7 Reasons Why Delxo 2 Step Stool With Handle Is The Ideal Choice

If you are looking for a step stool with a handle then why not go for the Delxo 2 Step Stool that has a special curved design handle with padding that adds extra comfort and security…

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The Delxo 2 Step Stool has a convenient handgrip, making the stool easy to climb and carry, it’s an ideal choice in your home and shop.

It is not only a stepladder but also a chair. Step up and sit down anytime you need to relax! Make work easier and do it with comfort…

Introducing The Delxo Foldable 2 Step Stool With Padded Handle And Wide Steps!

Delxo 2 Step Stool Folding Step Stool Steel Stepladders with Handgrip


Delxo 2 Step Stool Folding Step Stool Steel Stepladders with Handgrip Anti-Slip Sturdy and Wide Pedal Steel Ladder 300lbs White and Black Combo 2-Feet (WK2061A-2) (2 Step Stool)
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Delxo 2 Step Stool With Handle…


The Curved Top Handle Is Great For Steadying Oneself And Also Works Great As A Handle When The Ladder Is Folded And Being Moved!


The handle on top is great, padded, lots of room on the steps and at the top where the handle is bowed gives you room and won’t bang your knees or shins.


  • The Delxo stool has a curved, foam cover, chair back / handle that not only provides good legroom or seating room on the top step, but it protects the walls when stored in our closet.
  • There is a comfortable handle, which has a very thick/soft rubberish coating/grip
  • The handle/bar at the top is very strong and adds confidence when climbing it or standing on it.
  • I like the curve handle as you have something to either hold onto as you step on it or lean against if you are reaching up high.
  • The rubber handle serves as a brace to the legs while standing on the top step as well as a hand grab. The stool is well designed and very sturdy.
  • It has a grasping bar, and the handle has a gentle curve: very comfortable. 
  • The padded handle helps in getting up and down and carrying it.
  • This is the best step stool ever. It is sturdy, foldable with cushioned handle, easy to open and close, has a lock to prevent accidental closing, and has wide steps.
  • The top step is very stable, and I like the foam cover on the handle that keeps it from scraping up the walls.
  • Perfect for the kitchen! I highly recommend this folding step stool by Delxo.
  • The foam on the handles also makes it comfy if you need to sit. Great device!
  • Nice sturdy u shape handle with good grip feel.

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Easy To Use The Handle Gives A Much Greater Sense Of Security Than Conventional One Step Stools!


I am very pleased with my purchase. As a plus size woman over sixty, this ladder makes me feel safe and secure while using it. 

Delxo 2 Step Stool Folding Step Stool Steel Stepladders with Handgrip Anti-Slip Sturdy and Wide Pedal Steel Ladder 300lbs White and Black Combo 2-Feet (WK2061A-2) (2 Step Stool)
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  • If you’re like me, ladders make me nervous, and this item is a game-changer anyone searching for such an item.
  • Love the stability of this, the width, the treads & the covered curved handle.
  • I am short and I hate to climb. With this step stool, I feel secure… finally!
  • No wobble. No worries. I feel very secure on this step ladder and am confident that my wife is safe when she uses it.
  • The step platforms are large and give feet a secure feel.
  • Easy to use the handle gives a much greater sense of security than conventional one-step stools.
  • This stool helps me feel secure while changing light bulbs, hanging curtains, or reaching high shelves.
  • The steps are wide to give plenty of standing room and have grooved padding to prevent slipping.
  • This step stool is perfect when you need just a little more height to reach into upper-level cabinets. I feel very secure when I am using it.
  • Sturdy step ladder with wide steps so I felt secure using it.
  • I weigh 250lbs and feel very secure on this step ladder. It’s nice and wide, feels balanced, and I dig the soft handle.
  • This step stool allows me to reach the top and I am not afraid of falling because it is secure.
  • I love my new step stool, it is so secure and so steady. I am less worried now when I have to use a step stool. The handle is higher and that helps, too.
  • This is a LOT sturdier than most step ladders.

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My Favorite Thing About The Stool Is The Wide Steps… Standing On Narrow Steps Makes My Back Ache And Hurts My Feet, But The Wide Steps Are Comfortable And Stable!


I’m so glad I picked this step stool. I’m older, fall prone and it’s been a godsend. Very wide steps and a high handle I can grasp at any time. Because of these qualities, I feel confident even on the second step and can reach places I couldn’t before.


