Best Acrylic Coffee Table (Clear Lucite Transparent Coffee Table)

When choosing furniture, acrylic coffee tables are as stylish as you can get. The material is a popular choice for being timeless in style, quality, and more. A clear acrylic coffee table allows you to have a modern coffee table while still showing off your decor.

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The see-through nature of clear acrylic coffee tables create the allusion of having a larger space than you really have, an acrylic table looks beautiful, is amazingly sturdy, has no sharp edges so it is safe for children, and it comes in one piece so no annoying assembly is required either…

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Our best acrylic coffee table is the South East Florida Acrylic Coffee Table

The next best clear acrylic coffee table is the Acrylic Waterfall Coffee Table

It is so easy to pick the best clear acrylic coffee table to buy as there are only two truly worth considering…


The Best Rated Acrylic Coffee Table

As a clear coffee table, the Southeast Florida clear acrylic coffee table is not only gorgeous but very tough and durable as well. Beautifully designed and as safe as you can get (great if you have kids) with no sharp edges.


South East Florida Acrylic Coffee Table


southeastflorida Acrylic Coffee Table 32" x 16" x 16" high x 3/4" thick premium domestic material

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The South East Florida Clear Coffee Table…


This is The Best Lucite Coffee Table For Showing Off Decor!

southeastflorida Acrylic Coffee Table 32" x 16" x 16" high x 3/4" thick premium domestic material

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If you are concerned about it hiding your favorite rug, they’ve got that taken care of too, since the table is completely see-through with no reflective lighting, it’s not going to overshadow your rug; in fact, it will only compliment it.


  • This table is a perfect size and allows my rug to show through.
  • We have it in the living room of our prairie modern house and we couldn’t be more pleased.
  • With a couple of simple accessories, it compliments everything else in my room.
  • The table is a perfect size for our living area and as it’s see-through it doesn’t hide the carpet we purchased in Turkey.
  • It shows it off. Because the focus isn’t on the table, it’s a space saver.
  • Small footprint as it takes no visual space being clear.
  • It’s the perfect size for my tiny living room – it really makes the room appear larger. 
  • Acrylic lets the colorful carpet underneath it shine.
  • It makes my studio feel chic and elegant!!
  • The table is big enough so that it’s noticeable, but not too big that it dominates the space that its in.

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 The Perfect Lucite Coffee Table For Smaller Spaces!

southeastflorida Acrylic Coffee Table 32" x 16" x 16" high x 3/4" thick premium domestic material

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I feel like the space makes so much more sense with a table like this. I was ready to do away with the coffee table concept, but my mother insisted that a coffee table was an essential.


  • It’s a perfect size for a small apartment living room, or for anyone looking for something smaller than a standard size rectangular coffee table.
  • It takes up no visual space so the room seems larger.
  • Looks clean sleek almost invisible for a small space.
  • Moreover, it is very elegant — makes the living room or den look even better.
  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • It fits in a small area and is sturdy enough to double as a bench.
  • Great little lucite coffee table.
  • It helps keep the open space look going for smaller areas.
  • The size is perfect for a small sofa or a love seat, I’ve looked everywhere for a small coffee table to fit in my living room and this is definitely a dream come true.

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This is a Thicker & Sturdier Coffee Table Than Others!

southeastflorida Acrylic Coffee Table 32" x 16" x 16" high x 3/4" thick premium domestic material

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  • This is also a sturdy piece of furniture and much thicker than similar ones I have seen at discount chain stores.
  • The acrylic is thick and absolutely colorless.
  • I love the fact that it is so thick and heavy, and doesn’t take up visual space.
  • This table is heavy and has a nice thickness.
  • It looks and feels expensive.
  • The crystal clear acrylic is quite thick which makes for an incredibly sturdy yet gorgeous table.
  • This lucite coffee table is super thick and so gorgeous!
  • Really great table that is sturdy and thick.

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This Clear Acrylic Coffee Table Is Beautiful & Better Quality!


southeastflorida Acrylic Coffee Table 32" x 16" x 16" high x 3/4" thick premium domestic material

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If you are looking for something with class, then this is definitely the lucite coffee table for you. It will give your living room the finishing touch that you have been looking for.


  • It is far better quality than anything we’ve seen at other home stores, and the price is actually similar.
  • It’s beautiful and very well made.
  • This is such a beautiful and quality acrylic table.
  • It looks beautiful and has been very durable.
  • Extremely beautiful acrylic table.
  • This is the coolest coffee table.
  • It added a modern look to my living room.
  • This is such an elegant coffee table, it really makes my home look sophisticated.
  • Not only is this lucite coffee table convenient support for remote controls, beverages, books, and decorative objects, but it also’s so stylish that you can leave it bare and it will still look good and enhance the décor of your living area.

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No Assembly Required, Safe For Children With No Sharp Edges, And Great Customer Service!


southeastflorida Acrylic Coffee Table 32" x 16" x 16" high x 3/4" thick premium domestic material

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The table comes in one piece, so you don’t need to worry about fixing it up upon arrival, you simply take it out of the box and position it where you want. It’s acrylic so its not going to break on you as a glass coffee table would.


  • And I love that it doesn’t have sharp corners for my baby!
  • Excellent customer service with Seller.
  • Also, great because of no hard corners as you navigate in the dark.
  • A piece of art. LOVE IT. Great Customer service too.

