Best Portable Toilet For Elderly (Convenient Commode For Seniors)

If you are looking for the best portable toilet for the elderly then we have found a very convenient commode that gives your elderly spouse or parent independence while you have peace of mind about its sturdiness. Plus… let’s be real it’s certainly no glamorous task cleaning up afterward however this portable toilet for the elderly is very easy to clean…

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Did you know that a good percentage of the elderly need assistance in getting on or off of the toilet? Most seniors suffer from some kind of ailment, whether it be respiratory problems or other diseases that can make this kind of simple task difficult.

There are those who take their elderly loved ones to the bathroom regularly, but this is just not feasible for everyone. In order not to burden a caregiver or family member with this responsibility, seniors need to have a comfortable means of getting in and out of the toilet, and one that encourages them to use their bathroom when they really need to. Portable commodes for the elderly fill that void.

Keeping an elderly person comfortable will help them keep their independence. This can make a huge difference in their quality of life and your peace of mind.

If you are around a senior who has had a stroke, find ways to help them move around as freely as possible. This may well extend their life expectancy and also make for a much happier retirement.

The Best Portable Toilet For Elderly That Is Convenient, Gives Independence And Is So Easy To Clean

The NOVA Folding Commode helps the elderly or physically challenged to sit with great comfort and ease. The sturdy commode chair is outfitted with a splash guard, lid, and bucket all in one.

Family and caregivers often need a safer and more hygienic way of caring for their older adults. The NOVA Folding Commode is a portable, foldable bathroom solution that can be used in or out of the home. It features a full-sized seat, ergonomic backrest, built-in splash guard, and built-in lift handles. Many folding commodes on the market today force you to choose between form and function. NOVA has found a way to give you both!

Having a complete toilet and bucket in one makes it convenient for those who are stuck in bed to have a place to relieve themselves.

The splash guard protects the vulnerable leg area from getting splashed when using the portable commode. The full bucket ensures you don’t have to use little plastic bags that rip easily.

This portable commode is ideal for those who have difficulty walking or finding assistance when they need to use the toilet…


NOVA Folding Commode, Over Toilet and Bedside Commode, Comes with Splash Guard/Bucket/Lid


NOVA Folding Commode, Over Toilet and Bedside Commode, Comes with Splash Guard/Bucket/Lid
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The Folding Commode, Over Toilet and Bedside Commode provides a durable commode solution for individuals who are temporarily suffering from injury or who have a temporary medical condition. This folding commode can be used as a stand-alone toilet commode – by the bed, or over an existing toilet.


Here Is What Reviewers Said About This Portable Commode For The Elderly:


The Best Portable Toilet For Elderly


  • Elderly Mom recently had a heart attack and wasn’t able to get up off her own toilet let alone get there. Now she’s able to get up and down by herself with the new bedside commode.
  • I bought this for my elderly mom. It made my life and hers much easier.
  • It is sturdy, easy enough for her to hold on and lift herself up, easy to clean.
  • Perfect bedside commode for my elderly mother.
  • Excellent and sturdy for elderly people. So convenient.
  • Made my elderly mom’s life so much easier.
  • My 91-year-old mother has this in her assisted living facility. Sturdy and easy to put together. The nurses commented on the high quality over all of the others they have seen.
  • I bought this for my 87-year-old mom. She really likes it because she is now able to get off the potty easier.
  • My 88-year old Mother has no trouble with it. It is quick and easy to set up, versatile in a wide range of situations, and easy to transport.
  • We got this so my 88-year-old Mom could travel with us and not have to worry about bath locations in places we traveled. Height adjustment is its best feature.
  • Got this for my 92yr old mom and she likes it. Very easy to snap together with great value. It will adjust to the height you want and is portable which I like as well.
  • My mom is 93 years old & still goes off-roading with me & my sister. Her knees aren’t what they used to be, so it’s hard for her to “do-her-thing” when we’re out in the woods. This makes it much easier for her & it folds up relatively flat so it’s easy to transport.
  • We needed this for my 86 yr old mother who has vertebrae fractures and can not get up easily from the standard toilet. We removed the bucket and placed this unit over the existing toilet. Now she sits higher and over the toilet and can use the arms to help herself get up. Great product.
  • Great for anybody who has old parents. Comfy, solid, convenient for elderly use.

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Easy To Clean Portable Commode For The Elderly

Are you looking for an easy to clean, small, and portable commode that’s perfect for the elderly? Even if your loved one needs help using the bathroom, a NOVA Folding Commode will make life easier.

With incontinence being such a major issue among the elderly…and baby boomers in general, finding ways to make cleanup easier is paramount. One of the biggest concerns for people with incontinence issues is barebacking…urine leaching directly onto the surface of the commode seat. The NOVA offers an easy way to prevent this from happening by using the supplied splashguard.

This commode is very easy to clean and is perfect for homes, hospitals, and nursing homes…



NOVA Medical Products Folding Commode, Over Toilet and Bedside Commode, Comes with Splash Guard/ Bucket/ Lid, Gray, 1 Count

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  • I love that it has adjustable legs so the height of the seat is variable. It is easy to dismantle (unsnap) and move (put away) and it is easy to clean and very sturdy.
  • Easy to clean – just add a plastic bag.
  • It has a nice finish for easy cleaning too
  • This thing is comfortable. More so than the toilet because you can lean back. It is so easy to keep clean, too.
  • Hard to “love” a commode but this portable is hard to beat. My husband uses it daily – it is an easy clean-up.
  • Very easy to clean and collapse. It holds a 300lb man.
  • Sturdy, easy to clean and so functional.
  • No attachments, super easy to pull out to clean, perfect control of height, and arm supports.
  • The above item met my husband’s needs very well. It is well made and easy to clean and will last us a lifetime.
  • An excellent product for old people. The installation is very simple and the commode is very easy to use and clean.

