Quiet Wood Ceiling Fan With Light For Indoor And Outdoor Ceilings

Efficient and eco-friendly, the 52″ Casa Delta-Wing modern outdoor ceiling fan by Monte Carlo is a great addition to your summertime relaxation…

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If you are looking for a wood ceiling fan with a light that is both stylish and functional then the Casa Delta-Wing Wood Ceiling Fan is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor areas!

Featuring whisper-quiet operation, an integrated light fixture with a glass shade, and three solid wood blades in walnut that complement the oil-rubbed bronze finish motor…

The Casa Delta-Wing Wood Ceiling Fan Is Attractive, Made Of Real Wood, Has A Bright Light, Is Powerful, Quiet, And Ideal For Both Indoor Or Outdoor Ceilings!


52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Solid Wood Oil Rubbed Bronze Damp Rated for Kitchen Patio


52" Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Solid Wood Oil Rubbed Bronze Damp Rated for Kitchen Patio - Casa Vieja
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Casa Delta-Wing Wood Ceiling Fan With Light…


The Blades Are Actually Made Out Of Wood And Have A Nice Thickness To Them Unlike Many Other Composite Blades Of Other Fans!


The day after I installed the Casa Delta with real wood fan blades, we got some pretty good wind. They hardly budged they spun around (direct of the wind) very steady and weren’t flopping around. This is a good solid product.


  • They are exactly what I was looking for – simple, elegant, real wood blades not composite.
  • So hard to find a fan with solid wood blades that looks as good as this one and is priced reasonably.
  • This is the most fabulous fan ever!! It’s simple, mid-century modern-ish, and the wood and metal go together so nicely.
  • The blades are very lightweight wood and bring so much warmth to the room.
  • Love they are real wood blades and not plastic fakes.
  • Clean lines and beautiful wood blades.
  • This is a very handsome fan. The blades are very beautiful finished wood which complements our family room’s dark golden brown wood floors and furniture.
  • These fans’ blades are much stronger since they are wood, not plastic like so many other fans.
  • The wood blades are of high quality.
  • Love the look, stylish, and the real wood, is low profile; good air movement. Perfect.
  • Quite beautiful rich brown wood
  • Excellent fan, beautiful wood fins, easy to install.
  • A beautiful, sleek, rich solid wood ceiling fan that is perfect for a great room.
  • Teak wood won’t rot and they look great.

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I Also Really Like The Led Integrated Light – It Gives Off A Great Amount Of Light But Also Energy Efficient!


Excellent fan and light. Was bought for outdoor patio install so the outdoor rating was necessary. Works great and looks awesome with the propeller inspired blades.


52" Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Solid Wood Oil Rubbed Bronze Damp Rated for Kitchen Patio - Casa Vieja
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  • This unit is excellent, very bright light, super smooth fan motor, and looks terrific. Well worth the money.
  • Love these fans for our outdoor patio! One remote controls both. We have a switch to turn on the lights, then adjust the fan settings as desired.
  • The light is too bright for my taste so we will not use it very often.
  • Unfortunately no dimmer for the light so it’s full-on bright.
  • The light is great ( I had seen some reviews saying the light had a greenish tinge and almost did not buy the fixture but I don’t find it’s the case.) the light is perfectly fine.
  • Great looking. Wish the light was dimmable, it’s pretty bright, although this may be a plus for some people.
  • Love that you turn it off, and then turn it on and the light comes on as if it’s a regular ceiling light.
  • This fan is “art” and a great air mover with great lighting!

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The Casa Delta-Wing Wood Ceiling Fan Looks Great… Moves A Ton Of Air, And Is Silent Except For The Sound Of Air Moving


 The design is great and they move much more air than I expected, I always have them in medium as high is too much, and I live in Miami that’s really hot.


52" Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Solid Wood Oil Rubbed Bronze Damp Rated for Kitchen Patio - Casa Vieja
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  • I love this fan. It is silent, stylish, and puts off a tremendous amount of air.
  • A great fan that moves lots of air.
  • I live in Atlanta and this fan never needs to be above low to produce enough cool air to cool the entire room on our hottest days.
  • Really lovely and moves air well.
  • It pushes sooo much air!!! Very powerful fan.
  • We bought 3 for our apartment in Charleston, SC. They have elicited compliments from our guests and they really move air well, even at low speed.
  • We did install it in our living room, but it happens to be a larger space and the fan circulates air throughout the entire space.
  • Moves a lot of air, the only sound is that of the blades cutting through the air when it’s on high
  • This is a superb fan–beautiful.. moves a lot of air, easy to install, very quiet.
  • I love my new fan. It’s stylish and moves a lot of air.
  • These are beautiful and they move air extremely well! We bought 3 and love them!
  • Just bought our 2nd one… the best fan out there!! The electrician couldn’t believe the amount of air the 3 blades moved!