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Next Best Acrylic Coffee Table

The acrylic waterfall coffee table is also rated very highly by customers with 100% of them rating this table 4 stars or above with 88% giving it 5/5. It is considered by many who own it to be the best lucite coffee table however has fewer customer reviews than our number 1 ranked coffee table however those who have purchased it like it a lot…


Acrylic Coffee Waterfall Table Lucite


Acrylic Coffee Waterfall Table Lucite 50" long x 20 x 17 high x 3/4 thick new

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Acrylic Coffee Waterfall Table Lucite

People have been going absolutely crazy over this acrylic coffee water table made with Lucite, calling it a table that is “… almost impossible to destroy even though my son bangs on it like a drum”.

Super easy to clean, you’ll never have to worry about this waterfall style table collecting water rings, stains, or discoloration, either. “My daughter does crafts on it,” one reviewer said, “and everything wipes right off!”.

Anybody worried about scratches collecting on the surface of this acrylic and Lucite coffee table have nothing to worry about, either. “The manufacturer was kind enough to send me bumping solutions for the scratches that started to appear and now they are gone completely”.

Strong, durable, and offering a very minimalist and modern aesthetic you just won’t find with traditional materials, this table isn’t just going to add a lot of functionality to your space but it’s also going to add style as well.

“It’s exactly what we wanted, a beautiful and functional lucite coffee table” as one reviewer described it, and while they mentioned that the surface can be a little slick and a little slippery at first it doesn’t take long for that slickness to disappear without marring the finish in any way whatsoever.

Anyone nervous about the longevity of this lucite coffee table has nothing to worry about, either. “The acrylic is thick and makes this table very sturdy.”

I don’t have to be nervous about the grandkids being around it or scratching it”. These modern construction materials guarantee that this table stays strong and resilient no matter what, with a super clear finish that isn’t going to tint or yellow over time.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself writing similar reviews to those that have already jumped online and talked about this table, with one describing the table as “… made beautifully and we’ve gotten so many compliments”.

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Further reading…

What is an acrylic coffee table?

An acrylic coffee table uses a transparent thermoplastic as material. Acrylic looks very much like glass but it is basically plastic. You can recognize if the material in use is acrylic by the following labels: poly, acrylic glass, plexiglass, etc. Brand names like Lucite, Plexiglas, Crylux, are acrylic-based.

Qualities of acrylic coffee tables

A good quality clear coffee table makes your space look great because it is see-through.

Firstly, it provides a seamless blend to your surroundings and other furniture. Clear coffee tables are transparent and compliment whatever other types of decor you have in the room such as floor rugs, sofas, chairs, and even wall decorations.

Secondly, these are shatter-resistant. Your space is safe from accidental breakage. Place them anywhere with no fear of accidental falls. But, should unlikely heavy impact damage your coffee table, you won’t worry about dealing with a multitude of sharp and tiny shards scattering all over the floor. Acrylic, if ever it breaks, will only break into a few, big pieces.

Thirdly, these are lightweight. They won’t bore into your carpet nor scratch your marble, vinyl tile, or wooden flooring. They’re also easy to move. You can keep changing up your space for variety and freshness.

The durability of acrylic coffee tables

An acrylic coffee table keeps your space looking great for a long time. Other coffee tables can quickly show wear and tear but high-quality acrylic ones won’t.

  • They are scratch-resistant. You can get a piece that has a scratch-resistant coating on one or both sides. That means few to zero scratch marks.
  • They are shatter-resistant. You won’t have problems with chips on edges or sides.
  • They are heat-resistant. A wooden coffee table can easily bear heat marks from coffee mugs but these won’t. Of course, it’s still better to use coasters. But in case a guest forgets, your modern coffee table won’t suffer damage.

Maintenance of  lucite coffee tables

These are easy to keep in pristine condition. Clean-up is fuss-free. Oil and other dirt are easy to remove using regular, soapy water. For daily dusting and wiping, simply use gentle dust cloths or microfiber cloths.

Refrain from applying harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions with ammonia. If you have to use Isopropyl, use little and sparingly. Observing these tips will keep the shine and quality of your acrylic for a long time.

Decorating with acrylic coffee tables

It’s easy to decorate with an acrylic piece of furniture. Glass-like and fully transparent, this provides smooth and gap-free integration into your living room and other home space that needs a coffee table.

  • Use them as a centerpiece for a small lounge. They take up zero visual space and fits right in. Being transparent, they won’t clutter your living area or lounge.
  • Use them as side or end tables for narrow areas. Sometimes, you just have to have a small coffee table beside you while you sit and read a book in your study, reading area, or outdoor space. Acrylic pieces blend right in and won’t crowd your walkway.
  • Highlight your wooden floor with a see-through piece. Whether you use a small or large clear coffee table, your wooden floor will remain visual and available for uninterrupted viewing.
  • Change your carpet without worry. Sometimes, matching coffee tables with carpets becomes a problem. That’s not the case with acrylic furniture. You can replace your old carpet with a new one and use the same coffee table without worrying about whether they match or complement one another.

So there you have it. A see-through acrylic table is a perfect way to make a space look much larger than it really is and will not hide the rest of your attractive design features.

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If the above table is not to your taste you can find more options at Amazon.

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