How To Select The Best Sleeper Sofa: A Commonsense Buyer Guide

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We are going to look in detail, how to select the best sleeper sofa. However, throughout this article I want you to continually think about this one thing… What is the best sleeping sofa for you?

Your weight, your height, your taste, your living space circumstances, your current room design are all the most important things to consider when deciding what is the best sleeping sofa.

Reading about what is best for someone else can help you narrow down your decision however always think about how it will fit with your circumstances.

A sleeper sofa is a great space saver and ideal in both small spaces or large and some come with storage areas as well.

Living in an apartment or older-style home with smaller rooms comes with a few compromises. These include the living area in your living room.

In such a case, you have to make good use of every space in your living area. And this is where the sleeper sofa comes in handy. A sleeper sofa makes good use of every bit of space.

During the day, you have a large space at your convenience to lounge around. And during the night, you have a double sleeping surface. This is ideal for guests and you as well.

But due to the growing popularity of the sofa bed, there is now a huge selection to choose from and with more choice comes uncertainty about how to select the best sleeper sofa.

You can find them in various qualities, shapes, materials, values, and sizes. So… it’s often challenging to make the right selection when you opt to purchase one.

Below are the vital features that you should consider when you need to get the best and perfect sleeper sofa that will fit your needs.

Consider Room Layout When Selecting The Best Sleeper Sofa

Consider what type of furniture and other accessories you already have in the room before selecting a particular design of sleeper.

There is furniture that blends with anything, and there are those that require a unique pattern of style so that you could have a room with uniformity.

For instance, which type of table or other seats do you have in the room where you will put the sleeper? If you own any end tables consider a sleeper that will blend with it. If you own the large size designer tables ensure you will have enough room for your legs with the sleeper.

Apart from providing a surface to sit on, seats play a crucial role in determining the look and organization of your room. Thus, if you have seats such as a chaise lounge, then consider having a sectional sleeper sofa

Consider The Right Measurements When Selecting Your Sleeper Sofa

It can be very awkward to have a low-level sleeper sofa in a high ceiling room. The two don’t add up. It is therefore imperative to have the measurement of floor to ceiling length before getting a sleeper. And then use the length to look for a sleeper sofa that will blend perfectly with your ceiling height.

The high ceiling goes hand in hand with high-level seat sleepers, while the low ceiling with the low seat sleepers.

The essence behind this is that a low sleeper in a low ceiling room will create the illusion that the room is larger. While the high-level seat sleeper s in a high ceiling room will create an illusion of balance.

Another consideration is the hallway and your doorway. Yes, doorway. As much as it seems impossible that a sleeper will not go through the door, there are larger ones that demand a bigger entrance.

Therefore, it won’t matter whether you’ve found the perfect of all the sleepers as long as it will not fit the entrance.

How Easy Does The Sofa To Convert To A Bed?

There is nothing embarrassing like being unable to transform your sleeper into a bed when you have a guest. In such a scenario, simplicity pays greatly.

Intricate designs bring more comfort; we have to agree on that. But then again, it comes along with the challenges of operating it. Just ensure when you opt for a complex sleeper, you are familiar with how every part operates, and most of all, how to transform it into a bed.

For those who would like to keep things simple, a flip Sofa Bed Chair will come in handy. As simple as it sounds, you just flip it, and you are good to go. But if you prefer a little bit of challenge, then go for the best convertible sleeper sofa.

Do You Need L-Shaped, U-Shaped, or Other Sleeper Sofa?

Apart from serving as a sleeping bed, Sleepers have a crucial role in providing a sitting space during the day. Therefore, before selecting one, consider the number of people you will be hosting from time to time.

In case you have a large number of residents in your house, you will definitely need more than a pair of cushions as the sitting surface.

In this case, seats that accommodate up to four people will come in handy. But if you have a large room, consider an L shape or U shape sleeper. They have the largest capacity. After all, nobody loves the idea of sitting in the valley between two cushions.

Your personal likes might also come in handy in functionality. For instance, if you are the kind of person who just loves sofa naps at certain times of the day, then a sleeper with greater depth is what you need. It will give you a choice of either transforming the sleeper into a bed or just sleep on it as a sofa.

