Why Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chairs Are The Best Saucer Chairs

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Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair

If you are looking for the best Urban Shop oversized saucer chair that is perfect for adults then there are two standout options to choose from.  You will find both of these big saucer chairs to be very comfortable and easy to get in and out of…

They look great in your room, and some adults can even curl up in them and go to sleep or read a book. The Urban Shop brand is well known for top quality and these very sturdy saucer chairs are no exception…

The Saucer Chair is a great choice for any living room, living space, or bedroom. It is also easy to move around the house, even by one person. The saucer-shaped seat is very comfortable and the soft faux fur fabric feels good against your skin.

Let’s look at these oversized saucer chairs in more detail…

Oversized Saucer Chair For Adults

Add contemporary style to any room with this oversized Mongolian curved chair. It’s perfect for gaming or movie watching and the durable steel-frame construction will give your family years of enjoyment…

Soft and cozy, this oversized saucer chair is perfect to lounge on. It can be used in the family room, bedroom, entryway, office, or dorm room. Because of its size, it offers plenty of space for multiple people to sit together comfortably.

This oversize saucer chair is great for relaxing with your favorite book or watching television. It can also be placed in front of a desk for extra seating.


Urban Shop Oversized Mongolian Saucer Chair


Urban Shop Oversized Mongolian Saucer Chair, White
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What Consumers Said About This Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair:


A Very Large And Sturdy Saucer Chair For Adults

Right out of the box… popped it open, sat down, and literally didn’t want to have to get back up. I have had it all of 15 minutes… literally… and felt I needed to write. Larger than I thought it would be, which was a great surprise. Definitely for an adult and not undersized. Comfortable.

  • I am 1000% happy with this chair it’s plush and super big as stated.
  • You won’t be disappointed. I’m 5’4 and I can almost curl into a ball and sit in it highly recommend it.
  • I like the simplicity and the size of the chair.
  • So comfy and fits adults!
  • Great, sturdy chair for kids or adults.
  • This chair should work for just about any adult.
  • They are nice and big even an adult can fit in them comfortable
  • This chair exceeded my expectations, it’s large enough for me (adult) to use and my kid absolutely enjoys it.
  • It is perfect for adults and super soft.
  • I got white and love the color and it is comfortable because the size is perfect.
  • It’s foldable, comfortable, huge, very fluffy, and soft
  • My 11-year-old loves this chair!! It is very comfortable and great for adults as well.
  • I would recommend this chair for any late teen/adult!!

They were the perfect size for an adult person, easy to fold and put out of the way when not being used.

  • It’s big and comfortable.
  • Nice size for curling up and reading a good book.
  • It is also much bigger than I expected.
  • The Mongolian oversized saucer chair is perfect to curl up in and read a book, watch movies, or even nap in.
  • The size makes it comfortable for almost everyone. 
  • This is super comfortable, and anyone could curl up in it and still feel like they aren’t taking up enough space on it. 
  • I bought this for my daughter-in-law who loves it, but my 6′ son can also sit in it quite comfortably.
  • If you want a chair for a grown-up and not a child or teenager – you found it!
  • The size is amazing and I can actually cuddle up with a blanket.


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This Is A Very Comfortable Oversized Saucer Chair 

The oversized design makes it great for large areas while still being comfortable. The soft faux fur fabric will keep you warm while you relax after a long day of work or school. This saucer chair is available in three colors that will match any decor.

Its soft, comfortable, big enough to curl up in if you’re short if not still extremely comfortable for a tall person to sit in. I had my mother in law try it she’s 5’7″ and fit in it very well and she was comfortable.

  • I needed something comfortable for a small space and this fits the bill.
  • It’s very comfortable.
  • I love this chair. Very comfortable cute and soft.
  • It’s very comfortable and soft.
  • I tried it out first (I’m 5’7″ 135lbs) and was able to comfortably curl right up!
  • This chair is absolutely perfect. Soft and comfortable
  • Very cozy and comfortable. We have to fight the cat to take turns in it:)
  • So soft and comfortable.
  • Awesome chair!!! I love it and it is very comfortable!!
  • It is very comfortable and sturdy.
  • Soft fuzzy material and very inviting.
  • So comfortable that my daughter fell asleep on its first day!
  • They were so soft and so very comfortable, as well as, sturdy and secure.
  • My husband and I can sit comfortably.

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Everyone In Your Home Will Love This Oversized Saucer Chair From Urban Shop

The Saucer Chair by Urban Shop features a wide, oversized seat with built-in armrests for extra comfort. The faux fur upholstery is soft and warm, adding an extra plushness to the chair for relaxation. The frame is made of solid wood with foam padding for optimal support.

Both comfy and stylish, the Urban Oversized Mongolian Faux Fur Saucer Chair is an excellent addition to any living room, den, or kids bedroom.

My husband purchased this chair for gaming and watching T.V. and he doesn’t even let me use it of how much he loves it!.

  • My daughters love it! 
  • I plan on getting another one for my living room because I love the chair that much. 
  • We just received this absolutely wonderful chair. love it.
  • Everyone loves this chair and yes especially our cat.
  • I bought this for my grandson’s room and he loves it. 
  • I absolutely love it! Best one on amazon!
  • Exactly what my daughter wanted for the room, she loves this chair.
  • My daughter loves her new chair. The color is very pretty too.
  • This was a gift for my 11-year-old son – he loves it! He uses it for reading, gaming, hanging out.
  • My daughter is 7 and she loves this chair. She can lay in it and still has room to wiggle.
  • I bought this for my girl’s room and she absolutely loves it, as well as I do when I go in and hang out.
  • I really love this chair, it was so much better than I was expecting.
  • Bought 2 of these for my Gand-daughters and they LOVE them.
  • They were a perfect size and we love that you can fold them up and slide them under the bed.
  • We all loved sitting in it. It will be nice and warm in the winter due to the fur.
  • Love this product, got it for my nephew & he thought it was Awesome!
  • My daughter & her roommate love this chair for their college dorm room!
  • It gives them extra comfortable seating that they didn’t have in their crowded space & it’s nice that it can be folded up & put away if needed.
  • My college daughter loves this chair as it’s soft and comfy.


