What Are Barstools And Different Styles Available

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In today’s home, most of us are opting for an open plan living with kitchen with islands and bars; and the best form of seating that comes with these pieces of furniture is, of course, the good old bar stools.

What are barstools?

Bar stools are tall stools often designed with extra support for the legs or the back. They were designed tall to match the height of the bar.

Origin and history of bar stools: Humans have distinguished themselves early on from the animal kingdom in many different ways: from discovering fire and wheel, to insisting on using elevated seating. That’s why it is not a surprise when you hear that chairs and stools were designed and used by humans for thousands of years.

Examples of different types of stools and chairs were found in ancient Chinese tombs, then in ancient Egypt, where they were reserved only for those with superior social status. Throughout history, different types of chairs and stools were designed for different categories of people expressing rank and superiority.

What is interesting is how different cultures implemented different types of seating for their royalties; so in Europe and throughout Asia, and the Middle East chairs were the generally preferred form of seating for royalties; however, in some African kingdoms, such as the Golden Stool of Ashanti in Ghana, the ultimate royalty seating was a stool.

Nevertheless, as years passed by, the stools usage and people’s preferences regarding them changed together with the designs of the stools, and chairs.

Stool designs changed a lot throughout the years: the practical original stools have ‘evolved’ and ‘grown’ up in several different types of stools, including bar stools to meet today’s needs of society.

Although bar stool’s origin is quite disputable, one thing about them is certain for sure: they became more popular during the 1950s and 1960s in both Europe and the USA, as they became a common sight in pubs, bars, and dinners. In these eras, as the going-to-pub-after-work mentality began to blossom, the need for more stools in lesser space became quite visible.

From here came the need to create bar stools – one of the most used pieces of furniture…

Changes in bar stools’ design depending on their usage:

If you want to buy a comfortable, enjoyable bar stool that you will use daily and be satisfied with it, you need to know more about bar stools than what’s their color and do they match the kitchen.

Although many people believe that the bar stools were designed with only the thought of their aesthetics, and providing seating while saving on space, there is more to bar stool designs than it meets the eye.

Bar stools are designed in many different forms to not just provide a stylistic choice for people with different tastes, but also to offer an overall comfort through providing different customizations such as footrests for a comfortable leg position, swivel mechanism for an easy entrance and exit, and armrests for added relaxation, among other options.

Another interesting fact is that they have different intended heights depending on where they will be used and what they go with. This means that the height of the bar stools in the pubs, bars will differ from the one used in kitchen areas or even the outdoor home bar.

This leads us to:

How to choose from different types of bar stools according to their height:

There are three different types of bar stools depending on their height; you need to make sure that the height of the bar stools matches the table/kitchen island/bar’s height (usually it is 10 to 15-inch difference):

  • Counter height bar stools – they are usually 23-28 inches from the floor to the seat (23- to 28-inch seat height). You need to pair the counter-height bar stools with 35 to 37-inch table heights.
  • Bar height bar stools – they are usually 29-32 inches from the floor to the seat (29 to 32-inch seat height). You need to pair the bar-height bar stools with 41 to 43-inch table heights.
  • Extra tall bar stools – they are usually 33-36 inches from the floor to the seat (33 to 36-inch seat height). You need to pair the extra-tall bar stools with 44 to 47-inch table heights.
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Different types of bar stools according to different parts of their design:

Usually when it comes to the design of the piece of furniture, especially one meant for seating, you can only choose their colors, materials, overall shape, but not necessarily the design. This is not the case with the bar stools. With them, you can actually choose many aspects of their features, from the type of base they have, to their height, arms, legs, etc.

We decided to present to you all the options you have to choose from regarding the design of the bar stools.

Here are the different types of bar stools according to different features of their designs:


  • Height

Your bar stools can be:

  1. With adjustable height
  2. With static height


  • Swivel Capability

Your bar stools can be:

  1. With swivel capability (meaning the seat can spin around)
  2. Without swivel capability (meaning they don’t spin around)
  3. Combination of both adjustable height and swivel capability


  • Legs design

Your bar stools can be:

  1. Four-legged bar tools
  2. Three-egged bar stools
  3. Pedestal bar stools


  • Back design

Your bar stools can be:

  1. Backless bar stools
  2. High back bar stools
  3. Low back bar stools
  4. Solid back bar stools
  5. Mission back bar stools
  6. Cross back bar stools
  7. Ladder-back bar stools
  8. Windsor back bar stools
  9. Rolled back bar stools
  10. Curved back bar stools


  • Arms design

Your bar stools can be:

  1. With arms
  2. Without arms


  • Frame Material

The frame of your bar stools can be made from different materials like:

  1. Wood (oak, walnut, cherry, pine, etc.)
  2. Metal


  • Seating material

The seating of your bar stools can also be made from different materials like:

  1. Leather
  2. Faux leather
  3. Microfiber
  4. Plastic/acrylic
  5. Wicker

Different types of stools according to their style:

You can always choose from many different styles of bar stools and match them with the overall style of your home:


  • Modern style

One of the most popular types of bar stools these days come in modern style; these bar stools usually are with pedestal bases made of metal and leather seating in different colors. They usually have adjustable height and go really well with modern, minimal, or contemporary home designs.

  • Traditional style

Almost entirely opposite of the modern style, the traditional style of bar stools usually have four legs base, made of different types of woods with leather/microfiber seating in brownish color. They usually don’t have adjustable height and go well with the traditional wooden kitchens and home designs, as well as retro/rustic interiors.

  • Coastal style

Probably the most adorable style of bar stools is the coastal style; these barstools have wooden construction, (often in color, or in a worn-out look) footrests, and material seating (which is usually in a striped pattern or light color). These are the perfect choice for the white simple kitchen island or the stylish kitchen/bar in the summer beach houses.

  • Country cottage

Another popular style for bar stools is the country cottage style; bar stools in this style have wooden legs (almost always four), usually, they have back support (often covered with material to provide a more comfortable experience) and comfortable microfiber/leather seating. The design of the country cottage bar stools often has a reclaimed wood finish to give that warm look that goes really well with modern farmhouses.

  • Rustic/Western

If you love that industrial roughness in the designs of your furniture, then the rustic/western bar stools are the perfect choice for you. These bar stools are made from wood which is covered with high-quality leather. The legs are almost always arranged conically and reinforced with solid supports. Although they may look rough, when you take a closer look, you will notice that they have certain details that make them stand out, such as upholstery finished with decorative nail heads.

  • Scandinavian

In recent years more people started paying attention to the Scandinavian style as the need for simplicity, minimalism and elegance presented itself in our lives. Perfectly suited for anyone who adores modern, contemporary aesthetic for their home, the Scandinavian style bar stools have a curved low back, built-in footrest, and 360-degree swivel capabilities.

They are quite flexible when it comes to materials they are made of, so you can find bar stools in this style crafted from walnut wood, and metal, with faux leather upholstery. If you want barstools that will provide a sense of authenticity and comfort at the same time, then bar stools in Scandinavian style are the right choice for you.

  • Retro/Mid-Century

Of course, we can’t go without mentioning the one style that relentlessly keeps coming back, over and over again: the retro style. The retro/ mid-century bar stools usually have a metal-made base that can have 4 legs, 3 legs or pedestrian style. This stylish metal bar stool quite often features a curved back with a vertical slat and a cross brace under the seat for added support and stability.

There are many different variations of these bar stools, as they may not always have a back and their seating may be in different forms, colors even materials.

Nevertheless, they are the perfect choice for anyone who loves giving their home that cool, retro-vintage feelings and vibes.

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