Sunnyglade Artificial Boxwood Panels (18 Reasons Why Sunnyglade Is Good)

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Artificial Boxwood Panels

Below we will see 18 reasons why Sunnyglade Artificial Boxwood Panels are very good. But first, let’s explore what’s so good about boxwood panels and 10 things to consider before buying artificial boxwood panels.

Artificial boxwood panels are a great way to create an instant hedge for walls and fences, or even as a substitute for real boxwood hedges.

Artificial Boxwood Panels are made from plastic, some artificial boxwoods are made from much better quality materials than others. The best artificial boxwoods use high-quality PE plastic which is the same material used on real plants and flowers. This means that it not only looks natural but also feels natural.

Artificial Boxwood Panels come in a range of sizes and shapes. Some are square while others are in a rectangular shape. If you want to create an instant hedge then you should choose a square panel as they will fit together perfectly without any gaps appearing between each one.

If you are creating artificial hedges using Artificial Boxwood Panels then it is important to make sure that they have been UV treated so that they don’t fade and lose their color over time. The best Artificial Boxwood Panels will be fade resistant and last for years without fading.

10 Things To Look For Before Buying Artificial Boxwood Panels

Artificial boxwood panels have a lot of practical applications, but they can also be used as decorative pieces. They look great when used to create a green wall in your home or office. If you’re looking for the perfect artificial panel hedge, check out our list of ten things to look for:

1. What’s the material used?

The material of artificial boxwood panels is the most important thing to look for. It’s not only about using good quality materials, but also about using the right materials. The vast majority of artificial boxwood panels are UV stable and fire rated to international standards, but there are still some suppliers who use substandard materials to reduce cost. Make sure you check with your supplier before purchasing.

2. Is it looking real?

The difference between a realistic fake hedge panel and an awful one is always immediately obvious. If you want people to walk past your hedge and think it’s living, then the foliage needs to look real and natural. Check that the leaves are in a variety of sizes and never all one size, that they’re 3D (not flat), and that they have natural variations in color (never just one shade). A good quality boxwood panel should have a minimum of 300 leaves per square decimeter – any less than this and it will look sparse!


Sunnyglade 12 Pieces 20"x 20" Artificial Boxwood Panels Topiary Hedge Plant, Privacy Hedge Screen Sun Protected Suitable for Outdoor, Indoor, Garden, Fence, Backyard and Decor (12PCS)


3. Does it have good UV resistance?

UV rays can cause fading over time so make sure that your boxwood panels come with strong UV resistance. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all fake hedges are created equal when it comes to UV resistance – some are more resistant than others! If you want something that will last longer, choose one with a higher UV rating. This is especially important if you live in an area with lots of sunlight or near the equator where the sun’s rays are stronger than most places on earth.

4. Is it fire retardant?

This is an important consideration if you’re planning on using your faux hedges indoors, especially if you have children or pets. Your artificial hedge needs to be fire retardant so that it doesn’t pose a danger if something knocks over a candle or knocks off an incandescent light bulb.

5. Is it waterproof?

Does it have a waterproof backing? Make sure your boxwood panel has a waterproof backing so that it will not be destroyed if exposed to rain.

6. Does it come with hooks and screws for installation?

Look for a product that includes small hooks, wires, or strings for easy installation of the frame and then put in place where needed (like on top of walls).

7. Can I attach multiple panels together?

Check to see if there are any limitations on how many panels can be attached together at one time and try out different configurations beforehand so that you know what works best.

8. Is it made for the outdoors?

Make sure that your artificial boxwood hedge is made for outdoor use. If you don’t, you’ll find that it doesn’t last long and even sheds leaves when exposed to the wind, rain, and sun.

9. How durable are these panels?

You’ll want to make sure that your synthetic greenery is durable enough to withstand windy conditions as well as heavy rain or snowfall over extended periods of time. This will help protect them from damage due to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes while also making sure they’ll last longer than most other types of artificial foliage products available on today’s market.

10. What type of maintenance do I need?

Many people don’t realize that synthetic plants require very little maintenance in order for them to look their best year-round! You’ll just need some water every once so often (about once per month) but other than that all these items

18 Reasons Why Sunnyglade Artificial Boxwood Panels Are Good

Sunnyglade Artificial Boxwood Panels are a good idea for many reasons. They are great for the environment, for your wallet, and for your lifestyle because of their durability and low-maintenance needs. Sunnyglade is a very reliable brand as I have already covered in the following article: Is Sunnyglade A Good Brand?

1. Low Maintenance

No need to worry about watering, mowing, or trimming them. They can be used in many places where real plants cannot thrive because of sun exposure or temperature fluctuation. These panels do not have any of those problems and will maintain their color while being exposed to the elements as well as heaters and air conditioners that would normally kill a plant.

2. Durability

They will not fade in the sun, nor will they wither when temperatures drop below freezing. They are made to last, so you will not have to replace them every summer as you do with real plants.


