Origins Of The Lazy Susan Cabinet

If you want to keep your items in the kitchen organized and make them easily accessible, then Lazy Susan cabinets are highly recommended.

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What is a lazy susan cabinet?

In simple terms, a Lazy Susan cabinet is basically a cabinet with a round table that rotates.

Origins of The Lazy Susan Cabinet

Despite its popularity, the origin of Lazy Susan furniture is a mystery with three possibilities being put forward:

  1. One popular hypothesis links these cabinets to the 18th century and England, because of the identification of similar devices and pieces of furniture that date back to the 1780s in the auction houses in London.
  2. There are also people who believe that the Lazy Susan furniture a product of the 20th century as the term “Lazy Susan” was first used in 1917 in a Vanity Fair advertisement.
  3. Others give credit for the invention of Lazy Susan furniture to President Thomas Jefferson and even the scientist and inventor Thomas Edison.

Since there is no historical proof or evidence to back up these speculations, nobody knows the true origin of Lazy Susan furniture.

Lazy Susan Cabinet Styles and Uses

Following are the most common types of Lazy Susan cabinets and their uses:


Kidney Shaped

Kidney shaped Lazy Susan cabinets have a triangular, rounded, soft cut out.

This type is the most popular because these cabinets are ideal for the 90-degree corners that are usually found in most kitchens.


Rev-A-Shelf 4WLS472-32-52 32 Inch Wooden 2-Shelf Kidney Shaped Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Organization for Lower and Corner Base Kitchen Cabinets


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Full Round

Full Round Lazy Susan cabinets are circular, rotating cabinets that work well in a kitchen that has diagonal corners instead of the 90-degree ones.

These cabinets are also available in smaller sizes that are ideal for both diagonal and 90-degree corners.


Knape & Vogt PFN28ST-W 31.5 by 28 by 28 Full-Round Polymer Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer,White


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D-shaped Lazy Susan cabinets are quite similar to the Full Round Lazy Susan cabinets with one exception that they have one flat side.

They are designed to work as wall cabinets in the kitchen, usually above pantries and refrigerators.



Stow-n-Spin 2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable Spice Rack Organizer Rotating Spice Holder Shelf w/Double Spinner Seasoning Organizer Racks for Spices Deluxe Spice Racks for Cabinets w/ 11" Deep Shelves

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Apart from the above types, Pie Cut Lazy Susan cabinets also exist but they are less popular as they are difficult to install and aren’t ideal for maximizing space usage.

Lazy Susan Cabinet Materials

Apart from the different styles of Lazy Susan cabinets, there are also different material options available. The most popular materials for these cabinets include wood, polymer, and wire.


Thanks to their textural, rich look, and their uncanny ability to match the wood interiors of the kitchens, wooden Lazy Susan cabinets have been growing in popularity.

Most Lazy Susan cabinets are made of maple or birch plywood or made from pieces of solid wood glued together, which prevents warping.


Molded plastic or polymer is the most common material for Lazy Susan cabinets. Cabinets made from this material usually feature a textured surface to provide a non-skid effect.

They are also typically designed with ribbing for strength. Polymer Lazy Susan cabinets are washable, durable, and economical and they are usually available in both almond and white colors.


Wire Lazy Susan cabinets are made from welded, heavy gauge metal. Featuring European design, the wire is usually plated in metal.

For a contemporary, clean look, it is sometimes covered with epoxy-coated paint. Wire Lazy Susan cabinets are ideal for a kitchen with a more contemporary design.

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