Is TigerKing A Good Brand? (Security Safes For Your Home)

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The TigerKing brand is made by China’s largest safe manufacturer. When it comes to protecting your valuables, no one has more options than Tigerking. From fire-resistant and burglary-resistant grade safes to USB port and AC outlet models, we’ve got the perfect model for all your needs.

TigerKing mainly deals with the domestic and overseas markets of safes. Main products are various kinds of safes including fireproof safes, waterproof safes, anti-theft safes, cash boxes, home safes, travel bags, etc.

With rich experience on the safes, TigerKing owns three factories, covering an area of 57000 square meters. The safe products from TigerKing are widely exported to the USA and European markets. Tigerking has three production plants: one for domestic safes, one for export safes, and one for gun safes.

In order to make sure the safes are durable and safe to use, Tigerking uses the latest technology in the manufacturing processes such as water jet cut and CNC cutting machines. Tigerking also owns five first-class test laboratories for testing products and heat-treating them.

With such a combination of customization, high quality, reasonable price, and perfect service, Tigerking has established itself as a leading brand in the industry.

Let’s look at some of the best-rated TigerKing products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

TigerKing Is An Excellent Brand For Touch Screen Home Safes

The following TigerKing product has an excellent 76% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

This TIGERKING Security Home Safe has 2.05 cubic ft of room to store your most prized possessions in a compact, fireproof safe that could be easily hidden as it weighs less than 20 lbs. It is also one of the strongest safes you can buy with 12-gauge steel construction and a thick door and body for maximum security.

Help keep your most important valuables safe with the TIGERKING Security Home Safe. This highly reliable safe is ideal for keeping your gun and other valuables out of reach from children or intruders on your property. It features a 2.05 cubic feet of space to help you keep your items organized, while the anti-pry bars on the door ensure that it stays closed when you need it to. TIGERKING has you covered with an array of different safe models, including smaller safes, gun safes, and more!

Equipped with a high-quality digital lock and key override protection, it gives you complete command over your valuables and peace of mind when they are under its protection. The TIGERKING Security Home Safe comes backed by a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer…

TIGERKING Security Home Safe, Safe Box- 2.05 Cubic Feet

TIGERKING Security Home Safe, Safe Box- 2.05 Cubic Feet

  • Safes for Home and Office The TIGERKING security home safe, which is made in the USA, is the perfect solution to keep money, guns, jewelry, and small firearms secure.
  • With the ability to hold up to 2.0 cubic feet of goods, it is big enough for most homeowners but compact enough for most offices.
  • The easy opening latch gives you quick access to your valuables anytime day or night.
  • The long-lasting powder-coated finish stands up to tough weather conditions and can match many decor styles.
  • This sturdy metal safe includes adjustable shelves inside so you can customize your space.
  • It is ideal for storing large sums of cash, passports, digital or film photography equipment, jewelry, firearms, and other valuables, as well as important documents or data storage devices.

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TigerKing Is An Excellent Brand For Small Security Safes

The following TigerKing product has an excellent 72% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

TigerKing Burglary Safe Box – Security digital home office safe box with two security keys. This safe box is vital protection for any home or business for storing important home office documents, jewelry, money, and more. The safe box is made of high-grade steel and fireproof material which can effectively prevent theft and burglary.

The TigerKing is an essential security tool for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about the safety of their valuables and documents. This attractive burglar alarm safe features two independent anti-tamper mechanisms: a key lock in addition to a password. You can set the digital lock with your own four-digit code, and the intruder will need both the code and the key to open the safe. The interior is 3.47 cubic feet and includes an adjustable shelf, allowing you to store different items at different heights.

TIGERKING is a high-quality safe box that uses superior material and precision technology. These safes guarantee high fireproof and waterproof. It is strong digital burglary security for homes, offices, banks, etc…

TIGERKING Burglary Digital Security Safe Box for Home Office Double Safety Key Lock and Password Safes 3.47 Cubic Feet

TIGERKING Burglary Digital Security Safe Box for Home Office Double Safety Key Lock and Password Safes 3.47 Cubic Feet

  • Tigerking Series Digital Security Safe Box- designed with unique exterior and interior for protection of your Digital products and valuables.
  • This product has been certified by CE and FCC. Let’s keep everything protected in the safety.
  • The TigerKing burglary safe is the latest security innovation on the market.
  • Built with dual safety combination locking, waterproof and fireproof construction, this security safe provides maximum protection for your needs.
  • The Tigerking digital safe box was precision-machined to nearly indestructible steel, compact and portable design, with a slim size.
  • Built-in a high-grade steel cabinet, the safes are mechanically engineered digitally to keep your things organized and secured.
  • It is large enough to store DVDs, CDs, paper documents, jewelry, credit cards, and more.

