Do You Wear Underwear with Leggings? (Going Commando In Leggings)

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Going Commando In Leggings

Do you have to wear underwear with leggings? If so, what kind? Where do you draw the line with “fashionable” leggings? And what about Lululemon pants — is it even possible to wear them without underwear? Do we really need another trend of wearing less and less clothing that prevents us from going anywhere without a coat on?

Believe it or not, there are actually some people who choose to go commando in their leggings. Chances are, you’re not one of them. But do you ever wonder if that is the right choice for you?

While you can wear leggings without underwear (and many do) it’s not an ideal option. Leggings are sort of like a “potential wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen,” whatever your style. In other words, they can get uncomfortable quickly and why risk it? Just wear underwear with leggings or pants. You’ll feel better in the long run.


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But that’s just my view… let’s dive in see if you can wear leggings without underwear and whether or not you should and a lot more…

Do You Wear Underwear with Leggings?

The debate is a longstanding one. Some women swear by wearing panties under their leggings at all times, while others refuse to do anything but go bottomless. So which way is right and which is wrong?

Telling someone they’re wrong never goes over well, so let’s focus on the positives. By giving yourself a little extra coverage in the back, you get a little extra protection against any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions. But most importantly, you’ll be avoiding the dreaded VPL (visible panty line).

So if you’re wearing your leggings as pants, it’s really up to personal preference whether you want to give yourself some extra security or just take your chances. If you’re wearing them as a base layer, then a bit of coverage might not be such a bad idea.

Do you wear underwear with leggings? This depends on the type of leggings you are wearing. If you are wearing sheer leggings or if the fabric is particularly thin, then it would be advisable to wear underwear beneath them.

Tights, hosiery, and stockings were traditionally worn as undergarments to be worn under another garment such as a dress or skirt. Leggings are an exception in that they are generally considered to be an outer garment and are worn by themselves.

Leggings should fit closely to your body but not be so tight that they become uncomfortable. In addition, they should not cut into or create bumps around your thighs. They should also cover all parts of your legs from waistline to ankles.

Leggings that do not meet these criteria may need to be worn with a shirt or tunic and should definitely be worn with panties or other forms of underwear beneath them.

Can You Wear Gym Leggings Without Underwear?

Bulky undies at the gym can be uncomfortable and awkward. That’s why many women opt to wear tight, form-fitting leggings as a substitute for their usual underwear.

Tight workout pants are usually made of synthetic material that doesn’t breathe well and can trap sweat and heat against the skin, which causes irritation and chafing.

Just like with regular underwear, wearing leggings without underwear leaves women vulnerable to infections because the skin is exposed to bacteria in public gyms.


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The main reason why many women avoid wearing leggings sans underwear is fear of panty lines or visible moisture stains.

The simple answer is no. Wearing leggings without underwear isn’t hygienic and it’s not a good idea from an aesthetic point of view either. Leggings are thin and unforgiving, so it can be very uncomfortable if you suffer from chafing, or if you give off a strong odor due to being on your period.

Tight clothing such as leggings should always be worn with underwear. It really doesn’t matter who notices them getting peed on as you’re running to the bathroom; it’s just not a good look. The best way to avoid embarrassing situations is to wear adequate undergarments that are designed for the activity you’re doing.

For example, wearing regular underwear when doing yoga won’t do you any favors. Yes, it may feel like wearing a diaper, but having a pair of cotton panties or boy shorts on will keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

It’s better for your skin to wear loose-fitting clothing instead of tight exercise clothes. Loose clothes let air circulate between your skin and the fabric, keeping you cool and reducing irritation. If you’re looking for extra coverage, consider wearing shorts over your leggings or tights.

What Underwear Do You Wear with Leggings?

A lot of people wear thongs or g-strings for two reasons: They are comfortable and help make your butt look smaller. They also add a layer between your sensitive parts and the leggings.


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The fashion world is constantly changing with new trends and designers, but at the end of the day, we all still have to wear something underneath our clothes. What underwear you wear is not a topic that comes up in casual conversation often, but when it does, people definitely have a lot of opinions!

The most popular style for this purpose is probably thongs. They are comfortable and accentuate your body in ways that make you feel sexy. It’s important when wearing leggings with a thong to make sure your underwear doesn’t show through the fabric. Shorts are another common choice since they are usually made out of materials that aren’t see-through.

A lot of women also prefer boy shorts or briefs because they give them more support than other styles. You can find these in many different colors, patterns, and styles as well. Another option is thigh-highs, but these are a little less popular than other choices for daily wear.

It’s hard to say what underwear you should wear with leggings because it depends on so many factors. For example, if you work out regularly, you might want something breathable like boy shorts or a thong to help keep you cool while you’re sweating it out.

Can You Wear Lululemon Pants Without Underwear?

The answer is yes. You definitely can. You need to make sure they fit correctly and they’re made of stretchy material. If they are, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to wear them without any undergarments at all.

If you’re not wearing them for physical activity like yoga or running, though, I would still advise wearing a thong or seamless underwear. It helps with the appearance of your bottom line as well as keeping things clean down there.

So, it’s up to you if you want to go commando in your lululemon pants or not. The choice is yours!

Do You Wear Underwear With Yoga Leggings?

Tight-fitting activewear like yoga pants offer an appealing alternative to pantyhose and full-cut jeans, but that’s part of the reason why some people feel uncomfortable wearing them without underwear.

If you go commando with your tights, you’re more likely to get chafing and rashes, even when you’re just doing a few light stretches in your living room.

However, some yoga leggings come with an attached liner or waistband so there is no need for underwear below that point. There are others who prefer to have a little extra protection when doing yoga though, so they opt for boy shorts or briefs under their yoga pants instead.

So… The short answer is that you should wear underwear with your leggings if you want to feel comfortable, but it’s ultimately up to you.

There are several reasons why you might want to wear underwear with your yoga pants. For one thing, women often worry about their leggings becoming see-through when they bend over or move around in the right way. Wearing a pair of underwear with your yoga pants helps prevent this from happening.

Another reason is comfort. If you decide to wear yoga pants without any underwear, it can sometimes feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. They can be very thin and can sometimes be a bit more revealing than jeans, depending on the style and material used. Some people prefer the feeling of protection that comes with wearing panties underneath their leggings.

How Can I Hide My Underwear with Leggings?

If you choose to wear underwear with your yoga pants, make sure they are made of fabric that will not become transparent when in contact with your skin. This means that cotton or cotton blends are the best choices for this type of clothing.

In summary, in the end, you’re going to have to make your own decision about whether to wear underwear with leggings. Just remember that different outfits have different requirements. And as long as you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, nobody else has the right to criticize your choice on a fashion level.

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