Is Tower A Good Brand For Air Fryer? Our Rating = 78/100

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Wondering if Tower is a good brand for an air fryer? You’re not alone. In this article, we’ll delve into the cooking performance, energy efficiency, and durability of Tower air fryers.

We’ll also look at safety features, customer support, and customer reviews. Lastly, we’ll compare Tower with its competitors.

By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of whether a Tower air fryer is the right choice for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Tower air fryers offer versatility and health benefits, allowing users to experiment with a variety of dishes and enjoy crispy treats with fewer calories.
  • Tower air fryers are designed with easy cleaning in mind, with removable parts that are dishwasher safe and non-stick cooking surfaces that prevent food from sticking.
  • Tower air fryers come with a 1-year warranty that can be extended up to 3 years, and repairs or replacements are free of charge within the warranty period.
  • Tower air fryers have received rave reviews praising their quality, ease of use, and reasonable pricing, and customers appreciate the versatility to cook a wide array of dishes.

Tower Air Fryer Brand Ratings = 78/100

CriteriaRating (out of 10)Description
Cooking Performance8Tower air fryers generally produce crispy and evenly cooked food, but some models may have variations in results depending on the specific model and recipe.
Energy Efficiency9Tower designs its air fryers to be energy-efficient, helping users save on electricity costs while contributing to a more sustainable cooking option.
Capacity Options7Tower offers a decent range of capacity options, but they might have a narrower selection compared to some other brands. Still, most customers can find a suitable size for their needs.
Build Quality8Tower air fryers typically feature sturdy construction, ensuring durability and longevity with proper care. However, there might be occasional complaints about specific models or components.
Safety Features9Tower incorporates essential safety features like automatic shut-off and cool-touch handles, prioritizing user safety during cooking.
User-friendly Controls7Tower’s air fryers usually have straightforward controls, but some models might lack advanced features or have a less intuitive interface.
Versatility7While Tower air fryers can handle basic air frying and cooking tasks well, they might offer limited additional cooking functions compared to more high-end brands.
Easy Cleaning8Tower’s air fryers are generally easy to clean, thanks to removable and dishwasher-safe components, but certain models might have more intricate parts that require careful cleaning.
Warranty & Support8Tower provides reasonable warranties and responsive customer support, ensuring customers feel confident in their purchase. However, some users might have mixed experiences with support.
Customer Reviews7Customer reviews for Tower air fryers are generally positive, but there may be occasional mixed feedback about specific models or features.

Tower Air Fryer Cooking Performance

Tower’s air fryer doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cooking performance, consistently delivering crispy and evenly cooked food. It’s designed to make cooking easier and faster, with a large cooking capacity that can accommodate a variety of foods.

Plus, the cooking speed is impressive, allowing you to prepare meals in less time compared to traditional cooking methods.

The flavor retention of food cooked in a Tower air fryer is also noteworthy. Unlike deep-frying, it doesn’t saturate your food with oil, but rather circulates hot air around the food, ensuring that the flavor is locked in.

Tower's air fryer doesn't disappoint when it comes to cooking performance

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Here’s a quick comparison in a tabulated form:

AspectDeep FryingTower Air Frying
Cooking SpeedSlowerFaster
Flavor RetentionLessMore
Oil UsageHighLow
HealthinessLess healthyHealthier

Tower air fryers are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They have intuitive controls, easy-to-clean parts, and a sleek design that fits well in any kitchen. The brand’s commitment to quality and performance is evident in their air fryers.

So, if you’re considering getting an air fryer, the Tower brand is definitely worth considering.

Energy Efficiency and Power Consumption

You’ll notice that your energy bills aren’t skyrocketing, as these appliances are designed to be power-efficient. Tower air fryers are designed with an eco-friendly design that doesn’t compromise on performance.

These appliances utilize rapid air circulation technology, which not only cooks your food quickly but also uses less electricity. This means you can enjoy your favorite fried foods without worrying about the energy consumption.

Tower air fryers are designed with an eco-friendly design that doesn't compromise on performance.