Delxo 2 Step Stool Folding Step Stool Steel Stepladders with Handgrip Anti-Slip Sturdy and Wide Pedal Steel Ladder 300lbs White and Black Combo 2-Feet (WK2061A-2) (2 Step Stool)
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  • It also has a wide enough seating area that my son-in-law can sit on it for a haircut, and the grandsons are elevated just enough to make it comfortable for me to cut their hair.
  • We have 10′ ceilings in our kitchen. The upper shelves of the cabinets are impossible to access without a stool. The Delxo Two-Step stool is the perfect solution. Nice, wide/deep treads. Non-slip too
  • This is a well-made step ladder with wide sturdy steps. 
  • The steps are wide to give plenty of standing room and have grooved padding to prevent slipping.
  • Wide steps make this stool elderly favorable.
  • The wide steps are a safety feature when getting on or off.
  • This step stool is very stable, has wide steps to support more of my foot, and feels safe.
  • The perfect step stool. It can handle weight very nicely. Steps are wide which makes balance easy. Very well made.
  • Very solid with wide steps for extra stability. Exactly what I need to reach tall shelves and light fixtures.
  • I bought this stool to be more independent. I am scared of heights on a regular ladder but felt secure on this one. The wide steps are what sold me.
  • This is the sturdiest step ladder that I have ever had! Love, love, the wide steps, and the fact it is comfortable to sit on.
  • The steps are wide enough to make you feel well supported and it is light enough to carry from room to room as needed.
  • It is also wide enough that it can function as a chair.

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We Have 10′ Ceilings In Our Kitchen… The Upper Shelves Of The Cabinets Are Impossible To Access Without A Stool… The Delxo Two-step Stool Is The Perfect Solution!


Was exactly what I was looking for. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall and am a plus size women. This ladder lets me reach the top cabinets in my kitchen and is very sturdy. I don’t feel like I am going to fall though it.


Delxo 2 Step Stool Folding Step Stool Steel Stepladders with Handgrip Anti-Slip Sturdy and Wide Pedal Steel Ladder 300lbs White and Black Combo 2-Feet (WK2061A-2) (2 Step Stool)
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  • I am thrilled that I can also use it to reach ceiling-height cabinets in my kitchen and laundry room (I’m 5’3″).
  • The Delxo 2 step folding ladder is very handy to have around. I am only 5’2″ and I have many cabinets I cannot reach. Whenever I need to get to something on one of the higher shelves I just grab this ladder.
  • I am 6’2″ about 215lbs and I feel very stable standing on the top step and it is perfect for accessing high cabinets and storage. 
  • Being a Senior I find my balance is not as steady as my younger days, great for changing light bulbs and reaching for high cabinet areas.
  • This step stool is perfect when you need just a little more height to reach into upper-level cabinets.
  • I needed a step stool for the kitchen to easily access high, deep cabinets as well as high storage in my closet. 
  • We primarily use this in our kitchen to reach upper cabinets and it is very sturdy.
  • I have high ceilings and cabinets. This step is perfect, stable, sturdy, and can hold the weight of my 220+ lbs boyfriend like nothing.
  • Problem solved. Our ceilings are high so items in upper kitchen cabinets are otherwise out of reach.
  • It’s also useful when reaching items on the top shelves of kitchen cabinets.
  • Exactly what I needed to access the top of my kitchen cabinets.
  • My husband loves this step stool for getting in high cabinets.
  • The Delxo 2 step stool is just the right height for reaching higher shelves and cabinets.
  • This makes getting in my cabinets so much easier.

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I Really Like This Delxo Stepstool… It’s Very Sturdy… It Opens And Folds Easily, And Doesn’t Take Up Much Space When It’s Folded!


This folds easily and fits between my washer and dryer. It’s light to carry, and super easy to fold and unfold smoothly – does need two hands to fold and unfold.