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TigerKing Is An Excellent Brand For Digital Key Safes

The following TigerKing product has an excellent 76% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Tigerking Safe Box with Keypad Digital Safe for Home, Office, Hotel – 1.8 Cubic Feet can be used to store money, jewelry, documents, and important papers in one safe place.

The safe is designed with robust steel construction and an electronic lock that comes with an emergency key if the battery runs out. It has a capacity of 1.8 cubic feet which is ample enough to store your important possessions and valuables in an organized way.

When you are on the go, it can be hard to protect your sensitive private information from prying eyes. With an Electronic Safe Box, you can feel confident in securing your contents with a digital keypad and a combination lock that is tamper-proof. This safe box is best for storing cash, passports, credit cards, and other valuables.

TigerKing Keypad Digital Safe Box is a special home office or hotel safe for valuables, jewelry, cash, guns, and other items. This small size safe box is ideal for keeping your delicate items protected from theft and water damage in case of emergency. Portable keypad digital locking makes this box easy to use and carry…

TIGERKING Safe Box with Keypad Digital Safe for Home, Office, Hotel, Black – 1.8 Cubic Feet

TIGERKING Safe Box with Keypad Digital Safe for Home, Office, Hotel, Black - 1.8 Cubic Feet

  • TigerKing safe is your perfect choice at the best price.
  • Not only it can keep your private information and jewelry in a secure place, but also can be used as a doorstop.
  • It is also an easy way to protect your items in case of fire.
  • The exterior is made from rugged 3/16″ steel making it virtually impossible to break into and features a pry-resistant door giving you another layer of security.
  • This safe box comes with an easy-to-move base so that you can store it underneath a desk or table for extra security when not in use.
  • With its flexible design, you will feel free to put in your valuables anywhere inside the safe box, and no need to worry about forgetting your valuable items if the hotel room was not tidy at the time of checkout.

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TigerKing Is An AMAZING Brand For Double Key Lock Safes

The following TigerKing product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The solid, sturdy steel exterior of this safe ensures that it can withstand any test. The high-security padlock and two keys included with this safe ensure that your valuables remain secure at all times. The steel interior is padded for added protection and the lock mechanism is able to be unlocked with a master key if needed.

The digital security safe box is a twin lock box, which is a safe that has two keys. This is important for protecting the safety of your valuables. The key works for both the front and the back. It has a rotary lock when the key is inserted, or you can also use the electronic lock. There are two separate areas for valuables with a keyhole for the key. The electronic key lock automatically unlocks when you insert the key that is not locked inside.

The TigerKing Digital Security Safe Box is a lightweight, portable, safe, and secure storage box. It opens for fast access and a large internal space to securely store items like jewelry, passports, and other valuables…

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box, Double Safety Key Lock Box Safe for Home Office – 3.7 Cubic White

TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box, Double Safety Key Lock Box Safe for Home Office - 3.7 Cubic White

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  • TIGERKING Security Safe Box is made of top-quality fireproof material, fully rust and waterproof.
  • This product is a mechanical combination lock with double locks so that it can be opened easily.
  • The box is very secure and safe to store documents, jewelry, valuable objects, or other items.
  • The TigerKing safety box is the perfect choice for protecting your valuables, jewelry, money, important documents (and a lot more) while you are on the go.
  • It can keep your important papers safe from fire as well.
  • This kind of in-depth product description has long been considered the gold standard for eCommerce product pages.
  • Through features and benefits, it describes the advantages a customer may get when purchasing a TigerKing digital safe box.
  • The advantages of the product tend to be more intrinsic and may help convince the final customer to purchase the product.
  • The TigerKing Electronics Security Safe Box is a high quality and durable safe, which is suitable for storing your laptop, cash, jewelry, and other small personal valuables!
  • It is resistant to fire and heat ( temperature up to 1200 F), it can protect your contents from burglary and robbery.
  • A great gift for your loved one can be placed in the living room, bedroom, home office, inside a drawer, or closet.
  • No one will suspect this safe box at seeing the appearance it looks just like an ordinary power adapter.

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In summary, whether you’re keeping inheritances, cash, gold bars, jewelry, or weapons out of sight and off-limits to children or burglars, this safe gives you the protection you need.

The included high-quality digital keypad lets you program hundreds of secret passcodes for friends, family members, or employees.