Are Superdry Waterproof? (Jackets, Windcheaters, Backpacks, Bags)

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While some Superdry jackets are designed to be water-resistant, not all are fully waterproof. To ensure a waterproof option, check product descriptions for specific features or opt for their specialized rainwear collection.

Superdry has excellent apparel to protect you from the weather including jackets, windcheaters, and parkas but are they waterproof, and what about their bags and backpacks are they waterproof or not? Let’s find out…

Yes, Superdry does have SOME waterproof apparel. For example, not all jackets are designed to be waterproof you have to buy the specific jackets labeled as waterproof.

You would think with the name Super Dry that their clothes would be designed to keep you… well… super dry. However, the brand name has nothing to do with waterproof clothing.

So… not all clothing produced by this brand is waterproof. In fact, the majority of products are not and they have only developed a special line of waterproof clothing in relatively recent times.

Waterproof clothing options from Superdry:

Clothing ItemDescription
Waterproof JacketsSuperdry offers a range of waterproof jackets for both men and women, including parkas, windbreakers, and raincoats. These jackets are made with waterproof materials and construction, such as sealed seams and water-resistant zippers, to keep you dry in wet conditions.
Waterproof TrousersSuperdry offers waterproof trousers for men, women, and kids that are designed to keep you dry in wet conditions. These trousers are made with waterproof materials and construction, such as sealed seams and adjustable cuffs, to prevent water from getting in.
Waterproof FootwearSuperdry offers a range of waterproof footwear options, including rain boots and snow boots for both men and women. These shoes are made with waterproof materials and construction, such as water-resistant uppers and sealed seams, to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.
Waterproof AccessoriesSuperdry offers waterproof accessories, such as backpacks and phone cases, that are designed to keep your belongings dry in wet conditions. These accessories are made with waterproof materials and construction, such as sealed zippers and waterproof linings, to protect your items from water damage.

Overall, Superdry offers a range of waterproof clothing options for both men and women that are designed to keep you dry in wet conditions. From jackets and trousers to footwear and accessories, these waterproof items are made with high-quality materials and construction to ensure that you stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather. Also, make sure you read this article – Are Superdry Sizes Small?

Let’s check whether some of the most sorted after waterproof products are available at Superdry …

Are Superdry Jackets Waterproof?

Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner. Yes, Superdry has waterproof jackets. Please note however that not all of their jackets are waterproof only the ones in their waterproof line are.

Superdry has quite a few waterproof jackets to choose from and they get very positive feedback from customers about how wonderful they are at keeping them dry.

For example, the following men’s jacket is perfect for providing moisture-proof protection. The jacket is made from a breathable fabric that helps to keep you dry, and comfortable.

Superdry Men’s Hydrotech Waterproof Jacket

The jacket has been taped to ensure no water can enter the jacket which is ideal for when you are on the move during rainy weather. There are two front pockets to the jacket which are both secure thanks to the addition of YKK branded zips.

The Superdry Men’s Hydrotech Waterproof Jacket is perfect for those rainy days where you just want to be dry and comfortable. The jacket has taped seams and waterproof zips to ensure that the wet weather cannot penetrate this jacket.

This jacket has a light, comfortable feel to it. The material has the perfect amount of stretch in it, to allow easy movement. The length of the jacket also makes it ideal for layering up underneath if needed.

Customer comments concerning this waterproof jacket:

  • Good feel, waterproof as I needed.
  • A great waterproof jacket that also is a super warm outer layer.
  • The best waterproof jacket.
  • Took it camping in the rain. Has been a savior.
  • Great jacket, comfy and good style. Waterproof but breathable.

Are Superdry Windcheaters Waterproof?

The Superdry Windcheaters are very good at doing what they are designed for – therefore they cheat the wind. They are amazingly effective at keeping the wind out and therefore keeping you warm. If you have stood on the sidelines in the middle of winter watching your kids play a sport you will love these windcheaters.

The Superdry brand has windcheaters available for both men and women however they are NOT waterproof. They will keep you dry and warm as they are water-resistant but they are not waterproof.

