Shoes Similar to Giuseppe Zanotti (11 Alternatives)

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Shoes Like Giuseppe Zanotti

Famous Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti has built a reputation for creating quality shoes with an iconic look. His designs are known for intricate details such as beading, gold accent metals, and standout heels.

His shoes are more than just a pair of shoes, they are pieces of art. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials used make these shoes stand out from the crowd.

The brand’s signature look is a mix of Italian craftsmanship with urban street style. They offer a wide range of styles from sneakers to stilettos and everything in between. The shoe collection includes heels for women, boots for men, flats for kids, and sandals for both genders.

11 Shoes Similar to Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes (Available on Amazon ) are often very expensive and not within everyone’s budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same look for less with these similar styles from other brands.

So let’s look at some interesting Giuseppe Zanotti alternatives:

1. Steve Madden “Stecy” Sandal

The Stecy sandal is a great choice for a woman who wants to rock the retro look but can’t afford the real thing. The T-strap design is very similar to some of Zanotti’s styles, but the heel height is much more manageable than some of his towering stilettos.

Steve Madden’s Stecy sandal is an attractive and comfortable style that has become a celebrity favorite. Its popularity can largely be attributed to its versatility — it looks good with jeans on the weekend, yet it easily transitions into a work outfit when paired with a pencil skirt or dress pants. The shoe also comes in several color choices, including red, black, gold, silver, and blush.

This shoe is the “Stecy” sandal from Steve Madden. It’s a really cool shoe that looks expensive and the price is only $59.95. However, it does look eerily similar to another high-end shoe – the Giuseppe Zanotti “Irina” Flip Flop ($500) in fact.


Steve Madden Womens Stecy Dress Sandal Shoe, Blush Patent, US 11


Let’s take a closer look at both shoes and see if you can spot any differences:

  • The Steve Madden sandal has a more narrow strap across the top of the foot than the Giuseppe Zanotti (pictured on the left). The width of the strap can make or break a shoe. If it’s too narrow, it looks cheap and tacky. If it’s too wide, it can look bulky and clunky. The Steve Madden Stecy hits the nail on the head with its width.
  • The gold gemstone on the Steve Madden is a bit larger than that of the Giuseppe Zanotti and has a slight bevel cut on its edge. In my opinion, this makes for an even more luxurious and expensive look than that of Giuseppe Zanotti.
  • The edges of each strap are defined by a grommet detailing which is common to both shoes. This design element adds interest to what might otherwise be considered an overly simple shoe.

2. Zigi Soho “Brulee” Flat Sandal

The Brulee sandal is great for summertime wear because it won’t expose your toes to too much heat like a more open shoe would. The beaded detail on this flat sandal is very similar to that found on some of Zanotti’s designs, making it a good Giuseppe Zanotti alternative.

The Zigi Soho “Brulee” Flat Sandal is so comfortable and versatile that you will want to wear them every day!

Why is it like Giuseppe Zanotti?

The main reason why is similar to Giuseppe Zanotti is that they are both made with quality materials. The Zigi Soho “Brulee” Flat Sandal has an upper made of faux leather and elastic gore details for adjustability and comfort.

It also features a lightly padded footbed for all-day wear. These sandals have a flat heel, which makes them perfect for wearing anywhere!

  • The Brulee Flat Sandal is the perfect everyday shoe for the summertime. It comes in 3 different colors and its design is super cute. The sandal has a flat heel and a cross strap to keep it on your feet.
  • This is not your typical flip flop, it’s made from quality materials and designed to last all day long. You can wear this sandal with anything from jeans to shorts! The best part about these shoes is that they’re comfortable enough for walking around town or going out on a date night!
  • If you don’t want to spend too much money on shoes, then the Brulee Flat Sandal is a great option for you! It has all of the same features as other designer brands like Gucci and Prada but at half the price! They are so comfortable you won’t even notice they’re there!

3. Splendid “Mara” Wedge Sandal

If you are looking for a simple, yet chic wedge sandal, this Splendid Mara Wedge Sandal (Available on Amazon) will be right up your alley. This sandal is flat in the back, which makes it easy to walk in and comfortable, but has a wedge heel in the front that gives it an added boost.

The Mara wedge sandal by Splendid takes the classic huarache style and gives it an edgy twist with a buckle detail across the toe.


