Saloniture Comfortable Massage Table With Face Cradle & Headrest

The Saloniture Portable Massage Table is ideal for the massage practitioner on the go and also provides an easier way for couples to give each other great massages…

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The Saloniture Massage Table is a very good massage table if you are looking for an affordable, comfortable, portable, sturdy, and adjustable massage table that is ideal for both professionals and home use!

7 Reasons Why The Saloniture Massage Table Is Loved By Those Who Give Massages And By Those Receiving The Massage!


Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case


Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case - Black
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Saloniture Massage Table…


It Is A Well-Made, High-Quality, Sturdy Massage Table, And Perfect For My Needs… I’m An Osteopathic Physician And Wanted A Table To Use At Home For Manipulation!


Let your arms dangle down, and get some relief. Hubby and I hurt all over, but it’s tough to give each other a massage on the floor or bed these days. Standing over the table makes it much easier to show some love. We easily fold it away when the grandmonkeys play, and pop it back up just as easily.


  • My hubby is 6’6″ and we both weigh more than we should, but we feel solidly comfortable on it. Well worth owning.
  • Good table for home use. We are currently using this table for home massages.
  • My wife is going to insist on daily massages, now that I can provide them without hurting myself bending over.
  • For my purpose this table is perfect! I purchased it so that it will be easier to give my husband full-body massages.
  • I bought this table so I could massage my wife after stressful days at the office.
  • It is very sturdy and very comfortable to lay on.
  • I like that you can adjust the height, which helps my back not get sore after an hour or more of massaging.
  • LOVE this massage table. My boyfriend is about 230 pounds and he said it was very comfortable and held his weight very well.
  • I have herniated discs and my fiance just likes massages, so it works out well for everyone.
  • Fantastic product… Thanks for a reasonable way to have massages in the comfort of your own home.
  • I am tall and the fact that I can raise the table to a comfortable height keeps me from needing a massage!
  • My husband and I wanted to add a little romance to date night and just to add to the, “let me show you, you’re appreciated” list. So this massage table is definitely serving its purpose.
  • I like it very much! Enjoy a massage at night with my wife.
  • Now I give my husband much-needed massages without being on the floor all the time. I either stand or sit on a stool, and it’s much better for my back!
  • More comfortable and convenient for the massagee than a bed and for the massager because of the adjustable height and ability to get up close from either side.
  • Whether you’re a pro or want to massage at home this will work for you.

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The Saloniture Massage Table Is A Great Table To Start Your Own Business With!


My girl friend is going to school to become an estheticians at AVeda and this table is better than the one she trains on very happy and with the price product and portability. She has never been so happy with a birthday gift! It is durable very professional not cheap looking.

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case - Black
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  • I am a massage therapy student & was excited to get my first table! It is awesome! I have used it once & worked out perfectly.
  • My daughter got this for her Microblading business. She says her customers like it with no complaints about comfort.
  • The table is more lightweight than I thought it would be, is a nice looking table, and will work for my mobile lash business.
  • I’m a lash artist and use this table for lashing. The one comment no one talks about is the legroom I use it on the top rung and it works perfectly with room to probably go down a rung if needed.
  • Super sturdy and really comfortable a must-buy massage table for an at home or traveling business.
  • I use this table for my animal massage business. It is lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • If you’re starting your massage therapy business then this is a great price to get your foot in the door.
  • I purchased this item to give facials for my Esthetics work.
  • Works great. I have been using these during Reiki sessions and they are fantastic.
  • This bed works perfectly for my mobile business and I highly recommend it.
  • I love this table. It was everything I need and more for my mobile spa business.
  • The table arrived as expected and has been a great starting investment in my business.
  • I do Reiki for friends and family and found it getting harder on my back to work on people on a bed or couch. This table exceeded my expectations.

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Much, Much Better Than I Expected… Given The Affordable Price… Quality Is Superb… The Table Is Extremely Portable And Functional!


I bought this table because I needed something portable but most especially lightweight to travel with to do energy lecture programs. This table exceeded my expectations and is so much lighter than I had imagined. It is well built and I am so glad I bought it.


Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case - Black

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  • This is a great portable table. I have had it for 4 years and no problem. It is easy to fold and carry, it is comfortable and my customers love it!
  • Very portable as it fits in the back seat or trunk of the car. 
  • This is an excellent table and lightweight enough for portability
  • I’ve been having my table for a month and have massaged over 25 people between 130-375 pounds and I have to say that this table is the best portable table I’ve ever used.
  • In fact, it doesn’t even feel like a portable table; more so like a standard massage table because it’s sturdy and doesn’t move.
  • I bought this table because I needed something portable but most especially lightweight to travel with to do energy lecture programs.
  • She loves that it is so easy to put up, take down, and store. All of her fellow students now come to our house to practice so they can use this table as well.
  • I bought this table for my lash studio. It’s perfect, sturdy, comfortable & very easy to put up. As well to take for travel, if you are a traveling lash technician.
  • Perfect for what I was looking for, comes with everything you need and a case for convenient travel.
  • The attachments that come with it are handy for larger clients and its super easy to travel with.
  • Easy to move around and travel with, and very comfortable.
  • Excellent table. Best travel table I have had in 15 years in business. 
  • It is easy to fold and carry, it is comfortable and my customers love it!

