What Are The Advantages of Storage Heaters

There are many advantages of storage heaters which we will look at in more detail below with the major benefits being how inexpensive they are to buy, install, and run.

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They also require far less maintenance, what you do need to maintain is easy, and they are very reliable.

For homeowners, storage heaters are a classic source of heating.

What is a storage heater? Also known as night storage heaters, these domestic appliances use heat-retaining clay bricks that charge throughout the night in order to store heat which is then released during the day.

The heat in the box is stored due to the insulation of the heater. Apart from providing warmth and comfort, these heaters are independent and very stylish.

What Are The Key Advantages of Storage Heaters?

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the major advantages a storage heater will provide for you…

Storage Heaters Are Cheaper To Buy

Storage heaters are not very complex and because of that, they are relatively cheaper.

If you buy them during the summer, then you can get pretty good deals as stores would put discounts on heaters since they are low in demand in that season.

Apart from this, their installation cost is also low.

Storage Heaters Can Be 3 Times Cheaper To Install

If you are used to central heating or other heating systems, then you know how expensive the installation fee of a heater generally is.

However, storage heaters don’t cost much when it comes to installation. In fact, their fee for installation is up to three times less than that of central heaters.

This is because they are easy to install and don’t require complex equipment. So, invest in a storage heater if you are saving up money.

Storage Heaters Require Way Less & Easier Maintenance 

Storage heaters are easy to maintain:

They don’t require frequent maintenance checks and you only need to check them once a year, preferably before you use them for winter.

On the other hand, other types of heating systems require more frequent maintenance. Electric heaters, for example, require maintenance often.

So, if you are looking for a heater that is easy to maintain and does not require you to check it often, then storage heater is a recommended choice.

Storage Heaters Are Energy Efficient

When they are turned off and collecting heat, storage heaters require very little power.

They don’t consume much energy when they are turned on either:

This results in lowered electricity bills. So, the overall cost of your storage heater, from purchase to installation, maintenance, and the electricity it consumes, is reasonable.

Storage Heaters Are Reliable

Once the storage heater is turned off, it releases the heat stored for a long period:

Because of this, these heaters are actually very reliable and the store and release strategy is quite effective especially if you know when to turn the heater on and off.

For instance, you can turn your storage heater off at night to trick the electricity tariff or when nobody is at home during the day who could really use the heat.

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The Bottom Line

Although these domestic appliances may not be as popular as electric heaters, storage heaters offer a lot of advantages that no other type of heater can.

They are much more effective if you don’t mind having the storage heater turned off for a specific period during the night or day.

Apart from this, they also distribute the heat well which makes them suitable for installation in larger spaces such as the living room.

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