Splendid Women's Marlene Wedge Sandal, Latfab, 6.5 M US


Available in several neutral colors, this shoe features braided jute detail on the wedge heel and a comfortable ankle strap. It’s perfect for someone who wants a bit of lift without feeling like she’s teetering on skyscrapers.

Splendid “Mara” Wedge Sandal is similar to Giuseppe Zanotti.

  • The sandals are very similar in the way that both have the same shape and color.
  • The Splendid “Mara” Wedge Sandal has a 5 3/4 wedge heel while the Giuseppe Zanotti has a 4″ wedge heel, but both are made with cork as the material.
  • Both sandals fit true to size according to their reviews and they also have a leather sole, which makes them comfortable to walk in.

4. Dolce Vita “Cassis” Sandal

The Dolce Vita “Cassis” Sandal (Available on Amazon) is a great dupe for the Giuseppe Zanotti design, but at a fraction of the cost. The Dolce Vita shoe has an adjustable ankle strap, which is an important feature if you have very small ankles and worry about finding shoes that fit me properly.

The gold ankle buckle and gold accents on the upper part of the shoe add just enough detail without being overzealous like some other designer styles tend to be.


Dolce Vita Women's PAILY Heeled Sandal, Ivory Stella, 8


The Dolce Vita sandal also has a rubber sole, which makes it more comfortable and wearable than other designer versions that tend to be uncomfortable and difficult to walk in.

The Dolce Vita Cassis is a perfect blend of old and new. The classic silhouette is something that has never been more trendy. The cut-outs and the gold hardware are something that you can find in every shoe collection, but the color combo is what makes it different

The Dolce Vita Cassis is an interesting take on a classic style. It has all the same elements as other options, but it uses them in different ways to create a unique look. The choice between black or white straps gives you two options for how you want your shoes to look: one with minimal contrast against your outfit and another that stands out more boldly against any outfit choice!

5. Lucky Brand “Tahiti” Sandal

If you’re a fan of Zanotti’s strappy style, check out Lucky Brand’s Tahiti sandals. They’re super comfortable and have a simple, elegant design that will pair well with almost any outfit in your closet.

The Lucky Brand “Tahiti” Sandal (Available on Amazon) is a stylish flat this summer. It’s a great choice for those who want to look stylish in the warmer months, but don’t want to spend a fortune

The Lucky Brand “Tahiti” Sandal is a comfortable alternative to the Giuseppe Zanotti “Coline” Sandal.

A similar style to the Giuseppe Zanotti “Coline” Sandal, the Lucky Brand “Tahiti” Sandal is a fantastic option for those looking for a more affordable version of the popular designer shoe.


Lucky Brand Women's MINDRA Espadrille Wedge Sandal, Black, 7 M US


The Lucky Brand “Tahiti” Sandal features many of the same details as to its more expensive counterpart, including a feminine bow on the toe and a low heel. The leather uppers are soft and pliable, which makes them incredibly comfortable. The straps feature buckles that allow you to adjust them to fit your foot perfectly.

Giuseppe Zanotti’s “Coline” sandals are very popular among celebrities and are often seen on red carpets around the world. They’re also highly sought after by women who want to look chic in their summer outfits. While these shoes do have some similarities with the Lucky Brand “Tahiti,” there are some key differences between them as well.

  • One similarity between these shoes is that both are made of leather. Leather lasts longer than synthetic materials such as plastic or foam.
  • Both shoes have a gold logo on the heel strap. This gives both shoes a look of luxury, which will add to your outfit when you wear them with jeans or a dress.
  • Another similarity is that both shoes have an ankle strap for increased stability and comfort. This feature also helps keep your feet in place while walking or running so you don’t slip and fall as easily.

6. Stuart Weitzman “Muse” Sandal

These gorgeous sandals from Stuart Weitzman (Available on Amazon) are very similar to some of Zanotti’s popular designs. There are various ways to wear them, including in regular sandals mode or as an ankle wrap with the straps tied around your leg.

The Stuart Weitzman “Muse” Sandal has a very similar design to the Giuseppe Zanotti.

From ankle straps to pointed toes, they’re basically twins. Aside from the crystals (or lack thereof), they have an identical silhouette and are both relatively simple in style. That’s not a bad thing at all — in fact, it’s a good thing because you can wear them with everything from jeans to formal dresses.


