Is Ridge A Good Brand? (Ridge Wallet )

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What Is The Ridge Brand Known For?

In 2013, Ridge Wallets founders Daniel and Paul Kane launched their company on Kickstarter…. Following research into the wallets currently available in stores and online,  Dan and Paul were convinced that what men really wanted was a wallet design like no other – one with an ultra-thin profile while still including a full-size bill compartment.

The result is a quality American Made product designed for the American Man.

Their signature money clip, handcrafted from solid stainless steel, allows for quick and easy access to your cash…. No more fumbling for pockets, no more uncomfortable folding, just simple and straightforward storage you can rely on with the Ridge Wallet.

The Ridge Wallet is constructed from super-slim, American tanned leather and features our patent-pending bills fold mechanism for a completely effortless storage solution.

Ridge Wallets are made from high-quality materials, that will take whatever you throw at them, is versatile, thin, and feels great in your pocket.

It will hold up well over time; it is scratch-resistant, water repellent, and stain-resistant. Below I have listed some of Ridge’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Ridge Money Clip

The following Ridge product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it has earned Amazon Choice status…

A slim, minimalist wallet is the best way to keep your daily essentials hidden away so you can travel light and worry-free…. The Ridge Slim is also the perfect option for men who like to stay organized and appreciate the comfort of a traditional money clip.

In fact, they’ve integrated both into this sleek metal wallet, giving you two storage options in one…. It’s made from our military-grade titanium and comes in a variety of colors so you can match its rugged good looks to your everyday style.

The Ridge Slim Minimalist wallet is crafted from high-quality carbon fiber with a tough titanium coating that ensures the product is lightweight and durable…. This wallet also has RFID blocking protection to guard against identity theft…. The Ridge Slim Minimalist’s metal money clip makes it ideal for tight pockets and ensures you’ll never leave the house without your bills secured.

Crafted with RFID Protection, this slim front pocket wallet with money clip gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t…. Ultra-lightweight…. And get this — it comes with a LIFETIME guarantee!


The Ridge Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Titanium Metal Wallets for Men with Money Clip


The Ridge Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Titanium Metal Wallets for Men with Money Clip (Burnt Titanium)

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The Ridge Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet was built to last…. Made from military-grade materials like titanium, RFID blocking AustriAlpin stainless steel, and aluminum liners, it’s sure to withstand everything you throw at it…. And with a slim design that fits comfortably in your front pocket, it’s the perfect wallet for the man on the go.

  • The Ridge Slim Minimalist wallet is the perfect solution for men that are looking for somewhere to store all their important cards and cash but don’t want a wallet that’s bulky.
  • This wallet is small enough to slide into your front pocket or sits comfortably in your pocket while you’re sitting down thanks to its low-profile design.
  • Its slim design is great for holding cash or credit cards while still giving you space to hold all of your cards.
  • Plus, the military-grade metal protects your cards from RFID skimmers.
  • Ridge is minimalist, slim, and rust-proofed to last through any adventure.

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Ridge Wallet

The following Ridge product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it has earned Amazon Choice status…

The Ridge Wallet is a minimalist, ultra-thin, all-metal RFID blocking wallet designed for front pocket carry…. The design is simple and durable with a slim profile and a cash strap that allows for quick access to your cash, receipts, or tickets without pulling out the entire billfold.

The Ridge wallet comfortable fits in the palm of your hand to be carried in a front pocket…. With a stylish modern fit, RFID Blocking Technology, and American Made materials and construction this wallet will get you compliments every time you pull it out…. The Ridge is slim, sleek, and made to last with a metal cash strap that has innovative quick release technology for easy access to your cards.

The Ridge is a premium all-metal minimalist wallet crafted to last a lifetime…. Made 100% with genuine military-grade materials, the Ridge is expertly milled and will never rust or corrode…. That’s why it comes with a LIFETIME guarantee!


The Ridge Wallet Authentic | Minimalist Metal RFID Blocking Wallet with Cash Strap


The Ridge Wallet Authentic | Minimalist Metal RFID Blocking Wallet with Cash Strap | Wallet for Men | RFID Minimalist Wallet, Slim Wallet (Gunmetal)

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The Ridge Wallet authentic is the classic minimalist wallet…. It is slim, super thin and will hold up to 11 cards comfortably and 12 if you push them very tight…. Everything you might need day to day in a wallet including business cards, credit and debit cards, bills etc…. The outside notch allows you to push the cards out very easily also comes with a metal money strap that can be used to hang around your neck so that you don’t have to carry it in your back pocket or can be attached to your belt loop for easy access.