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Honestly, The Most Comfortable Massage Tables I’ve Laid On!


SOOO easy to set up and it’s so beautiful and comfortable. I was so excited when I got it and my clients love the bed ! They all fall asleep. lol


  • Very comfortable and thick padding and stable base.
  • This table is stable and comfortable, easy to adjust to different heights, and light enough to carry around
  • The padding is very comfortable.
  • Very comfortable and comparable to the tables we are learning on in school.
  • This table is well-engineered, comfortable, stable, and conveniently folds and stores with its own case.
  • I love my massage bed. I used it on a few clients already it’s steady comfortable and affordable.
  • This table is very comfortable and sturdy. The height is adjustable and the padding is comfortable.
  • I love this table! Even my clients comment on how comfortable it is.
  • By just adding a neck pillow, this becomes a very comfortable bed for the duration of your services.
  • The padding is very comfortable. The headrest and armrest give the table an added level of comfort.
  • Super comfortable, easy to pack up, and carry.
  • Very stable in place – no wobbling at all, and very comfortable.

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The Leg Adjustments Are Quite Easy And It Can Be Raised Quite High To Meet The Needs Of The Masseuse!


This is beyond expectations, it’s amazing, strong, adjustable, great table top padding, everything stores under the table.


  • It was easy to adjust the legs for height adjustment.
  • Adjustable to several heights quite easily and the extras such as extension armrests and the one that hangs in front for your arms dangling were super comfortable.
  • You can adjust the height of the table to your preference which is nice.
  • Very sturdy. Love the adjustable height.
  • Its height is adjustable, which is perfect for me since I’m not tall.
  • This table is fantastic! Sets up in seconds and has adjustable heights.
  • Height adjustable so we can take turns giving/receiving rubdowns.
  • I like that I can adjust the height of the table. I’m well over 6′ and am able to get a comfortable work height.
  • My wife is pleased with the comfort of the table and I am happy that it is height adjustable as this has relieved the pressure on my back and I can work comfortably with complete access to all of the muscle groups.
  • The legs adjust for height, which I greatly appreciate as I am short.

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The Face Pillow And Armrests Add To The Versatility Of The Table For Massage Purposes!


Bought this when I was having back trouble and needed to sleep on my stomach. The hole for the face makes this very easy… adding two pillows to the top allowed me to sleep through the night.


  • Face donut is pretty comfortable, compared to some others.
  • Like the armrests under the head donut, it gives a good place to put your arms when face down.
  • The in mat face hole plug can be pushed thru the table easily if your client puts their hand on that to push up
  • It is so easy to set up and the face hole in the table is far easier to work with.
  • The face cradle and table padding are comfortable.
  • I injured my back a few weeks ago and I have been lying face down on this to ease the pain in my back as well.
  • The two armrests, face cradle, and other piece slides right into place and can be removed and added as needed- no tools needed.
  • I love the removable facepiece and all the extra attachments that were included as a headrest and armrests, plus they attach to the underside of the table when not in use, great for storing.
  • My husband actually uses it for naps as it allows him to sleep face down and still breathe.
  • I like the face ‘hole’ in the bed, it’s more comfortable for me than the face thingy.

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This Massage Table Is The Best Investment I Have Made To Date. Quick And Easy Set-Up, Sturdy, And Perfectly Crafted!


Best bang for your buck. I ordered this to practice on at home for acupuncture. The material is soft, it is comfortable and easy to set up.


  • The best table at the best price will purchase some more soon.
  • This product exceeded my expectations it was Best Buy.
  • The best massage table ever! With lots of room for legs. Being a lash artist its always important to have legroom.
  • This is the best thing we have ever bought! Sturdy, even for my 210 lb hubby.
  • Nice solid and well-made table. Easy to put up and take down. The case is easy to put on and take off. One of the best purchases I have made.
  • The table is solidly built. It’s definitely the best bang for the buck.
  • It may be the best money wife and I have spent. lol
  • My first review on amazon, can’t skip the review on this amazing, convenient facial bed.
  • It’s just perfect and the best purchase you will ever make.
  • Worth every penny the best table.
  • I’m always nervous when making purchases for certain items but this was worth the money.
  • The table is great! Didn’t expect such a nice table for the price, well worth the money! A++++ product!!
  • Definitely recommend it, looks and feels very high quality for the money.
  • Sturdy and professional. A great buy for the money!!

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In summary, this is an excellent massage table that is very easy to assemble and maintain. Plus it is a budget-friendly model that also features padded armrests and a carry case for effortless transport between clients or from room to room in your house…

The Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table is the ideal portable massage table for both professionals and home use.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Saloniture Massage Table!


  1. The Saloniture Massage Table is a great table for home use and the perfect way to spice up a date night or take care of your partner after a hard day’s work.
  2. This is an excellent portable massage table for your business or for students learning massage therapy.
  3. The Saloniture Massage Table is very sturdy and easily portable for taking with you when traveling to different locations.
  4. It is one of the most comfortable massage tables you or your clients will ever lay on.
  5. The leg adjustments are ideal for all sizes. If you are short or tall you can adjust it to save yourself from getting back pain while massaging others. You can also adjust it so you can stand or sit as well.
  6. It has a great face pillow and armrests that even make it easy for people to sleep on their stomachs if they have back problems.
  7. The Saloniture Massage Table is an excellent value for money!

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