Best Toddler Step Stool With Rails (Baking Step Stool)

Best Toddler Step Stool With Rails

The Kitchen Helper stool by Guidecraft is a uniquely foldable, lightweight step stool that helps young children safely reach countertop height. This stool is the perfect solution for your kitchen needs. The design of the stool makes it strong and safe while being lightweight enough to transport easily.

This step stool also doubles as a great kitchen helper stool and they can participate in ‘”helping you” with the cooking! Use it for reaching high cupboards and for stepping up onto the sink to wash hands and face. Simply use your imagination. The possibilities are endless, but customization is easy with the reversible seat–changing from red or blue with just a flip.

The Kitchen Helper stool by Guidecraft is a uniquely foldable, lightweight step stool that helps young children safely reach countertop height. Constructed of an ultra-durable, injection-molded high-impact plastic and designed with comfortable handholds and grips, the Kitchen Helper is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper

The Kitchen Helper helps children safely reach countertop height and encourages healthy movement, preparation, and cleaning through imaginative play. A beautifully crafted stool design that is safe for children 2 years old up to adult. Ideal for teachers, daycare centers, or anyone that works with toddlers!

A helpmate in the kitchen, the unique, lightweight Kitchen Helper stool is a kitchen partner for many years of family cooking. The toddler Kitchen Helper is lightweight and folds for storage when not in use and is large enough to sit on without taking up too much space.

It lifts children from the countertop height to table height by providing an easy step-up surface. The attractive design blends with any décor and will bring nostalgic memories of childhood activities to your family…


Baking Step Stool for Children with Safety Handrails


Guidecraft Kitchen Helper High-Rise Step-Up - Red: Baking Step Stool for Children with Safety Handrails - Quality Wood Kids' Furniture
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Here Is What Consumers Said About This Step Stool With Handrails:


A Very Safe Step Stool With Hand Rails For Kids


Very sturdy & right size grip steps for my toddler grand daughter! She uses the handles to step up and I love the enclosed sides to keep her safe!

  • And it’s safe – it has a straight, tall back and is blocked off so her feet aren’t hanging off the edge of steps and handles on sides for her to climb up and down safely.
  • This is a must-have for me to have on hand for all the little ones!!
  • My son loves to help in the kitchen and this is the perfect stool for that plus it is so safe.
  • Good, safe step.
  • It is very sturdy and safe!
  • My 3-year-old can climb up and down safely to brush his teeth.
  • It has been a great and safe addition to our bathroom.
  • My 2-year-old grandson now feels safe and can hold on to the handles.
  • It is really stable, unlike other steps that we tried where our daughter was able to tip them over from the side.
  • We love this safe and useful stool.
  • It is sturdy, safe and the height is perfect for toddlers.
  • Reaches the counter perfectly, anti-slip grip on steps give us both security and peace of mind that she is safe.
  • Safe and easy for him to push around to get what he needs from hard-to-reach places.
  • It is stable and safe for our little 2-year-old granddaughter to use.
  • This is a safe way for them to be by our side helping us cook.
  • My son loves the stability of the steps and rails.
  • He is only 17 months old and is a fall risk but he easily catches himself with the railing.
  • The anti-skid strips and guard rail are really useful additions.
  • It was worth the money to spend a little more to have the side rails, height, and stability of this stool.

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The Perfect Kitchen Helper Stool For Children

The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper stool is a colorful and handy kitchen helper for young chefs. This stool for children is ideal for helping little ones in the kitchen. The kitchen helper stool has a sturdy wooden frame and a seat of durable wooden construction. This kitchen helper will provide support as a chair, table, or standing area, encouraging early independence.

The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Seat and Stool offers a two-step solution to help your kitchen helper (age 2 up to 5 or 6) reach the counter tops safely and effortlessly. This lightweight stool is easy for toddlers to move by themselves as they are learning to balance, stand and walk on their own.

The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Stool is a fun way for kids to be involved in the cooking while keeping them at a safe height that allows them to assist with washing dishes, stirring batter in mixing bowls, or even just for sitting down while doing homework…

After trying many stools for our young granddaughter, this one was perfect for her. It’s very stable, tall enough to enable her to reach the sink and the top step has sides to help prevent her from falling off the edge. There are also handles for her to hold onto when on the top step and to assist us when moving it. We love this stool.

  • Perfect for grandchildren who help in the kitchen!
  • It’s the perfect height for both and I’m more confident than if he were on a chair.
  • Perfect for toddlers it’s easy to assemble, super useful for kids to use it while washing hands, teeth or to reach for clothes.
  • I looked at many kitchen helper stools before selecting this one.
  • It is very sturdy but light enough for me to move from counter to sink to the stove with ease.
  • He can get up and down to the counter level to participate in activities in the kitchen that center around our island/bar/counter.
  • It is a good height and width and I appreciate the skid-proof steps for added safety.
  • Empowers our kids, encourages them to participate in the kitchen, gives them access to us, and emboldens their curiosity.
  • It also works great for little helpers in the kitchen.
  • Our 2-year-old daughter pushes this thing around our whole 5000 square foot home to wash her hands in the bathroom, “brush” her teeth pushes it back out to the kitchen to interact with us as we prepare meals, to her bedroom bathroom sink… the list goes on.
  • Great Stool for Your Little Helper in the Kitchen.
  • Perfect for the little helper in the house.
  • Fantastic kitchen helper stool.

