10 Best Personal Office Space Heaters (Use On or Under Your Desk)

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I have compiled a list of the current 10 best personal space heaters you can buy online and every single one of them is very highly regarded by the customers who have purchased them.

Best personal space heater brands

If you are in a hurry:

Our best overall is the Lasko Heating Space Heater

A very close second is the AmazonBasics Personal Mini Heater

Best heater/fan combo is the Trustech 2 in1 Portable Space Heater

With these top-rated personal space heaters, you can stay warm while working. They are ideal for the office because they operate quietly while providing you with much-needed comfort in winter, on chilly mornings, or in summer when your coworkers have A/C too cold for you.

Larger space heaters can trip your office circuit breaker (especially if a few people have one) whereas a personal heater uses way less wattage and could be the perfect solution in that situation.

Lasko Personal Space Heater

The Lasko space heaters compact design allows it to sit neatly on your desktop without getting in the way however many customers also use it under their desks as well. You may also want to read… Is Lasko A Good Brand


Lasko Heating Space Heater, Compact, Purple

Lasko Heating Space Heater, Compact, Purple

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What Happy Customers Said About The Lasko Personal Space Heater:


This Tiny Little Unit Really Puts Out A Lot Of Heat Without Using A Lot Of Power


I have used this exact model for 4 years now in my office for 6-8 hours a day every single weekday. No issues with tripping the breakers (and we all use heaters).

  • I set it on top of my computer tower, and the heat bounces off my keyboard tray to make a really warm personal space. I’m very happy with it
  • This has been the perfect solution to keep my extremities warm without having to heat my entire office up.
  • I even use this in the summer when the rest of the office has the AC set at a low temperature.
  • I am your classic “girl in the office who is always cold” and this has been lovely! It is pretty quiet and actually pumps out a bit more heat than I thought.
  • LOVE this heater. Bought it for my office desk. Keeps me warm when the guys I work with are trying to freeze me out with the A/C set to Antarctica temperatures.

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AmazonBasics Personal Space Heater

AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater


AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater - Black

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What Happy Customers Said About The AmazonBasics Personal Space Heater:


Great Heater For A Freezing Office


This heater is perfect! It directs just enough heat to warm me up without disturbing anyone else who enjoys the lower ambient temperature. The wattage is low enough to keep all the essential office machinery up and running.


  • It produces enough heat to keep me working in my office without having to wear gloves/hat/heavy sweater but doesn’t go out of control.
  • I bought this heater specifically because it’s only 500 watts and I am attempting to not trip any breakers in the office. I work in a cube farm of engineers and they always keep it SO cold. This little heater is perfect for under my desk.
  • This is just what I was looking for. I sit directly under an AC vent at my office and no amount of pleading with our building people will convince them to turn it down. This thing is small and discrete, not very loud, and heats up my desk area nicely.
  • It’s just enough to take the chill off, not anything over the top that will draw a lot of attention, or blow a fuse or anything in the office.
  • This little heater warms a small office area up in no time, it is not loud, and I can hide it on a shelf or back under my desk. It shuts off if it tips over for safety.

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Honeywell Personal Space Heater

The Honeywell space heater is another ideal tiny heater for your home or office. You may also want to read… Is Honeywell A Good Brand For Heaters


Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Heater Black Energy Efficient Space Saving Portable Personal Heater


Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Heater Black Energy Efficient Space Saving Portable Personal Heater With 2 Heat Settings for Home, School, Office

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What Happy Customers Said About The Honeywell Personal Space Heater:


It Is So Quiet It Doesn’t Distract Me And Isn’t Noticeable To My Coworkers


I work in a traditional office space and it gets quite cold by mid-day. I keep this heater on my floor about 6 inches from my feet and it heats my feet and legs nicely. If there is a slight draft I put it on low, and if it is outright cold I put it on high and that is where this little things shines.


  • I love putting it next to me when I’m home working for long hours at a desk. Then I don’t have to blast the whole house heater to keep me warm, because this little thing does a wonderful job keeping the chill off me, and it’s so small that I barely notice the space it takes up on the desk.
  • This is the BEST little space heater ever! My office is freezing in the summer and I am always so cold. It is very small but under a desk, it keeps your legs nice and toasty.
  • I bought this heater to keep at work since the office is always freezing. I love how small it is, not taking up much space on my desk and how it automatically shuts off when it tips over.
  • I freeze in my cubicle. I bought this little guy for some extra heat and I love it!! It is so small and quiet but works very well under my desk to give off a little heat.
  • Terrific little heaters! I love these heaters. I have 3 of them. One in my bathroom that takes the edge off the room while I shave and shower. One in my office at home for the days when I just need a little temp boost and one on my desk at my office at work.