Does The Sleeper Sofa Rate High For Stability?

Crumbling with the bed several feet from above will totally ruin your night. And it is for this reason that stability is an important factor when purchasing a sleeper sofa. As much they are convenient and comfortable, there are some designs that may mess up your night.

Therefore, check the type of extension support that the sleeper has before opting for it. This applies to those with raised sleeping sections. Are the extension supports strong enough to manage any sudden movement during the night?

But for those who have low faith in the extension support, sleeper designs like flip sofa sleeper bed chair, have no extension support. Instead, they open straight on the floor. With these designs, you have no worries about crumbling.

Most of the best convertible sleeper sofa comes with extension support. The good thing about them is that they are strong and assured of safety like the ordinary bed.

Therefore, if you are a person who sleeps vigorously at night, you don’t have to worry about collapsing the bed.

Does The Sleeper Sofa Offer Value For Money?

We all know by now that the value of a product determines whether you will bring it home with you or not. Similar sentiments apply to the sleeper.

But in this case, the sleepers are available in various forms and brands. And for this reason, when you have a standard budget, you will never fail to get a good one at a pocket-friendly value.

A flip sofa sleeper bed chair is inexpensive as compared to a convertible sleeper sofa. This may be due to the difference in complexity and size. But if you think about it, it sets a balance in purchasing sleepers.

If you want to save on space or love simplicity, the Flip sofa sleeper bed is the best choice. At the same time, it’s a great choice when you are on a tight budget.

But if you are a guy who loves complicated things or bulky, then convertible sleeper sofas are the best options. But in this case, you will dig a little bit deeper into your pockets as compared to flip sleepers.

How Versatile Is The Sleeper Sofa?

Most probably, you will be purchasing the sleeper to cater to sleepover guests. But I am sure your guests will not fit the same size and height as you.

And for this reason, you will need a sleeper that is versatile. It should be able to accommodate the heavy guest, short, tall, or just any size.

Not all sleepers are versatile. There are some which will crumble when loaded with a 300-pound guest. In such a case, you should get the best convertible sleeper sofa with sturdy extension support.

Alternatively, you can opt for a Flip-sofa sleeper bed chair. These kinds will accommodate anybody.

How Heavy is The Sleeper Sofa?

Unless you are purchasing an automatic sleeper, the kind that extends and folds itself, you will definitely need to consider weight. Folding and unfolding the sleeper requires a given amount of effort.

Therefore, the weight of the folding parts determines the effort you will put in place. For sleepers like Flip sofa sleeper bed chair, they have few moving parts and the bigger portion of the weight is the form mattress.

Thus they require less effort to operate. But when you opt for a convertible sleeper sofa, there are several moving parts involved with the most being metallic. In such a case, weight is a must to consider. It should be light enough for you to operate it without straining.

What Mechanism of Operation Does Your Sleeper Sofa have?

Sleeper sofas whether convertible, sofa bed, or Flip Sofa Sleeper, have a different mechanism in which they get operated. Therefore, it depends on the manufacturer of choice and the mechanism which is efficient for a particular design.

Below are the various mechanisms which the various sleepers apply:


  • Folding

If you need a sleeper to utilize frequently, ensure it has the folding mechanism of operation. This design is simple to handle and it takes a shorter time. It is a design that is very durable and often relies on the use of a memory form. Alternatively, some use spring mattresses that can be folded easily. And for ease of use, two motions are used to fully unfold the bed. This mechanism is common on Flip Sofa sleeper bed chair.

  • Lift and pull

Among the mechanisms, this is a conventional style. It is found in some of the Best Convertible Sleeper Sofa.  But a typical design common in Futon, Flip sofa sleeper bed chair. It basically involves pulling the seat vertically to release the lock, then drawing it down to form the sleeping panel.

  • Clic Clac

If you prefer simplicity, no mechanism is comparable to Clic Clac. You can even transform the sleeper into a bed when somebody is sleeping on it without waking them. You only need to push the back of the sofa a little bit forward to unlock it, and then unfold it into a flatbed. Depending on the design, some come with retractable support that holds the back of the sofa when unfolded. While other designs rely on the balance of the middle support.

