Is Tommie Copper Any Good? (Tommie Copper Compression )

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What Is The Tommie Copper Brand Known For?

Tommie Copper has developed a garment that is infused with pure copper. The use of copper provides numerous benefits for the wearer, including anti-inflammatory properties, increased circulation, and an increase in energy.

Tommie Copper’s proprietary copper textile technology has been clinically proven to relieve pain associated with sore and aching muscles, joint stiffness, swelling, inflammation, and arthritis.

Tommie Copper helps restore the body’s own natural healing cycle by promoting blood flow and relieving tension in painful or injured joints when worn as directed.

Whether you’re looking for relief from the pain associated with sore joints or muscles, or just want to boost your overall health through better circulation and improved energy, Tommie Copper’s copper compression apparel is the best way to do it.

What is copper compression?

Copper compression is a revolutionary new way to make pain-relieving copper-infused compression garments. Weights of up to 50% of your body weight are scientifically proven to improve your circulation and reduce soreness, making you feel better quicker.

Copper has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, help skin heal itself, and prevent sores from forming.

All Tommie Copper products contain copper ions that can adjust your body to absorb more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide when wearing it.

Below I have listed some of Tommie Copper’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Tommie Copper Women’s Shoulder Compression

You’ve got a busy schedule, and sore shoulders can really throw off your whole day. From the moment you put on this Tommie Copper Women’s L/S Shoulder Support Top, you’ll begin to feel relief – thanks to the copper-infused fabric and compression technology that provides targeted support where you need it most.


Tommie Copper Women’s L/S Shoulder Support Shirt


Tommie Copper Women's Long Sleeve Shoulder Support Shirt, Black, Small


The versatile Tommie Copper Women’s L/S Shoulder Support Shirt mixes and matches with all your outfits. Designed to fit your body, it supports the muscles and covers the shoulder joints for a range of motion that’s usually limited by arthritis or an injury.

Because this Tommie Copper garment is made specifically for a woman’s body, the shoulder support shirt helps improve posture over time by distributing pressure from heavier breasts throughout your torso area.

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Tommie Copper Men’s Shoulder Compression

Tommie Copper’s first line of superior men’s compression clothing is aimed at supporting the wearer through every lifestyle, while the snug, second-skin fit prevents chafing and irritation.

The shirts are engineered to provide a supportive micro-climate where it is needed most – around your shoulders, chest, torso, and stomach.


Tommie Copper Men’s Shoulder Centric Support Shirt


Tommie Copper - Men's Pro-Grade Short Sleeve Shoulder Support Shirt - Black - Small


The Men’s Shoulder Centric Compression Shirt supports and protects your shoulders during everyday movement, providing optimal comfort and performance.

The Copper Znergy fabric is infused with copper ions, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help reduce swelling and support normal recovery time.

With added copper and silver to fight bacteria and healing properties, this product leads the pack in providing men with a healthy option for comfort and style.

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Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeve

Tommie Copper’s new adjustable support compression knee sleeve will allow you to precisely control your level of support and maximize the effectiveness of every compression session.

A superior grade elastic material stretches to help reduce muscle fatigue when running, walking, hiking, or performing any sports activity.


Tommie Copper Unisex Pro-Grade Adjustable Support Compression Knee Sleeve


Tommie Copper Unisex Pro-Grade Adjustable Support Compression Knee Sleeve - Black, Small


Its ability to flex and adjust to your changing levels of pain make it truly versatile, allowing you to keep active at work and play.

The Copper-Infused Compression Technology reduces swelling and increases blood circulation, delivering superior pain relief with every wear.

And the Trilobal design supports joints, alleviating pain while allowing for optimal circulation.

This knee wrap provides superior swelling reduction and comfort while providing a full range of motion for most activities. It is soft, yet firm enough to provide ideal support for mild to moderate muscle injuries.

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Tommie Copper Compression Knee Sleeve

These Tommie Copper Pro-Grade Leggings offer healthier back support for the active woman. The innovative power mesh panels provide flexible lower back support, while the high waist design offers a slimming and flattering fit.

Created with medical-grade copper, Tommie Copper leggings combines science and style to solve your everyday aches and pains.


Tommie Copper Women’s Pro-Grade Lower Back Support Leggings


Tommie Copper Women's Pro-Grade Lower Back Support Leggings - Black, Small


Engineered with flexible Power Mesh panels to dramatically minimize pain, our high-waist design offers slimming and flattering look.

The compression in these leggings helps soothe stiffness caused by the simplest of movements, from bending down to tying a shoe. Wellness has never looked so good.