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NOEIKY Personal Space Heater

You have probably never heard of the NOEIKY brand however their space heater is very popular. This Noeiky space heater also gets a mention here… Do Space Heaters Work


Portable Space Heater, Adjustable Thermostat Heater Corded Electric Space Heater for Indoor/Office

Portable Space Heater, Adjustable Thermostat Heater Corded Electric Space Heater for Indoor/Office, Automatically Turn Heater

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What Happy Customers Said About The NOEIKY Personal Space Heater:


It Fits Perfect On My Desk So When I’m Spending A Late Night Burning The Midnight Oil I Can Keep Warm


I am usually keeping this under my office desk to keep my feet warm. Also, because of it’s compact size able to carry it around to my Tahoe trips as well. Also the oscillation feature is great and also that it has 3 modes – cool, low heat and high heat.


  • It has some great temperature settings and I love the safety feature because I’m moving my feet around under my desk a lot and I tipped it over a few times and it has automatically shut off.
  • I LOVE this little, personal heater! It is quiet, it generates a whole lot of heat, in your personal space! Great for home and office when you want to warm up, but don’t want to change the thermostat in the WHOLE house.
  • Very portable little heater. It’s perfect for a single room. The quality is good. I like where we live it doesn’t get crazy cold so this little guy is a perfect size.

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Bionaire Personal Space Heater

It may come as a surprise to some however I have added this Bionaire office heater to the list because while the company might not be one of the biggest sellers out there this personal office heater is very well rated by customers.  You may also be interested in reading… Do Bionaire Heaters Work


Bionaire Office Heater with Worry-Free Motion Sensor

Bionaire Office Heater with Worry Free Motion Sensor

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What Happy Customers Said About The Bionaire Personal Space Heater:


It’s A Lot Smaller Than I Had Imagined It To Be, But This Thing Packs Some Heat


I love this heater! My office has 8 cubicles grouped into two groups of 4, and everyone has a different preference of temperature. I can run this thing on low and not cook out the two people on either side of me, and it is so quiet that no one knows it is even on. If you are looking for something quiet and good for an office space I highly recommend this heater!!!


  • Nice and quiet heater. Perfect for a small area at work, and to keep one person warm. Love it!
  • I love the fact that it is so quiet. I keep it under my desk, and I can’t even hear it.
  • This is perfect for my office since I freeze and everyone else is hot. I can put this by my desk and finally be comfortable!! I love the fact that it was an automatic shut off.
  • I have it on all day at work. It’s discreet and super quiet, and I don’t know how many times the auto shut-off feature has saved me.
  • It’s VERY quiet, which I love. I can turn it on and off throughout the day and the guy on the other side of the cube wall doesn’t even know.

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Brightown Personal Space Heater

Quiet Heater for Office Room Desk Indoor


Portable Electric Space Heater - 1500W/750W Personal Room Heater with Thermostat, Small Desk Ceramic Heater with Tip-Over & Overheat Protection ETL Certified for Office|Indoor|Bedroom(Sliver)

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What Happy Customers Said About The Brightown Personal Space Heater:


Perfect Size Space Heater For Under A Desk, In The Bathroom, Or Small Office


Needed to buy a space heater ASAP for my office. After reading so many I decided to go with this little guy. As soon as I turned the heater on a powerful source of heat came flowing through. I would definitely buy it again. He keeps my toes nice and toasty.


  • I got this for my husband’s home office. He loves it. Part of why I chose this one is the safety features. It does a good job of heating one room at a time.
  • Nice heater for office space. I am using this heater in my office space while working from home in this pandemic situation. It does the job perfectly.
  • Awesome office heater. I love this heater. It is perfect for the office and keeping me warm in my very cold office.
  • Perfect quiet office cubicle heater! I am always chilly in my work cubicle and this heater works perfectly. I was interested in a heater that did not make awful noises or sounded super loud. This heater has a nice white noise sound.
  • I use it for my office space underneath my desk and it heats up the entire room fairly quickly!

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ALROCKET Personal Space Heater

Quiet Heater for Office Room Desk Indoor


ALROCKET Oscillating Space Heater, Indoor Personal Heater, Electric Ceramic Heater with Over Heat Protection, Tip Over Protection, 3 Heat Settings, Quick Heat up for Home Office

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What Happy Customers Said About The ALROCKET Personal Space Heater:


If You Get Cold At Work- This Is Perfect. It Is Not Too Loud And It Is Not Too Big


I needed to do some work at my desk and my office is FREEZING. So I moved it to my desk area- put it on a medal stand and it is super toasty. I like that it can blow ambient air for heat. The rotation keeps it from blowing right in one spot and keeps the air moving or it would run you out of your chair it gets so warm.


  • I wanted a space heater to keep in my office at work, and this one is great! It gets warm enough, and it also has a cool fan which will come in handy during the warmer months.
  • This is a great little heater for under the desk. The A/C is always cold at the office, so I purchased this to add just a little heat to under the desk.
  • I was looking for a small heater for my office room and this fits the bill. It’s very portable, with no noise, and great heat output. It also oscillates which is a win-win bonus.
  • Great for office desk use. It keeps me very warm in my office where I am pretty close to a window.
  • I bought this little heater. Now I don’t feel so cold at work. My isolated colleague saw that I had this little heater and I recommended it to him.