  • The Ridge wallet is the perfect minimalist wallet to use every day.
  • The design and style make it a premium alternative to other wallets on the market.
  • The Ridge Wallet is a minimalist, RFID blocking wallet designed to hold all of your essentials without stretching out.
  • Ridge Wallets are designed for those who seek a simpler way of living an organized life…. To put everything in its place without going too far with ostentatious design.
  • The Ridge Wallet is RFID Blocking and holds your cards, cash, and coins!
  • A unique minimalist design that provides security for personal information embedded in the cards within.
  • The cash strap allows you to secure several bills to the outside of your wallet with a proprietary plated-elastic design.
  • The metal plate is designed for enhanced security and aesthetics.
  • This is the authentic version of this wallet which means it’s made to last and only gets better with age!

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Ridge Backpack

The following Ridge product has an excellent 78% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it has earned Amazon Choice status…

Ridge is the ultimate choice for a commuter backpack…. Designed to keep your electronic devices safe from the elements while looking sharp on or off-campus.

The Ridge Commuter features a weatherproof 15-inch laptop sleeve lined with microfiber to keep your electronics clean and dry, external stretch pockets for quick access to your accessories, a padded tablet sleeve, multiple pockets for pens and phone storage, heavy-duty straps, and an oversized external stash pocket to carry lunch, books or extra layers.

Ridge is a stylish and functional commuter backpack that ditches the tangle and keeps you ready for the weather…. Lightweight and designed to fit laptops, tablets, books, magazines, papers, passport, pens, keys and other essentials.

With the multiple compartments, you can easily store all the necessary items for work or study…. By simply tightening the straps on the side, you can adjust Ridge’s capacity to suit your needs…. It has sturdy construction with waterproof zippers, which makes it safe during bad weather…


Ridge The Commuter – Weatherproof Backpack | Travel Backpack with Laptop Holder


Ridge The Commuter - Weatherproof Backpack | Travel Backpack with Laptop Holder | Work Backpack | Waterproof, RFID Blocking Nylon Backpack | Black

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Ridge is a simple and practical backpack, perfect for school and work…. It keeps your laptop and important belongings safe and secure…. The special inner layer of Ridge adds an extra layer of weatherproofing that will resist water, dust, and most other liquids from seeping into your bag.

  • The Commuter is a weatherproof, high-quality backpack made with a fully-taped waterproof construction and durable zippers that will last.
  • The first of its kind, the patented CablePort allows you to charge your device and protect it from the elements through the flap while still maintaining an open and accessible pocket.
  • With anti-theft technology built into every bag, you can relax knowing your belongings are safe when you’re away from home or on the move.
  • The Commuter is made for your everyday commute, with padded laptop storage and an ergonomic design that ensures comfort even when packed to the brim.
  • With a sleek and minimalistic design, this Ridge The Commuter bag not only makes your commute effortless but also makes it more stylish.
  • While the Ridge backpack is perfect for daily carry, it’s also ready for adventure on the weekends…. For those trips with a little extra gear, an external pocket with a waterproof zipper houses the waterproof power bank and other tech essentials so you can stay charged up on your next trip.
  • With room for your 15″ laptop, charging cables, notebook, water bottle, and luggage strap to cart around any extra gear you need – folding umbrella and gym clothes with no problem.
  • Its unique strap system allows you to transform it into a waist bag or shoulder bag, and its multiple sleeve pockets will hold your tablet and multiple accessories.

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Does The Ridge Wallet Hold Coins?

Yes, the Ridge wallet is equipped with a separate slot for coins on the inside bottom right…. This enables convenience while laying flat under bills and cards without the fear of coins falling out.

The Cavity Trays feature was developed to help solve the coin problem…. It provides the ability to carry a few coins and other small items in their slim Ridge wallet without the bulk of a separate coin holder.

Can You Sit On Ridge Wallet?

It’s large enough to carry all your cards and cash, but slim enough to sit on…. While most people put it in their front pocket and to be quite frank that is how they are designed and if you are a back pocket wallet person try giving the front pocket a go because you won’t know yourself.

That being said, the wallet is made from soft-touch polymer with a surface that feels great to the touch – yet is hard-wearing and water-resistant…. So you can sit on it…. This slim and sexy wallet has been designed to conform perfectly to your rear end…… who says romance is dead?

In summary, Ridge is a brand of premium, simple products crafted with straight-up integrity…. Striving to reduce clutter and streamline daily life, we bring you sleek wallets, backpacks, and chargers that pack all the power you need into an uncomplicated design that doesn’t sacrifice function for style.

Ridge is next-generation gear for the active person…. They create products that support your best self, designed to disappear into the background…. By stripping away excess, assembling with thoughtfulness, and building to performance grade, they turn the items you carry daily into tools for better living.

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