Stuart Weitzman Mirela Adobe/Natural 5.5 C


  • Both sandals have an elegant design featuring multiple thick straps that are held together by an ankle strap. The difference between these two sandals is the color — while the Muse is available in black, pink, white, and coral, the Giuseppe Zanotti is only available in nude and silver.
  • Both shoes are made from genuine leather. Leather is comfortable and very durable. If you wear your sandals often, it will be a good investment to buy a pair that are made from genuine leather.
  • These shoes have metal designs on them to add a bit of sparkle to your look! The Giuseppe Zanotti has a gold metal plate with studs and crystals on the bottom, while the Stuart Weitzman has metal charms on each strap for a more subtle effect.

7. Jessica Simpson “Parma” Sandal

The Jessica Simpson “Parma” Sandal (Available on Amazon) has a very similar design to the Giuseppe Zanotti gladiator sandal with its buckle embellishments on the back and front straps. The front strap of the Jessica Simpson “Parma” Sandal also has a cutout design like the one seen in the Giuseppe Zanotti gladiator sandal.

The Jessica Simpson “Parma” Sandal is made with light gold leather that matches the color of the Giuseppe Zanotti gladiator sandal. The heel height of both shoes is approximately 5 inches.


Jessica Simpson Women's Stilla Platform Wedge Sandal, Black, 9


  • The straps are very similar.
  • The metallic heel is very similar to the “Giuseppe Zanotti” shoe.
  • The heel height of both shoes is the same.

Both brands are endorsed by celebrities, making them more popular with consumers who want to feel like they’re wearing something special when they buy either brand name item. A celebrity endorsement can help increase sales as well as build up brand awareness for both Jessica Simpson shoes (which have been worn on many red carpets) and Giuseppe Zanotti footwear.

8. Laura Ashley “Whitney” Wedge Sandal

The Whitney wedge by Laura Ashley (Available on Amazon) has a similar shape and cut to Zanotti’s shoes, but the lower price point makes them great for those on a budget. They’re available in black or white and have a buckle closure at the ankle strap.

The Laura Ashley “Whitney” wedge sandals are a stylish alternative to the popular Giuseppe Zanotti. Both are classic, sexy, and fashion-forward. I love the peep-toe look of both shoes.

The Whitney sandal is a great example of a design that is inspired by other designs. It has a shape similar to Giuseppe Zanotti’s “I60160” sandal, but with a wedge heel. The strap detail is also very similar to Giuseppe Zanotti’s shoe. The leather on the Whitney sandal is quite nice as well and the ankle strap adds interest to an otherwise basic shoe.

These sandals have a lot going for them, so let’s take a look at three reasons why the Laura Ashley “Whitney” Wedge Sandal is similar to Giuseppe Zanotti.


Laura Ashley Girls' Sandals - Leatherette Glitter Sandals with Ankle Buckle Straps (Little Girl/Big Girl), Size 1, Rose Gold


They’re Affordable!

For those who don’t have a large budget, quality shoes can be hard to come by. The Laura Ashley “Whitney” Wedge Sandal is an affordable option that doesn’t lack in style. They are made for women with smaller feet, but they will fit most feet sizes. If you aren’t sure about how these sandals will fit on your feet, try them on before you buy them.

They’re Comfortable!

Another reason why Laura Ashley “Whitney” Wedge Sandal is similar to Giuseppe Zanotti is that they are comfortable. The wedge heel provides support for your feet and won’t make you feel like you are walking on stilts as some high heels can do. These sandals also have an adjustable strap that makes them comfortable to wear.


With its pointed toe and chunky heel, the Whitney sandal is a modern take on a classic silhouette. The combination of smooth leather and suede makes this shoe an effortless way to add texture to your outfit.

9. Madewell “Luella” Slide Sandal

Madewell and Giuseppe Zanotti are both famous for their stylish women’s shoes. Madewell has a great collection of fashion sandals and Giuseppe Zanotti is famous for his extravagant designs.

The “Luella” slide sandal by Madewell is a sophisticated and stylish shoe that you can wear with anything. It looks great with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts. These slides have a simple design, but they’re made from high-quality materials like leather, suede, and nubuck with rubber soles that provide traction on any surface.

