Is QV A Good Brand? Iconic Aussie Skincare Brand (Budget Friendly)

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What Is The QV Brand Known For?

Want the best skincare for your buck? Check out QV – an iconic brand known for being good quality, simple, and seriously affordable. Its range of daily essentials is clinically proven to be effective, with simple formulas that suit all skin types.

From anti-aging to acne solutions and everything in between, you’ll find what you need here.

A good brand is like a friend you can rely on. From the basics to the little luxuries, you can’t beat the quality of QV products. That’s why they’re Australia’s largest skincare brand. The Beloved range has everything you need to look after yourself with proper care – from simple cleansers and moisturisers to toners, exfoliators and eye treatments.

For great, non-toxic skincare you can trust, QV is a great choice. The natural ingredients are super gentle, simple, and great for sensitive skin.

Plus, the range is affordable so would make a great starting place for someone just entering the world of natural skincare. And hey, the packaging is cute too!

QV sells beauty products that are just as effective as the highest-priced brands, making them the ultimate budget beauty buys on the market.

Below I have listed some of QV’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

QV Is A Good Brand For Dry Skin Conditions

The following QV product has an excellent 79% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

You may be suffering from excessively dry skin, as a lot of people are these days. This is because the cold winter months can dry out your skin, and the springtime makes it all worse due to higher temperatures and humidity levels. QV Cream For Dry Skin Conditions is going to help you get rid of that dry skin dilemma for good.

QV Cream For Dry Skin Conditions is a unique formulation that soothes and softens severely dry skin. This extra-rich cream helps relieve the itching, flaking, and cracking associated with eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

With QV Cream you’ll get relief from the following symptoms: Aches and pains, burns, Brittle nails, Cold sores, Contact dermatitis, Cracked Skin, Eczema, Excessive sweating, Foot ulcers, Fungal infections of the nails and feet, Hives, and rashes…


QV Cream For Dry Skin Conditions


QV Cream For Dry Skin Conditions 500g

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The skin’s moisture barrier is the first line of defense against irritants, so when it gets compromised, skin can get sensitive and uncomfortable. Developed by an Australian esthetician, QV Cream is specially formulated with natural ingredients to help strengthen it so you can enjoy healthier, softer skin.

  • QV is a brand of dermatologist-recommended skincare products.
  • QV creams can heal, moisturize, and smoothen dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • The secret is out. QV Cream for Dry Skin Conditions is clinically proven to help restore skin’s natural moisture defense and deliver lasting results.
  • Used daily, this patented cream can help improve the appearance of flaky, dry skin to reduce the look of aging and sun damage.
  • QV Cream for dry skin conditions is formulated using ingredients that can help promote your skin’s natural moisture balance.
  • The moisturizing ingredients in this product are intended to improve and restore moisture to the affected area of the skin.
  • QV for Dry Skin Conditions is formulated with keratolytic agents and hydrating agents to provide relief from extra-dry skin conditions such as ichthyosis, hyperkeratosis, xerosis, and dermatitis.

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QV Is A Good Brand For Gentle Wash

The following QV product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Developed by dermatologists, QV is a gentle, soap-free range formulated for everybody, every day. It contains natural ingredients to care for your skin. QV Gentle Wash works to fight bacteria that cause acne and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Ideal also for babies 6months + and those with eczema, psoriasis, or ichthyosis. Effective against blackheads, pimples, and clogged pores.

Gentle on skin with a fresh scent. QV Gentle Wash can be used every day, leaving skin feeling smooth and pampered. Ideal for use after showering or bathing, this fragrance-free wash ensures skin is clean, healthy and looking beautiful.

The QV Gentle Wash removes makeup, waterproof mascara, and facial impurities in a non-disruptive way. It helps to ensure a brighter complexion. QV Gentle Wash is the perfect frontline defense against oil and all forms of pollution…


QV Gentle Wash 500ml


QV Gentle Wash 500ml

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Choose the soap-free range formulated for everyday use and gently cleansing, moisturising & protect skin. Their range contains soap-free cleansers and emollients that are kind to sensitive skin. QV Gentle Wash has a mild formula designed for morning and evening use.