Sunnyglade 12 Pieces 20"x 20" Artificial Boxwood Panels Topiary Hedge Plant, Privacy Hedge Screen Sun Protected Suitable for Outdoor, Indoor, Garden, Fence, Backyard and Decor (12PCS)


3. Cost-Effective

Artificial boxwoods are a very cost-effective alternative to real boxwoods. They do not require any maintenance besides occasional cleaning, which means you will save money on water bills since they do not require watering. In addition, these panels are designed to resist fading caused by sunlight so there is no need to replace them every year like you would with real boxwoods! And if one of your panels gets damaged somehow then it’s easy enough that anyone can fix it without spending money on repairs – just replace the individual panel instead!

4. Versatile Design

Artificial hedges are very versatile in what they can be used for. They can be used to cover an entire wall or just a small section of an otherwise exposed wall. They can also be used for privacy, to hide unsightly walls and fences, or to create a stunning backdrop for your wedding, birthday party, or special event. You can even use artificial hedges when creating a decorative fence around your pool or garden space!

5. Convenience

If you want to add some greenery but don’t have the time, energy, or space to deal with live plants, then artificial hedges are perfect for you! You don’t need any special tools or knowledge to install them – all you need is a pair of scissors and some string! Just cut out the shape you want and tie it together with string!

6. Easy Installation

Real plants are heavy, take up more space, and require hours of labor to install. Our panels are lightweight, can be cut to any size you like and are easily installed with screws or zip ties with no mess to clean up after the job is done. They can be installed in minutes and will last for years.


Sunnyglade 12 Pieces 20"x 20" Artificial Boxwood Panels Topiary Hedge Plant, Privacy Hedge Screen Sun Protected Suitable for Outdoor, Indoor, Garden, Fence, Backyard and Decor (12PCS)


7. All Weather Friendly

They are perfect for all climates from the hottest desert to the coldest winter landscape. They do not require any special care or maintenance and they look great year-round! Our panels are made with real wood frames so they won’t warp like vinyl frames would if left out in extreme conditions for long periods of time.

8. Protects Your Property

Placing artificial boxwood panels on the outside of your property can protect it from wind, rain, and debris damage. This is especially true during weather events like Hurricane Sandy when many homes were damaged because they were not protected by any barrier. The panels can be placed on any side of your home to protect against extreme weather conditions and protect your property from damages.

9. Privacy

Another great use of artificial boxwood panels is privacy fencing or privacy screening. If you live in a location that does not have strict fencing laws or you do not have the money for an expensive fence then these panels are a wonderful addition to your yard and home if you want more privacy from your neighbors or passersby. You can put up some fake ivy vines with the panels to give it a more natural look if you prefer something less industrial-looking around your home.

10. Can Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors

These panels are resistant to all weather conditions and will not fade in the sun. They can be used for privacy screens and decorating patios and balconies as well as indoors on bare walls and around windows just like natural plants.

11. Great For Decorating Events

Artificial boxwood hedges are great for adding a fresh, green look to events like weddings and parties without worrying about wilting or fading plants. They can also be used year after year with no upkeep at all!

12. UV Protected

Our faux hedges are perfect for outdoor use as they have been UV treated to protect against color fade and deterioration when exposed to sunlight. Don’t be fooled by other cheap online artificial hedging products that may not last outdoors, especially in Australia’s harsh climate where the sun is so strong.

13. Fire Retardant

Sunnyglade artificial boxwood panels are fire retardant, this means they will not catch alight which makes them ideal for use in public spaces or areas where a fire could potentially start and spread rapidly.

14. No Watering Required

You don’t have to worry about watering these panels because they don’t require it. They can even withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold without dying off like

15. No Trimming

Artificial hedges never need trimming so you can spend your time doing other things instead of cutting back your plants every week or so. Also, because the leaves never fall off the branches, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up leaves from your yard every week either.


Sunnyglade 12 Pieces 20"x 20" Artificial Boxwood Panels Topiary Hedge Plant, Privacy Hedge Screen Sun Protected Suitable for Outdoor, Indoor, Garden, Fence, Backyard and Decor (12PCS)


16. Looks Great All Year Round

Your artificial hedge will always look as fresh and green as the first day it was installed. From the first day of spring until the first snowfall, your artificial boxwood hedge wall will always look its best!

17. Beautiful Alternative To Real Plants

Artificial hedges are good alternatives to real plants because they don’t need any maintenance, but still, look great as landscaping features in your yard! They would also make perfect privacy screens for those who want some privacy from neighbors without putting up fences or walls that may not blend well with their home décor scheme!

18. Safe For The Environment

Artificial hedges and other artificial landscaping products are considered eco-friendly because they contain no toxic chemicals. Some artificial hedges are also made from recycled materials, so using them can help keep old materials out of landfills.

In summary, with the rise of artificial hedges and faux foliage, more and more people are turning to fake plants to bring life to their space. But not all artificial plants are created equal.

Some products are high quality and durable while others are made from cheap materials and will fade or deteriorate in a short amount of time. If you’re looking for artificial boxwood panels for your business or home, you want to make sure that you get the best product for your needs.

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