Best Dog Camera That Gives Treats (Talk To You Dog Remotely)

We have found the best dog camera that gives treats and in our opinion the best dog camera for everything!

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With the Furbo Dog Camera you can talk to your dogs remotely, watch them while you are at work or traveling, give them treats, receive alerts when they are barking, or even take the cutest selfies.

Best Dog Camera That Gives Treats is The Best Dog Camera For The Money


Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs



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Here Is What Reviewers Said About This Dog Camera That Tosses Treats:


Talk To Your Dogs And Give Them Treats Remotely!


  1. I bought this item for my girlfriend who is deployed overseas in Bahrain.
  2. She loves her dog more than anything so I knew this would be a perfect gift for her.
  3. The first night I had the Furbo I was awaken several times in the middle of the night by high pitched squealing and giggling of glee from my gf not being able to contain herself.
  4. She was so excited to see him, talk to him and give him treats and OH BOY does she like giving him treats!


  • I was an hour away from home through this so I connected, and it was sooooo wonderful to see my dogs and know they were doing ok!
  • Then I talked to them and gave them all the treats! It was incredibly cool!
  • I was super relaxed being able to see, talk and treat them even though I was so far away!
  • We’re using it to train our dog to be ok alone. He doesn’t care at all about us leaving when the treats start coming out!
  • When we leave the house now, he hangs out by the front door, barks a few times and then we’ll toss him a treat from the Furbo (huge distraction for him- I love this capability!), then he’ll run over to the couch, take naps, wander around a bit, but it *seems* as though we finally desensitized his separation anxiety.
  • My dog sits by it, waiting for a treat.
  • My dog quickly learned the magical tower of treats is more interesting than whatever he’s been barking at.
  • I get to spy on him, talk to him, and spoil him with treats all day long!
  • My husband and I just get a kick out of throwing the treats to our dog while we are gone.
  • I was thrilled that I’d be able to check-in whenever I wanted, see them & talk to them!
  • The camera allows you to talk to your pet and throw treats! You can easily share videos and photographs with your family, friends, and Facebook.

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With This Dog Camera You Even Train & Reward Your Dog Remotely!


  1. It alerts me when my dog is barking, I can take a look to see AND hear what’s going on.
  2. I can toss my fur baby treats, speak to him, listen in, and the range of vision is phenomenal!
  3. He has also come to know that when it makes the sound, a treat is coming to him.
  4. I’ve commended him and rewarded him for going potty on his training pads while I’m at work, I’ve given commands such as sit, down, etc, and rewarded him for following orders.
  5. It allows me to continuously watch and train him when I’m not even at home. WONDERFUL!!


  • Other times, she may wander outside the view of the camera and we either call to her or activate the treat dispenser to get her to come into the line of vision so we know she’s ok.
  • The camera has excellent resolution and the treat flinging mechanism is perfect.
  • My dogs wait for the treats to be tossed out instead of going nuts and dodging a big handful of treats.
  • I love that I can check-in and talk to him + throw him a few treats if I get notified he is barking/whining or simply pacing around (the app calls it getting active).
  • The dispenser works consistently and our dog has learned to come to get her treats when she hears it after initially being afraid of them.
  • I noticed that my husband fed her a treat remotely while I was logged in, so you don’t get booted if another member logs on with the same logon.
  • We are able to check in with the camera, send treats if she is being quiet and use the microphone to give her praise. Now she gets excited as soon as she sees it come out.
  • However, the best part about this camera, and what sets it above the rest of the different indoor cameras is its treat tossing feature.
  • It is so fun to be able to toss treats to my golden retriever, especially when I’m away from the house.

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This Dog Camera Will Send You Alerts when Your Dog Is Barking!


  1. I love that I’ll get an alert any time my dogs bark and I can toss then treats to am them down.
  2. They know when they hear the squeaky ball sound to run up to the Furbo because their treats are coming.
  3. There are alerts for people being in your home, dogs being active, barking, and even smoke alarms.
  4. It tattled on our dog last week when I got an active alert, popped in and caught her in the process of pulling a pizza box off the table to have a snack.
  5. It was hilarious to see her confusion and “guilty dance” at hearing my voice.


  • The alerts told us at one point that she was howling and we talked to her remotely and gave her a treat.
  • I like that it tells me via a notification that my dog is barking – then I can tell her to stop. I love watching them, talking to them, and giving her treats from work!
  • The ability to hear audio, as well as clear video, is perfect. Launching treats is a blast and never gets old.
  • I set it up to have a thing called ‘smart dog alert’ for me to track my dog’s movement. With this, I know when he barks and I will either calm him down by talking on the microphone or giving him a treat.
  • They hate being left at home so the Furbo makes it more enjoyable for them and we don’t feel as bad.
  • We can even talk to them through the speaker and they actually hear us! If they’re being good or are distressed (you can set it up to get notifications for when your dog’s bark), we reward or calm them down by tossing some treats.
  •  It sends alerts when it detects a person, barking, activity, a dog selfie, and most importantly emergency alas like smoke and Co2 detectors.