The Madewell Luella Slide Sandal (Available on Amazon) is a great alternative to Giuseppe Zanotti at a fraction of the price! Here are 3 reasons why:


Madewell Ilana 3 Strap Slide Sandal in Snake Embossed Leather Blush Multi 7.5 M


  • They’re both made with leather. The Madewell slide sandal is made with 100% Italian leather, while the Giuseppe Zanotti slide sandal features smooth calfskin. Both brands use high-quality materials to produce their footwear.
  • They both have a metallic finish. The metallic finish on both pairs of shoes is what makes them look so expensive. They’re like jewelry for your feet!
  • They both have gold hardware accents. Both pairs of shoes feature gold hardware accenting the straps, which gives them that extra bit of elegance.

The Giuseppe Zanotti slides are similar to the “Luella” because they both have the same open-toe design and thick straps across the top of your foot. The only difference between these two sandals is that one has an ankle strap while the other does not.

This makes them perfect for wearing with any outfit or occasion! You can wear these slides to work, school, or just out on the town!

10. Jeffrey Campbell “Lita”

The Lita is a great choice for someone who wants to rock the Zanotti look but can’t afford the high heels. This style comes in a wide variety of colors and features many embellishments that make it reminiscent of Zanotti footwear. If you’re looking for a good pair of shoes to wear to work or out on the town, these are a great choice.

The Lita boot (Available on Amazon) is an iconic and highly sought-after shoe from the Jeffrey Campbell line. They are one of the top-selling shoes in their line and have been for quite some time.

Both shoes are very similar in style however, there are differences in construction, price, and popularity.


Jeffrey Campbell Lita Black Distressed Leather Wood Heel Platform Lace Up Boot (9.5)


  • The Jeffrey Campbell Lita is a platform-heeled ankle boot with a pointed toe, high heel, and lace-up front.
  • The Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel is also a platform-heeled shoe but it has a rounded toe. The heel height is much higher than the Lita.

So why should you buy the Jeffrey Campbell “Lita”? Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Both of these shoes have an open-toe design that is perfect for any outfit you decide to wear this summer. The open-toe style allows you to show off your pedicure while being comfortable in a shoe that shows your toes.
  2. The platforms on both pairs give you added height while still being comfortable enough to walk in all day long without killing the balls of your feet or getting blisters on your heels.
  3. These shoes look great with any outfit and can be worn during the day or out at night. You can pair them with skinny jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and even rompers!

11. Naughty Monkey “Guilty Pleasure” Sandal

Naughty Monkey (Available on Amazon) is a brand that makes similar designer-inspired sandals that can be worn by anyone. They have a wide variety of different styles and colors available for their customers to choose from and they are extremely affordable.

The Naughty Monkey “Guilty Pleasure” Sandal is very similar to one of Giuseppe Zanotti’s designs:


Naughty Monkey Women's Saint Tropez, Gold, 7 M US


  1. The first reason why the Naughty Monkey “Guilty Pleasure” Sandal is similar to Giuseppe Zanotti’s women’s sandals is because of the metallic color. Both of these shoes have a metallic gold color, which gives them a stylish look. Metallic gold is a flashy color that will attract attention, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to look their best. These shoes also have silver studs on them, and the studs are what make them look even more stylish.
  2. The second reason why the Naughty Monkey “Guilty Pleasure” Sandal is similar to Giuseppe Zanotti’s women’s sandals is because of the way they are decorated with jewels and gems. Both of these shoes have gems on them, and some of these gems are square-shaped while others are round-shaped.
  3. The third reason why the Naughty Monkey “Guilty Pleasure” Sandal is similar to Giuseppe Zanotti’s women’s sandals is because they both have a zipper on their back heels! The zipper makes it easy to put on or take off these shoes without having to worry about lacing them.

This shoe is very similar to the Steve Madden Stecy, but it offers a slightly different design option for those who want to try something new.

The Guilty Pleasure sandal has an ankle strap that makes it even more secure on your foot than the Stecy, and its heel height is low enough that you can wear it all day without worrying about getting tired feet.

In summary, Giuseppe Zanotti is one of the most popular designers in the world today. His shoes are worn by people like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and Kim Kardashian. If you’re looking for shoes that will make you look stylish and fashionable, these are the shoes to get. But they can be very expensive.

Hopefully, you can imitate the look with the above more affordable options.

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