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Sturdy With Handrails For Extra Support When Standing Up

Are you tired of that flimsy commode in your home? If so, you will be happy to know that the NOVA Folding Commode has been designed as a sturdy over-the-toilet solution for you!

One of the common things that happen when you have to use the toilet is that you often fall and hurt yourself when you try to balance yourself. This usually happens when you are sitting down on a regular toilet, which does not have handrails for support.

The NOVA Folding Commode is perfect for anyone who needs a solid place to learn while they are using the bathroom. It is also great for people who have trouble lifting themselves because it gives them more support while standing up.

The sturdy frame allows for extra support and safety when standing up or getting on and off the toilet. Handrails will make it easier to maintain independence and self-care.


  • The handrails give her added support when standing up.
  • I worked with clients for years that required a commode so I wanted to make certain I got a sturdy one that won’t rust or discolor.
  • It was especially easy to assemble, cleans so easily, is easily portable. I urge you not to look at another.
  • Having knee problems and trouble getting up from the low commode. This sturdy attractive chair is the perfect answer.
  • It is sturdy, easy enough for her to hold on and lift herself up, easy to clean.
  • This commode is very sturdy, adjusts to fit over the toilet seat, and the side rails make it easy for her to lift herself without assistance.
  • Gives my wife a feeling of independence. Its adjustable legs and sturdy arm supports allow for easy and safe use.
  • We use it as a commode when we travel for support in the hotel bathrooms. This allows her to be independent no matter where they place the grab bars on the wall.

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Other Portable Toilet For The Elderly To Consider:


Medline Elements Bedside Commode, Infused with Microban Antimicrobial Protection

Medline Elements Bedside Commode, Infused with Microban Antimicrobial Protection
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The Medline Elements Bedside Commode is a great commode product.

Customers love the lift-out bucket and larger than normal toilet seat. The toilet seat cover will fit over an elongated toilet seat if needed.

Also, the top of the commode has antimicrobial protection which is critical if using this product in a healthcare setting where there are higher chances of spreading infection, such as a surgical setting or post-operative setting.


Reviewer Comments:


  • I bought this commode for my elderly mom. I love that it looks like a chair and not a potty. How discreet. It is also very sturdy.
  • The grips for the floor are great. Very stable, sturdy for elderly and unstable people. We tested it out with someone who was about 320lb, no problems!
  • This is a SUPERIOR commode on every level. It looks great in the bedroom and it’s extremely comfortable and secure.
  • I bought this chair for my 100-year-old mother, it works wonderfully for her. It saves her from needing to walk into the bathroom at night, which is a real blessing! 
  • This bedside commode is working out nicely for my 95-year-old mother on the days that she is feeling too weak to walk to the bathroom.
  • My dad is 91 years old Asian man and he is heavy; he can’t walk very well now. This chair has a big opening which is perfect for him.
  • I bought this for my 93-year-old mother. It is large enough for easy use by her. She likes the product very much.
  • We purchased this for my 84-year-old friend who wanted it and I must say, it is terrific! It looks like a chair and is very comfortable.

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Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Commode

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Commode, Gray
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The Deluxe Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Commode by Drive Medical is designed to meet the needs of patients with limited mobility.

This model has an extra heavy duty steel construction that supports up to a 500 lb capacity.

The frame can be configured four different ways to meet your particular needs and allows for use with a bedside commode, toilet safety frame, elevated toilet seat or over an existing toilet.

The unit is also height adjustable from 19″ to 30″ making it solidly portable.


Reviewer Comments:


  • A durable product, especially when used with commode liners! Great for injured, elderly, or immobile.
  • We were looking high and low for a chair that would be comfortable for my 87yr old 300lb grandma. It was perfect. Super sturdy and exactly what we needed.
  • I am a 62 yr old caretaker for my 84 yr old mom. I love this chair. It is a wide chair, but my mom loves it because it makes it more stable.
  • Adjustable height is a plus too for people who can not get up from a low chair.
  • My mom also raves about the armrest’s quality for pushing up from.
  • I do not usually gush about a product, but this has been a lifesaver. 

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Drive Medical Steel Folding Frame Commode

Drive Medical Steel Folding Frame Commode
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Whether you are looking to use this commode as a standalone unit or with an existing toilet, the Folding Steel Commode is sure to please.

The seat and lid are padded for use over extended periods, reducing pressure and discomfort on the patient.

The handgrips are non-slip for easy handling when entering and exiting the commode without causing unnecessary body weight on the user. The lid easily locks down for secure placement if needed.

The bucket and the seat are both removeable for cleaning purposes, which prevents unnecessary build-up that could lower your quality of life.

Also, it can stand alone without any toilet or bucket if needed, making it a durable option as well.


Reviewer Comments:


  • I bought this for my 84-year-old mother. She has found this product very useful. The legs were adjustable. The product was very sturdy. No worries about her using it without assistants.
  • Sturdier than I expected for the price.
  • I bought it on the recommendation of my mother’s care-giver even though the low price would have given me pause.
  • The Drive Medical Commode is working very well for my mother. We have it in her bedroom. We are very satisfied.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to find it quite sturdy while still light and convenient to set up.

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In summary, while every portable toilet for the elderly listed on this page has well and truly earned the position to be here in the top bracket of portable elderly toilets we just can’t go past the NOVA Folding Commode as our top pick.

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