Is Tommy John A Good Brand? (Tommy John Underwear )

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What Is The Tommy John Brand Known For?

Tommy John has successfully reinvented men’s underwear – yes, that’s a big claim. They make underwear the way it should be: more tailored, fit, and fashionable. 

As a result, they produce underwear that never rides up, socks that never roll down, apparel that moves with you, and their much-anticipated women’s line.

If you’re sick of uncomfortable underwear, then the Tommy John is for you. Though the brand is known for its best-selling men’s underwear they have expanded into women’s underwear as well.

Tommy John customers have consistently reported that the new underwear feels much better on their bodies, secures their ride better, and feels more flattering on their changing figures.

Below I have listed some of Tommy John’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Tommy John Is A Good Brand For Boxer Briefs

It’s no wonder that celebrities and athletes – the toughest critics of underwear – wear Tommy John. The patented Second Skin fabric feels as good as it looks, and the chic styling is cut just for guys’ bodies to feel even better.

This fabric has been specifically engineered to be non-pilling, super comfortable, and extremely durable.


Tommy John Men’s Underwear, Boxer Briefs, Second Skin Fabric with 8″ Inseam


Tommy John Men's Second Skin Boxer Briefs - 3 Pack - No Ride-Up Comfortable Breathable Underwear for Men (Turbulence Grey, Small)

Featuring our proprietary 360 stretch micro modal fabric for a soft, super-stretchy fit, you will never want to take these off.

The secret to this fabric is in the tiny micro modals that act like thousands of little sponges and will keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and dry all year round.

These 8″ Inseam Boxer Briefs have a Contour Pouch that nests the boys, Stay-Put Waistband that won’t roll, sag or leave marks, and a Horizontal Quick Draw Fly for easy access when nature calls. These are the everyday boxer briefs you’ve been dreaming of…

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Tommy John Is A Good Brand For Briefs

Tommy John’s Men’s Underwear, Second Skin Briefs, 3 Pack will change your life. These premium briefs are designed for daily wear.

Whether you commute to work in a rush, hit the gym after a long day at work, or simply enjoy a casual day out on the town, this product will not only make your workout routine easier but also enhance the aesthetics of your looking good on every outfit.


Tommy John Men’s Underwear, Second Skin Briefs, 3 Pack


Tommy John Men's Second Skin Briefs - 3 Pack - No Ride-Up Comfortable Breathable Underwear for Men (Black, Medium)


Designed with premium top-quality stretch fabric, this drawer features a contoured pouch to cradle and protect the load while staying put throughout each use.

Its signature flat snap closure ensures added convenience and durability along with stowing away neatly away under your seat or across your workout mat if you so choose.

These briefs are made with premium Second Skin stretch fabric that is soft, smooth, and very comfortable.

It will not constrict or pull against your skin and the seams have been specially designed not to get tangled up or bunched up underneath your clothes…

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Tommy John Is A Good Brand For Trunks

Tommy John’s square cut trunks are designed and cut to be worn every day. Featuring our second-skin fit, they offer no pinching, no bunching, no riding up, and no adjustment needed.

Premium Second Skin stretch fabric is super soft, smooth, and luxe. Stay-Put Waistband won’t roll, sag, or leave marks. Contour Pouch holds your boys in place—no pinching, no bunching, no riding up!


Tommy John Men’s Square-Cut Trunks


Tommy John Men's Second Skin Square Cut Trunks - 3 Pack - Comfortable Breathable Soft Underwear for Men (Black, XX-Large)


The Square-Cut Trunks are designed with a stay-put waistband that won’t roll, sag or leave marks; the contoured pouch nestles the boys. And the no pinching, no bunching, no riding up.

The custom Stay Dry Fabric kept things comfortable for day in and day out wear. Available in other sizes and colors, this style also comes in trunk briefs, boxers and boxer briefs.

The premium Second Skin fabric means it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. They are luxuriously soft to the touch, with a super soft waistband that never digs…

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Tommy John Women’s Underwear

Say yes to a really good underwear experience with Tommy John’s Cheeky panties. Made from super-soft fabrics, our underwear is designed for maximum breathability, keeping you cool and dry all day long.

Women’s underwear shouldn’t be something you dread wearing. The comfortable Second Skin Cheeky by Tommy John is designed for movement and feels like a second skin (or barely there at all). Soft, moisture-wicking fabric combined with innovative design gives these panties a fit that moves with you.


Tommy John Women’s Underwear, Cheeky Panties


Tommy John Women's Second Skin Cheeky Panties - 3 Pack - Comfortable Bikini Brief Underwear for Women (Black, Small)


Tommy John Women’s Underwear features a second skin fit, which eliminates the bulkiness and constriction of traditional panties. T

hese cheeky briefs are designed to be worn low on the hips, just above your hips, for an ultra comfortable fit. Comfortable fabrics ensure that you’ll forget you’re wearing underwear. Tommy Jogn designs cute undies that are stylish as well as practical!

Side panels that reduce panty lines and unique construction that keeps seams in the right place mean no more awkward adjustments. Only the softest materials go into their panties, including micro modal and cotton. They’re American-made to boot…

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Tommy John Pajamas

Tommy John’s second-skin fabric pajama pants are the most comfortable dress pants a man will ever wear.

