Puma Brand Review: Is Puma A Good Brand?

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Do you ever wonder what makes a good brand? Is it the quality of their product, or its affordability? Or perhaps it is something more intangible – like how stylish and desirable the items are. Puma has been around for decades, so there must be something about them that keeps us coming back time and again. What exactly makes Puma such a great brand?

For many people, Puma is synonymous with style and comfort. They offer an extensive range of shoes, apparel, accessories, and more – all designed to make you look your best while still being comfortable enough to enjoy everyday activities.

Their products come in various colors and designs which allows customers to express themselves through their clothing choices. Additionally, they also have special collaborations with popular celebrities and influencers which further adds to their desirability among consumers.

  • But does having fashionable goods make up for any potential downsides when it comes to purchasing from this company?
  • Can we trust that the prices reflect the value of what we’re buying?
  • Do the materials used live up to our expectations?
  • Are we getting bang for our buck when shopping at Puma stores?

These are some questions worth asking if one wants to truly get a sense of whether or not Puma is indeed a good brand. 

Puma: A Premium Sports and Lifestyle Brand

Puma is an outstanding international sports and lifestyle brand that has long been a cornerstone of quality and performance. Founded in 1948, the company was built on a foundation of uncompromising dedication to excellence, crafting products that were equal parts stylish and practical.

Over the past seven decades, Puma has remained at the forefront of innovation and style, delivering top-of-the-line activewear and sports accessories to athletes everywhere.

Whether it’s outfitting soccer teams around the world or providing footwear for fashion-forward consumers seeking sportswear with its signature sleek design, Puma’s products are among the most sought-after in their respective categories. From sneakerheads to Olympic champions, Puma products have reached iconic status across all spectrums of athletic culture.

Infographic - Puma is a good brand

Puma also boasts an extensive selection of apparel designed to keep wearers comfortable and cool both on and off the playing field. Their range includes everything from technical tees to hoodies, tank tops to pants, and shorts to casual joggers — all accompanied by sophisticated colors, prints, and designs that fit for any occasion.

At the helm of Puma is its enduring commitment to sustainability — a passion that has seen them partner with multiple programs dedicated to global conservation efforts. In 2017 alone, they provided 150 million dollars towards ecological restoration projects worldwide. This strong sense of responsibility ensures that Puma remains one of the leading forces in modern sportswear.

The story of Puma is far more than just athletics — it’s a reminder of a life well lived through peak performance while keeping fitness in check with a style that never quits. 

The Evolution of Puma

Puma has seen a huge evolution in the 70 years since it first began. Founded by Rudolf Dassler, the brother of Adidas founder Adolf Dassler, Puma started as a small company named Ruda.

After rebranding to Puma, the company’s reputation quickly grew for their innovative shoe designs and high-quality products. From there, Puma has become one of the most recognizable brands in sportswear and lifestyle apparel.

Puma now produces an array of footwear styles tailored to a variety of sports and activities—from running shoes and cleats to soccer boots and basketball shoes. The brand also produces casual shoes, such as slides and sandals, alongside an extensive collection of streetwear-inspired apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.

In addition to product design advances, Puma’s eco-friendly materials have propelled its commitment to sustainability with recycled polyester becoming the preferred fiber across all categories in 2020.

Making its mark on international fashion networks from everyday wear to professional athletes at major tournaments worldwide, Puma is continuing to expand its presence with groundbreaking collaborations with some of today’s biggest names in music and loyalty programs that feature exclusive discounts or free products for returning customers.

As Puma looks ahead towards new frontiers in the future, its continuous progress allows users around the globe to remain connected through shared values while remaining true to their original mission: Forever Faster—always moving forward. 

Puma’s Iconic Products

Puma’s iconic products are the cornerstone of their brand. A classic example is the Puma Suede, a timeless sneaker inspired by street style and performance-based sports.

The Clyde is another of the company’s most recognizable designs and features classic basketball styling with a modern twist.

Another legendary design is the Roma shoe, which returns in various iterations with changing colorways to stay up to date with today’s fashion trends.