  • A-Frame

As the name states, the sleeper is in an A-Shape structure as a sofa. To transform it into a bed, you will have to pull the lower panel at the front. Through this, you will unfold the sofa into a flatbed. To transform the sleeper back into the sofa form, it uses the cantilever system. And just like the Clic Clac mechanism, this is a very simple one to implement.

  • Corner

When you need simplicity with style, then sleepers with a corner mechanism is what you need. With this design, you pull out the extension panel that is underneath the sofa in which will pop up to align with the seat surface.  Having the ottoman end, you end up with a double bed that can accommodate several people.

What Kind of Frame Does Your Sleeper Sofa Have?

The frame is another significant factor to consider when purchasing a sleeper sofa. The frame forms the supportive skeleton, which basically forms the structure of the seat.

The two main materials which you will find in many sleepers are metal and wood. While there is an abundance of metal frames, the best sleeper brands use wood as their frame.

And not just any wood, dry Hardwood is the most common. It guarantees durability and good quality. Therefore, if you are looking for the most comfortable sleeper sofa for heavy people, hardwood and metal frames should be the main priority.

They will offer strong support without getting damages from the weight.

However, there are frames made from pine instead of hardwood. Due to the soft nature of the pine, such frames don’t guarantee durability.

Therefore, when choosing a sleeper, you have to ensure the frame guarantees durability, otherwise, it will not last. This is because of the folding and unfolding of that subject the frame to wear and tear.

Moreover, the edges of the frame should have a smooth curve to protect the fabric. Sharp edges will damage the material fast and worst of all tear it.

Do You Prefer Leather or a Fabric Sleeper Sofa?

Which material should I choose? This is one question that will leave you in a dilemma when selecting a sleeper chair. They are made using different types of materials. And each material has been carefully picked to serve a given purpose.

Since every type of material has a unique characteristic that distinguishes it from the other, it’s crucial to examine your way of life first. And this starts with you.

What material will be comfortable for your weight, age, and even height? Do you have pets in your household? If so, a durable material should top your list.

The sofa location is also very important; if it is closer to the window and exposed to sunlight; prioritize fade resistance and durability as well. And if you have young kids, the chances of pouring fluids and snacks on the sofa are high, in this case, you will need leather. It’s easy to clean and fluid-proof.

Other factors include the frequency of using the sofa and the number of people that will use it. Thus, below are the various materials for Sleeper Sofa and a guide to assist you in making the right choice.

Leather: among the materials, leather is a popular choice and this is thanks to its durability, aesthetics, and classic finish on sleepers. It comes with many features that are significant to various households.

Under leather, we have different grades to pick from, which include: Leather match, genuine leather, and faux leather. The difference among these grades is surface feel and quality.

If you opt for a leather sleeper sofa, the most comfortable sleeper sofa for heavy people should have genuine leather. It’s stronger to support weight, comfortable, and also more durable when resisting wear and tear.

Match leather and faux leather are known for creating a chic look. They do come in handy when you need to set your house in a leather theme with unique colors.

Fabric: Fabrics are the most common in man’s household. They are inexpensive when compared to leather but durable. They are available in more diverse types than any other Sleeper sofa materials.

Some of the commons ones include Canvas, Denim, Wool, Chenille, Velvet, Microfiber/micro-suede, Linen/Linen Blend, Cotton/Cotton Blend, and Polyester/Polyester Blend

Fabrics accommodate almost every need that any buyer will be looking for in a sofa. They are flexible and easy to handle. They come in handy when you are looking for the Best Convertible Sleeper sofa or Flip sofa Sleeper Bedchair.

Due to their soft and smooth textured material, they can be bent without losing shape. Also, they are good at regaining shape no matter the angle and pressure they are kept in.

Additionally, they are great if your focus is on warmth. Unlike leather, fabrics tend to conserve heat and lose cold fast.

Other materials that you can opt for are, Crypton, Performance fabric, Revolution Performance Fabric, and Sunbrella. They are a great option if you are looking for something unique for your household.

