Can You Cook Rice In Ninja Foodi? (It’s So Versatile – But Rice?)

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Is The Ninja Foodi Capable Of Cooking Rice?

The Ninja Foodi is a wonder appliance. It is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that lets you cook the perfect meal in minutes.

It is a compact, powerful cooker, steamer, and warmer – everything you need to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your own home. All in one compact size to fit easily onto kitchen benches.

This multi-functional cooker works as a steamer, pressure cooker, pasta maker, and more.

Does that include cooking rice?

It sure does. The Ninja Foodi takes the guesswork out of cooking rice. This convenient appliance can make simple everyday tasks easier.

Faster than traditional cooking methods, which means you get cooked food in 20 minutes or less. And it cooks rice just like the rice maker.

There are multiple types of rice you can prepare in the Ninja Foodi. You can cook traditional brown or white rice as well as make multi-grain, barley, sushi, and risotto varieties!

How Long Does It Take To Cook Rice In The Ninja Foodi?

I love the Ninja brand they just make everything so easy. The following screenshot is from their food cooking chart that shows the length of cooking time needed for different types of rice.

Note: The last column is all about the pressure release. So it shows you the length of time to allow the rice to sit to naturally release the pressure and then the quick release refers to after that time is up you click the release valve to vent to let out any more steam or built-up pressure.

When you watch the video below this chart you will easily understand what I’m talking about.

How to cook rice in a Ninja Foodi


How Do You Make Rice In The Ninja Foodi?

Now see the Foodi in action and you will see the steps involved. Once your rice is ready to cook put it into the Foodi and put the pressure cooker lid on.

Make sure the steam valve to sealing and then turn the pot on. Press the pressure button, leave it on the high setting, and cook it for the length of time mentioned on the chart above.

A general rule is 2 minutes for white rice and 15 minutes for brown rice. Nonetheless, follow the chart.

One of the most important steps is the natural release for 10 minutes and then quick release of the remaining pressure.

When you read something itemized like this it looks more complicated than it really is.

Watch the video below and you will see how easy it is and how it is no big deal at all to put all of these steps together…

Do Customers Like Making Rice In The Ninja Foodi?

As I always say the proof is in what the customers have to say. So let’s take a look at some of the er comments about using the Ninja Foodi for making rice and see what they think about the job it does…

I reluctantly and sadly removed my Instant pot, gladly took out my rice cooker, and removed the Air Fryer I have mixed feelings about. This machine takes the place of all three and is a net win in counter space.

Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker


Example of comments from Ninja Foodi:

Rice dishes come out beautifully, especially if you rinse the rice first. White and brown rice have completely different times but use the same pressure cook method.

  • You can add rice on the bottom and a protein on the shelf and then add veggies around the protein.
  • And the great thing is you can make rice casseroles (ground beef with rice, etc.) by sautéing your beef and vegetables first, then adding in the rice and water.
  • I always use chicken broth now to cook rice in, it gives it that extra flavor.
  • Rice pudding came out really well, too.
  • Whole grain rice is so much easier in the pressure cooker too.
  • I also used it for rice and wow, it was a game-changer!
  • While I generally pride myself on being a good cook, brown rice has been the bane of my existence – the Ninja cooked the rice perfectly.
  • I actually made some white rice and steamed some cauliflower, I could not believe how good they tasted, first time my cauliflower had that sweet taste.
  • It is so fast to steam rice and it comes out perfect.
  • I’ve made donuts, air-fried wings, slow-cooked apple butter from an orchard, rice, chicken-fried rice, perfect steak with potatoes, etc.
  • You can pressure cook corn on the cob and rice together, air crisp ribeye, and garlic bread ALL at the same time.
  • This is just amazing, don`t think twice, chicken is great, rice is great. It is noob-proof cooking.
  • I made Jasmine rice that was so fluffy that that is the only way I will make rice from now on.
  • Our favorite thing to make is chicken fried rice.
  • Best rice I have ever had.
  • Both brown and jasmine rice also perfection.

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In summary, rice is one of the most common and versatile ingredients you’ll find in kitchens all over the world.

Although it’s not as exciting as more exotic fare such as chocolate or vanilla, rice can be prepared in countless ways and used in a wide variety of recipes.

In fact, rice is so versatile that it can be used as a major ingredient in a wide range of recipes—including dessert!

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy rice, or you’re just looking for an easy way to prepare a tasty meal, the Ninja Foodi is the machine for you.

This little kitchen wonder does more than rice, though. With its simple, innovative design, the Ninja Foodi can do everything.

The Ninja Foodi is a machine that replaces the need for a rice cooker, as well as a stove and a microwave.

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