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Great Height For Toddlers To Wash Hands & Brush Teeth

The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper is a great height for toddlers to wash hands, brush teeth or reach the sink. Reinforced safety corners make this stool durable and sturdy. This is a solid, well-made boat-shaped stool with rounded edges and a nonskid finish made from solid rubberwood.

The wide, stable base keeps it in place while your child stands at the sink. The built-in cup holder is perfect for toothbrushes and toothpaste. Made of sturdy hardwood with a natural finish. A very useful step for your child’s independence in the kitchen. Your little one will enjoy being at a comfortable height to reach the sink and perform everyday tasks like brushing teeth and washing hands without needing assistance. Your child will feel like a true helper in the kitchen and will practice daily tasks needed for future independence.

Add a little imagination and creativity to your child’s playtime, expand their role-play options and help them learn in this practical kitchen helper. The underside of the seat is reinforced with steel rods for extra durability. In addition, this stool has a wooden countertop with food-grade finishes and is durable and easy to clean. The upper portion of the seat acts as a shelf for towels or other necessities. The solid backrest provides comfort while providing enough room for your toddler…

It has handles to help them climb the sides, it has “no slip” grip on the wooden steps to provide traction and it is taller then most cheap plastic stools, so my toddler can actually wet his toothbrush, and reach the faucet to put water in a little cup. He loves brushing his teeth with this stool!

  • This is an awesome stool for my toddler to use in the bathroom to brush his teeth.
  • We use it for my 2-year-old to reach the sink to wash hands and brush teeth and I bring it into the kitchen so he can reach the countertop to “help” me cook.
  • Super useful for kids to use while washing hands, teeth or to reach for clothes.
  • Great product for our 2-year-old to learn to brush his teeth and to build a hand wash routine!
  • We use it every day for hand washing, brushing teeth, etc. Perfect for my 21-month-old.
  • This step is the perfect height for my toddler to brush his teeth and wash his hands all by himself.
  • We also put it against the sink in the bathroom so she can wash her hands & brush her teeth
  • It is tall enough for her to brush her teeth and she can hold on to the sides for safety.
  • Our granddaughter was so excited to be able to brush her teeth by herself.
  • It allows them to reach the sink so my 2 years old can now wash her hands and brush her teeth by herself.
  • Solid super chair for my toddler to reach the sink, brush hair and teeth.

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The Best Step Stool With Handrails For The Money

We found this at a price point that was about 50 dollars less than other offerings and a few dollars more than some items that appeared to be not well made per the.

  • Much more affordable than an actual “kitchen helper” stool and more functional.
  • I love it. It was the best-priced option I could find and works great. 
  • This is a great step stool for an older toddler instead of the expensive ‘kitchen helpers‘ that cost $200.
  • I wasn’t sure that spending so much on stool made sense, but it was definitely worth the money.
  • I think the price is a great value, especially compared to the Learning Tower which I considered.
  • The handles are great for toddlers to reach stepping up and down. Great value.
  • Best purchase I have ever made.
  • The best thing we ever bought for the kitchen for our kid.
  • I appreciate the size and quality. Much better than the learning tower for a small house.
  • Well constructed. High-quality parts.
  • It is of high quality and has the perfect height.
  • Got this for our grandson and wow, he loves it!! Very well-made, good quality product. 
  • The wood is strong and even supported my husband who is 6’4 and weighs 240.
  • Sturdy, non-slip steps, wood is nicely polished and thick.
  • I really recommend it as it is of higher quality than I expected.
  • Heavy wood makes it harder to ruin.

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Another Excellent Wooden Step Stool With Safety Handrails Made By The Same Manufacturer:


Adjustable Counter Height, Step Stool with Safety Handrails for Little Children

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Tower Step-Up - Gray: Kids' Wooden, Adjustable Counter Height, Step Stool with Safety Handrails for Little Children - Toddler FurnitureClick image for details

er Comments: 

I purchased this product over the other Kitcher Helpers because it was white and looked better in my kitchen. The product works great. I currently have it at the middle height position.

My son loves to help in the kitchen and he just loves to push this around to wherever we may be working.


  • It’s the perfect height for the kitchen island and my son can be mommy’s little helper without dragging my kitchen chairs all over the place.
  • My 2 yr old kid loves it.
  • He likes to watch & help around with his food prep, and whenever he has to wash his hands, he just runs up the steps.
  • It’s a good height and u can adjust it to accommodate your kid’s height.
  • This stool has been a dream come true in our house.
  • We have a 2 year who loves to be involved.
  • The sturdy base and durable construction give him the independence to climb up and down independently to the kitchen sink to wash his hands before/after dinner.
  • The platform is also generously sized so he has ample space to work as a sous chef – stirring, pouring, and “cutting”.
  • My 2.5 year old loves it- he uses it to wash his hands and also to help us prepare food.
  • The best! My 1.5 yr old loves it!
  • It’s a GREAT way to introduce her to helping mommy cook and is the perfect night for easing our hands in the bathroom.
  • Love that the top step is bigger I don’t worry about her falling off she can turn and even sit and eat a snack.
  • Very sturdy, love that the top step is adjustable for her as she gets taller.

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In summary, we found that the Guidecraft brand of kids’ step stools was the best and in particular, the Baking Step Stool for Children with Safety Handrails is our clear top pick as the best step stool with handrails for children.

In fact, Guidecraft excels at making much other top-quality kid’s furniture that you may be interested in also. We also recommend reading our article about the Best Folding Kitchen Step Stools