Best Bamboo Laptop Desk For Bed (Clever Adjustable Tilting Top)

The Songmics Bamboo Laptop Desk is a very versatile lap desk that can be used for laptops, homework, drawing, adult coloring, reading, and as an eating tray…

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Have you ever been using your laptop on a sofa or lying on your bed when the screen was too low and it gave you an uncomfortable posture? You would like to adjust the angle of your laptop screen, right?

That’s where the SONGMICS Laptop Desk comes in with its excellent adjustable tilting top. It can adjust the screen to an ideal position that will let you work in comfort!

10 Reasons Why The Versatile Songmics Bamboo Laptop Desk Is The Best Lap Desk!


SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed Sofa with Adjustable Tilting Top, Breakfast Serving Tray with Folding Legs, Multi-Function Table, Floor Desk, 100% Bamboo Nature

SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed Sofa with Adjustable Tilting Top, Breakfast Serving Tray with Folding Legs ,Multi Function Table, Floor Desk, 100% Bamboo Nature
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Songmics Mobile Lap Desk…


A Great Lap Anything… This Is A Great Little Desk/Over The Lap Tray/Breakfast Tray!


This is a great lap desk, breakfast tray, side table. The most versitle I’ve found. Very nice looking.


  • I love this lap desk! Exactly what I wanted for using in front of the TV, while I sit on the couch coloring, etc.
  • If I need a lap desk, it’s a lap desk. If I need a riser, it’s a riser table. If I need a bed tray, it’s a bed tray.
  • I work from home and wanted a lap desk that I could easily set up at different work stations. This has been perfect.
  • When I migrate from the office to the living room for my relaxing evening, I can now load the laptop onto the lap desk along with the mouse, my table, and other accessories tucked in the drawer, and carry everything down way simpler.
  • I love this as a lap desk while in bed or even in a chair for working on a laptop or writing.
  • It also works well as a tray for food. 
  • This lap desk is very well made, perfect for laptop, crafts, or dinner.
  • I love my lap desk. I haven’t used it for my computer, but have for everything else. It’s been great for coloring, drawing, crafts, and dinner.
  • This lap desk is probably one of the most well-designed lap desks out there.
  • I use this little lap table for everything! Whether I’m working on my laptop, paying my bills, or doing something crafty, it’s the perfect size and height for the job.
  • Wonderful lap desk! It has several uses and nicely made!
  • I use this lap desk for eating outside, reading my book, working on my IPad. Also working on my laptop. So comfortable and nicely made.
  • It even has a place to put your pens and pencils!
  • This piece is so handy, I use it to study, to eat on, and to watch movies on my laptop. I also place it on the floor and use it as a “coffee table”.

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I’ve Had Other Laptop Desks And The Songmics Laptop Desk Is By Far My Favorite!


So this thing is great because of the variable height and the tilting table so I can get my laptop up to eyeball level without causing neck strain. And the side area is great for holding my coffee and my Bluetooth mouse. 


SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed Sofa with Adjustable Tilting Top, Breakfast Serving Tray with Folding Legs ,Multi Function Table, Floor Desk, 100% Bamboo Nature
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  • There is a removable stop on the pivoting table part to keep your laptop or whatever from sliding off.
  • The fact that there is a ledge to hold my laptop well adds a plus.
  • Since it is wood and not plastic or metal, you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot from your laptop, or melting.
  • The top surface of the table is movable with 5 slots to adjust the height of the top surface for a better view of your laptop’s screen. 
  • This works great for my laptop and I use it for holding my pattern for cross-stitching.
  • Perfect for working on my laptop or for having snacks while watching tv.
  • Great multipurpose lap desk. Works well for laptops or books with a tilting desk. Nice that it isn’t plastic.
  • It’s perfect for when I’m on the sofa or in bed and want to play around on my laptop or even work.
  • My husband uses it all the time with his laptop while in his recliner.
  • Great for laptop in bed.
  • It is very sturdy and just what I needed for working on my laptop while watching TV.
  • Wow. Just wow. Sturdy and adjustable. Perfect size for my laptop or tablet.
  • I love it. I use this as a standing desk for my laptop computer. As an accountant who works from home, it provides me with an expensive way to keep from sitting at a desk all day.

