Is Rockville A Good Brand? Car, Marine, Home, Professional Audio

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What Is The Rockville Brand Known For?

Rockville is considered the best brand when it comes to affordable and customer-focused electronics, such as personal audio, Bluetooth speakers, and stereo equipment. Often imitated, never duplicated. Rockville quality is without equal.

is rockville a good brand

Rockville is known for producing professional-grade, entry-level equipment and accessories at the right price. They are located in beautiful Rockville MD and started our business with a focus on promoting quality music and pro audio equipment to musicians worldwide.

Rockville is a great brand for all your audio and video interconnectivity needs. They specialize in bringing you into the best sounding music and the clearest soundtrack with the highest definition possible—just what we think your ears deserve.

Rockford provides all of your audio needs from portable Bluetooth speakers to high-end home theater setups, fabulous sub-woofers for your car or truck, and microphones.

Rockville pro-audio equipment is found in world-class media productions, major theme parks, top recording studios, and pro-audio facilities around the globe.

As always let’s take a look at some of the best-selling Rockford products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Are Rockville Car Speakers Any Good?

Of course, they’re good! How could they not be? Rockville is one of the most trusted brand names for car audio, and for very good reason.

While you may think that all car speakers are created equal, the performance of your sound system depends on the quality of your car speakers.

Rockville car speakers have many unique features that give them a leg up on the competition, including patented technology that makes them more efficient, and a deeper, louder sound.

Let the sound fade away as you get lost in your favorite music. Rockville delivers a stereo performance like no other car speakers, with crystal clear highs and rich bass that’ll make your music jump to life.

Whether your listening to classic rock or the latest pop hits, these top-quality speakers will produce the kind of smooth sound that will turn heads.

With its innovative design and high-grade components, Rockville is a great investment for passengers who demand great sound quality and want to leave their dull driver’s audio lying in the past.

The Rockville car speakers are a great value for the price. They are relatively inexpensive and pack an awful lot of storage capacity and power. The sound will leave you with a smile on your face.

Rockville car speakers deliver exceptional sound quality and are an excellent upgrade from factory-installed speakers.

Here is an example car speaker:


Rockville RM104PRO 10″ 600 Watt 4 Ohm SPL Car Midrange Mid-Bass Pro Speaker


Rockville RM104PRO 10" 600 Watt 4 Ohm SPL Car Midrange Mid-Bass Pro Speaker

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Example of comments from Rockford:

After going thru a set of PRV, Ds18 and CT Sounds. I decided to try these “low budget” speakers, and these sounded way better the and the ones I had before.

  • These are not sub-woofers so you won’t get big booming bass out of them, but the bass you do get is tight and punchy.
  • As soon as I hooked these up and turned them on I knew I made the right choice.
  • These things are loud and clear!
  • I was almost laughing they sounded so good compared to the speakers I replaced.
  • Omg, these 8″ Rockville mid-bass subs are the clearest best-sounding speaker I have ever heard!
  • One of the best sounding 6.5s on the market…incredible value!

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Are Rockville Amplifiers Any Good?

The Rockville brand is known for making high-quality and high-power amplifiers.

Some of the most popular Rockville amplifiers are the 3000 Watt and 5000 Watt amps which are used for powering speakers but they may be also used to power subwoofers in different configurations.

These types of amplifiers have EQ controls that allow you to boost up or reduce bass or mid-range frequencies easily.

Their most popular models, the RTA-M Series amplifiers, are well suited for home stereo or small venue use.

Their P16v2 products are ideal for powering multimedia speakers in a computer or home theater setup, and their R16M is an ideal all-in-one solution for anyone who needs a high-quality power amplifier but doesn’t have a lot of space.

Here is an example amplifier:


Rockville 5000 Watt Peak / 1400w RMS 2 Channel Power Amplifier Pro/DJ Amp


Rockville 5000 Watt Peak / 1400w RMS 2 Channel Power Amplifier Pro/DJ Amp (RPA12)

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Example of comments from Rockford:

Rockville hasnt disappointed. Was skeptical with the price but I have compared side by side. Their stuff is the real deal if properly hooked up and tuned.

  • Comparable to the name brand high dollar amps.
  • Absolutely great for home theater serious amplification to a pre-out front or to definitely run some huge passive subwoofers.
  • Awesome Amp with Clean Power! Lots of Power! Quiet and runs cool.
  • Excellent Quality with clipping LED and Protection shutdown in case you have an overloaded amp.
  • This amp is perfect for my professional Karaoke setup.
  • I have the 1400w RMS amp paired with 2 Rockville 1200w peak power speakers.
  • I run the music from my laptop to a Pyle 88btu mixer and onto the amp and I can crank up the bass if desired and a subwoofer is hardly needed.