The Superdry Ottoman Technical SD-Windcheater is a stylish and practical wind jacket. It features a full zip fastening, two front pockets with button fastenings, bungee cord adjustable hems, and a Bungee cord adjustable hood to keep the head and ears warm.

Superdry Ottoman Technical SD-Windcheater

Superdry Ottoman Technical SD-Windcheater

This water-resistant jacket has been designed for everyday wear and can be carried in hand or worn over the shoulder using the attached cord.

While designed to be completely waterproof to withstand soaking,  the thickness of the water-resistant material should mean you don’t get soaked through when caught in the rain.

Designed to meet the demands of the urban warrior, the hooded windcheater uses multi-layer bonded poly fabric and windproof zip fastening to protect against wind chill and reduce flapping, keeping out the elements and keeping you warm.

Are Superdry Backpacks Waterproof?

This backpack has an interior zip compartment, which is perfect for holding keys, phones, cards, and stationery while the main pocket comes with a padded laptop section, perfect for your 15” laptop or smaller. The inside also features 2 slip pockets to carry your accessories for everyday use. But is it waterproof?

No. Superfry backpacks and bags are not waterproof. They are tough and will handle the weather and protect your gear from a certain amount of rain but they are not waterproof.

Superdry backpacks are the perfect choice for anyone looking to inject a bit of color into their everyday attire. These backpacks are crafted out of polyester, which makes them durable and easy to clean.

Superdry Backpack

Superdry Tarp Backpack, Black

This backpack is ideal for school or college use, as well as traveling due to its large storage capacity. The Superdry logo is embroidered onto the front of the backpack, providing an eye-catching design detail.

This backpack is the ultimate in practicality, but it takes a fashion lead too – with a signature Superdry sports-luxe style that’s rugged, streetwise and completely on-trend.

Each backpack features multiple pockets with zips, including a slip pocket ideal for storing your smartphone or wallet. Another great feature of these super dry backpacks is that they have adjustable straps for comfort when carrying heavy items.

FAQs: Are Superdry Jackets Waterproof?

Are Superdry jackets waterproof?

Yes, Superdry offers a range of waterproof jackets that are perfect for rainy weather. These jackets are made using advanced technologies such as breathable membrane technology and weather-resistant coatings to keep you dry in the most extreme weather conditions.

How can I tell if a Superdry jacket is waterproof?

Superdry jackets that are labeled as “waterproof” are designed to repel water and keep you dry, even in the heaviest downpours. You can also check for features such as water-resistant zippers, adjustable hoods, and sealed seams to ensure maximum protection against water.

Can I wash my Superdry waterproof jacket?

Yes, you can clean your Superdry waterproof jacket by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, you can machine wash your jacket on a gentle cycle using mild detergent and hang it to dry. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach, as these can damage the waterproof coating.

How long will a Superdry waterproof jacket last?

The lifespan of your Superdry waterproof jacket depends on how well you take care of it, how often you wear it, and the conditions you subject it to. However, with proper maintenance, a Superdry waterproof jacket can last for several years.

Are Superdry waterproof jackets breathable?

Yes, Superdry waterproof jackets are designed to be breathable, allowing air to circulate and prevent you from becoming too hot and sweaty. Advanced membrane technology ensures that moisture is wicked away from your skin, keeping you comfortable and dry.

Are Superdry jackets worth the price?

Superdry jackets are known for their high-quality materials, advanced technologies, and stylish designs. While they may be more expensive than some other brands, many customers find that they are worth the extra cost due to their durability, versatility, and overall value.

Can I wear a Superdry waterproof jacket in cold weather?

Depending on the model, some Superdry waterproof jackets may be suitable for wear in cold weather conditions. Look for jackets that offer insulation or include features such as adjustable cuffs and hoods to keep the cold out.

What should I look for when buying a Superdry waterproof jacket?

When buying a Superdry waterproof jacket, look for features such as waterproof and windproof materials, adjustable hoods and cuffs, sealed seams, and breathable technologies. These features will provide maximum protection against the elements while keeping you comfortable and dry.

In summary, while the brand has a lot of water-resistant apparel the only products from Superdry that are waterproof are their jackets and parkas.

Superdry clothing offers a range of options to combat adverse weather conditions. After all, they are based in Great Britain so they know unpredictable weather.

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