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The Best Aspect Of The Product Is That It Is Made From 100% Nature Bamboo And Its Design Is Also Very User-friendly


I was in need of a lapdesk for a while now and when I saw this I thought it was perfect. Made from sturdy bamboo I was sure it would be really nice and last for a very long time.


SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed Sofa with Adjustable Tilting Top, Breakfast Serving Tray with Folding Legs ,Multi Function Table, Floor Desk, 100% Bamboo Nature
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  • This is solid wood (bamboo) so no cheesy plywood and has a nice finish.
  • It is well constructed and the bamboo is quite lovely.
  • The bamboo texture looks great and is pretty smooth.
  • Awesome!! I admire the quality construction and the actual wood. I’m trying to create a warmer environment in my office and the bamboo is a great touch!
  • The bamboo is gorgeous and the desk is lightweight, while still being sturdy.
  • Warm bamboo feeling (not plastic). Extremely versatile; reading, eating, drawing, and putting on makeup at eye level, etc.
  • It is made of bamboo, making it beautiful, strong, and made of sustainable wood.
  • If you need a small platform to work from, we recommend the SONGMICS Bamboo desk.
  • The natural bamboo looks great with my cabinets.
  • I got my desk today. It’s beautiful! The bamboo has a natural finish with a matte look.
  • Very nice desk and I really like the use of bamboo. It’s aesthetically pleasing.
  • The bamboo is so beautiful!! Excellent craftsmanship. Lightweight, sturdy, and perfect for a couch, bed, or floor.
  • I really enjoy my Bamboo Adjustable Lab Desk Fold Table. Make it so much easier to use my laptop and take notes when studying.

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This Is Just Perfect For Someone That Cannot Get Out Of Bed Or Needs To Work From Home And Just Wants To Relax While Doing So!


You can use it like a small dining table that is easy to fold and store, to study on your bed, or have your lover serve breakfast on the table on the bed for you. You can also get your work done on your bed when you are sick. Overall, I’m glad that I gave this bamboo adjustable desk a chance to try.


SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed Sofa with Adjustable Tilting Top, Breakfast Serving Tray with Folding Legs ,Multi Function Table, Floor Desk, 100% Bamboo NatureClick image to view on Aamzon


  • I have limited walking for the next 6 weeks so will be working in my bed for a bit… this table is perfect for just that.
  • Finally – a bed tray that DOESN’T randomly collapse!
  • I can use this in bed for my laptop or tablet.
  • It also works with a tablet in bed, or with any paperwork.
  • I LOVE THIS, I use it to work on my bullet journal in bed or on the floor and it’s perfect!
  • It allows me to work outside with ease, or watch videos in bed without overheating my laptop.
  • I can draw, write, and compute anywhere I choose.
  • For the price, this is well worth it if you work from bed often.
  • I love it! I’m frequently bed-bound and this table makes my life so much easier!
  • It folds up easily and makes reading, drawing, or using the pc more comfortable in bed.
  • I enjoy typing in bed on my laptop and the table stays pretty grounded while in bed. I also have my Kindle on it sometimes. So the table is good for all devices as well as paperback or hardback books.

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Finally A Multiple Use Lap Desk… That’s Foldable And Mobile For Multiple Uses!


I love this product because it is so versatile. You can use it anywhere and it is able to adjust to 3 different heights. I love using it on my bed to draw and journal. It’s also a great food tray. It’s able to easily fold up and travel anywhere


SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed Sofa with Adjustable Tilting Top, Breakfast Serving Tray with Folding Legs ,Multi Function Table, Floor Desk, 100% Bamboo Nature
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  • I love it since I have it, it’s so convenient, I can move it anywhere.
  • Small enough to pack to the beach or onto our boat.
  • I love this thing… I can make a desk comfortably anywhere!!
  • It makes working anywhere easy and comfortable.
  • I love to draw, doodle, paint, etc, and I’m not always near my desk with active kiddo so it had to be portable and not extremely heavy.
  • Terrific Multi-Functional portable work desk.
  • Great Portable Desk!
  • I highly recommend this product to any new college student, adult going back, or anyone needing a portable small desk area.
  • Getting through nursing school with this portable desk!
  • I love this lap desk! It is very durable and portable. I use it at home and at work. It’s amazing!
  • This portable desk is awesome. I bought it for my fiancee to use at night when studying.
  • I would recommend this as an inexpensive and portable alternative to full-size drafting tables.
  • The Songmics Mobile Lap Desk is very practical and portable, easy to put away