  • The ladder is well made, folds and opens easily, has non-slip black pads on the steps and feet, and doesn’t rock when standing on it.
  • This is a very nice folding stool for the house.
  • It is lightweight enough to move around, folds easily, and is very solid.
  • And when I’m done, it quickly folds up and stores in a closet.
  • I love how easy it is to fold and how high I can reach with it!
  • This step ladder folds flat, reaches high, and is very sturdy.
  • I bought this folding step stool to use in our new house… It is sturdy, easy to fold, and opens back up easily.
  • It folds up very neatly so it can be tucked out of the way and not be a permanent piece of obstructive furniture.
  • You can’t go wrong with this ladder–sturdy-wide steps-easy to fold-easy to fold up--excellent price.
  • It is very sturdy and easy to unfold and fold.
  • Extra bonus points for ease of folding and small folded footprint that allows us to slide this right between countertop and refrigerator.
  • It folds up very nicely when not in use, so it saves space in my office.
  • The ladder folds up flat enough so I can tuck it next to my refrigerator.
  • It folded easily and can be stored along a wall inside a closet.
  • The steps are solid and sturdy and easy to fold up and open out.

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It Is Light Enough For Me To Carry Without Any Problems, Yet Built Very Sturdy!


 It weighs 11 pounds but you don’t have to worry about it tipping over while they are on it. Most people can handle picking up 11 pounds. I’ve been healing from a particularly bad back injury and I can manage it. My 7 year old grandson can carry it too.


  • The Delxo step stool with handle is easy to carry from room to room, as needed.
  • It is strong and yet easy to carry.
  • This is an excellent step stool. Sturdy, easy to open, comfortable to carry, and great foot cushions that will protect your floor.
  • It is light-weight, easy to move around, and sturdy.
  • Very sturdy, yet easy to carry.
  • It is light enough to carry from room to room as needed.
  • This step stool is very sturdy and easy to move from room to room due to the lightweight and ease of folding up.
  • Very sturdy yet light enough to move throughout the house.
  • Bought this to take to work, has a 300-pound capacity, wide steps, very sturdy.
  • I work in a lab, so safety comes first.
  • This was inexpensive and more hearty than anything I could have bought through a medical supply vendor.

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This Stool Is Seriously Sturdy, Compact Enough Folded Up To Fit Between The Wall And My Dryer And Wonderfully Handy!


The Delxo Step Stool With Handle is more substantial (heavier duty with slightly wider steps), yet is still compact in that it folds up to just two or three inches wide.


Delxo 2 Step Stool Folding Step Stool Steel Stepladders with Handgrip Anti-Slip Sturdy and Wide Pedal Steel Ladder 300lbs White and Black Combo 2-Feet (WK2061A-2) (2 Step Stool)
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  • This two-step stool is perfect for what I needed. Small and compact makes it easy to store.
  • This well built, sturdy ladder is tall enough to access the shelves and compact enough to store in the closet.
  • Compact and sturdy. Just the right height for working in the RV.
  • I store it open in my kitchen with a plant on it when not in use but folding it open or closed shouldn’t be a problem for most people.
  • It is so easy to open and close, and it stores between the sink and wall for easy access in the bathroom across the hall from the kitchen.
  • I store it in a 6-inch gap between my fridge and my kitchen counter. 
  • This product is very good. It is sturdily made and easy to store. It can also be used as a makeshift chair.
  • It folded easily and can be stored along a wall inside a closet.
  • Perfect size to store in the apartment closet.
  • We found it easy to store and easy to use on-demand.
  • Very sturdy and convenient to use. Folds flat so I can store it in my pantry.
  • It does not take up much space to store.
  • The Delxo 2 Step Stool takes up less than 2 inches of space to store it away, but I keep mine handy for everyday use.

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In summary, add outstanding stability and safety to any floor, wall, or counter with our Delxo 2 Step Stool.

The stool is ideal for use in a kitchen, bathroom, and basement, providing a safe means of accessing higher surfaces such as shelves, cabinets, and work areas.

The Delxo 2 Step Stool Folding Step Stool is a very safe and secure step stool with a handle. The handle makes it easy to carry and adds extra support.

When it’s not needed simply fold the stool up and put it in a closet. It’s easy to clean because it features an anti-slip bottom pad.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Delxo Step Stool With Handle!


  1. The Delxo 2 Step Stool has a padded curved handle that designed to add extra stability by comfortably support your knees and shins.
  2. This step stool is very sturdy and stable with the combination of wide steps and support handle it gives a greater feeling of security.
  3. The wide steps give plenty of room for your whole foot and it can even give extra seating capacity.
  4. This Delxo 2 step stool is the perfect height for reaching the top of cabinets and changing light bulbs on high ceilings.
  5. It opens and folds easily. You don’t even need two hands to do it.
  6. The Delxo 2 Step Stool is light enough to carry from room to room.
  7. It is compact enough when folded to store easily in spaces that are two-three inches wide.

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