Pawz Away Keeps Cats Off Counters, Furniture, (& Going Upstairs)

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What Is So Special About PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers?

If you are struggling with your cats getting on counters, scratching your furniture, or just entering rooms you would prefer to be cat-free areas then the Pawz Away is a product that will assist you greatly…

It can be set up to stop cats going upstairs, put in entrance areas to stop cats from entering specific rooms, it can also be used to stop your cat roaming as well.

The PetSafe Pawz Away pet barriers are completely wireless and have no wires. They have a unique design that allows them to be placed against a wall, door frame, or other surfaces. In addition, these barriers have an adjustable collar receiver that will automatically adjust to fit any size pet.

The rechargeable batteries allow the barrier to run continuously for up to two weeks at a time without the need for recharging. These pet barriers can be used in apartments, condos, vehicles, and homes.

Let’s see the four main reasons consumers love Pawz Away…

Finally, A Product To Stop You Cats From Getting On Your Counters And Into Restricted Areas!

PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range, Pet Proofing for Cats and Dogs

PetSafe Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier - Restricts Access for Cats and Dogs - Doorways and Stairs - Static Correction

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Here Is What Consumers Said About The PetSafe Pawz Away Cat Barrier:


It Keeps The Cats Off Our Tables And Counters!


I bought this product for an indoor cat that had defeated every other attempt I had made to keep him off the kitchen counters and dining room table. My problem is officially solved!


If You Want A Safe And Humane Way To Keep Your Pet From Causing Expensive Damage And Straining Your Relationship, Choose This

  • This system really helps me to get along with my not-so-friendly-and-not-so-obedient feline. Without this, she gets into the basement insulation and makes nests. She chews up my expensive computer cables, destroys my puzzles, and steals food off of counters. With the Pawz Away pet barrier, though, she gets reminded to stay away.


 I Was Able To Cover The Full Range Of My Kitchen Counter

  • Finally got this collar/disk set. It works beautifully! The collar is large/wide but perfect for my 19 pound Maine coon breed cat and the collar still makes a great connection, even through his thick Maine coon fur. I now bought the smaller disk to keep in my tub and use the larger one to keep him off my kitchen counter.


No More Kitties On The Counters And In The Cabinets

  • Nothing worked to keep my cats out of the kitchen – I tried aluminum foil and sticky mats on the counters, loud noises, automated air sprayers, water, etc. I can now leave food out on the counters and don’t have to worry about them walking on the counters and getting into cabinets.


Keep Your Cats Off Of The Counters

  • We love our cats but I hate when they get up on counters and the dining room table. These really do a good job of keeping the cats away from where we don’t want them.


Very Effective For Counter-Surfing Kitty

  • I purchased this product to keep my cat off the kitchen counters. It is incredibly effective for him and he has not been counter-surfing since we bought it. We love it! Definitely give this a try if you have similar issues!


Works Great For Our Cat

  • We have also placed it on the counter to keep her off and it works there too.


Since I Put A Paws Away Mini Pet Barrier Collar On They No Longer Get On The Counter

  • I have two smart Siberian kitties that I have been unable to train to stay off the counters/sink. The idea of all those paws that were recently in the litter walking across my counters really bothered me. They now stay on the kitchen floor leaving me to relax about germs getting on my counter.


It Actually Worked

  • I recently moved in back to my parent’s house and I noticed that our family furry friend (1-year tabby cat) would jump on our kitchen counters and table to look for food or scratch the chairs. Surprisingly the cat does not come near the kitchen anymore.


Excellent Product For Cat Training

  • This is a perfectly humane solution to train cats to not get on counters and other places you don’t want them to go. It can even be effective at preventing cats from going to common spraying spots in the house.


It Keeps Our Cats Off The Kitchen Counter, Hooray!!

  • Our two cats LOVED jumping on the kitchen counters when we weren’t home, along with using their nails on the dining room table. In the last attempts, we decided to purchase this product, and well… It’s GREAT! The cats no longer enter the kitchen or go near the dining room table.

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Stops Cats From Going Upstairs!


I use one on the kitchen counters. One of the cats has long hair and she sheds a lot. She liked sleeping up on our beds and that hair was a mess, so I put one of these on the stairs going up to the bedrooms and now the cats don’t go up there.


We Have One On The Stairs Which Prevents Him From Going Up To The Bedrooms

  • So we have used the barriers to cordon off the areas and make them off-limits to him. At least for now. This gives him the freedom to roam around during the day and we don’t have to worry about keeping bedroom and bathroom doors closed and our other cat can roam freely.