What Size Sleeper Sofa Do You Want?

What size will you feel more comfortable in? Most of us will go for a queen size sleeper sofa. And we are all right in our choice; after all, there is nothing great like sleeping freely without worrying about falling off.

But at times as much as we need the comfort of size, space in our rooms is usually a luxury we can’t afford. In such a case, the medium size and the twin sleep sofa are the best options we can opt of.

Apart from room size, some of us are usually faced with a body challenge. Some of us are very short, and in such a case, any size of sleeper sofa or chair favors us.

But when we are tall, huge, or heavy, the mental debate in selecting the sofa kicks in. Now, which one is the most comfortable sleeper sofa for tall people? Or rather, which one is the most comfortable sleeper sofa for heavy people?

In such a case, you can go through the seat specification and learn the various vital details about the seat. For instance, the weight of the sofa and the maximum weight it supports.

This will come in handy in selecting the best choice that will fit your needs. If you are taller, you will definitely need a sleep sofa that extends more than the ordinary. But no need to worry, such designs are available to cater to your needs.

Is Convenience Important To You?

For convenience, you will need the best convertible sleeper sofa or Flip Sofa Sleeper Bedchair. You can transform them easily at any time from a sofa into a bed.

They are within reach and place you at a convenient spot in your house. Unlike going to your bedroom where you have to take care of your bedding s after resting, you only need to set it back into sofa form and you are good to go.

They are also a great option as office chairs. In this case, the Flip Sofa Sleeper Bed Chair is what you will need. When you feel tired from hectic projects and the handling of contracts, you can just flip it into a bed and lay down to rest. They are more refreshing and comfortable when you need to shade away exhaustion.

Last but not least, in households, you may get sleepover guests who are more than what your guest bed can accommodate. Owning a convertible sleeper sofa is quite convenient, and leaves you with no worries.

After bonding and it’s time to rest, you only need to transform the sofa into a bed and your guests are well sorted. Moreover, they have the same comfort and size as an ordinary bed.

So don’t just sit there, get yourself a sleeper sofa, and experience all the conveniences and comfort it offers.

How Comfortable is The Sleeper Sofa in Both Sofa & Bed Positions?

When it comes to sleeping, comfort plays a vital role in determining whether you will have nightmares’ or adorable sweet dreams. But who would not want to have a cozy and cuddly night? A night of good sleep with comfort is very possible with the right choice of a sleeper chair or sofa.

Spring mattresses are common on the sleeping surface of the sofa. Some are inexpensive but often loud and very uncomfortable. To ensure a quiet and cozy night, you should opt for above 600 stress-relieved coils.

However, there are designs with a blend of spring with air or foam mattresses. These types offer more comfort but are a bit more expensive. With memory form, you will get more comfort and support.

Additionally, it’s great to use weight as a reference when choosing the sleeper chair or sofa.  A mattress that will support comfortably a person with 100 pounds may not offer the same comfort to a 200-pound person.

Do You Have A Preferred Sleeper Sofa Color?

Every person has a particular taste of colors, and for this reason, the sleeper chairs/sofa are available in different colors. Each one of us has a chance to select according to our taste. However, it’s vital to consider certain measures before jumping onto our favorite colors.

The theme of the house is an essential factor when picking the right color for the sofa. Always pick the color that blends well with your house theme. But I am sure you’ve heard of the color blends before. You can incorporate a foreign color into your general theme and it will still look great.

Below are the common types of sleeper chair/sofa color and their meaning. Among the colors, white and cream will evoke a neutral, and sense of space. Black and Grey evoke neutrality and any bright color will blend well with either of them.

Red evokes romance, warmth, and comfort. Green evokes calmness, tranquility, and cool. Blue- Serenity, calmness and cool, Purple- royalty and sophistication, Brown- warmth, natural and comfort, and Pink- calming, love, and gentle. So, which color sentiment do you prefer for your sofa?

