Versace Brands: 9 Popular Versace Styles

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Versace is an Italian luxury fashion brand known for its bold, edgy style…. The brand has a history of being ahead of the curve in fashion and design, and its aesthetic is still very much on-trend today.

Versace’s logo is inspired by Medusa, who in Greek mythology is a winged human female…. As such many of Versace’s items are named in a similar fashion such as Greca Goddess, La Medusa, and so on.

The main sub-brands of Versace are Versace Collection, Versace Jeans Couture, Versace Home, and Versus…. However, I think it is more enlightening to take a look at the styles on offer across the entire range of Versace brands.

So…… let’s look at major styles sold by Versace and see what they have to offer:

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Versace Barocco is a fun and bold print that’s been around for decades. It features bold geometrics and has been used on everything from activewear, bed comforters, umbrellas, bralettes, thongs, bikinis, sneakers, and kitchen sets to dishes, caps, and cushions.

Versace Barocco is also often seen in dresses, shorts, bathrobes, and pajamas.

The print was first introduced in 1986 by Gianni Versace himself after he returned from a trip to India where he discovered the color-blocked textiles used in traditional Indian clothing.

The designer was inspired by their use of vibrant colors and geometric patterns when creating his signature line of women’s wear which included suits with bold prints including this one.

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When you think of Versace’s signature look, you probably picture bright colors and bold patterns—and you’re right: that’s exactly what you’ll find when you visit one of their stores or browse their online shop…. But what makes them so special isn’t just their eye-catching designs; it’s also how they’re made.

The company uses high-quality fabrications like silk and leather alongside innovative technology like holographic printing techniques to create truly unique pieces. They create everything from watches to shirts to sunglasses to socks, but it’s all about the design.

Versace’s watches are just as glamorous as the rest of its products…. They’re made with gold and silver, leather straps, and gemstones—sometimes all at once!

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When you’re looking for a style that can make all your fashion dreams come true, Greca is the one to choose…. They offer an array of products including sneakers, bracelets, trunks, bralettes, thongs, jockstraps, briefs, earrings, rings, belts, trousers, and sweatpants.

They also have sandals and socks for when you’re chilling out on the beach or just hanging out at home…. For colder weather days they have hoodies.

If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses or boots then their collection is sure to satisfy your needs! The Greca collection also features a wide variety of watches in different styles and colors.

Greca Goddess

The Greca Goddess line is known for its bold, statement-making designs…. From handbags and pouches to shoulder bags and mini bags, this line has something for every occasion…. You can also find wallets, card holders, and chain belts in the collection.

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The Medusa is the goddess of beauty, and the brand Versace is known for its focus on beauty…. Medusa is known for its sunglasses, backpacks, rings, bags, boots, and shoes…. It also offers slides, slippers, pouches, loafers, necklaces, and belts…. Medusa even has cutlery and mugs!

The brand also has a range of home accessories like teapots and candle holders to go with your ceramic plates and vases. For the ladies, you can find corset tops or shirts in their collection as well as lots more!

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I Ventagli

I Ventagli is Versace’s womenswear line…. It’s known for its bold, loud prints, as well as its feminine silhouettes and signature vibrant colors.

I Ventagli is known for its wide range of products, including earrings, leggings, skirts, dresses, hoodies, jackets, sweaters, shirts, shawls, pants, cardigans, and more…. They are also known for their signature prints.

From the classic look of a button-down shirt to the casual comfort of a hoodie, you can find everything you need in this collection.


The Fendace collection ranges from micro bags to shoulder bags and footwear to shirts, sweaters, socks, blazers, caps, and more…. They also offer tights, pants, coats, hoodies, and swimsuits as well as tote bags and dresses.

Their accessories include belts as well as wallets and keychains in addition to jewelry like earrings and necklaces (and even watches!).

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Virtus is the high-fashion line of Versace, and it has a wide range of offerings.

Virtus bags are known for their high quality and their use of fine materials…. They’re available in many different styles, including cross-body bags, shoulder bags, clutches, evening bags, backpacks, travel totes, and more…. The collection also features wallets and card cases in a variety of materials.

Other popular items from Virtus include belts and sunglasses…. The belts come in leather or fabric options with bold designs like animal print or snakeskin prints on one side and more subdued colors on the other side.

The sunglasses have classic shapes that look good on everyone—whether you’re looking for aviator styles or cat eye frames! They come with polarized lenses to help protect your eyes from UV rays while still making sure they look fashionable.

Jewelry is another well-known category from Virtus: there’s everything from classic pendants to statement necklaces and earrings so you can accessorize your outfits with pieces that match but don’t clash!

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Aevitas Versace is a line of footwear that combines the brand’s iconic style with new technology and materials.

Aevitas Versace is all about platform shoes, boots, sandals, loafers, and mules…. Their most popular models include the Lady Crystal Platform Sandal and the Lady Crystal Platform Boot…. Their most popular color is pink—there are at least three different shades of pink available!

Aevitas Versace is known for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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