In addition to these classic looks, Puma offers performance-driven product collections for athletes looking for shoes that provide maximum support and cushioning.

From running shoes designed for speed to soccer cleats that offer perfect control over the ball or court, to basketball shoes engineered especially for agility on the court—there is a style and technology matched to every athlete’s preference.

This wide range of iconic products and performance-focused designs have made Puma a leader in the world of athletic footwear, offering something special for everyone who wears its signature style. 

Puma Is A Good Brand For Running

Puma running brand review

Puma is well known for its commitment to providing top-quality running products for all athletes. Whether you are looking for casual running apparel, specialized gear, or competitive running shoes, Puma has a wide range of options to suit your needs.

The Nitro series is perfect for everyday runners who need reliable performance and comfort in their running shoes. With features like a cushioned midsole, breathable fabric upper, and a shock-absorption system, you will feel the quality the second you start wearing the Nitro sneaker.

Running Accessories is a great option if you want some extra protection or comfort on your run. From headbands and sweatbands to hydration packs and reflective gear, Puma has everything you need to help tune up your race day and make sure it goes smoothly.

For long-distance runners, Puma provides the Endurance collection comprised of supportive midsoles and advanced cushioning technology which delivers maximum support for those demanding miles. Plus, with water-resistant materials and grippy outsoles, these shoes can take on any terrain—wet or dry!

The Seasonal Running line from Puma offers special edition designs so you can show off some style on even your toughest runs. And when it’s time to break some speed records, choose from their selection of lightweight track and field shoes designed specifically for racing conditions.

Finally, we come to Trail Running: designed for rough terrain with more cushioning and durable outsoles so you can push through mud, dirt, and rocks without having to worry about slipping or sliding along the way. All trail shoes by Puma have been rigorously tested so that stability is never an issue.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore new paths or an experienced runner seeking out big challenges; Puma has something just right for you!

Puma Is A Good Brand For Training

Gym Featuring exaggerated silhouettes and knits, PUMA’s Gym range is all about bringing style to the gym. With easy-to-move designs and ventilated pieces to keep you cool during any workout session, the Gym range has everything you need for a great look while you sweat it out.

Studio & YogaPUMA’s Studio & Yoga collection offers up elevated yet effortless designs that are perfect for whatever activity your day brings. From lightweight knits for stretching and toning to hardware detailing for an unexpected twist, this line is guaranteed to bring a premium edge to your gym wardrobe.

Deco Glam Get decked out in street-style fashion with PUMA’s Deco Glam range. Eye-catching rhinestones, graphics, slogans, and metallic prints make up this collection to create bold looks with plenty of attitude.

Forever LuxeGet ready for glamorous looks that last with PUMA’s Forever Luxe range. The focus is on luxurious fabrics like velour, velvet, satin, and shearling that provide comfort and style with every step. With cute footwear details and stylized classics like chandelier earrings and ankle straps adding extra glamour to any outfit.

Maggie Stephenson Put your feet first with Maggie Stephenson’s modern classic style that blends fashion and function together in perfect harmony. These styles feature

Puma Is A Good Brand For Football (Soccer)

Puma football brand review

Puma is an established and reliable brand when it comes to football. With a selection of running products to help keep players performing at their best, Puma has everything any athlete could need for success on the pitch.

The Ultra range of shoes offers lightweight yet durable support and a comfortable fit on the foot with its revolutionary Pebax propulsion plate that provides acceleration and responsiveness to every stride.

The Future range builds upon this technology with increased comfort featuring Primeknit uppers and flexible BRS 1000 rubber outsoles for improved traction.

The King brand provides signature boots for elite players like Marco Reus, Olivier Giroud and others, combining a classic look with modern technologies like evoKNIT to provide high performance with low weight.

The Supercharge Pack range caters to elite players who are looking for supreme levels of control in terms of sprints, turns, and agility while also providing lightweight cushioning through ComfortFoam technology.