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It Is Quiet Ceiling Fan… We Leave It On The Low Setting Most Of The Time And Can’t Hear It At All!


I really like this fan! I looks good in the pictures but it’s even better in person! It’s quiet but moves quite a bit of air.


  • It’s quiet, with a low profile for a nine-foot ceiling
  • The fan looks amazing, especially for the price. It’s super quiet and cools the room nicely.
  • Very quiet, solid, and smooth working fan.
  • This is whisper quiet and very attractive.
  • Moves a lot of air, looks great. Nice quiet operation.
  • Fits our decor and moves air very well; super quiet.
  • Beautiful Style. Very Quiet operation.
  • Well made. Easy installation. Super quiet fan. Sleek styling. Blades are made of nice wood.
  • I love my fan. Easy install. It works great and is very quiet.
  • We installed one last year, about to buy another; installation is easy, ours, at least, is super quiet.
  • Quiet function and classy modern look.
  • It is super silent, even on high, and absolutely no movement/wobble.

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Real Wood Blades, Look Like Propeller On Plane, One Of The Best Looking Outdoor Fans We Have Ever Owned!


Beautiful fan! My husband found a similar fan he fell in love with for double the price. We compromised with this fan and it is absolutely stunning. I may even order another one for the guest room.


  • Beautiful looking fan. I love everything about this fan because it matches my hardwood flooring.
  • Very sharp, great looking. 
  • Beautiful fan! We receive lots of compliments!
  • People notice nice looking ceiling fans. This is one of them.
  • This is a beautiful fan. Everyone comments on how elegant it looks.
  • A very stylish fan that is quiet and rich-looking.
  • Very stylish and it matches our wood screened-in porch.
  • A great stylish modern fan that does a good job.
  • You could not get a more perfect look for this rustic architecture.
  • This fan looks very contemporary and expensive. 
  • Things we get excited about as adults…”pretty” fans, but man this one looks good in our great room.
  • Works great and looks awesome with the propeller inspired blades.
  • The streamlined look of the delta-wing design is modern and classical.
  • Get so many compliments on the look of this very quiet fan.

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The Casa Delta-Wing Solid Wood Ceiling Fan Can Be Installed Inside Or Outside!


It is installed in the cathedral ceiling room of our old house in the country and has made the room immeasurably cooler.


  • We get more compliments on this than anything else in our outdoor kitchen!
  • I bought 2 of these fans to install in a new lanai that we added to our house. I love these fans!
  • We put this in our bedroom and love it… not just for outdoors!
  • It is installed on a covered open patio so it is protected from direct sun and rain.
  • I have installed four of these fans in my Spanish style beach house.
  • Excellent fan and light. Was bought for outdoor patio install so the outdoor rating was necessary.
  • Love these fans for our outdoor patio!
  • We installed it in our living room.
  • I have it mounted on a 96″ ceiling above the master bed. 
  • We installed it in our bedroom, a nice upgrade.
  • I have installed two of these in our home.
  • We mounted it on our back porch and the breeze is phenomenal.
  • Nice and quiet for our backyard space and the lines are clean looking.
  • We love this fan! It looks great in our living room!

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In summary, the Casa Delta-Wing 52″ outdoor ceiling fan from Monte Carlo provides yearlong comfort in the great outdoors.

This Casa Delta-Wing Solid Wood Ceiling Fan is made of solid wood and comes with a light. It is sleek, stylish, and circulates a lot of air.

It features three walnut wood blades and an oil-rubbed bronze motor for a rustic look and feel that is sure to complement any outdoor living space.


Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Casa Delta-Wing Solid Wood Ceiling Fan!


  1. The solid wood fan blades on this Casa Delta Ceiling Fan look beautiful and perform very well.
  2. The integrated light is very bright.
  3. This ceiling fan is very powerful and moves a lot of air.
  4. The Casa Delta Ceiling Fan is very quiet to operate.
  5. This fan is one of the best looking ceiling fans you will ever find.
  6. The Casa Delta Wood Ceiling Fan is equally as good indoors and outdoors.

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