Now He Is The Perfect Cat

  • My cat kept waking me up in the morning by meowing outside the door. When he started to scratch a hole in the rug when I wouldn’t go to him I knew I had to do something. This worked like a charm. He waits for me at the bottom of the stairs and doesn’t wake me up anymore. 


If You Are Sick Of Your Cats Going Where You REPEATEDLY Tell Them Not To… Get This

  • GF bought a second one for the other cat and for the staircase to keep them from going upstairs. So far it seems to be working well.


My Cat Had Ruined Several Items And Peed On Our Carpet Multiple Times Causing Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Damage

  • We were in serious talks about how to find him a good home that was not ours. He was adopted without claws and therefore couldn’t live outside. So, we bought this collar, hoping to keep him out of his favorite pee spots in the house. What a great success! Our cat has free reign in our house with the exception of an upstairs room and our bedroom (his favorite spots).


Worked Like A Charm – Upstairs Is Pet Free

  • I was a little nervous about trying this and it took 2 attempts for my pets to “get” it, but this has worked like a charm. I have been trying to prevent them from going upstairs for months but nothing worked. Within 2 days of this little contraption, my pets do not go up the stairs anymore.

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I Now Have Full Control To Where My Cats Are Allow To Be In The House!


I have 6 barriers in areas that the cats are not allow in. They still run, jump and play where they know its safe. I feel relief that I don’t have to constantly be watching them.


My Cat Learned The Areas To Stay Out Of

  • Installed three zones to keep an 8lb cat away from the entry door, the kitchen, and the master bedroom.  The cat learned the areas in about a day. It is great because the system is consistent and always works, no shouting or spray bottles required.


It Keeps My Cat Where I Want Him

  • Anytime I leave the house, it helps (not just helps, absolutely works) to keep him where I want him: in a room without direct access to a door/window. One of these at the end of the hallway, another in the kitchen cabinets, and he stays within his defined zone.


It Has Kept Our Large Male Cat Out Of The Guest Room

  • Now we can’t even coax him into the room. He just sits in the doorway and glares at the unit sitting discreetly under the bed.


Now They Cannot Enter My Bedroom Or Kitchen

  • I have 2 of the dumbest cats I have ever owned. The scratching of my furniture has now stopped in the parameters of the unit.


They Don’t Enter My Kitchen At All

  • I have four indoor cats. All under 5 yrs old. These cats were constantly running and jumping on every piece of furniture in the house. The last straw came when they decided to jump on my kitchen counters and nearly crash onto the stove where three pots were cooking.


I Have Had Great Success Using This Product On My 2 Cats

  • I wanted to keep them from entering the hallway to our bedrooms, which they have been doing for 6 years. It took about 3 days for the cats to realize they would get shocked if they started to go down the hall. Once they were trained, they have not attempted to go down the hall when their collar is on. No more hairballs under our beds, meowing at our doors early in the morning, and cats in the baby’s crib!!!


Stopped Our Cat Getting Into The Garbage

  • We have a cat who has an issue with getting into the garbage regardless of what it had inside of it. I would witness him knock it down even with ten pounds of weights inside of the can.


Solved Our Roaming Cat Problem

  • We are at the point that he would have to be rehomed if we didn’t invest in something to keep him from our neighbors, so we are very happy that this is working.


My Cat Gets To Come Into The House Because Of This Collar

  • To allow him in the house, we had to keep him from going into the room where he peed. We trashed the Italian leather sofa AND pulled up the carpet because it was ruined and reeked of urine. When we put new wooden floors down and bought a new leather sofa, we didn’t want him even in the room. Looked like he was going to be an outdoor cat.


Keeps Lightning-fast Cat From Escaping

  • I bought this collar because my house cat kept running out when the door was opened. He is super quick. There are cars, dogs, and coyotes in the neighborhood. It took 3-4 days for him and for us to learn how high to turn it up (almost all the way) and for him to know that the beep by the front door meant “don’t do it or you’ll be zapped.” But now he does not go out.

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In summary, if you want to stop your cat from entering certain areas of your house the PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barrier is a very effective way to it.

You can stop cats jumping on your furniture and counters, keep them out of certain areas of the home which is very handy if they pee where they shouldn’t, scratch and damage your furniture, leave fur balls in rooms you would rather be pet hair free, or even in your bedroom to stop them coming in and waking you up.

This device has a myriad of uses and is effective for both cats and dogs.

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