Puma’s special Supercharged Players range is tailored towards speedsters who need extra power during matches thanks to adaptive cushioning through layers of foam in the midsole and heel counter while also providing improved grip.

Nations Teams line boasts jerseys bearing many popular national flags such as England, Spain, and Italy among others, thus prideful representing the team or country of one’s choice.

Moreover, there are several other lines catering to specific teams such as Manchester City, AC Milan, BVB, Italy, Carlton FC, GWS Giants, North Melbourne, Richmond, NSW Blues, QLD Maroons, Warriors, Melbourne City, and  Fenerbahçe.

You can carry your pride as you take the sporting field in style when wearing one of these jersey-guernseys from Puma.

Puma Is A Good Brand For Soccer Cleats

Let’s be frank, who doesn’t love a good pair of soccer cleats? Whether you’re an emerging professional football star or just starting out in the game, having the right shoes can make all the difference in your athletic performance. And when it comes to finding those perfect shoes, there’s no better choice than Puma!

For years now, sports teams and athletes around the world have been choosing Puma as their go-to brand for quality footwear.

Not only do they specialize in making some of the best soccer cleats on the market–designed with support and cushioning technology to help improve ball control–but they also offer up a wide range of stylish options that look great both on and off the field.

Plus, if you’re looking for something more affordable, they’ve got plenty of budget-friendly styles too.

Puma is truly one of the top names in Sport’s Shoes today; so whether you’re playing professionally or casually with friends, adding a pair of these high-performance cleats will give you an edge over any competition. 

Puma Is A Good Brand For Motor Sport

Puma is a brand whose name has become synonymous with quality and performance in the world of motorsport. From Scuderia Ferrari to Mercedes AMG Petronas, Puma has consistently provided high-performance clothing, footwear, and accessories designed to meet the needs of dedicated racers and teams alike.

The Metal Energy Collection is a prime example of this commitment to excellence. This line of apparel draws inspiration from vintage racing colors such as red, black, orange, grey, and blue. It also features distressed details that harken back to classic racing-style elements such as bold logo placement on the chest and sleeves.

Another excellent example of Puma’s motorsport range is their Speedcat shoes. These lightweight, low-top racing sneakers feature an engineered mesh upper for breathability and comfort while PUMA’s patented IGNITE foam sole offers superior cushioning during daily wear or intense physical activities.

The Speedcats also come in vibrant colors so you can stay ahead of the rest on the track or just look great when heading out for a day in town.

Puma is certainly one of the premier brands when it comes to motorsport fashion thanks to their commitment to providing quality products that stand up to even the toughest use on tracks across the globe.

With both performance lines like their Speedcat shoes and stylish collections like the Metal Energy Collection available, Puma is sure to remain at home on every trackside pit deck for years to come!

Puma Is A Good Brand For Basketball

Puma is a good brand for basketball shoes and apparel

LaMelo Ball MB Collection: Puma’s LaMelo Ball MB collection is inspired by the young hooper. With a combination of fashion and performance, this collection features shoes such as the Clyde Hardwood and the Deportivo Clyde – both iconic Basketball silhouettes with bold colors and LaMelo’s signature on them.

Stewie by Breanna Stewart: This new collaboration is part of PUMA’s Cities Pack series in celebration of Stewie’s hometown of Midwest Seattle. The silhouette has been modernized with a platform midsole, making it even more comfortable. It also features symbolic artwork from their culture of resiliency, paying homage to Stewie’s hometown that helped raise her.

Performance: Puma is well known for its performance wear, especially in basketball. From hoodies to tank tops, they’ve got you covered whether you want to stay comfortable while shooting hoops or simply lounging around. It also includes their line of shoes made for maximum agility and responsive cushioning as articulated by their Cushioned Full Co-moulded system that sits on their Ignite Fuse Technology soles.

Court Rider: This take-off on the classic Court Star puts a stylish twist on basketball performance shoes. With its mid-rise sock collar construction, it will hug your feet while providing optimal stability through lateral movement and support against aggressive landings from heavy jumps during gameplay.