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I Absolutely Love That The Height Can Be Adjusted And You Are Not Restricted To Certain Heights… I Use Different Heights For Different Tasks… Studying, Working On The Computer, Crafting!


There are 5 levels on the desktop to adjust to any angle you like and this really handy for painting because it’s like a portable easel bring your travel pallet and paint supplies to the park or to the living room, really anyplace! I am excited about this so very much! The legs are adjustable in height and stay locked in place with a twist of the knobs.


SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed Sofa with Adjustable Tilting Top, Breakfast Serving Tray with Folding Legs ,Multi Function Table, Floor Desk, 100% Bamboo Nature
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  • It’s very well made, highly functional, with a tiltable split top and adjustable legs.
  • I find the adjustable height to be a real advantage.
  • The height has adjustable settings that lock into place which is nice if you have blankets bunched up underneath or a cast or even a big ole pregnant belly!
  • I like that the legs are adjustable. I like that I can work both flat and elevated.
  • The top surface of the table is movable with 5 slots to adjust the height of the top surface for a better view of your laptop’s screen.
  • EXCELLENT product. Having legs that adjust AND lock is so convenient, not to mention safer. 
  • The height adjusts great & is safe- no worries of it coming crashing down mid-use!
  • It is sturdy, and the adjustable legs are absolutely wonderful! ]
  • The adjustable top is also a great feature and helps when I need to write or draw.
  • With the adjustable tilt of the table, I am able to use my computer while leaning back in a semi-sitting position that gives me back support and doesn’t require me to lift my elbows too much as I can prop them up with pillows.
  • The adjustable height is terrific, allowing me to extend its legs so that I could bend my knees and move around while lying there like a lump.

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The Songmics Bamboo Laptop Desk Is Perfect For Sitting On The Floor To Work On Legos, Tablet Or Drawing!


This desk is exactly what I needed! There are times when I like to catch up on work while watching TV, but sitting on the floor is the most comfortable way to do that. This desk makes really helps with that.


  • I have a gaming chair that sits upright on the floor and use this to do my college studying on the floor
  • Versatility is best, was a gift for Son. He uses 1-2 computers at a time and it gives him more options to stand, sit on a chair, or floor on a cushion!
  • I needed a small desk to sit on my bed or floor and study for school, so this folding desk was perfect!
  • Great floor table!
  • Works well in the bed for late-night or for just an extra work spot on the floor near the kotatsu.
  • I got this for my husband, who likes to do a lot of work on a carpeted floor and cushions. He loves this. Beautiful, simple, functional design. Feels minimal, practical, and elegant.
  • This little desk is great when sitting on the floor and typing on the laptop, or doing homework.
  • I love that I can use it in bed, on the floor, or even at the beach or park use it for working eating it’s light easy to pack and carry.
  • We love it so much. So useful for studying on the floor.
  • I was searching for the most practical and I found it here thanks Amazon and Songmics!
  • It’s beautiful, sturdy, and is multi-functional for sitting on the floor, the bed, or the sofa…plus it’s great for reading, creating artwork, and for my 15″ Laptop!

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The Songmics Bamboo Lap Desk Is A Great Homework Station!


I purchased this for my daughter to use when she does her college homework. She lives in a very small apartment and there is not enough room for a desk or computer station so this is perfect.