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Consider the following comparison:

Tower Air FryerTraditional Oven
Power ConsumptionLowHigh
Cooking SpeedFastSlow
Noise LevelLowHigh

You can see that the Tower Air Fryer trumps a traditional oven in all aspects, including noise level. One of the best things about Tower air fryers is their quiet operation. You won’t have to deal with the annoying hum or buzz of a traditional oven.

Without a doubt, Tower Air Fryers are a standout choice when it comes to energy efficiency and power consumption. So, if you’re all about saving energy and reducing noise pollution in your kitchen, this brand is a top pick.

Capacity Options and Size Variations

When it comes to capacity options and size variations, there’s something to suit every household’s needs. Tower brand air fryers offer a range of capacities, from compact models suitable for individuals or small families, to larger units that can handle a feast for a crowd.

The design aesthetics are also varied, with sleek, modern styles that will fit seamlessly into any kitchen decor.

Tower brand air fryers offer a range of capacities

Let’s look at two popular models:

ModelCapacityDimensionsDesign AestheticsPortability Aspects
Tower T170053.2 Liters38.6 x 35.3 x 31.5 cmModern, sleek, blackCompact and lightweight
Tower T1703811 Liters34.5 x 32 x 36.5 cmSleek, modern, stainless steelBigger but still portable

The T17005, for instance, is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around. On the other hand, the T17038, while bigger, maintains portability aspects that allow it to be easily relocated as needed.

Remember, the perfect air fryer for you hinges on your household’s needs. Consider not only the quantity of food you typically prepare but also the space available on your kitchen counter. With its varied options, Tower ensures that there’s a suitable air fryer for you.

Build Quality and Durability

Rest assured, the build quality and durability of these appliances won’t disappoint you. Tower air fryers are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring they’re robust and long-lasting.

Material usage is one of the key factors that contribute to the sturdiness of these products. Whether it’s the tough exterior casing or the non-stick interior, every part exudes quality.

High-quality PlasticDurable and easy to clean
Non-stick CoatingPrevents food from sticking and easy to clean
Stainless SteelAdds to longevity and aesthetic appeal

The product lifespan of a Tower air fryer is another selling point. With proper care, these appliances can last you for many years, making them a worthwhile investment for your kitchen.

They’re designed to withstand frequent use, so you can rely on them for your daily cooking needs.

Don’t just take our word for it, experience the quality and durability of a Tower air fryer for yourself. You’ll quickly understand why this brand has earned such high praise for its reliable and sturdy kitchen appliances.

Safety Features and Precautions

It’s essential to consider the safety features and precautions that your kitchen appliances come with, isn’t it? With a Tower air fryer, you’ll find measures in place to ensure safe operation. These include fire prevention measures and solutions to avoid overheating.

Let’s dive deeper into these features:

Safety FeatureDescriptionBenefit
Auto Shut-offTurns off the unit after a specific period of inactivityPrevents overheating and potential fire hazards
Cool Touch HandleEnsures the handle remains cool, even when the appliance is hotPrevents burns when handling the appliance
Non-slip FeetKeeps the air fryer from sliding on countertopsAvoids accidental spills and potential injuries

The auto shut-off feature is a fantastic fire prevention measure. If you happen to forget about your cooking, there’s no need to worry about coming back to a kitchen fire.

Additionally, the cool touch handle and non-slip feet are great safety features that protect you from burns and spills.

With a Tower air fryer, you don’t just get a device that cooks your meals to perfection. You get an appliance designed with your safety in mind, ensuring you can cook with peace and confidence.

User-Friendly Controls and Digital Display

You’ll appreciate the user-friendly controls and digital display that make your cooking experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

With Tower air fryers, the control responsiveness is top-notch. This means you won’t be left frustrated with a control panel that doesn’t react immediately to your touch.