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Trustech Personal Space Heater

2 in1 Portable Space Heater – Quiet Combo Ceramic Electric Personal Fan


2 in1 Portable Space Heater - Quiet Combo Ceramic Electric Personal Fan, Fast Heating, Overheat & Tip-over Protection Air Circulating for Office Desk Bedroom Home Indoor Use

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What Happy Customers Said About The Trustech Personal Space Heater:


 This Meets The Safety Regulations For Our Office


My manager bought 5 of these for our office and we enjoy the dual fan/heater feature. Although compact, it really emits a sufficient amount of heat or air which works well with the fluctuating temperatures in our office, I highly recommend it!


  • I really like this fan/heater combo. It is quiet and easy to use. It doesn’t disturb anyone in the office but still keeps me at exactly the right temperature. It’s also a great size to fit under my desk and not get in my way.
  • Great for keeping me warm at my desk at work when the office is too chilly for me. Not noisy. I love that it tilts up for nice direct heat when placed on the floor.
  • I would definitely recommend taking a look at it if you want a dual function fan for your office, personal, or vacation atmosphere.
  • My office is cold in the morning and hot in the evening. This is the PERFECT unit for my situation!
  • I was looking for a small heater/fan combo for my home office. This unit caught my eye because of it’s sleek/clean design. One feature that I really like is that you can adjust the angle. It works well.

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Kloudi Personal Space Heater

Kloudi Space Heater, Portable Electric Ceramic Heaters for Office, Quiet Personal Heaters Under Desk


Kloudi Space Heater, Portable Electric Ceramic Heaters for Office, Quiet Personal Heaters Under Desk, Oscillating Floor Heater with Tip-Over&Overheating Protection for Home,ETL Certified Black

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What Happy Customers Said About The Kloudi Personal Space Heater:


Works Better Than Any Space Heater I’ve Had Before


This device heats my office space extremely well and I have to shut her down because the room get very warm. The heater sits on a table next to my inkjet printer without the printer getting warm; fantastic!


  • I bought this for my office space. Don’t hesitate in buying this product. It is winter in CO and this little gadget has done the trick to make my space comfortable. It is also quiet.
  • The size is perfect for a desk. I am surprised about how it looks. It generates enough heat for the desk area and will be good for the office.
  • I bought it for under my desk at my office because it’s always cold in here. This thing was so much smaller than I expected but it seriously packs a punch!
  • It heats up my entire office on its LOW setting. It’s amazing and I seriously love it! I have girls from around the building I work at coming to my office to warm up!
  • Keeps My Office Warm! It is also a small device, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space or become an eyesore in my office.

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HOME_CHOICE Personal Space Heater

HOME_CHOICE Personal Ceramic Space Heater Electric Heater with Adjustable Thermostat


HOME_CHOICE Personal Ceramic Space Heater Electric Heater with Adjustable Thermostat Small Portable Heater Fan for Office Desktop Home Bedroom,750W/1500W

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What Happy Customers Said About The HOME_CHOICE Personal Space Heater:


Out Preforming My Expectations. For A Small Spacer Heater For This Price, I Was Blown Away


This little guy packs a big punch. It puts out a great amount of heat. It also has a safety button on the bottom of the device so if it tips over, it will shut off. It works great under my desk at work.


  • Works very well. Keeps me cool on hot days and toasty warm on cold in my office.
  • This little heater is super quiet, good for room office! It is a small size, and perfect to fit anywhere, and heats up fast.
  • Great buy and safe for office or dorm.
  • This is an amazing product! It keeps me warm in the office and for that, I am so thankful!
  • Great for the office! Puts out plenty of heat and doesn’t overheat things. Now I am cozy and warm at work.

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In summary, you really have nothing to lose with these personal space heaters as they only cost between $20-$30, and for the most part, they all work well for heating your personal space.

Why Chose A Personal Space Heater?

  1. They will not cause your electrical circuits at the office to overload. Usually, if two or more people are using a larger space heater the electrical circuits can’t handle it and you will not be a very popular person in the office if that happens.
  2. They are quiet and will not annoy other coworkers.
  3. They only heat up your personal space so, therefore, do not disturb the comfort levels of your coworkers who might like it cooler.
  4. They are compact. Therefore, they fit neatly on your desk, shelving, under the desk, etc. They are discreet and can be hidden out of view. They are easily portable.
  5. They are great in winter or on chilly mornings or evenings if the office heating isn’t high enough for you.
  6. They are ideal in summer when the air con is on. Air conditioner temperatures are hard to control and can make the office feel like a freezer. Particularly if you sit under the air-con vent. A personal space heater is ideal in these situations.
  7. They will keep your hands warm or feet. They can be sat on the desk or under it.

All in all, you can make your office work life much more bearable with a personal space heater!

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