  • Great for homework, reading, coloring…whatever.
  • I don’t have a desk in my room so I bought this table for homework.
  • Also handy to have for the kids when they do their homework.
  • Works great for doing homework in bed (when you live in a tiny condo and the husband wants to watch TV in the living room!).
  • My husband works full time and goes to school full time so he’s always busy with homework, we got him this desk for his birthday so he could easily work and spend time with the family instead of being cooped up in the bedroom with his large desk!
  • I am going to college online. I usually study and do homework sitting in bed or on the couch. 
  • My daughter uses this on her bed to do her homework all the time. Plenty of room for a laptop or big college-level book.
  • It is perfect to use with the laptop and to do homework.
  • Great for doing homework while sitting on the floor.
  • I bought it for myself for homework and laptop use and it fully accomplishes that goal.
  • It makes reading and doing homework around different parts of the house so comfortable and convenient. It’s well built and I was impressed with the design.

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It Is Fantastic For Working On My Adult Coloring Books… The Adjustable Tilting Portion Is Perfect!


I *love* coloring pictures for my kids and myself and this makes it SO perfect to lay back at night after the kids have gone to bed, grab my little table, lamp & pencils, and watch some Star Trek TNG on my Roku while I color something.


  • I purchased this product for my wife. Not as a laptop desk, but rather a coloring platform that fits nicely while on the couch.
  • She also does her puzzles, electronic games, and yes… eats from them.
  • I use it to do adult coloring in bed. It has plenty of space to put your pencils etc.
  • It’s been great for coloring, drawing, crafts, and dinner.
  • She absolutely loves this table and said it is so nice to be able to sit in her recliner and be able to color and draw. 
  • I purchased this lap desk needing a comfortable work area for my coloring projects with not having much room or need for something big.
  • Also, my 7 years old likes to use it for coloring and drawing!
  • Perfect for sitting on the couch or sitting up in bed and coloring, writing, eating, and much more.
  • Got it for my wife, to color on in bed. Works perfectly.
  • Perfect for eating, crafts, coloring, etc.
  • I really love my new lap desk, I use this for adult coloring. Super cute
  • The Songmics Lap Desk is the best thing for lap coloring.
  • This one does fit between the armchair cushions and allows me to read, color my adult coloring books, and/or have a snack or drink on my lap desk.

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I Used It To Eat Off Of Like A Breakfast Table And It Is Awesome For That As Well!


 It worked well for me doing maze puzzles, or reading – and then lay it flat for eating.


  • I also use it as a table when I want to eat on the couch! 
  • Perfect size and height for reading or eating in bed.
  • I ordered this tray to help with eating meals in any of the spots I was elevating my leg and to also hold my laptop.
  • If you’re trying to eat in bed, I highly recommend this.
  • I can use my 15.6″ laptop on it and I can eat on it or write on it.
  • Great for eating in bed.
  • I love this I watch a lot of tv in my room on my bed and this is very convenient for eating as well as various other activities that I do while watching.
  • It also doubles as an eating tray. The tray is sturdy and reliable and just the right size and height for her chair.
  • Great bed table for eating, reading, and writing.
  • It’s totally worth it to be able to work or eat in bed or on the couch!

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In summary, whether you use it to watch a movie in bed, work on business projects or surf the internet, this laptop desk is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy full use of their laptop in a comfortable position.

The durable wooden construction allows the integrated laptop platform to hold most notebooks and other awkward devices.

SONGMICS Laptop Desk for Bed is certainly a very versatile lap desk that you can use for laptops, working, homework, coloring, drawing, writing, and eating!

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Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Songmics Bamboo Laptop Desk For Bed!


  1. The Songmics laptop desk is a very versatile lap desk that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
  2. It is a great laptop desk with adjustments for better ergonomic laptop height and a stopper to prevent your laptop from sliding off.
  3. The Songmics lap desk is made of 100% bamboo so it is very durable and looks great as well.
  4. It is the ideal lap desk for a bed.
  5. The Songmics laptop desk is foldable and portable. It easy to move from room to room or to take with you to the beach or park.
  6. There is plenty of adjustments you can make to both the height and the tilting top surface to make sure you can get comfortable.
  7. For those who like to sit on the floor, this is the lap desk for you.
  8. It is the ideal homework work station.
  9. For those of you who love adult coloring, crafts, and drawing this lap desk is the ideal lap table for you.
  10. The Songmics laptop desk doubles as a very convenient eating tray.

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