These sleep and lounge bottoms feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, yet they look & feel like real underwear or pajamas during the day. You’ll never want to wear your old cotton underwear or sweatpants again!


Tommy John Men’s Pajama Pants


Tommy John Men's Second Skin Pajama Pants - Comfortable Soft Sleep & Lounge Bottoms for Men (Dress Blue, XX-Large)


The Second Skin Fabric of these Tommy John Pajama Pants is ultra soft, cozy and comfortable while you sleep, lounge or travel.

Built with the power of Omni-Wick to keep you cool and dry through endless hours, days and nights of wear.

Tommy John Men’s Pajama Pants are made with our Second Skin Fabric, a unique blend of soft cotton for comfort and moisture-wicking performance.

They feature flat-lock stitched seams for an unabridged range of movement. Made in the USA from premium soft cotton…

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Tommy John Undershirt

A go-to style for the undershirt-wearing man, our High V Neck Undershirt is constructed with a mid-weight stretch knit and features our patented Stay Tucked technology for all-day performance.

The super-soft fabric keeps you comfortable throughout the day and into the evening while the patented tapered design ensures that it always stays tucked in.

Tommy John Men’s High V Neck Undershirt


Tommy John Men's Second Skin 2.0 High V Neck Shirt - 3 Pack - Stay Tuck Design - Soft Comfortable Undershirt Tee (White, XX-Large)


Tommy John undershirts are built for modern men. With a proprietary application of our Stay Tucked technology, we have created the perfect slim fit for an everyday V-neck.

Combining luxurious stretch fabrics with a modern silhouette, we make it easy to feel confident in an undershirt that has no visible lines under your fitted dress shirts.

Tommy John undershirts were created for men seeking premium quality, superior fabric, and a great fit. This luxe, all-cotton v-neck V undershirt sports an ultra-slim fit that stays tucked…

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Is Tommy John a luxury brand?

Tommy John is a premium brand. Tommy John underwear is made with high quality materials and is designed for comfort and style. The company offers a variety of styles, including briefs, boxers, trunks and boxer briefs.


Tommy John Men's Underwear, Boxer Briefs, Second Skin Fabric Trunk with 4" Inseam, 3 Pack (Medium, Black - 3 Pack)


Is Tommy John Loungewear worth?

Tommy John is a brand that offers loungewear and sleepware for men. It features comfortable, yet stylish clothing that is made from premium materials and fits well on the body.

Here are five reasons why Tommy John loungewear is worth it:

1. Fit

You want your loungewear to fit properly so you don’t look like a slob when you wear it around town or around the house. Tommy John knows how important fit is in your sleepwear, which is why they make sure their products are designed with comfort and style in mind.

Their shirts have an athletic fit that will keep its shape even after multiple washes, while their pants have a slim fit that will accentuate your curves without making them look too tight or uncomfortable.

2. Materials

The material used in Tommy John clothes are soft but durable at the same time, so they won’t stretch out after just one wash like other brands might do if they don’t use high-quality materials like Tommy John does!

3. It’s a great value

Tommy John Loungewear is made from high-quality fabrics that will last for years. You’ll be able to wear your Tommy John loungewear again and again without worrying about it falling apart. And because this loungewear is so comfortable, it’s also worth investing in multiple items so you can have options in your wardrobe.

4. You’ll always look good wearing it

The quality of the fabric makes this loungewear fit well on anyone who wears it — no matter their size or shape! It will make you look like a million bucks but won’t break the bank either!

5. You’ll feel great wearing it too!

Tommy John Loungewear is made from comfortable materials that will keep you feeling relaxed all day long — even if you’re working hard at work!

This makes it ideal for those long days when all you want to do when you get home is kick back, relax and unwind with friends and family…or even just alone with Netflix or Hulu.

What are Tommy Johns made of?

Tommy John underwear is designed to be worn every day, which makes it quite different from other high-end underwear brands like Calvin Klein and Armani. Tommy John underwear is designed with comfort in mind and has more elasticity than other brands.

Tommy John also uses better fabrics such as modal, which is a breathable material that feels like cotton but has a much lower impact on our environment.

In summary, The Tommy John brand was founded in 2010 with the goal of revolutionizing men’s underwear, and it has been very successful with this goal.

Tommy John has revolutionized the undergarment business by delivering a superior product in a more aesthetically pleasing package. Their product line now encompasses all types of men’s & women’s underwear — briefs, sleepwear, swimwear, shorts, pants, and yoga wear.

While staying true to their heritage, Tommy John introduces a new design element to each product: an innovative stitching process that produces a seamless appearance unlike any other underwear on the market.

Tommy John offers a wide range of underwear designed with gradient compression to improve blood flow and maximize performance. They believe that what you wear below your waist, and the way it fits is just as important as how you look on top. Their underwear is made from premium fabrics and with progressive technology in mind, we at TommyJohn strive to create the best fitting products for men and women alike.

When you are confident and comfortable in your own skin, there’s nothing that holds you back from taking on the day—or the night.

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