  • It is soap-free, an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin or those required to maintain a soap-free regimen, as part of their skincare routine it leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated.
  • QV Gentle Wash is their original cleanser for the face and body. Its soap-free formula, with natural ingredients, is effective on all skin types.
  • Developed by leading dermatologists, the QV range is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
  • This 500ml bottle is perfect for traveling and cleans without soap to leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized.
  • It’s gentle enough to use every day, so you’ll always have beautifully clean skin.
  • QV Gentle Wash body wash is a gentle and effective cleanser made with rich ingredients to leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and smooth.

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QV Is A Good Brand For Moisturizing Cream

The following QV product has an excellent 73% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

QV Cream is a highly concentrated moisturizing cream for dry skin. It restores the skin’s natural moisture balance and helps prevent the evaporation of aqueous lipid components of the stratum corneum.

This new formulation contains Aquaxyl which is proven to be more effective than Urea at restoring water content.

QV Cream is a highly concentrated moisturising cream for severely dry skin which contains no fragrance. This product is used to maintain the integrity of skin barrier function in people with eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

QV Cream can be used as both a treatment and a maintenance treatment depending on individual skin needs; e.g.: Use as a daily moisturizer, or as prevention against dry skin and its associated symptoms…


QV Cream Highly concentrated moisturizing cream for dry skin 100ml, Fragrance-Free


QV Cream Highly concentrated moisturising cream for dry skin 100ml, Fragrance Free, 100 gram

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QV Cream is a concentrated moisturising cream for dry skin to provide long-lasting hydration. It temporarily protects the skin’s barrier function, helping it to restore lost moisture.

  • QV Cream is a lotion that deeply penetrates the stratum corneum and delivers intensive moisture to the skin.
  • This concentration has been developed to contain only high purity, super purified ingredients.
  • Freedom from dry skin is just a QV away! This highly concentrated moisturizing cream is free of fragrances, coloring, and harsh chemicals.
  • It contains Lipidure a unique ingredient that helps to restore the natural lipid layer and protect skin from the external environment.
  • Developed to effectively combat the signs of aging, QV Cream is a high-potency moisturizing cream.
  • The high levels of antioxidants and Vitamin C ensure your skin will be moisturized while staying protected from the elements.

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QV Is A Good Brand For Hand Cream

The following QV product has a good 65% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Natural ingredients and luxurious textures make QV Hand Cream the right handbag size companion, wherever you go. This pocket-sized handbag essential is packaged in a chic, oval-shaped bottle that fits comfortably into your trouser or handbag.

A light floral scent and quality ingredients such as sweet almond oil and natural waxes help nourish the skin on your hands. Your hands will not only feel moisturized but also smell exquisite.

QV Hand Cream is specially formulated for daily use and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, elasticity and wrinkles. It provides very dry, chapped hands instant relief from all weather damage, including hot or cold air conditioning and harsh chemicals in cleaning products. Unlike other hand creams, QV contains no water, so it absorbs quickly and dries fast without leaving your hands feeling greasy or sticky.

With QV you will never have to worry about discoloration like you would with other hand creams that contain ingredients like aloe vera…


QV Hand Cream 50g


QV Hand Cream 50g

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QV Hand Cream was created by the gentle, nurturing touch of its creator from carefully selected ingredients including natural extracts obtained from plants and flowers. The smooth richness calms and adorns delicate skin. It helps to promote healing and softness to the skin for a wonderful feeling of comfort after use.

  • Rub QV Hand Cream between your fingertips to create a light, fragrant lather to leave hands moisturized but not sticky.
  • The Combination of Aloe Vera, Apricot Kernel, and Sesame Oil in QV Hand Cream helps to maintain the skin’s youthful, healthy appearance.
  • While its rich formula leaves hands feeling soft and smooth for up to 3 hours after application.
  • It’s also an excellent hand softener for those who suffer from dry, cracked hands.
  • With added emollients, it helps to give your skin a smoothening effect.
  • The rich formula begins to sink quickly into the skin like a bath treatment leaving it feeling incredibly soft all day long.
  • It quenches skin’s thirst and pampers its youthfulness to impart elasticity, soften wrinkles and fine lines, and ensure a radiant appearance.
  • The super antioxidant Pycnogenol strengthens the skin barrier and boosts its resistance while developing moisture retention.