Childhood Dreams: This collection consists of apparel and footwear taking influence from Dr. Jeykll & Mr. Hyde’s theme which emphasizes duality expressed through bespoke detailing, layering material, varying textures, twisting colors inspired by Stephen Curry’s life story an origin story that emphasizes his ambition and effort to beyond ordinary limits.

Rick and Morty: A collaborative project between NBA legend Kyrie Irving and Rick & Morty was bound to be out of this world! Get access to these mind-blowing designs now! Shoes are equipped with tech foam midsoles for superior cushioning, non-marking rubber outsoles for traction, and lockdown lace closures.

About A Bucket Collection: About A Bucket tapped into Rakim’s genius for style and basketball influence resulting in this stand-out collection where a diverse set of materials are used including premium suede style base accents with signature Hopsack weave side panels Featuring dropped velcro closure strap paired atop Puma NRGY midsole cushioning offering enhanced comfort Energy return properties

PUMA x June Ambrose: Collaboration between PUMA & celebrity stylist June Ambrose brings us a progressive attitude embodying streetwear aesthetic applied to technical sports apparel. Cutting-edge material creates a unique branded look catching attention without screaming out loud statement pieces incorporate feminine influences reflecting uniqueness ethos of women empowerment movements around the world! 

Puma Is A Good Brand For Other Sports

Puma is a premier sports brand for athletes of all ages and abilities. Their range of products features everything from apparel, accessories, and footwear for golf, and netball and a special line designed in collaboration with world-renowned cricket star Virat Kohli.

Golfers prone to having sweaty hands or those who need good grip may benefit from the Puma Titanium Ignite Sport Shoes. It features an advanced hydrophobic upper material that provides water resistance while maintaining breathability and superior durability.

A flexible tongue wrap gives wearers more comfort while the full-length IGNITE foam midsole offers superior energy return and cushioning.

Netball players can take advantage of the Puma EvoSpeed 5.5 Firm Ground Netball Shoes. This lightweight shoe is designed for fast movement on hard surfaces, featuring a slip-on construction for ease of use and an outsole with six forefoot pins for greater traction control when turning. The soft PU synthetic upper provides additional comfort.

The final must-have in any Puma collection is the new Virat Kohli Collection – a selection of limited edition hockey academy-inspired t-shirts that feature sporting styles perfect for cricket fans around the world.

The collection consists of sleek tees featuring timeless stripes and bold pops of color in matching jackets, caps, bags, sandals, and even shorts – allowing fans to truly capture Kohli’s personal style away from the pitch as well as on it!

Puma Is A Good Brand For Bags

Puma is an iconic brand for bags and fashion enthusiasts alike. It has been a go-to choice for professional athletes, offering a wide range of styles perfect for any occasion. From their dedicated file compartments to gusseted pockets, Puma gives you the freedom to express yourself without sacrificing comfort or quality. Here are five reasons why:

  • First off, Puma offers fashionable designs that will have heads turning wherever you go. They come in many different sizes and colors so there’s sure to be something out there that fits your unique style. Plus, they’re lightweight yet durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Second, Puma provides superior construction with features like reinforced stitching and an interior lining that keep your items secure while on the move. Whether you’re shopping around town or hiking up a mountain trail, these bags won’t let you down when it comes to performance and reliability.
  • Third, Puma takes pride in its customer service team which is available 24/7 should you need help with anything related to their products. Their dedication to providing top-notch support ensures that you get exactly what you need as quickly as possible no matter where you may be located in the world.
  • Fourthly, Puma makes sure each bag is designed with comfort in mind so you can carry all your essentials without feeling weighed down by them. Additionally, adjustable straps make adjusting length easy ensuring a snug fit every time!
  • Finally, owning a Puma bag shows everyone that you care about staying stylish even when running errands or doing outdoor activities. Not only do they look great but they also offer excellent protection from bumps and scrapes along the way – making them ideal companions for anyone who likes exploring new places!

