Best Indoor Ceiling Fans For Cooling You Can Buy (Reversible Too)

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Indoor Ceiling Fans For Cooling

Ceiling fans work by creating a wind-chill effect which lowers the temperature you feel. When your skin is exposed to moving air, it cools down more quickly than if you were exposed to still air. This effect makes us feel cooler and helps lower our body temperature. So if you want to cool down on a hot summer day, turn on a ceiling fan from above you, and you’ll feel cooler than if there was no fan at all.

If you are looking for the best indoor ceiling fan for cooling then there are two major manufacturers who dominate the results as they produce top-quality ceiling fans in a wide variety of styles…

I will list the best for each style below however to see the full range of ceiling fans on offer you can go directly to the manufacturers at the Hunter Fan Company and Honeywell Ceiling Fans.

When air from a ceiling fan is blown onto you, it cools the sweat on your skin. Your body responds by cooling itself further in order to compensate, so you feel cooler. This is called the wind chill effect. The same thing works if you blow cold air over a bowl of hot soup. The wind chill effect does not actually change the temperature of the room, but it can make a space feel cooler.

A ceiling fan can also make a space feel cooler by moving hot air down and away from you. This happens because hot air is less dense than cold air and therefore lighter. When a warm object heats up the air around it, the lighter hot air rises up and out of the way of colder air, which sinks to take its place. This movement of cooler air into areas vacated by hotter air makes those areas feel cooler as well.

In both cases, ceiling fans make a room feel cooler because they draw sweat away from your skin and blow it out into the room, where it evaporates more quickly than it would if you were just sitting still so that your skin was exposed to still air. This evaporation process makes you feel cooler even though sweat is actually warmer than room temperature.

So let’s take a look at some very good ceiling fans that will cool you down this summer…

The Best Remote Control Modern Style Ceiling Fan For Cooling

This Reiga 44 inch black vintage cage fan comes with a modern sleek design with its simple shapes and color. It works quietly and adds elegance to your room. It is ideal for decoration as well as keeping you cool in the hot summer outside.

This ceiling fan features an energy-efficient motor that runs quietly, making it perfect for areas where ambient noise is a concern. This sturdy ceiling fan can be used in a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even the office on those warm days.

The fan comes complete with all accessories including remote control, strong cage to support the round fan, canopy, down rod to fit your ceilings…


Reiga 44-inch Silver Modern Ceiling Fan Retractable Blades with Dimmable LED Lights and Remote Control


reiga 44-inch Silver Modern Ceiling Fan Retractable Blades with Dimmable LED Lights, Remote Control, Silent Motor Decoration Fandelier for Living room/Bedroom/Restaurant
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Consumers said:

Love this Fan/Light. Runs quiet, puts out a lot of air. Light is a bright clean output. Easy to install. I put one of these in the great room and one in the master bedroom. I highly recommend this item.

  • This Reiga fan is a really neat and unique fan I’ve not seen before.
  • It’s a really cool modern vibe and you can retract the fan blades in and out easily to accommodate your room set up.
  • The remote does it all, and there is no need for dangling strings that get in the way and ruin the look of the fan.
  • Super easy to install, you don’t need a contractor or electrician to install it
  • This fan really circulates the air and is soothing.
  • This is the greatest fan in the world. 
  • Everyone who sees it is amazed.
  • The retractable blades are mesmerizing to watch.
  • We get compliments on it all the time.
  • This is the best ceiling fan I have ever purchased!

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The Best Tropical  Style Ceiling Fan For Cooling

This ceiling fan is sure to add to your home’s decor with its beautiful color of Tuscan sand glass bowl light. With its high-quality design, the Sabal Palm 52-Inch ceiling fan features a stunning bronze finish with a beautiful hand-car hand-carved leaf blade.

Each blade is crafted from basswood. This ceiling fan also features a 12-degree blade pitch, enhancing air movement for greater comfort while saving energy on your electric bills.

Honeywell ceiling fans are an ideal option for homeowners who want quality, style, and performance in a ceiling fan. This is because Honeywell ceiling fans are crafted with durable materials to keep them working great for years to come.

The features that make Honeywell ceiling fans so well-loved include the ease of installation, the quiet operation, and the durability of the blades. These fans are also very quiet while they are running thanks to their precision balanced motor that makes use of three thermally protected 9-inch wide blades for optimal airflow. This fan is perfect for rooms around 350-450 square feet such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, or family rooms.


Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan with Sunset Bowl Light


Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan with Sunset Bowl Light, Five Hand Carved Wooden Leaf Blades, Lindenwood/Basswood, Bronze
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Consumers said:

Such a sexy fan! Had to get a new electrical box installed before putting this newer model fan up, but the electrician said it was one of the best-made fans he’s ever put up for the amount I paid for it… Fan style goes great in my palm-centric living room and makes no noise at high speeds.

Does This Ceiling Fan Keep You Cool?

  • Beautiful finish, runs quiet, plenty of cooling wind.
  • Looks great and really helps create that cooling breeze on hot days.
  • It is very quiet and cools my large living room.
  • Adds an exotic look to my room. Silent and cools a hot room quickly.
  • We love how quiet it is and does a great job of cooling the room. We love the tropical look!

How Does It Look?

  • I cannot stop looking at it. So beautiful!
  • The blades are very lightweight, and the carved wood is very classy-looking, very beautiful! 
  • If you like the look of this fan, don’t be afraid to buy it. It’s very good quality, especially for the price.
  • There’s nothing cheap about its appearance or performance.
  • These ceiling fans look beautiful at our beach place. I was drawn to the carved wood leaf design.
  • Looks even better than in the product photos!
  • This fan actually looks awesome but even better than its looks is the amount of air that it pushes.
  • Just the fan I wanted for a beachy room looks beautiful. 
  • The broad blades really move the air, and they are simply gorgeous to look at. 
  • It looks very elegant as you approach the living room.

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Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light And Pull Chain Control

For an easy-to-install solution for keeping your home cool during the hot summer months, choose this indoor ceiling fan from the Hunter ceiling fan family.

This whisper wind model delivers a powerful downdraft of airflow while functioning as a quiet summertime fixture.

Switch it to updraft mode during the cold winter months for an elegant ceiling fan that circulates warm air back down into your home…


Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan with light and pull chain control


Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan with light and pull chain control - Builder Deluxe 52 inch, Brushed Nickel, 53090
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Consumers said:

The 52″ Hunter Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan offers Whisper Wind technology for ultra-powerful airflow and quiet performance.

Does This Ceiling Fan Keep You Cool?

  • It’s pretty and modern looking and really creates nice cool air. It’s been a lifesaver this summer!
  • Very attractive fan, three speeds and makes quite a difference in moving the air and cooling the room during the warm spring and summer months (or circulating warm air in the winter).
  • Very quiet operation and really helps keep the rooms cool
  • Mostly I like sleeping in a cool quiet place under this fan.
  • It’s quiet even at the highest speed and cools down the 120 sq. ft. bedroom quickly. 

How Does It Look?

  • This is a beautiful fan.
  • The colors are rich and the fan was the look I was aiming for in my new home.
  • It looks good with the brushed nickel finish. I’m glad I’ve chosen this fan over a cheaper brand.
  • Overall Excellent air circulation, super-quiet operation, beautiful design, and overall engineering.
  • One should certainly appreciate the quality and looks, which will stand out from other brands.
  • The color of the blades looks very nice and makes a very attractive product. 
  • What a BEAUTIFUL fan!
  • Deep, rich color and nickel finish give this product an elegant look.

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The Best Flush Mount Low Profiling Ceiling Fan For Cooling

Designed to complement any casual or country decor, this Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in fan is the perfect addition to your rooms. Its integrated matte opal glass light kit includes one 18-watt LED bulb for energy-efficient illumination, and 3 fan speeds allow you to maintain your ideal comfort level…

A Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote will help direct air throughout your home and features a contemporary design that will complement any room in your home

The flush mount ceiling fan has three settings that will allow you to precisely control airflow to create an ideal temperature setting.


Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote


Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote (3-Blade)
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Consumers said:

My son needed a close mount ceiling fan in his room so he can play his video games without hitting the light. This fan is quiet and puts off a lot of cool air. I was a bit surprised how great this fan is since it only has 3 short blades. Plus the LED lighting illuminates the room. Great BUY!

Does This Ceiling Fan Keep You Cool?

  • We needed a fan in the bedroom to help cool us this summer due to such hot days and nights and this fan has done the job so well we have not missed a night’s sleep since installing it.
  • It pushes plenty of air and keeps my room cool.
  • It works perfectly to keep the bedroom cool without the AC on and I plan on ordering another one for the living room.
  • Very quiet and stylish. Super modern and provides great cooling.
  • The fan was bought for my living room 13×15 sq ft and works flawlessly. It cools the entire room quickly.
  • This is being used in my guest bedroom, the fan cools like an air conditioner.
  • Classy Fan and definitely cools the room.