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QV Is A Good Brand For Skin Lotion

The following QV product has an excellent 74% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

This QV Skin Lotion 500ml is the perfect amount and will last a fairly long time, especially because it can be used on the entire face and other parts of your body.

You will notice that not only does it lighten the brown spots on your skin immediately but that they will also fade over time as well if you use it daily.

Feel fresh and revitalised with QV Skin Lotion. The powerful bioactive formula has been formulated to moisturise the skin whilst protecting it from the damaging effects of UV rays. Packed full of moisturising agents, such as glycerin and rosehip oil, this lotion penetrates the skin to improve elasticity and keep you feeling fresh all day long.

This is great for people who have very dark spots on their face right now that they would like to brighten up a bit as well as prevent additional dark spots from appearing…


QV Skin Lotion 500ml


QV Skin Lotion 500ml

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QV Skin Lotion contains Vitamin C which is thought to improve the appearance of skin that has been exposed to UV radiation. It also contains a novel new generation of retinoid-like compounds which have been shown in clinical trials to give greater improvement than tretinoin on fine wrinkles around the eyes.

  • It is as if your skin is drinking in the QV Skin Lotion.
  • It is absorbed fast and locks in moisture, locking in youthful beautiful skin.
  • A silky smooth, fast-absorbing, and effective skin lotion that will quench even the driest of skin.
  • QV Skin Lotion can be used by both men and women from 18 years of age and is fragrance-free.
  • Just like your skin, QV Skin Lotion contains Vitamin A (retinol) which has been shown to reduce sun damage and age spots from the sun.
  • It also contains Glycerin, a natural moisturizer that helps restore moisture to your skin.
  • This super-rich lotion is designed for everyone, everywhere, and for every skin type.
  • It will visibly help improve the look of your skin giving it a healthier glow while locking in moisture and protecting it from damage caused by everyday stress factors.
  • This lotion provides immediate relief from an uncomfortable sensation of dry skin, with long-lasting moisturizing!

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QV Is A Good Brand For Bath Oil

The following QV product has an excellent 70% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

QV Bath oil 250ml is a high-quality bath oil specially formulated to help create a luxurious bathing experience containing highly effective ingredients, which are well known for their relaxing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

QV Bath Oil is a premium blend of essential oils formulated to help you unwind. Feel the stress and tension slip away. The gentle formula is enriched with moisturising Vitamin E to revitalise skin, while the sweet scent of tuberose lily helps you breathe deep and feel relaxed.

Developed by a family of Aromatherapists, the QV Range has quickly become one of the most popular Aromatherapy brands in Australia. Their philosophy is to provide products that are pure and therapeutic grade for medicinal use…


QV Bath Oil 250ml


QV Bath Oil 250ml

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The luxurious QV Bath Oil is blended with sweet almond and shea butter oils to moisturise and soften skin as you indulge. A blend of aromatics including ylang ylang, rosewood and chamomile extracts ensures your bath time is as indulgent as they come.

  • This oil-infused body care range features an exclusive blend of botanical oils and the latest scientific technology so you can treat your skin and feel phenomenal.
  • QV Oil beautifully softens and smooths your skin with long-lasting moisturizing effects. QV Oil contains high-quality Vitamin E, which conditions and re-hydrates your skin, leaving it dewy fresh, and intoxicatingly fragrant.
  • It is nongreasy, very light, and easily absorbed into the skin.
  • The base of the oil contains jojoba which absorbs the excess sebum and helps to keep it away from the surface of your skin, so you remain hydrated and radiant all day long!

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In summary, the QV range has earned a cult following for being affordable skincare that actually works. The brand is all about quality without the price tag, and with over 50 years of making products suitable for all skin types and ages, it’s no wonder they are worth shouting about.

The Australian skincare brand QV has been a leader in quality, affordable skin, and hair care products for over fifty years. Products such as the QV Cleanser Bar and QV Moisture Rich Shampoo are simple and effective – perfect for everyday use.

The beauty of these products is that they’re so reasonably priced, you can easily switch things up every now and then to give your skin some variety and maintain good health.

QV skincare products are popularly recognized as some of the best and most cost-effective skincare products ever. Commonly known as QV, which is short for Quality Value, these products are recognizable due to their economical price points and high-quality packaging.

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