With such an impressive selection of bags at their disposal, it’s clear why this company continues to earn rave reviews from both casual shoppers and professional athletes alike.

Puma Brand Reputation

Puma has been an integral part of the fashion and sports industry for many years. It is like a loyal friend that sticks around through thick or thin. Puma’s market share in both these industries is significant, however, it is still overshadowed by Nike’s strong position in the markets.

While some may view this as a disadvantage to Puma, I see it differently; with its long-term commitment to the industry, it has earned itself a place among the top brands.

To truly understand Puma’s brand reputation, we must examine how well they stack up against their competitors – namely Nike. Whenever we speak about sportswear or apparel giants, Nike will always come into conversation first.

But when comparing the two side by side on various aspects such as marketing strategies, product lines, customer loyalty, etc., one can clearly see why Puma managed to secure a strong market position despite being behind its big brother Nike.

Even though there were times when it seemed like Nike was unbeatable – especially during its 80s heyday – but eventually, things began to change and now more people than ever are wearing Puma clothing and using their products instead of those offered by other companies

In terms of presence within the sporting world, both Puma and Nike have made great strides over the last few decades. However, due to vast improvements in technology and design techniques from puma, their endorsement deals became increasingly popular amongst athletes worldwide compared to Nike who had monopolized them until then.

This provided another avenue for customers to become aware of what kind of quality products they offer which consequently helped boost their sales even further.

Is Puma A Luxury Brand?

When it comes to fashion, Puma is one of the biggest brands out there. It has a long history and its authenticity in style cannot be denied. Puma is definitely a fashionable label but when you compare it with other luxury labels like Louis Vuitton or Chanel then it falls short in many aspects.

These high-end designer brands offer signature pieces that make them stand apart from the crowd – something that Puma does not provide at this level.

However, even though Puma may not fit into the ‘luxury’ category per se, their products still maintain a certain standard of quality that makes them unique among other sports apparel companies.

From shoes to clothing lines, everything produced by Puma is made with attention to detail and crafted with care so that customers get exactly what they want when they buy from them. This attention to detail ensures that all their items look good and last longer than expected making sure wearers remain stylish for years to come.

Puma’s product range may not reach the same heights as some of the more established luxury labels but they certainly make up for it in terms of design and quality. 

Are Puma Jackets Good?

Yes, they are! Puma is known for its stylish products and vibrant colorways that make them one of the most popular fashion icons. Not only do their jackets provide apparel suitable to all occasions, but they also prioritize sustainability in their fashion pieces – making it a top choice among customers looking for an eco-friendly wardrobe.

The brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship makes each jacket worth its price tag. Their range of styles and textures ensures that you can find something perfect no matter your style preference or personal taste. Plus, thanks to their innovative designs, every product is designed with comfort as well as accessibility in mind.

From classic leather biker jackets to modern bomber silhouettes, there’s sure to be something ideal within the collection. Each item is made with premium materials that give it a luxurious feel while still being lightweight enough for everyday use. And since the colors featured are so varied and unique, it’s easy to create looks that stand out from the crowd.

Puma has managed to become one of today’s leading fashion brands by understanding what people want when it comes to clothing – timeless pieces that remain fashionable year after year combined with durable fabrics and construction techniques used by skilled artisans who take pride in their workmanship.

With such attention given to detail and quality assurance, investing in one of these jackets will undoubtedly get you plenty of compliments on your next night out! So if you’re looking for a statement piece or just a basic addition to your wardrobe, look no further than Puma – this iconic label never fails to deliver on both form and function.

Competitors Of Puma

Puma is a great brand. But like any good team, it needs competitors to stay on top. The two main names in the ring are Nike Inc and Onitsuka Tiger Co. Both brands have been around for decades and have made their mark in sports equipment and sportswear chains worldwide.

They are also known for their commitment to supply chain auditing, making sure all materials used during production comply with certain ethical standards.

When it comes to competing against each other, both companies offer different styles which appeal to different customers: Nike offers more modern designs while Onitsuka has a more classic look.

