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How Good Are Patio Heaters?

Are patio heaters good?

Cooler evenings become the norm as the summer season turns to fall. But it seems that no one is ready for the long summer nights to end. Many homeowners still want to enjoy a cold one with family or friends. Patio heaters are suitable for these homeowners as they can help create a comfortable outdoor …

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Different Types of Storage Benches For Your Home

History of storage benches

Types Of Storage Benches Today we are going to look at the different types of storage benches and delve into a bit of history as well. Benches – one of the oldest, most common seating forms. They have been used for ages; in the past, when chairs were reserved only for the most important people, …

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What is a Saddle Stool? (Are Saddle Stools Comfortable?)

Saddle stool is good for posture

Saddle Stool We hear the term saddle stools toss around a lot, especially in conversations about healthy, comfortable seating for work; and if you wonder what type of stools these are, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Let’s look over everything there is to know about saddle stools and what are the advantages of …

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What are Saucer Chairs? (Great Chairs For All Ages)

Very comfortable papasan chair for adults

Saucer Chairs Saucer chairs are a dream come true for anyone who simply needs to sink into something cozy, comfortable, and soft after a long day at work or school. These chairs are also known as dish chairs, Papasan chairs, or disc chairs. The saucer chair has been around for quite some time now, and …

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What is a Barrel Chair? (Are They Comfortable)

Barrel chairs are comfortable

What is a Barrel Chair? Unsure what a barrel chair is? Well, it is one of the most unique shaped chairs on the market that provides endless style possibilities. What is a barrel chair? It is called a barrel chair because the high curved back of the chair looks like a barrel cut in half. …

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Best Ways to Clean a Toilet Bowl Without Scrubbing

How to clean a toilet bowl with vinegar

Can You Clean Your Toilet Bowl Without Scrubbing? Cleaning out a toilet bowl is one of those necessary evils that most of us are all too familiar with. The task itself may be simple, but if you’re not careful, it can easily turn into a smelly, disgusting chore. Have you ever wondered what you could …

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Different Types of Air Purifiers For Your Home and Office

Different types of air purifiers

Air Purifiers Like the air we breathe becomes more and more polluted with every passing day, the popularity of air purifiers continues to rise. Knowing how heavily the polluted air can affect our health and overall wellbeing, we need to ask ourselves, what can we do to help get the air cleaner and preserve our health? …

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Different Types Of Stain Removers For Different Situations

Different types of stain removers

Stain Removers In this article, you will discover the different types of stain removers and learn how the stain removal process works. We reveal the different types of ingredients or solvents used to remove stains, what effect each one has on different surfaces or fabrics and which ones you should use to remove the stain …

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Chest of Drawers VS Bureau: What Is The Difference

bureau vs chest of drawers

Chest Of Drawers Vs Dresser One of the most iconic furniture pieces of all time, vastly used in the past as well as today, is a chest of drawers. Often, when you search for it, you may come across another term bureau, and you may wonder, what is the difference? Even if you google them, …

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What is Bureau Furniture? (Bureau vs Dresser vs Chest Of Drawers)

Bureau Furniture The term “Bureau” has several meanings. In Europe, it refers to a writing desk that has a hinged writing flap that is fitted on a sloping angle when it’s closed. When opened, it reveals a tier of small drawers, pigeonholes, and sometimes a small cupboard. In the United States, the bureau refers to a …

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What is a Biedermeier Chair? (Discover The Biedermeier Style)

What Is A Biedermeier Chair?

Biedermeier Chair The Biedermeier story is an interesting one. The style originated in Vienna, Austria around 1815, lasting until about 1848. After the Napoleonic wars, a middle-class developed and soon became a significant portion of the population across Europe. Biedermeier (German for “modest splendor”) furniture is a style that first appeared in the late 1800s. …

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What is a Splat Back Chair? (Splat Back Chairs Examples)

There are numerous styles of furniture that utilize a splat back. This construction style has been around for centuries. The splat back chair has a centerpiece running vertically down the center of the backrest of the chair… Many people are unclear about what precisely a splat is. An unusual term in today’s English, the word …

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Art Deco vs Mid Century Modern (What’s The Difference)

Is art deco mid-century modern

Art Deco vs Mid Century Modern Both Art Deco and Mid Century celebrate contemporary luxury, innovative new materials, and distinctive design characteristics. Mid-century design is a sleek minimalist style that focuses more on practicality while art decor design has a more elaborate style with extravagant and intricate details. First introduced at an exhibit in Paris …

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What is a Baroque Style Lamp? (Types Of Baroque Lamps)

Baroque Lamp Baroque-style lamps are fancifully designed lampstands that are built to supply your home with more than just lighting. They complement your interior décor in various ways by adding color and vigor to a particular space. What is a baroque-style lamp?  The baroque style describes a design that is very elaborate, intricate, and exaggerated. …

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What is a Humidor Cabinet? (How To Store Cigars & Enhance Flavor)

How to store cigars with a humidor

Humidor Cabinet Humidor cabinets come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can typically be custom-made according to the requirements of the owner. The Spanish word “humidor” is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as a box, jar, or cabinet for keeping cigars fresh. So quite simply, a humidor cabinet is a storage unit that …

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What is a Hoosier? (And How To Clean Old Hoosier Cabinet?)

Hoosier Cabinet The term “Hoosier Cabinet” refers to the freestanding kitchen cabinets that were manufactured by Hoosier Manufacturing Company as well as other companies in the early 1900s. Most of these manufacturers were situated in Hoosier State (Indiana). Hoosier cabinets are distinguished by special features such as pot and pan racks, spice jars, tin bread …

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