What Is Calvin Klein Obsession? (And Why Are People Obsessed With It?)

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Calvin Klein’s Obsession Is A Fragrance

In the early 1990s, Calvin Klein launched a new fragrance called Obsession. It was a sensation and helped change the way people thought about scents. This very popular fragrance has both a men’s and a women’s version.

Let Obsession take hold of your senses. A rich floral fragrance that is spirited, seductive and vibrant. The famous Calvin Klein bottle shape creates a fragrance that evokes femininity through its stunning design. Obsession is bold floral scent that celebrates the sensual woman.

Obsession didn’t just break the rules of perfume marketing, it obliterated them. It wasn’t just a new idea, but a whole new category. The conventional wisdom in the perfume industry was that you had to choose between being sexy or being sophisticated; you couldn’t be both.

So Calvin Klein did not try to make Obsession smell sexy or sophisticated; he made it smell like something else entirely: like the feeling of falling in love for the first time, which is both of those things.

And while no one would ever mistake Obsession for anything other than a perfume, its scent is unusually difficult to describe – which is exactly what you want if you are trying to capture an emotion rather than a concept or a thing.

For women’s version: Calvin Klein Obsession is a scent that instantly evokes a summer night out, a carefree time on the town, and a flirtatious smile from a handsome stranger. A serious curiosity about men leads to the first encounter. It’s all sparks and excitement, heart racing, and overwhelming desire. This is Obsession.

For men’s version: It is highly masculine and all about attitude…the man who wears Obsession for Men is open to experience, unafraid in the face of modernity, and willing to take risks in order to achieve his goals in life.

Let’s take a look at both versions of this scent…

Calvin Klein Obsession for Women

Calvin Klein Obsession is a feminine fragrance that is warm, seductive, and sexy. Driven by a powerful need to create a seductive and mysterious fragrance, Mr. Klein shaped a new fragrance that would capture a woman’s unforgettable passion and the very essence of her being into one sensual, unforgettable fragrance.

Calvin Klein Obsession for Women Eau de Parfum is the perfect blend of the exotic and the romantic. It’s a sensuous, feminine fragrance that can be worn during any occasion.

This feminine scent can also be worn during the daytime when it will give you a fresh feeling about yourself. If you are looking for something exotic yet subtle then this perfume is what you need in your collection…

Calvin Klein Obsession for Women Eau de Parfum

Calvin Klein Obsession for Women Eau de Parfum, 3.3 Fl. Oz.

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Obsession for Women is a seductive fragrance that plays with your wildest cravings. An intoxicating blend of rich fruits, deep florals, and sensual woods.

  • Obsession has moderate sillage that remains with you all day long.
  • It’s a great choice for daytime wear that will attract attention easily.
  • It is recommended for use during the spring and summer months.
  • You can wear it to work but be careful not to overdo it as the scent may overwhelm co-workers around you with its sensual smell.
  • You can also wear it when you are going out on a date or attending social gatherings with friends or family members where you want to look your best.
  • Obsession for Women is a mysterious and seductive perfume.

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What Does Calvin Klein Obsession for Women Smell Like?

The opening top notes for this perfume are an aromatic burst of mandarin, bergamot, and fresh ginger. The middle notes consist of orange flowers, roses, and jasmine. The base notes in this perfume include sandalwood, patchouli, and amber. This perfume is recommended for daytime use and casual wear. It is an average-strength perfume and will last you all day long without the need to reapply it.

The smell of Obsession for Women is not quite like any other smell. The smell of Obsession for Women is not exactly like the smell of any other perfume. It has a combination of scents that is new and distinctive, and at the same time completely feminine, but in a more grown-up way than most perfumes aimed at young women.

This perfume definitely has a romantic quality about it, most likely because it’s so warm and woodsy. The word obsession conjures up the idea that the wearer will only think of that person who wears this scent. This is a very floral scent with vanilla overtones.

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men

Obsession for Men is a fresh, sophisticated scent that projects a feeling of freedom and confidence. It has been infused with an energetic top-note combination of bergamot, mandarin, and mint leaves. The heart is a spicy blend of ginger, lavender, and sage accents. Musk and sandalwood complete this masculine fragrance.

The fragrance of Obsession for Men is sharp, vibrant and oozing with energy that’s sure to draw deep adoration. It’s a warm scent that exudes classiness while still being fresh and sharp, making it ideal for all occasions.

This scent is for the man who wants to be charismatic and sexy. This classic, provocative fragrance makes a statement. Used by a man who is confident, yet approachable.

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette, 4.0 Fl. Oz.

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With a refined, favorite-shirt scent and an ultra-masculine image, Calvin Klein Obsession for Men is fresh, clean and spicy. Inspired by the original Obsession fragrance launched in 1985. Developed for both urban and outdoor lifestyles, it is complemented by a sleek, modern design.

  • Obsession for Men is a fresh, warm, and masculine fragrance that exudes self-assured confidence.
  • The Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette spray keeps you smelling clean and refreshed all day.
  • Perfect for a romantic night out on the town with your lover or a special getaway, this perfume is an ideal gift for men and women.
  • It has a seductive aroma that lingers all day long and can be easily applied with its sleek bottle and innovative oblong spray applicator.
  • This scent’s unique combination of scents makes it ideal for casual wear during the daytime or nighttime wear on special occasions.
  • Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette can be worn year-round.
  • Obsession for Men is one of the most popular men’s cologne scents on the market today, and it’s no wonder why: this eau de toilette provides a clean, fresh scent that lasts all day long.
  • The beautiful aroma and intriguing design make this fragrance a top choice for any man looking to add a bit of mystery to his life.

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What Kind Of Scent Is Obsession For Men?

For many men, it’s the kind of scent that reminds them of the romance in their lives. For some, it’s just a classic scent that never goes out of style. For the lucky guys who get to experience this classic scent firsthand, they know it’s a seductive, spicy aroma that has captivated many women for decades.

The dynamic top notes play off the rich base on an addictive sultry scale, without ever crossing over into softness. This is a fragrance that speaks for men on their own!

Obsession for Men is a rich and sensual oriental floral fragrance, brimming with the fiery energy of mandarin and sage and the virile, luminous quality of musk. The exotic aroma of precious wood, combined with the warm scent of amber, creates a bold and provocative tone of masculinity. A blend of rare spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and clove leads to a sensual heart of lavender, honey, and rose.

What makes a scent feel sexy? And why do some people love the smell of Obsession for Men and others find it cloying? The answer has something to do with the product’s unnatural ingredients, but more with how it fits into our expectations of what a man should smell like in a modern world.

Calvin Klein has always been known for its ability to create fragrances that are sensual without being too overpowering or sickly sweet. They want you to feel sexy when you wear their colognes but not overpowered by their scent so you become sick from it.

In summary, the perfume comes in a bottle that is made of glass, which is shaped like a teardrop. The perfume itself has a scent that is typically described as both feminine and floral. The smell is very sensual and romantic, but not in an obnoxious way.

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