These leggings are both comfortable and effective given their adjustable compression that soothes aching muscles and joints. Our Pro-Grade leggings are constructed from our signature cotton/spandex blend and made in the USA.

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Does the copper garments really work?

Yes, the copper infused clothing does work. The copper material is designed to increase blood flow and helps to relieve inflammation.

Copper Fit helps reduce pain and discomfort in joints, muscles, tendon and ligaments. According to studies, wearing copper infused clothing can help with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, back pain and other joint related injuries.

What is Tommie Copper good for?

Tommie Copper is a brand that makes copper infused garments, including compression socks and shirts. They claim that their products help to ease pain and reduce inflammation for those who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions.

Does Copper Fit help with inflammation?

Yes! The copper material used in their products is known as a natural anti-inflammatory agent which means that it can help to reduce pain and swelling in joints, muscles and ligaments throughout your body.

Copper is an essential mineral that the human body needs to function properly. Copper helps our bodies create red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body.

It also helps regulate iron levels in the blood, which helps prevent anemia. The body does not produce copper on its own so it must be consumed through diet or supplements.

In addition to this benefit of the product, it also helps increase circulation which means that you will be able to move better when wearing these garments because they are so comfortable!

What does copper infused clothing do for the body?

Copper is a trace mineral that’s essential for many functions in your body, including bone and joint health, as well as energy metabolism. Without it, you’d die. Copper-infused clothing is supposed to help with pain relief and healing.


Tommie Copper Women's Core Compression Tank Top, Black, Medium


Does copper help with carpal tunnel?

Copper infused clothing is often used to help relieve carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), which causes numbness, tingling, weakness or pain in the hand and wrist area due to compression of the median nerve at the wrist.

CTS is more common among women than men because of their smaller size hands, but anyone can develop it if they do repetitive motions over long periods of time without taking breaks (such as typing on a keyboard or using a mouse).

Copper helps ease CTS symptoms by reducing inflammation in the affected area while simultaneously increasing blood flow so your body can heal faster!

Who is Tommie Copper?

Tommie Copper is a clothing brand that claims to have invented “copper infused clothing technology”. Today, Tommie Copper sells a wide range of clothes designed for people suffering from arthritis symptoms or injuries such as tennis elbow or rotator cuff impingement syndrome.

It even offers a line of compression socks specifically designed for pregnant women who suffer from varicose veins and swelling.


Tommie Copper Women's Core Compression Legging, Black, X-large


Is there really copper in Copper Fit?

Yes, the copper used in Copper Fit products is elemental copper, which means it’s not an alloy (an alloy is a mixture of two or more metals). It’s also not just a surface coating — it’s infused throughout the entire fabric.

Does compression help arthritis?

Compression is known to improve circulation which can help reduce swelling and pain associated with arthritis, but it doesn’t cure the disease itself.

Compression sleeves are also beneficial for people who sit at a desk all day as they keep muscles warm and prevent blood clots from forming due to lack of movement during long periods of sitting

Does copper help with wrist pain?

Yes, copper is an effective treatment for many types of joint pain and inflammation. It’s been used for centuries in Asia and Europe as a healing remedy.

The company says that the Copper Fit Copper Compression Sleeve helps support weak wrists and relieve pain caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other medical conditions.

Can you sleep with compression shirt?

Yes. The Tommie Copper Compression Sleepwear line is designed to be worn at night. The garments are made from a soft, comfortable fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool while you sleep.

Are Tommie Copper products available in stores?

Tommie Copper products are not currently available in stores, but they can be purchased online via their own website or other online retailers such as


Tommie Copper Women's Pro-Grade Legging with Knee Support - Slate Grey, Large


Is compression good for arthritic knees?

Compression garments can help relieve some of the pain associated with arthritis by keeping your blood flowing smoothly through your veins and arteries.

Compression garments also help increase circulation, so more oxygen-rich blood can reach your joints and surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments.

This helps prevent muscle cramps and soreness that often accompany arthritis flare-ups. In addition, compression garments can reduce swelling after an injury or strain occurs

In summary, Let’s face it, no one wants to deal with pain. And until now, no one has found a way to do something about it in an easy, affordable, and convenient way. Tommie Copper believes that everyday comfort shouldn’t be a luxury.

That’s why they created their innovative line of copper-infused compression clothing that delivers targeted levels of relief and comfort for men and women, so you can get back to living your life without aches and pains.

The innovative copper-infused compression garments from Tommie Copper have been touted as a super-affordable way to relieve the aches and pains of an active, athletic lifestyle.

Copper is all the rage among hipsters and urban-dwelling baby boomers who are trying to avoid a return trip to their orthopedist.

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