Sleeper Sofa Accessories To Consider

Do you know you can get a more thrilling experience from your sleeper, but this can only be possible with accessories? Accessories increase the comfort and feel of an object, and this has similar effects on sleepers. There are various types of these accessories in the market to choose from. Some of the common types include:

New Mattress: to improve your comfort the most. Get a new mattress for your sleeper. But this time, ensure it is thicker. Thicker mattresses offer more comfort and provide a good night’s sleep.

Toppers increase the padding on top of your sleeper mattress. This increased comfort when you are sleeping.

Bedding: the comfort of sleeping on a sleeper is directly related to your beddings. High-quality beddings ensure more comfort and warmth during sleeping.

Pillows: get pillows to provide a soft place to lay your head while sleeping. Alternatively, you can use some of the pillows to fill the gaps available. Through this, the sleeper has an allowance to spread during sleeping thus it becomes more comfortable.

Duvet: I know what you are thinking of, getting a quality duvet to cover yourself, right? In this case, rather than covering yourself, get one for sleeping on. Duvets are usually thick and cuddly; they offer more padding and cozy feeling when sleeping on them.

Vacuum cleaner: in this case, ensure they are one-handed small units. They are efficient in getting rid of any dust leaving your sleeper clean and cozy.

Do You Prefer a Particular Sleeper Sofa Style?

A sleeper is a great way of providing comfort to your visitors, both during the day as a resting couch and at night as a bed. They are the best choice for a flexible guest sleeping space. There is no need to worry about a guest room in your house. With one, your guests are catered for.

The challenge comes in when we need to keep our style. Some of the users will prefer a bulky looking sofa in their living room. Some will opt for medium sizes to save space and others are in love with simple and small sizes. But thanks to the designers, all of the above designs are available and much more.

Moreover, the mode of purchasing a sleeper is similar to that of an ordinary sofa. Some designs are even hard to notice that they are a sleeper. They have been made very simple and light. They occupy less space but they do offer the same large sleeping surface as the ordinary bed.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter which design you like, you will always find a style that fits your taste. Thus with sleeper, you get premium services and you still get to keep your taste of style.

How Durable is The Sleeper Sofa?

Nobody will want to invest in fast degrading furniture, and definitely not a sleeper chair/sofa. They are similar to our beds and therefore require more care during purchase.

To get the best and long-lasting type, you will require a good investment. And it should be both in finances as well as the knowledge of the various sleepers.

In the market, there are both great quality and poor quality types. As usual, the quality designs are more expensive. We are often tempted to save a few dollars over spending on a good quality that is durable.

But this should not be the case if you want your sleeper to last longer.  After all, the last thing you need is landing on the floor in the middle of the night while enjoying your sleep.

Therefore, to ensure you have made the right choice, quality must be the first consideration. This cut across all the features of the sleeper.

And they range from general structure, cover material, to padding material. But that doesn’t mean all the inexpensive designs are of poor quality. Certain factors such as design contribute to value apart from quality.

How To Choose The Best Sleeper Sofa

It can be quite annoying coming from work tired and when you head straight to take a rest on your sleeper you feel uncomfortable. Many of the sofas support the average heights.

This means they have a height in the range of 30 to 35 inches. For a tall person (above 6 feet) that height is too low.

The depth and height of the sitting surface don’t favor any comfortable posture. Moreover, the head and shoulder are hanging free with no support while the knees are suspended above the level of the seat. This leaves you with both knee and neck crumbs.

Thus to get the most comfortable sleeper sofa for tall people, it should have the following features. The sofa should have an ideal height of 40 inches to allow an ergonomic sitting posture, this means the sitting area should be at least 17 inches, while the back 20 inches and above.

Most comfortable sleeper sofa for heavy people

While the popularity of sleepers is growing rapidly, the majority of the sleepers support the average weight. Therefore, if your weight limit hits 200-pound and above, ensure to check the seat weight limit.

To ensure you get the most comfortable sleeper sofa for heavy people, aim for those with a weight limit of 300 pounds and above.

The majority of them come with heavy-duty names as part of their title. Such chairs have addressed both the sitting surface and extension support to ensure your comfort as you rest.

I hope you have found this guide helpful – You may also be interested in the Best Recliners That Look Like Chairs