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Watch Your Dogs While You Are At Work!


  1. Everytime we go out with friends or go to work we constantly worry what our pup obie is doing.
  2. We are worried about if he’s getting into stuff, or just going rogue in our apartment.
  3. This completely eliminates this and when we do see him getting into stuff, we can big brother voice call our dog to stop.
  4. It has been so helpful and amazing.


  • I absolutely love it. Being able to watch my dog and cats while at work is so comforting. They love hearing my voice while I am gone and of course getting treats!
  • The picture is very clear and when I’m away from home it’s like I have a babysitter right in my hand.
  • I can talk to her, send her a treat, or just check up on her and see what she’s doing.
  • This is a GREAT way to keep an eye on him when we aren’t home. The 2-way audio is great. The picture is amazing! And the treat launcher is a bonus!
  • Having the Furbo has eased my anxiety of leaving them when we go away – thanks Furbo!
  • This has been wonderful in keeping an eye on our two German Shepherds when we aren’t home.
  • We know exactly what they are up to and get alerts to what they are doing so we know when to watch.
  • With Furbo – and I have tested it multiple times – I am able to check in on him and talk to him and he understands me clearly – my favorite part is the treat toss.
  • We can also talk to them which is super helpful since one of our dogs has bad separation anxiety.
  • I love the fact that I can go to work and talk to them and call them over and see exactly what they’re doing.
  • We toss them treats when they are well deserved which is awesome!
  • She clearly reacts when I call her name while I am at work and it did not take her long at all to recognize the sounds that treats were coming!

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Great Camera For Dog Selfies!


My dogs now associate the camera with getting treats so it’s hilarious when I get a notification asking to take a selfie of my pet and when I open the app I see my pup trying to get it to spit out treats!


  • And it is pretty funny if you do put the notification on for a dog selfie.
  • It will record selfies if your dog looks directly at the camera.
  • I would talk to her and she would look in all directions to find me or my voice. Now she is comfortable with it and looks directly at the camera for selfies!
  • When I’m not home, the app notifies me that he’s taking a selfie and I can talk to him and send him treats.
  • The treat dispenser works great and I love the selfie camera for my pup so I have pictures when I am away from her.
  • Five of us are connected to it and we love getting videos and selfies of the dogs throughout the day.
  • Cool to be able to peek in on the pups when I am not at home, it alerts me when they are active and I can pull it up on my phone and throw them a few treats….. and the selfies it takes is a riot!!!!
  • Pups love it! They send me selfies all the time.
  • I love being able to check on my girls when I am away and I love getting the dog selfie notifications that really brighten up my day!

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The Best Dog Camera For The Money!


  1. Cheapest dog sitter money can buy!
  2. For anyone who works and leaves their fur babies at home…this will give you amazing piece of mind!
  3. Plus nothing brightens up a “ruff” day like seeing your buddy any time you want!


  • So I decided to spend the money and get the best of the best on the market and I’m so glad that I did!
  • You won’t regret spending the money on this camera!
  • We love it, & it is worth the money.
  • Best money I have ever spent, I can keep an eye on my pups when I’m not home, send them a treat and it’s so easy to set up !! I love my Furbo.
  • This is a must-have gadget, if you have a pet at home you can monitor them and also have interaction if your away. Money is not wasted with this product.
  • Definitely worth the money you’re spending. My dog loves the treats and when I talk to her when I’m not home she gets pretty excited. Also, I can see when she’s doing things she shouldn’t be.
  • I was getting it for my girlfriend’s parents, little did I know, I was getting the gift for all of us to have fun checking in on the pets. Great product, great quality, worth the money!
  • Totally worth the money. I can interact with my dog ALL day and make sure she’s not getting into too much trouble.
  • Best pet-related purchase I’ve made!!!
  • One of the best products I’ve ever purchased.
  • I think it’s the best purchase I’ve made for my dogs and I love that I can see their little faces while I’m at work although now they do just sit there and stare at it LOL.
  • The best thing for anxious dog moms and dads!

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In summary, if you have been to our site before you would normally see more options to chose from however in our opinion the Furbo Dog Camera was such an amazing pet camera that we couldn’t even offer any alternatives that were even worth mentioning in comparison.

It is without competition as far as we are concerned as the best dog camera that gives treats! This product also features on our best gift list… Practical Gift Ideas For Christmas, Birthday, And Housewarming

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