The display clarity is also exceptional. With clear, bright LED displays, you can easily see what settings you’ve chosen, even in low-light conditions. You don’t have to squint or use a torch to see what temperature or time you’ve set, which is a common problem with some other brands.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this in the following table:

FeatureTower Air FryerOther Brands
Control ResponsivenessExcellentVaries
Display ClarityHighVaries
Ease of UseUser-friendlyVaries
Customizable SettingsAvailableVaries
Consistent PerformanceYesVaries

So, when it comes to user-friendly controls and digital display, Tower air fryers are certainly a top contender. The control responsiveness and display clarity make for a seamless, stress-free cooking experience.

You can confidently adjust settings knowing that the fryer will respond quickly and display your selections clearly. No need to worry about mishaps or misunderstandings with the controls. With a Tower air fryer, you’re in good hands.

Versatility and Cooking Modes

Let’s dive into the versatility and cooking modes of these handy appliances, shall we? Tower air fryers are not one-trick ponies. They offer a range of cooking modes to cater to your culinary needs. Whether you’re craving crispy fries or a juicy steak, Tower has you covered.

Take a look at this table to get a glimpse of the versatility of a Tower air fryer:

Cooking ModeFood TypeHealth Benefits
FryFrench fries, chickenLess oil usage, Lower fat content
RoastBeef, chicken, vegetablesRetains nutrients, Lower saturated fats
BakeCakes, pastriesLower calorie intake, Controlled sugar levels
GrillFish, steakRetains Omega-3 fatty acids, Lowers cholesterol

The versatility extends beyond cooking modes to recipe variety. With a Tower air fryer, you can experiment with a plethora of dishes. The best part? You reap significant health benefits.

Tower air fryers use rapid air circulation technology, which requires less oil. This means you get to enjoy your favourite crispy treats with fewer calories. So, with a Tower air fryer, you can indulge without compromising your health. Isn’t that a deal you just can’t resist?

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance don’t have to be a chore with these appliances. If you’re using a Tower air fryer, you’ll find that it’s designed with easy cleaning and maintenance in mind.

The removable parts are dishwasher safe, which makes post-cooking cleanup a breeze. Plus, the non-stick cooking surfaces prevent food from sticking, saving you time and effort in scrubbing.

Let’s consider the following table to understand the benefits of easy cleaning and maintenance:

AspectTraditional FryerTower Air Fryer
Cleaning TimeUsually long due to oil residueQuick due to non-stick surfaces
MaintenanceRegular to avoid oil build-upMinimal due to oil-free benefits
Health considerationsPossible oil contaminationReduced risk due to oil-free cooking

The oil-free benefits of the Tower air fryer not only affect ease of cleaning but also have significant health considerations. Since there’s no excess oil to deal with, you won’t risk contaminating your food with old, reheated oil.

You’ll find that the ease of maintaining a Tower air fryer does not compromise on its performance or the quality of the food. So, enjoy delicious, healthy meals without worrying about the cleaning and maintenance.

Warranty, Customer Support & Return Policy

When it comes to warranty, customer support, and return policy, rest assured you’re covered. Tower air fryers come with a 1-year warranty that can be extended up to 3 years for additional peace of mind. This warranty extension ensures that, should your appliance fail within this period, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Tower’s customer support is accessible and efficient, ready to provide solutions to any issues you may run into. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. A knowledgeable and friendly support team that can troubleshoot issues and provide guidance on usage.
  2. A helpline that’s open during regular business hours, providing prompt assistance when you need it.
  3. A user-friendly website complete with a comprehensive FAQ section, detailed product guides, and easy-to-follow video tutorials.

When it comes to returns, Tower also offers a hassle-free return policy within a specified period. Remember to keep your receipt and packaging in case you need to return the product.

So, with Tower, you’re not only getting a high-quality air fryer but also top-notch customer support and a solid warranty. It’s all about making your cooking experience as seamless as possible.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

It’s clear that customer satisfaction is a top priority for Tower air fryers. This is reflected in the rave reviews they receive, often praising their quality, ease of use, and reasonable pricing.

But how can you be sure that these reviews are authentic?