How Does It Look?

  • The metal look of the fan makes it modern and attractive.
  • It looks stylish and modern.
  • The stainless finish looks great with our appliances and really opens up what is very limited space.
  • It looks like a high-end fan that you paid much more for.
  • Wow, finally a fan that looks good and is inexpensive. 
  • Frankly, it’s better than I expected and I think it looks wonderful.
  • It looks so nice and sleek and would go with any decor.

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Quick 2 Hang Ceiling Fan For Cooling

This ceiling fan with four individually controlled blades adds a decorative tropical accent to your room while providing you with adequate air circulation.

The smart design has a convenient reversible motor that can be run in reverse to aid in rotating warm air in the winter, so you can enjoy year-round comfort.

It provides you with an unsurpassed performance at an affordable price and is backed by the Honeywell name…


Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan with Five Wet Rated Wicker Blades


Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan with Five Wet Rated Wicker Blades, Indoor/Outdoor Rated, Bronze
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Consumers said:

Five speeds that produce enough air flow to satisfy my guests during summer months by the pool. They are placed under an exterior awning about 7 feet high, where family gather.

Does This Ceiling Fan Keep You Cool?

  • The fans do a great job of cooling off the area in the hot summer.
  • Perfect to keep us cool in Texas.
  • Installed 4 of these on the ceiling of our patio to cool us off on those hot humid days.
  • They are effective. Very high quality, seem quite solid, no wobble.
  • Great purchase easy to install, stylish, and moves a lot of air.
  • Works great on our outdoor sitting area. Plenty of airflows, especially for the price.
  • Moves lots of air and has made my patio usable again in this heat.

How Does It Look?

  • Great looking fan– loved the price. Was simple to assemble and install. So far- holding up to our very humid summer! (no warping of the blades). Like the ‘fake’ wicker look- adds a comfy porch feel.
  • I really love the tropical look of this fan and actually put it in my bedroom
  • The fan has really big plastic blades that look like rattan.
  • This just happened to be the best-looking fan per the photos and we weren’t wrong.
  • We ordered two fans for our porch and they look amazing. They also work well to move the air.
  • Installed this on my patio and it looks great. It’s also very quiet and moves a lot of air.
  • Just the fan we needed in the patio area. Looks good and moves plenty of air.
  • Looks great and matches my wicker patio furniture perfectly.

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The Best Farmhouse Style Ceiling Fan For Cooling

The Pinnacle Home Kensington ceiling fan blends traditional bowls with farmhouse styles, the Denon is the perfect bridge between two design aesthetics. This fan is available in a variety of finishes and combines old-world style with modern innovation…

The Home 51029-01 Room Ceiling Fan from the Prominence collection is a 60-inch fan that can be used for large rooms such as dens, master bedrooms, and playrooms. This ceiling fan is designed with a brushed nickel finish which is complimented with a smoke glass shade.

It is ideal for any room in your house as it has 3 light settings to give you the right look at the right time. The blades of this ceiling fan are made from handcrafted wood which helps to provide a vintage look.


Prominence Home 51029 Denon Large Farmhouse Ceiling Fan


Prominence Home 51029 Denon Large Farmhouse Ceiling Fan, 60", Brushed Nickel
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Consumers said:

Weathered wood, brushed metal, and distinctive light fixtures are signatures of the modern farmhouse. As a reflection of this special design movement, the Prominence Home 51029-01 Room Ceiling Fan features an antique brass finish with wood blades for a look that will blend well into any setting.

Does This Ceiling Fan Keep You Cool?

  • In my case, it is perfect because this is now in a larger room (26′ by 13′) and it is cooling like a champ. 
  • You can tell immediately the better performance, quieter and much more air moving.
  • High speed doesn’t look very fast but my plants looked like they were fighting the Wyoming wind when they are outside.
  • I installed it in my kitchen and it does an excellent job providing airflow. 
  • You can reverse the blades so they push air up or down, and they are so large the entire room feels cooler.

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If you like the modern style the first one on our list is amazing. I really like the retractable blades and just think of how much dust you will avoid settling on them like normal fan blades get when not in use.

Anything that saves on cleaning is a winner for me plus it just looks so unique and beautiful.

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