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This Oversized Saucer Chair Is Excellent Value For The Money

The saucer chair is a symbol of the ’60s and 70’s. It brings back memories of a time when people were more free and open. If you are looking for a modern twist on the classic saucer chair, this oversized fur saucer chair is for you.
The quality is great! It’s an immediate eye-catcher in any room.

The color is a very rich black and the faux fur feels great to sit on! These will be a great addition to your home or as gifts for that special someone.

After realizing that I would be working from home for 2 months, I new it was time for a office chair upgrade. The chair provides great support. It is comfortable and well padded.

  • This is worth my money.
  • Great chair for the money.
  • Good deal for the money.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Incredible product for the price.
  • Great quality for the price.
  • Definitely worth the price and it’s a great price for the quality!!
  • Very good product for the price!
  • My nieces and nephews have all sat in it while playing video games. It’s the best!
  • Omg, this may be the best purchase on amazon yet!!


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Another Excellent Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair To Consider:


Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair

Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair, Black
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The Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair is great for dorm rooms, dens, and TV rooms. It features an oversized diameter perfect for chilling out with friends or just enjoying some alone time on the couch.

The incredibly unique saucer design makes this a comfortable place to sit. Each saucer chair is made of durable molded polyester canvas that covers a sturdy frame, which provides good back support.


er Comments:

Love these. Super big and at a decent height of 5′ 10′ I can still curl up in it. I weight around 180 Lbs and no problems to report. Super cool!

  • I’m 5’7″ and 140 pounds and this chair fits my size comfortably.
  • It has enough space for our kids to curl up in it easily with room to spare. But it is quite comfortable for an average-sized adult too.
  • I am 5’2 and approx 130 lbs and I can sit with room left over to put a pillow next to me.
  • It’s plenty spacious, Soo comfortable, and such great material!!
  • I’m between 5′ 2″ and 5′ 3″ as are a couple of other females that also tried it- comfortable for all of us.
  • Also, my mom who is overweight and in her 60’s and taller than me- but also my tallest son who is close to 6′ is very comfortable in them.
  • This chair arrived ahead of schedule and is truly oversized!
  • It fits an adult 5’7” and almost 200 lbs.
  • This was a beautiful addition to my living room!
  • The chair is aesthetically pleasing and really comfortable: I’m 5’10”, yet I fit in it nicely–and have fallen asleep in it two times thus far!

If You’re Looking For A Foldable Papasan-Like Chair For An Adult, THIS IS IT!

My son (23) wanted a saucer chair for his apartment; He’s 5’10” and 170 lbs … there were NO issues holding him or the sturdiness. In addition I’m 5’9” ( female) and 145 lbs and was able to sit comfortably, sideways with legs folded in the chair ( u know , all curled up ) and still was comfy.

  • Such a great addition for any teen or young adult’s new apartment with little or no budget for decor.
  • The real color is so vibrant and works well with her room.
  • Overall, this chair is awesome.
  • The color, size, durability, and price are great.
  • These chairs are more comfortable than I expected.
  • Got this for my 7-year-old and I find myself relaxing in it whenever I go in their room lol I’m 5’8” 162lbs and it doesn’t sink in, tip over, or make me feel squished in.
  • I thought this would be more so for kids but it’s great for both kids and adults!
  • Such a comfortable, cozy chair. You know you have a great chair when you start to fall fast asleep in it while you’re watching tv LOL.
  • Very comfy lounge chair for reading by the window. 
  • Comfiest chair IN THE WORLD AND SO EASY.
  • All you have to do when you open it is unfold it you don’t need to put it together or anything.


The Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair Is Easy To Get In And Out Of!

Just great …my daughter needed a nursing place that she could sit in with legs crossed and comfortably leaning back to breast feed and sleep…she is in love with this chair big enough to get in and out of ..the tilt ensures lean back enough but not to far so you are able to exit !

  • I think this is one of the largest saucer chairs on the market that is in this price range.
  • Chairs are perfect for our sunroom.
  • No assembly, very comfortable, easy to get in and out of.
  • Good construction, great look and adds to the appearance of the room.
  • I recently had major back surgery, and I thought I might have a problem exiting the chair, but I just hold on to one side, while putting my foot on the bottom left of the chair. It steadies the chair, so I can easily get out of it.

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In summary, we don’t think you can go wrong with either of the Urban Shop oversized saucer chairs mentioned above however we have slightly favored the Urban Shop Oversized Mongolian Saucer Chair as our top pick. Features Contemporary design coordinates with most furniture styles.

Sink into this generously sized chair that looks as good as it feels. With generous proportions and ultra-plush 100% polyester fabric, you’ll love curling up with a favorite read or relaxing with friends while watching TV.

The extra-wide design is perfect for big kids, teens, or college students, and the durable metal frame makes it easy to transport from room to room. Add modern style to your living room or den area, entertainment space, or any space where you need comfy extra seating.

The Urban Shop Oversized Mongolian Faux Fur Saucer Chair is the perfect accent chair for any bedroom or young adult’s room! It is not only affordable but also has such a unique look. Who wouldn’t want this chair in their room? Its size and sturdy frame will ensure comfort no matter how long you decide to relax.

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