — a midi skirt falls somewhere between that and your knees…. This is especially true if you’re wearing opaque tights in lieu of bare legs.
  3. They can be hemmed to accentuate length…. If you’re worried about looking short in your midi skirt, have it hemmed above the knee for a more lengthening effect.

Can You Wear a Midi Skirt with Tights?

There are many different types of midi skirts…. You can also wear them with leggings, which are tight pants that look like tights but are not actually tights…. This is probably one of the most common ways to wear them these days…. Some midi skirts are full length while others are short and show off your legs and can even be worn with shorts underneath them.

Midi skirts don’t have to be worn with tights but they can be worn with tights if you want more of an elegant look…. However, you should avoid wearing tights with your midi skirt if you plan on doing any type of physical activity such as dancing, walking, or hiking.

Tights are perfect for adding a layer of warmth and adding another dimension to plain skirts or dresses…. If you’re worried about creating too much bulk at your hips, there are other options instead like wearing leggings or opaque hosiery.

However, in most cases, you can wear tights or hosiery with a midi skirt without worrying about it being inappropriate or unflattering…. Just make sure that the tights fit your thighs well and aren’t too baggy at the knee cap.

Another trick you can use to avoid bulk around your hips is to combine the skirt with an oversized top…. This way, you’ll create an illusion of longer legs and smaller hips.

What Top Do You Wear with a Midi Skirt?

The midi is an especially versatile piece in a woman’s wardrobe because it can be worn on different occasions, depending on how it is styled…. As for your top, you can wear anything you like with a midi skirt – but bare shoulders are always sexy!

A long-sleeved button-down shirt and some tights worn with a midi skirt will allow you to wear your outfit to work or to lunch at a fancy restaurant or even for a night out with friends…. You will want to be sure that your top isn’t too short since you don’t want it showing above your skirt when sitting down.


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Midi skirts look great with boots, flats, sandals, and even heels…. Depending on how you choose to style your midi skirt, you can be very casual or very dressy…. If you are planning on wearing your midi skirt for work, then you may want to pair it with some comfortable flats so that you can walk around all day without getting tired feet.

How Much Does a Midi Skirt Weigh?

How much does a midi skirt weigh? Well, it depends on the material…. The weight of a skirt made from silk would be different for one made out of denim, right? But how much more, exactly? And what about the weight of a midi skirt in comparison to other types of skirts like an A-line or pencil skirt?

Trying to answer this question can be frustratingly difficult because there are so many different styles and fabric weights…. Plus, manufacturers don’t typically disclose this information on the product page.

How much does a midi skirt weigh? Well not that much, especially if you’re comparing it to the weight of a full-length skirt…. The midi skirt is great for the hot weather and for casual occasions where you don’t want your legs to be covered up.

Each midi skirt weighs approximately 4 ounces…. If you’re looking for a different skirt, the mini-skirts weigh about 2 ounces, while the maxi skirts around 10 ounces each.

The midi skirt can come in several different materials like cotton and linen…. The cotton ones are light and easy to wash, but the linen ones are heavier as well as more durable.

In summary, Midi skirts are a great type of skirt, that you can wear with almost anything…. They give your outfit a little touch of femininity while still looking very classy and chic.

Mid-length skirts have become an essential part of every woman’s closet…. A midi skirt is easy and comfortable to wear…. It’s a skirt to be worn on any occasion: at work, at a party or even in a cafe with friends.

It is not only stylish but also versatile…. And the best part is that it can be worn while you aren’t paying attention to its waistline – which makes it definitely worth investing in.

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