What is a Forced Air Heater – Advantages & Benefits

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The forced air heater is the primary choice of many homeowners mainly because it prevails over other kinds of heating systems such as hydronic heating, and radiant heating systems.

Generally, forced air heaters are chosen because of their effectiveness and simplicity.

Forced air heater advantages

What is a Forced Air Heater?

A forced-air heating system gets its name from how it works. It literally forces hot air that has been generated by a heat pump or furnace to pass through your vents and ductwork to reach the rooms in your house.

Just like other heating systems, forced air heaters are controlled via a thermostat.

Advantages of a Forced Air Heater

Here is a list of the key advantages of a forced-air heater:

Easy Installation Process

  • While you might have to tear apart your floors in order to install a heating system like a radiant heater, a forced-air heater can work with what you already have in place in your house.
  • If the ductwork already exists in your home for an air conditioning unit, then the installation process of a forced-air heater becomes even faster.
  • And since the installation is easier and works with existing ductwork, it lowers the overall initial cost.

Energy Efficient

  • Forced air heaters use natural gas which is way more affordable when compared to electricity or water.
  • Apart from being affordable, it is also clean for the environment.
  • Even though they are not as efficient as radiant heating new technology has allowed forced air heaters to offer a great level of energy efficiency.

Better with Programmable Thermostat

  • Programmable thermostats work more efficiently with forced air heaters as compared to radiant heating systems.
  • Forced air heaters respond to temperature changes/requests and programming of the thermostat almost immediately.
  • Because of this, they waste relatively less energy as opposed to other heating systems.

Excellent Heating Time

  • The heating time of a forced-air heater is quicker than any other heating system.
  • These heaters pump warm air through the house very quickly.
  • The heater heats the air directly and quickly issues it throughout the home via the system of ducts.
  • This process takes very little time as compared to other heating systems where water has to be heated up or the air has to be distributed from a central system.


  • Heating systems that use heat pumps or electricity have a much higher probability of breaking down as compared to forced air heaters.
  • This is because the ducts have fewer working parts and they are more durable as well.
  • Therefore, you can rely on them to function optimally when you need warmth and comfort in your home.
  • So, you are assured that your heating system will keep working without any issues.

In today’s environment, having a heating system that is cost-effective, fuel-saving, and energy-efficient is extremely important.

Forced air heaters are very popular among homeowners when it comes to providing heat during the winter season.

And when you look at their advantages, it can be easily concluded that this popularity is well deserved.

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