  1. Review Authenticity: Reviews for Tower air fryers can be found on various reputable sites, such as Amazon and Argos. These platforms have stringent policies against fake reviews, ensuring that the feedback you see can be trusted.
  2. Customer Experience: Overwhelmingly, users love their Tower air fryers. They rave about how these appliances make their lives easier and healthier. The versatility to cook a wide array of dishes is also highly appreciated.
  3. Pricing Comparison: When comparing the prices of Tower air fryers to other brands, customers appreciate getting more bang for their buck. These air fryers are often more affordable than other brands, yet they don’t compromise on quality or features.

Surely, the positive reviews and affordable pricing of Tower air fryers showcase a high level of customer satisfaction. Tower seems to hit the sweet spot between value for money and uncompromised quality, making it a favorite among users.

Competitor Alternatives to Tower Air Fryer

Despite Tower’s popularity, there are certainly other alternatives in the market that might pique your interest. It’s always wise to weigh your options and make comparisons before making a purchase.

Here are a few competitors you might want to consider:

BrandMain Advantages
PhilipsRenowned for its build quality and high performance.
TefalOffers a range of models with unique features at competitive prices.
NinjaGained reputation for its multi-functionality and easy-to-use digital interface.

Price comparison is one crucial factor. Philips generally leans towards the higher end, while Tefal and Ninja offer more affordable options.

However, don’t let the price tag be the sole decision-making factor. It’s also essential to consider the brand reputation, which speaks volumes about the product’s reliability and performance.

Looking beyond Tower can give you a broader perspective on what’s available out there. Each brand has its unique strengths that cater to different users’ needs. It’s all about finding the right fit for your kitchen.

Remember, the best air fryer for you is the one that ticks all your boxes, not necessarily the most popular one.

Final Thoughts

So, you’ve got a lot to consider before making your final choice, haven’t you? After weighing up all the factors, it’s clear that Tower brings a lot to the table in the air fryer market.

Their pricing analysis shows they offer a good balance of affordability and quality, compared to more expensive brands. Tower’s market presence is also a testament to their quality and customer satisfaction.

Remember, an air fryer is an investment, not just a purchase. You’re buying a tool that will help you make healthier, tastier meals with ease. Tower has an impressive range of models to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that fits your specific needs and budget.

You’ve done your homework, compared alternatives, and considered your options. Now, it’s time to make a decision. Is Tower the right brand for you? Only you can answer that. But if you’re looking for a reliable, reasonably priced air fryer with a solid reputation, you could do a lot worse than Tower. After all, their popularity didn’t happen by accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other kitchen appliances does Tower manufacture apart from air fryers?

Apart from air fryers, Tower also manufactures a variety of innovative kitchen appliances. You’ll find the Tower Blender variety perfect for your smoothie cravings and their innovative toasters for your breakfast needs.

Are there any special accessories or attachments available with Tower air fryers?

Yes, Tower air fryers often come with accessories like frying baskets and grill pans. They’re easy to clean too. Also, check out the warranty details for additional peace of mind when buying.

How does the price of Tower air fryers compare with other brands in the market?

While considering fryer efficiency and warranty details, Tower air fryers are competitively priced. They’re not the cheapest, but the performance and extended warranty make them a value for money choice compared to other brands.

How long has Tower been in the business of manufacturing kitchen appliances?

Tower has been in the business of manufacturing kitchen appliances since 1912. With over a century of experience, Tower’s beginnings have led to their reputation for reliability in the market today.

Does Tower offer international shipping for its air fryers?

Yes, Tower offers international shipping for its air fryers. However, shipping costs and customs policies vary depending on the destination. It’s important to check these details before placing your order to avoid any surprises.


In conclusion, you’ll find that Tower is a great brand for air fryers. They offer efficient cooking, energy-saving features, and various size options.

Their build quality is robust, and they come with safety features for peace of mind. The customer satisfaction is high, and their customer support is commendable.

You might find other alternatives, but Tower holds its ground quite well. Give a Tower air fryer a try, you won’t be disappointed!