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Is Rockville A Good Brand For Microphones?

There are many brands of microphones out there, but Rockville has won itself a reputation for delivering the best quality at a sensible price.

Don’t let the name throw you off; Rockville is a trusted name in high-quality audio equipment.

An audio engineer designed each model of this Rockville microphone brand, utilizing the latest technology to achieve the best price to performance ratio.

Available in specific models catering to vocalists, instrumentalists, and mixers of all experience levels.

Here is an example microphone:

Rockville is a reputable brand that specializes in manufacturing professional music equipment. This Rockville pro mic kit contains everything you need to get started recording.

The components are made of metal and the microphone has a braided metal wire that provides great durability when compared to the plastic cords that come with most microphones…


Rockville Pro Mic Kit 1 – High-End Metal Microphone


Rockville Pro MIc Kit 1 - High-End Metal Microphone+Mic Stand+Carry Bag+Cable

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Example of comments from Rockford:

My five-year-old granddaughter loves to sing . I bought this for her and she uses it all of the time. The sound is great and it is not too difficult for her to use. It is much better than a toy.

  • This set is about the best you’re gonna get for the price.
  • The mic is nice and heavy and doesn’t feel like it’s made of cheap materials.
  • It sounds better than most karaoke mics for the same price and is nice and loud allowing some distance between the mic and your face.
  • The stand is tall enough for most people and can be adjusted very easily. I’m 6′ 1″ and have no problems with the height.
  • The cable is separated into two parts so if you need a longer cable-length it’s not an issue.
  • The carry case is decent enough and fits everything adequately.
  • If you’re looking for a new karaoke mic and don’t wanna spend big money on a more expensive mic, this is for you.

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Are Rockville Subs Good?

These Rockville subs are good because they are easy to install and come with a remote. The low price also makes them a bargain.

The first (P1) has a great deal of bass for the size of the enclosure, 18 inches of depth, and is powered by a 225-watt amplifier.  This 12-inch woofer with a 3-inch voice coil moves a lot of air in such a small enclosure.

The real plus is the versatility, you can use it in your car or your boat, or even wheelbarrow it around the yard and have bass in front of almost anywhere you stand.

Here is an example subwoofer:

When you’re buying a subwoofer, there’s a lot to think about.

You’ll have to decide whether you want an active or passive woofer, and if it’s worth paying extra for a model with an internal amplifier, and if you need one with a built-in crossover.

But even with so much to consider, the most important factor is the woofer’s capability.


Rockville PBG18 18″ Passive 2000 Watt 8 Ohm Pro Audio Subwoofer Sub/MDF Cabinet


Rockville PBG18 18" Passive 2000 Watt 8 Ohm Pro Audio Subwoofer Sub/MDF Cabinet

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Example of comments from Rockford:

Was ready to spend 4 to 5 times this much on other name brand subs, but thought I’d give them a try. Really glad I gave them a shot – saved a chunk of change and have a great sounding system now.

  • Considering the price paid with the performance I’ve experienced so far, I have no regrets.
  • This speaker is good for a small gig, I use this for home setup powered by RPM870 Rockville powered mixer.
  • Very pleased with this Sub. Price for two subs is unbeatable.
  • WOW! Not only will it rattle the whole room during those action scenes it does a wonderful job of filling the bottom of the musical spectrum.
  • I really like to hear the bass in my music though I don’t pump it abnormally.
  • When the tunes have the content to go way down this sub delivers.
  • I guess the most appreciated benefit is its ability to effortlessly do its job without distorting or sounding muddy. I am extremely impressed

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In summary, the Rockville brand is a well-known and respected manufacturer of audio equipment.

Their products are mainly aimed at the entry-level consumer market, which means they are priced accordingly so you get a great deal.

For decades, Rockville has been the undisputed leader in the pro audio industry, and today that leadership continues with the release of a new series of speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers, engineered to deliver astounding sound quality and performance in both standard and custom installations.

Rockville is a global manufacturer of speakers. They specialize in car, marine, home, and professional audio products. Rockville makes speakers designed to fit your individual lifestyle.

This brand has combined its love for music, innovation, and thoughtful design into affordable products that allow you to easily elevate what you listen to and watch in your home.

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