Furthermore, there’s no denying that they both strive hard to make quality products at competitive prices – something every athlete appreciates! However, when it comes down to customer loyalty and appreciation of their efforts over the years, Puma stands out as a leader in this regard. After all, who doesn’t enjoy being part of a winning team?

It’s clear that Puma is an exceptional sporting goods company with loyal customers from all walks of life who appreciate its commitment towards excellence and fairness. With such dedication from them, one cannot help but wonder what kind of corporate social responsibility Puma implements within its business model…

Puma’s Commitment to Sustainability

Puma is working towards creating a more sustainable future for the planet. The company has set an ambitious goal to use only 100% renewable energy by 2025 and works with partners such as the Better Cotton Initiative to ensure that its products are made from eco-friendly materials.

Puma also supports a wide range of initiatives, such as biodiversity conservation, climate action, and research into sustainable fashion materials.

Through these initiatives, Puma is hoping to reduce its environmental impact across all areas of the business. To achieve this ambition, Puma has implemented policies that support traceability in sourcing materials, considerate waste disposal and efficient water use in production processes.

The company also works closely with suppliers to ensure that they adhere to international standards on labor practices, health, and safety, and pollution control. Additionally, Puma supports a number of projects worldwide focused on giving access to clean water or advocating for social change through activism.

Ultimately, Puma’s dedication to sustainability is leading the way for other companies looking to improve their environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability will help foster a brighter future for generations to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Puma frequently asked questions

Why Is Puma Not Popular

It seems that Puma has struggled with popularity in recent years — with some people citing a lack of interesting or attractive design as the main reason for its lack of success. Others believe that Puma has not been as successful as competitors like Nike and Adidas in terms of marketing and partnerships – leading to a lack of recognition among consumers.

However… it is worth noting that Puma has experienced strong growth in recent years, with the brand’s CEO stating that the goal is to double revenue in the near future.

Puma has also received praise for the quality and features of its products, including its footwear. Ultimately — it seems that Puma’s popularity may be subjective and dependent on individual preferences and perceptions of the brand.

Is Puma a Cool Brand

Puma is often considered a cool brand by consumers, particularly younger generations. Many people appreciate the brand for its stylish and urban aesthetic, as well as its affordable prices. Puma has also gained a reputation for producing comfortable and high-quality footwear, which adds to its appeal.

Additionally, Puma has collaborated with a number of influential designers and fashion brands, such as Balmain and Alexander McQueen, which has helped to elevate its image and keep it relevant in the fashion world. Overall, Puma is a popular and well-regarded brand that is often considered cool by those who wear and support it.

Puma Vs Nike

The debate between Puma and Nike is one of the most common debates in the world of sportswear. Both brands have a long history of producing quality footwear and apparel. Puma has a reputation for its innovative designs and modern technology — while Nike is renowned for its superior comfort and performance.

Puma has a wide variety of footwear and apparel suitable for different activities… from running and fitness to leisure and fashion. Nike — on the other hand, offers a range of shoes and apparel for a variety of sports and activities.

Ultimately… the choice between Puma and Nike is up to the individual’s preference and the type of activity they are participating in. Both brands offer a variety of styles, features, and prices to suit any individual’s needs.


The Puma brand is undeniably an excellent choice. They provide top quality materials and their shoes are typically quite reasonably priced. Not only do they offer a range of discounts, but they also have stores all around the world so you can always pick up some new gear if you’re in the mood to shop. Plus, they back up their products with generous warranties that give peace of mind when making a purchase.

Personally, I’m sold on Puma’s offerings. The level of quality combined with their competitive pricing makes them one of the most attractive options available for those seeking stylish and durable footwear or apparel. Their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that no matter what your needs may be, Puma will be able to meet them without breaking the bank.

All in all, it’s easy to see why people love Puma: fantastic fashion at fair prices! Whether you’re looking for something simple and sporty or bold and eye-catching, there’s no doubt that this powerhouse brand has got you covered from head to toe with unbeatable style and solid value.

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