Is Qidi Technology A Good Brand? (Quality High-End 3D Printers)

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What Is The Qidi Technology Brand Known For?

You might have heard the name QIDI Technology in the 3D printing community…. You may not know that they are one of the oldest 3D printing companies and have released some of the best budget 3D printers.

The Qidi 3D printers are designed to be used by both the home user and the professional, QIDI Technology has been around since 2013 and has a long history of building high-quality 3D printers.

QIDI Technology is a brand that focuses on delivering high-end, 3D printers and 3D printer supplies…. Their strategy is to target a niche market: homes and educational institutions…. They have an impressive lineup of products…. From 3D printers to filament and accessories, they have a product for every need.

3D printers have taken the technology world by storm because they give you the power to make actual products in-house…. This is something commercial manufacturing companies have been doing for a long time but is now available to the home user at an affordable consumer price point.

Let’s look at 3 of their best-selling Qidi Technology and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Qidi Technology Is A MIND-BOGGLING Brand For Fast 3D Printers

The following Qidi Technology product has a MIND-BOGGLING 100% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Different types of 3D printers exist, and the most commonly used type is Fused deposition modeling (FDM)…. This process works by extruding a thin stream of material, such as polylactic acid or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and then depositing it in layers on the ground to build the desired object.

iFast D08 is designed as a new generation of professional filaments, which is the highest-quality 3D printer that you have never seen…. iFast is based on the open-source firmware and can be used for both ABS printing and PLA printing…. User needn’t worry about the complicated parameter setting of its printer…. Just plug iFast into your computer and start to play with an LCD controller.

R QIDI TECHNOLOGY i is a perfect combination of plug-and-play, open-source, and being raised on a culture of continuous development…. All these are expressed in a 3D printer that has been optimized for stable performance and high efficiency, making it the ideal 3D printing platform for engineers and makers who require speed, accuracy, and versatility…


R QIDI TECHNOLOGY i Fast 3D Printer, Industrial Grade Structure, with Dual Extruder for Fast Printing, Super Large Print Size 360×250×320mm


R QIDI TECHNOLOGY i Fast 3D Printer, Industrial Grade Structure, with Dual Extruder for Fast Printing, Super Large Print Size 360×250×320mm

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  • The 3D printer iFast features a dual-extruder head, providing freedom in the choice of filaments.
  • Material mixing and new material combination are available with this 3D printer for achieving more unique products.
  • The operation of iFast is simple, you just need to connect with your computer and load the printing model you want to print, then iFast will do everything for you.
  • The material has been taken into the printer from the air filter, then it will be sent to two nozzle heads.
  • iFast prints with two nozzles at the same time reducing the time taken for finishing printing compared with single-nozzle 3D printers.

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The Qidi Technology Resin 3D Printer S Box Has AMAZING Ratings

The following Qidi Technology product has an AMAZING 84% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

If you’re in the market for a new 3D printer, you’ve likely heard of the QIDI Technology brand…. With new 3D printers, they’re getting into new areas of printing, such as resin 3D printing, which is an exciting new frontier in 3D printing technology.

One of their most impressive machines in this category is the S Box…. The S Box is a resin 3D printer that’s aimed for office use, as its features and design are more professional than those of some of the S Box’s competitors.

Let’s face it, the best 3D printer to buy for both beginners and professionals are those that have a large build volume and are really easy to print with…. This is exactly what the QIDI Technology Resin 3D Printer: S Box offers as part of its great features and enjoy printing on a larger scale…


QIDI Technology Resin 3D Printer:S Box, UV LCD Printer, 8.46″ x 5.11″ x 7.87″ Large Build Volume


QIDI Technology Resin 3D Printer:S Box, UV LCD Printer, 8.46" x 5.11" x 7.87" Large Build Volume,10.1 inch LCD, High Precision Double Guide Rail & Precision Ball Screw, Fast Leveling Structure

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  • QIDI Technology S Resin 3D Printer Kit has been upgraded to include OLED touchscreen upgrades with drag and drop features.
  • With the new hardware design features, it can be used for 4K video output, wire control, and so on.
  • As a member of QIDI Technology’s resin printer series, this 3D Printer is easy to operate and compact enough to fit on any home desktop or lab desk.
  • It delivers a large build volume(8.46″ x 5.11″ x 7.87″), UV LCD panel(128 x 64 px) which allows you to exactly see your wonderful creation during the process, and provides professional software for users at all levels including beginners and professional designers.
  • The printer adopts a micro-stepping drive system to achieve high resolution and high precision printing.
  • A large touch screen provides easy control to help you finish operation quickly.
  • It’s a combination of high technology, light structure, dual extrusion, and fast printing speed to give you the full solution for your 3D projects.

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The Qidi Technology High-End X-Maker Has AMAZING Ratings

The following Qidi Technology product has an AMAZING 84% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The fast 3D printer X-Maker industrial-grade structure with a dual extruder for fast printing, when it comes to the 3D printers, manufacturers not only put the humanized design but also made sure that it is more precise than other products…. With the plug and play compatibility, X-Maker is able to print larger size models, normally up to 10″X10″X8″ are easily available.

The X-Maker Pro is a high-end, industrial-grade desktop 3D printer featuring a dual extrusion system…. It’s great for experts looking for flexibility in multiple materials…. The X-Maker Pro has been designed for homes and education, making it an ideal gift for your child to start their first craft project with…. Its reliable construction and simple operation make this the best choice for a wide variety of uses in the office and at home.

The X-Maker printer has been configured to offer the most ideal experience for people who want to use 3D printing in the home…. Every part of X-Maker is carefully planned with maximum consideration for safety, usability and durability…


QIDI Technology High-end 3D Printer: X-Maker, Focus on Homes and Education


QIDI Technology High-end 3D Printer:X-Maker,Focus on Homes and Education

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  • The intelligent QIDI X-Maker 3D printer is a professional desktop resin printer, which uses an industrial-grade metal frame.
  • With the interchangeable smart modules, QIDI X-SMART can maximize its potential to become a high-end desktop resin printer.
  • It is also great for education and making business ideas real.
  • Dual extruder, reliable framework, and high precision make X-MAKER the best choice for professional 3D modeling.
  • Compared to a traditional 3D printer, X-MAKER has broader compatibility and uses more eco-friendly materials to bring you a faster, higher quality experience.

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In summary, 3D printers are known to be a great way to create things, but what is less known is that these machines can be used to make a lot more than just 3D models…. Some of their more ambitious owners have found ways to make use of their 3D printers to produce home goods, from furniture to cookware.

Qiditech 3d printer is fast, affordable, easy to use, and has a larger print volume than any other 3d printer on the market…. Changing to a new 3d printing paradigm, that of fast and large scale is not only possible but imminent – with Qidi Technology changing the way you look at 3D Printing once again!

With its high-quality printing plastics and metal materials and the adoption of industrial-grade structure design, QIDI technology changes the way of your hobby or business life.

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